How do I cut out imported objects and make background transparent?

Illustrator CS3.
I have embedded a jpeg picture which I need to cut out and make the background transparent. How do I do this? An opacity mask? How do I create a mask the same shape as the object I need to cut out? The object needs central pieces cut out too. Please help!

Opacity mask of clipping path are the two ways to do this in Illustrator. Photoshop is the ideal program for this task.

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    I'm a newbie using Photoshop Elements 11 and trying--unsuccessfully so far--to change a document I've scanned so I can upload it to a custom fabric printing service. I've already scanned a handwritten recipe as a color .tif file (which looks black on white, because the original is black writing on a white background). I've also resized the image to 14" x 23". What I need help with is:
    1. I want to change the color of the handwriting from black to red (specifically, to hex code cd0303).
    2. I also want to add a 2"-wide solid color border in the same red around the 14" x 23" image of the recipe (so the finished image will be 18" x 27".
    3. I want to make the background of the recipe transparent rather than white and make sure that the background stays transparent when I upload the finished image to the printing service as a .png file so that only the red writing and border will be printed onto the fabric.
    I'd very much appreciate directions for doing those things. For reasons I don't understand, when I've created a blank file and set the background color to Transparent, then tried to make the changes I want, somewhere along the way the background changes to black.
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    Digital Dabbler

    Try this:
    Open your scanned document, and be sure that there is good contrast. The native scan may need some help.
    Duplicate the background layer, then shut off the visibility of the background layer by clicking on its eye icon. Work on background copy layer
    Get the magic wand tool out of the toolbox, set tolerance to 32 (may have to experiment with this value), uncheck "contiguous".. Left click on a white background area. Hit delete on keyboard. Press CTRL+D to get rid of the marching ants.
    Set your foreground color chip to cd0303
    CTRL+left click on the layer thumbnail with the writing, then Edit>fill selection>foreground color
    Press CTRL+D
    Go to Select>all, then Edit stroke(outline) selection. Position stroke inside, set width of stroke to suit
    Delete the background layer, and save in file format which preserves transparency.

  • How do I cut out the vocals and keep the instrumentals

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    From a professionally recorded stereo recording (that's not what you originally said) you can possibly reduce the vocals
    A better option would be to find a MIDI file of the song you want.

  • Question about cutting out an object/removing white background

    Hello,  I will start this by saying that I am very new to photoshop.  Any input will be appreciated.
    What I am having trouble with is cutting a part of a picture out and the resulting white box that comes with the picture cutout.  Here is what I mean.
    I make a selection out of a picture and cut it out from the backround, like for example cutting a person out of a photo.  I cut the person out with the magic wand and what remains is the transparent background.  I then save as psd.  I then place the image in INDesign into a publication with a background color of say blue and have no problems there with the cutout of the person blending into the blue background.  Once the psd image is placed in INDesign I can move the image around anywhere in the publication and it blends in perfectly.  So all is good up until this point.  Here is where my problem is.
    Say I want to paste this image into a website, like a dreamweaver page and say the website page has a blue background.  I go to insert, image, and select the image psd to insert to the page.  What happens now is that the image inserts cutout person with a white background box and does not blend in with the blue background like I want.  The same thing happens if I insert as a gif or jpeg.
    What am I missing here to paste the photo in and NOT have this annoying white background?
    Thank you in advance for help!

    In Photoshop use File > Save for Web & Devices and choose the GIF or the PNG format.
    Note that the PNG has two versions, 8 bit  or 24 bit.
    Check the tranparency checkbox.
    PNG (24 bit) provides the best result but also the largest file size.
    miss marple

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    Apple Support (formerly ExpressLane):

  • How Do I Cut Out?

    Please can somebody tell me how to take a photo - cut out an object in said photo - and have the newly cut object be its own new entity?
    I just want to cut stuff out of existing photos...I used to have an old Photoshop where I did lots of this - but none of those tools seem to be part of this new version I have...
    please help!!

    You have to make a selection.  The tool many use is the quick selection tool.  Then click refine edege box in tool bar to adjust.  Then use ctrl C to copy and ctrl V to paste.

  • How do you cut out exact figures?

    When I use the lasso tool to carve out a figure and paste it in some other application I get the the figure I cut embedded in a white box. How do I just cut and paste only the figure?

    Thanks that worked!
    Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 20:31:25 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: How do you cut out exact figures?
    System clipboards can be finicky, to say the least.
    Also which operating system and application do you want to paste into?
    The following may help:
    1. With your selection active around your object, right click inside the selection.
        In the menu choose New Layer via Copy. (makes a new layer with just your
        selected object)
    2. Right click on the new layer in the layers pallete and choose Duplicate Layer.
        In the dialog box, where it says document choose new from the drop down menu.
        You can name it or not. Click ok.
    3. A new document should be created with just that layer.
    4. Depending on how big the document is, you could use the Rectangle Marque Tool
       (M on the keyboard) and draw a selection box around your object and then go to
       Image>Crop, then Select>Deselect.
    5. Save your image as a PNG file. File>Save As and choose png from the drop down.
        It should say File must be saved as copy, thats fine.
    6. Open or insert your png into the application of choice.

  • How do you cut out the part of an image in a photo?

    How do you cut out a part of an image on a photo that you have added to Pages. For example, if I have added a picture of a giraffe to Pages how would I cut out the giraffe from the image and get rid of the rest of the image

    You can use the instant alpha tool to make the background transparent.
    FYI: Pages is part of iWork, not iLife.

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    DBA_SEGMENTS describes the storage allocated for all segments in the database.
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    I am looking at the WF using TCode SWDD and cannot figure our how the original developer set this up.  So my question is ..... for a particular WF step, how do you set up the "Objects and Attachments: area so that the User will be directed to a particular transaction when he/she clicks on it.
    Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a "juvenile" question.
    Dan A

    Thanks for your reply Rajkumar,
    I am looking at the screen you have directed me to.  Business object is BUS2081 (actually it is ZMMWBS2081 which is a customized version BUS2081) Method is "Display" and Attribute is "InvoiceDocNumber".  How do I know by looking at this that "Display" means Display Invoice?  What if I wanted to display the PO instead?
    Thanks for the "spoon feeding".
    Dan A

  • How do you edit out the date and time stamp from a photo

    How do you edit out the date and time stamp from a photo

    You can blur it out with retouch
    The built-in "Retouch" brush in "Edit" mode should suffice, if the background is mostly uniform, and if you set the size of the brush to slightly wider than the bar width of the letters. For example, in this picture I removed the year from the date (in the lower right corner) by using the "retouch" brush and following the contours of the letters. (the screen shot is from iPhoto '11, but iPhoto 9 should give similar results).

  • How can i find out the resolution and accuracy of PXI-6602 module?

    I have a 32 bit  8 channel PXI-6602 counter module.  PXI card is interfaced to PC with MXI-4 link. How can i find out the resolution and accuracy of this system.What is the maximum accuracy and resolution i will get from this system. Because optical signal to cmos conversion signal is given as a input to the counter.

    Hi chandhu,
    Were you referring to the accuracy of the count register or the timing clock? 
    PXI-6602 specifications can be found in the NI 660x Specifications.  The resolution of the count register is, as you’ve noted, 32 bits.  This corresponds to a maximum count value of 4,294,967,295.  As long as all of the edges are in accordance with TTL specifications, the accuracy of the count register is 100%.
    On the other hand, the PXI-6602 baseclock accuracy takes on the baseclock accuracy of the PXI CLK 10 signal.  Again, this is all found in the specifications.
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    Try a reset: hold down the home button along with the power button until you see the Apple, then let go.

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