Delete button doesn't work in deleting files in Windows Explorer

Anyone is facing this problem? Delete button just works when deleting the letter we are typiing. Anyone can share if you are facing this problem and how to fix? thanks a lot.

Windows deletion is activated from cursor on object right click options where you see rename, delete etc.
You can delete multiple objects in Explorer's objects/list by putting cursor over 1st object, pressing the shift key and then sliding cursor down or up list to select multiply highlit objects. You right click on the group and can delete from dropdown. This can be used also to multiply rename pictures as well which is useful.

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  • Delete Button doesn't work

    I have 2 accounts in my Inbox. When the Inbox is highlighted in the Source list ( as opposed to highlighting one of the 2 .Mac accounts) the Delete button works fine when highlighting a message that will be moved to the Trash. However, when an individual account is highlighted and I want to move a messsage to the Trash, the Delete button won't work. Any thoughts ?

    It works for me. Is it the Delete button in the Toolbar that doesn't work, or the Delete key in the keyboard, or what? Doesn't any other way of deleting a message work either (e.g. Edit > Delete)?

  • TS2771 What should I do about the backspace key/delete button doesn't work?

    The backspace/delete key doesn't work on my son's ipod touch.  What can I do?

    A reset may help. Tap and hold the Home button and the On/Off buttons for approximately 10-15 seconds, until the Apple logo reappears. When the logo appears, release both buttons.
    No content is affected by this procedure.

  • Delete button doesn't work in tabular form after upgrade from APEX3.2 to 4

    I just upgraded the APEX from 3.2 to 4.0. However, my application is not working anymore.
    First of all, my delete button in tabular form is not working. When I select a row and click the delete button, the row is not deleted, however the message showed 1 row is deleted.
    Could you anybody tell me how can I debug this problem?
    Thanks a lot !

    I had the same problem. I first tried the solution above, but that didn't work. I also had a derived column for a custom popup and some display only columns. I removed the derived column and took out the display columns from my query. I then made sure my column order matched the source query. I applied changes and the delete button worked. FYI. I found out by some testing that it was actually trying to delete from the table, but with the wrong id. My first editable field was qty so if the qty was equal to 2 it then tried to delete from the table where pk=2(I had to restore that record). I believe it is related to the bug above. Backup your app first. I always do before I mess with the tabular forms.

  • Table delete button doesn't work with Virtual Forms

    I applied all of Winston Prakash's tips to my project table (, but my table is not the only component in the page, so I had to use Virtual forms.
    When I add the "Delete" button, i have to put it on a Virtual Form. I followed the steps on the multi selection table and the "Adding a button panel to the table component header" post, but when I select a row, the JavaScript works well (the row changes to yellow)... but the action code gets a :
    and getTableRowGroup1().getSelectedRowKeys().length==0.
    I tried almost everything with the forms... I don't know what I missed...

    It works for me. Is it the Delete button in the Toolbar that doesn't work, or the Delete key in the keyboard, or what? Doesn't any other way of deleting a message work either (e.g. Edit > Delete)?

  • The "P" and "Delete" button doesn't work

    While text messaging or emailing the letter P nor the delete button work. Any suggestion?

    try your standard troubleshooting steps:
    power on/off
    if those dont work, would probably be a good time to contact apple to get it looked at (in store, if you are near one, or by phone).

  • Help! My "Delete" button doesn't work!

    About a week ago about a tablespoon of a drink landed on my keyboard. I immediately did everything that you're supposed to do. I dried off the keyboard, turned off the MacBook and removed the battery. The next day when I booted the computer back up, everything but my delete button worked.
    I've tried everything I can think of to get a delete button. I've downloaded several "keyboard reassignment" programs, including UControl and Ukelele. I found a program called "fKeys", but that comes with all sorts of crazy warning that it could make your computer crash.
    Any suggestions? I would really appreciate any help that anyone can give.

    You could try restoring the iPod but it may be a hardware fault and need service.
    How to restore the iPod to factory settings.

  • TS1702 Photo delete button doesn't work

    When selecting photos to delete the red delete buttons ineffective

    The links below have instructions for deleting photos.
    iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
    iPad Tip: How to Delete Photos from Your iPad in the Photos App he-photos-app
    Another Way to Quickly Delete Photos from Your iPad (Mac Only) ad-mac-only
    How to Delete Photos from iPad
    iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Delete photos from iPhoto
    How to: Batch Delete Photos on the iPad
    (With iOS 5.1, use 2 fingers)
    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream
     Cheers, Tom

  • TS3274 delete button doesn't work

    I have been trying to delete multiple photos that I imported from my Macbook. It will let me select the photos, but when I touch the red delete button it does nothing. What should I do?

