Help! My "Delete" button doesn't work!

About a week ago about a tablespoon of a drink landed on my keyboard. I immediately did everything that you're supposed to do. I dried off the keyboard, turned off the MacBook and removed the battery. The next day when I booted the computer back up, everything but my delete button worked.
I've tried everything I can think of to get a delete button. I've downloaded several "keyboard reassignment" programs, including UControl and Ukelele. I found a program called "fKeys", but that comes with all sorts of crazy warning that it could make your computer crash.
Any suggestions? I would really appreciate any help that anyone can give.

You could try restoring the iPod but it may be a hardware fault and need service.
How to restore the iPod to factory settings.

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  • TS2771 What should I do about the backspace key/delete button doesn't work?

    The backspace/delete key doesn't work on my son's ipod touch.  What can I do?

    A reset may help. Tap and hold the Home button and the On/Off buttons for approximately 10-15 seconds, until the Apple logo reappears. When the logo appears, release both buttons.
    No content is affected by this procedure.

  • Delete Button doesn't work

    I have 2 accounts in my Inbox. When the Inbox is highlighted in the Source list ( as opposed to highlighting one of the 2 .Mac accounts) the Delete button works fine when highlighting a message that will be moved to the Trash. However, when an individual account is highlighted and I want to move a messsage to the Trash, the Delete button won't work. Any thoughts ?

    It works for me. Is it the Delete button in the Toolbar that doesn't work, or the Delete key in the keyboard, or what? Doesn't any other way of deleting a message work either (e.g. Edit > Delete)?

  • Table delete button doesn't work with Virtual Forms

    I applied all of Winston Prakash's tips to my project table (, but my table is not the only component in the page, so I had to use Virtual forms.
    When I add the "Delete" button, i have to put it on a Virtual Form. I followed the steps on the multi selection table and the "Adding a button panel to the table component header" post, but when I select a row, the JavaScript works well (the row changes to yellow)... but the action code gets a :
    and getTableRowGroup1().getSelectedRowKeys().length==0.
    I tried almost everything with the forms... I don't know what I missed...

    It works for me. Is it the Delete button in the Toolbar that doesn't work, or the Delete key in the keyboard, or what? Doesn't any other way of deleting a message work either (e.g. Edit > Delete)?

  • Delete button doesn't work in tabular form after upgrade from APEX3.2 to 4

    I just upgraded the APEX from 3.2 to 4.0. However, my application is not working anymore.
    First of all, my delete button in tabular form is not working. When I select a row and click the delete button, the row is not deleted, however the message showed 1 row is deleted.
    Could you anybody tell me how can I debug this problem?
    Thanks a lot !

    I had the same problem. I first tried the solution above, but that didn't work. I also had a derived column for a custom popup and some display only columns. I removed the derived column and took out the display columns from my query. I then made sure my column order matched the source query. I applied changes and the delete button worked. FYI. I found out by some testing that it was actually trying to delete from the table, but with the wrong id. My first editable field was qty so if the qty was equal to 2 it then tried to delete from the table where pk=2(I had to restore that record). I believe it is related to the bug above. Backup your app first. I always do before I mess with the tabular forms.

  • Delete button doesn't work in deleting files in Windows Explorer

    Anyone is facing this problem? Delete button just works when deleting the letter we are typiing. Anyone can share if you are facing this problem and how to fix? thanks a lot.

    Windows deletion is activated from cursor on object right click options where you see rename, delete etc.
    You can delete multiple objects in Explorer's objects/list by putting cursor over 1st object, pressing the shift key and then sliding cursor down or up list to select multiply highlit objects. You right click on the group and can delete from dropdown. This can be used also to multiply rename pictures as well which is useful.

  • The "P" and "Delete" button doesn't work

    While text messaging or emailing the letter P nor the delete button work. Any suggestion?

    try your standard troubleshooting steps:
    power on/off
    if those dont work, would probably be a good time to contact apple to get it looked at (in store, if you are near one, or by phone).

  • Help! Back button doesn't work, new tabs won't take addresses, restart, refresh & an uninstall haven't done any good

    Serious issues. My entire browsing history is missing, website addresses don't show in address bar, back and forward buttons don't work, when I type an address in a new tab, it opens in the old tab only. Tried restarting PC, opening Mozilla without add-ons, refreshing and even uninstalling and reinstalling-nothing is working. I tried to download Places Maintenance Add-On and Mozilla will not do it. No error messages-nothing happens. Help!

    Problems with bookmarks and history not working properly can be caused by a corrupted places.sqlite database file.
    You can check for problems with the places.sqlite database file in the Firefox profile folder.

  • TS1702 Photo delete button doesn't work

    When selecting photos to delete the red delete buttons ineffective

    The links below have instructions for deleting photos.
    iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
    iPad Tip: How to Delete Photos from Your iPad in the Photos App he-photos-app
    Another Way to Quickly Delete Photos from Your iPad (Mac Only) ad-mac-only
    How to Delete Photos from iPad
    iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Delete photos from iPhoto
    How to: Batch Delete Photos on the iPad
    (With iOS 5.1, use 2 fingers)
    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream
     Cheers, Tom

  • TS3274 delete button doesn't work

    I have been trying to delete multiple photos that I imported from my Macbook. It will let me select the photos, but when I touch the red delete button it does nothing. What should I do?