    Synced photos cannot be deleted on the iPad. Only photos taken with the iPad and transferred with the Camera Connection Kit can be deleted.
    You need to delete the photos in iTunes and sync again.

  • Email Button Doesn't Work in SWF File

    In InDesign CS5.5, I have created a hyperlink that goes to email, and then a button that references the email hyperlink to start the process.  This button works fine in preview mode, but doesn't work in the exported swf file.
    Please help.

    It may be a Flash Security issue... upload SWF to server, open it to browser from there and try your links again...
    Here´s one SWF exported from indesign (links to email at page 3):

  • My backspace/delete button doesn't work?

    yeah, basically what the question says.. i can't backspace anything.
    i have a macbook air that has os x version 10.8.3 if that helps.
    i've restored everything keyboard wise already, and still nothing has worked.
    i've updated my software and everything else you should do before asking what's wrong.
    has this happened to anyone else? is there a solution? thanks!

    When several keys in a row don't work my first two thoughts are that the keyboard ribbon has come partially loose or that a small bit of something was spilled on the keyboard. In either case a trip to an Apple store or repair center is probably your next step.

  • Removing files from nano 6th gen: right clicking on selected file will not reveal a delete option, only play, get info, rate. Highlighted and hitting delete key doesn't work.

    Trouble removing files from 6th gen ipod nano: right clicking on selected file will not reveal a delete option, only play, get info, and rate. Highlighting the file and hitting delete key doesn't work. Have run diagnostics and rebooted nano to no avail. This is my second 6th gen nano; this prob never occured with it. Will greatly appreciate any help.

    Doink!  I didn't realize it wasn't checked. Works perfectly now. Thank you for post!!

  • I'm using OS 10.6.8 and Mail 4.5. When I receive mails with attachments which are visible the save button doesn't work. Some contacts have problems opening files sent by me using Mail too. This was never a problem on pre-Intel. A real Mac **** up !

    I'm using OS 10.6.8 and Mail 4.5. When I receive mails with attachments which are visible the save button doesn't work. And some contacts occasionally have problems opening files sent by me using Mail too. This was never a problem on pre-Intel Mac. A real Mac **** up ! Any ideas ?

    Can you drag and drop the attachments visible in the email to the Desktop OK or does that fail ?
    Re the sending: Are these recipients on Mac's or PC's as the file type could be an issue, if on Mac's then try setting the Mail Preferences Composing setting to Plain Text not Rich Text and see if that improves things.

  • I can't save pic. from net. "set your download location place as "Pictures"" That button doesn't work, or button for "browse" to send a file.

    With my new browser i can't save pictures from net. I saw a question about changing file location. I can't, coz that button doesn't work. Also if i want to send a file, using mail or something, browser button for searching file doesn't work. Thanks.

    I am using Firefox for several years and never had any problem. Since i update it to the new Firefox, problems start:
    If i am trying to save a picture from ALL internet, it is not working. I am doing in the same way, like always: view image/save image as.... When i click it is not working, and all my screen doing like i make a refresh. I saw something strange files in temp after i am trying to save a picture, files with name like "etilqs" and some other letters after, the files are hidden. When i close firefox, files disappear.
    If i am trying to send an e-mail with some files, button for search files in my pc, is not working, and when i click him, same thing with my screen. It is not about what kind of mail i am using, same problem if i want to attache a file on a site, even if i try to change files location in browser setup, like : options/general/save files to/... and i hit "browse..." button, same problem like i want to attache a file. Even here, if i want to use "ADD IMAGES" option, under is browse button, it is not working, same problem with my screen. Like is angry or something.

  • EDIT button doesn't work in smart web printing.

    My edit button doesn't work at all in smart web printing.  I can clip & print okay but I can't edit my clips at all.  I have vista & ie8.  When I click edit, everything grays out in the smart web window & ie8 stops working. I have to recover my tabs but smart web is still grayed out. I have updated to the newest smart web numerous times but keep having the same problem, Please help!!!!

    Reinstalling iPhoto would be the way to go. Hit F4 on the keyboard, hold your mouse on the iPhoto icon until it starts jiggling, then click the black cross that appears in the top right of it. Then, head to the Mac App Store (click the Apple in the very top left, it's the 4th one down) and then reinstall iPhoto. Deleting the iPhoto app shouldn't delete your iPhoto Library, but if you're worried, you can always make a backup... Time Machine will do it, otherwise - manual!
    Go to Finder. Then in the menu bar along the top, click Go, then Home, then Pictures. In the pictures folder, you'll find the photo library file. Copy it to your desktop or an external disk.
    Hope this helps

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