    Synced photos cannot be deleted on the iPad. Only photos taken with the iPad and transferred with the Camera Connection Kit can be deleted.
    You need to delete the photos in iTunes and sync again.

  • My ipod turned off and won't turn back on, help! Home button doesn't work and neither does Recboot!

    Hello! So I've had my Generation 5 IPOD for nearly two years. Tonight after a shower I tried to charge my IPOD (thinking it had just died because it was short on battery anyway) but it didn't turn on. I would reboot it by pressing the power and home button but sad to say, my home button stopped working about a month ago. : ( After this, I tried connecting it to a charger, two computers AND I downloaded Recboot with the extensions for a PC/Windows, it still did not want to connect. I'm not sure what to do besides maybe taking it to a Apple Store and getting the home button fixed and try to reboot it manually as I always have in the past. Any advice? Right now it's black with no signs of connecting to any machines. If I can't get the home button fixed, could I wait until the battery drains for it to just get recharge? If so how long does it take for the IPOD battery to just die so I can do this? Granted it was always sorta dying before this happened (it was red.) so it shouldn't or wouldn't take too long right?
    Please! : ( Any help would be appreciated. I live in a small town and the closet Apple store is about an hour away.

    If the screen and iPod does not show any life then letting the batter drain will not do anything.
    If you tried another cable and tried ReBoot on another computer and still problem then your iPod has to be repaired/replaced
    - Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.
      Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar

  • My backspace/delete button doesn't work?

    yeah, basically what the question says.. i can't backspace anything.
    i have a macbook air that has os x version 10.8.3 if that helps.
    i've restored everything keyboard wise already, and still nothing has worked.
    i've updated my software and everything else you should do before asking what's wrong.
    has this happened to anyone else? is there a solution? thanks!

    When several keys in a row don't work my first two thoughts are that the keyboard ribbon has come partially loose or that a small bit of something was spilled on the keyboard. In either case a trip to an Apple store or repair center is probably your next step.

  • Help. My home button doesn't work. I've to press it several times to get it to function. The phone has 4 months. I've already update software, restarted and calibrated it. I was thinking to go to the service. Has 1 year hardware warranty. Suggestions?

    Help. My home button doesn't work. I've to press it several times to get it to function. The phone has 4 months. I've already update software, restarted and calibrated it. I was thinking to go to the service. Has 1 year hardware warranty. Suggestions?

    There's another thread with similar problems.
    I wouldn't suggest it though, since it may void your warrantee. Apple will replace it if you bring it in. The genius bar guys aren't too bright, well most of them. But they'll go through the usual diagnosis steps then issue you a replacement if they have them in stock.
    I have to admit, Apple has one of the best replacement services that I've ever experience. If you're familiar with costco, the return/exchange process is very quick and painless.

  • Stuck on apple logo and Home button doesn't work, help please?

    Well, I dropped my iPod Touch 4g by accident and since that day, the home button hasn't really been working that well. Its very hard to use since you have to press it in really hard to get it to work and sometimes it doesn't even work at all. Anways, I was skyping with my girl and I didn't notice that I had to charge the iPod and it died on me so I was like what ever its normal and started to charge it. When it turned on, it got stuck on the Apple logo and its been there for more than a day now? What can I do? I know about the Press Home + Sleep button together but the Home button doesn't work at all anymore. I tried everything really. I tried to connect it to itunes and see if I could restore it but it won't recognize it no matter where I connect it. Tried it on 3 different computers and none worked at all.  I can't take it to an Apple store since there isn't any close to where I live and I really don't have anyone to take me there. So is there any other solution to fix my problem at home? or is it messed up completely? Someone please help me

    I have this same issue. But also, it isn't just that the lock/home button stops working, all buttons stop working. Even if you switch it to silent sounds are still played. I just got my iphone Thursday. Went to school the next day and pulled it out, it happened while it was locked I guess because my screen was black and I couldn't do anything! Thought it died already! This was around 12. Finally I pulled it out of my pocket again at around 3 and it showed the Apple logo and acted like it had just started back up. Which is what always happens after I get stuck playing a game or something. Help please, has happened two or three times just today.

  • Ran update this morning.  Now power button doesn't work and soft boot brings to the battery/cord icon as if there's no power.  Can't get into anything.  Any help on this?

    Update for Windows was run this morning---it actually made me run it twice.  I was initially able to use my phone but now I get nothing but the battery/power cord symbol.  The power button doesn't work at all.  I have tried soft boot of the down volume and power button.  Seems to reboot but same screen appears.  I cannot access anything on the phone.  Is there any help on this? 

        Hey there, javadan! Thanks for letting us know about the problem with your software upgrade. I'm very sorry for the issues you're having. Based on the two attempts to process, I would have to say there was a problem with both install attempts. You may need to process a factory reset. Which model device do you have?
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