How do I make Photoshop the external editor

I upgraded to snow leopard and now the "Edit in External Editor" option is grayed out in iPhoto. How do I choose Photoshop as my external editor?
I tried opening the pictures in Photoshop, editing them and then saving them - but the changes don't show up in the iPhoto file. How can I save the changes to the iPhoto file?

In the iPhoto preferences you set PS as the external editor - when you finish editing you save (not save as) - and the photos is returned to iphoto and the iPhoto database correctly updated to keep the original and the modified version
iPhoto has the capability to directly interface with any external editor - simply go to the iPhoto preferences (iPhoto menu ==> preferences ==> General and set the Edit photo option to in external editor - select the desired external editor and you are set - now when you edit photos they are sent to the selected external editor and when you are finished editing you save (not save as) and the edited photo is returned to iPhoto, the original is maintained in iPhoto and the iPhoto database is correctly updated.
If you want the option of editing in either iPhoto or the external editor after selecting your external editor simply set the edit in back to main window - now when you right click (control Click) on a photo you will get a menu which allows you to select either.

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    How do I make Photoshop the default Edit App for .jpg in Windows 7?    I want to be able to right click on a .jpg file, select the EDIT option in the Context Menu, then have Photoshop edit the file instead of Paint.
    In Windows XP it was very easy to use the File Manger to associate the file type .jpg and action edit with Photoshop.    No so easy in Windows 7.  It is easy to change the default OPEN application, but I would like to leave Windows Viewer as the default OPEN application and have Photoshop as the EDIT applicaiton.

    Before I posted the original question here, I had probably spent a couple of hours trying to research it.   I hate to find no answer for something I know can be done.   So I spent some more time and found the following in the bowels of a Tech Forum that is generally way over my head.  I have modified it to be Photoshop specific.
    These instructions will update the default EDIT action for image types - jpg,png,gif and the variations.     If you are unfamiliar with editing the program registry you probably will want to back up your registry or take a system backup.
    1. Open up the registry editor (Regedit.exe).
    You will need to be signed on as a Windows user that is an administrator
    2. Find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> SystemFileAssociations -> image ->  shell -> edit -> command
    This seems like it would be easy but it is not, because there are many key names that are very close (like System.FilesAssociations).   Keep looking because you will find it eventually. 
    3. Double click on "Default" (on right window pane) and update the program location.
    You should see that MSPAINT.EXE is the current program.
    Erase the existing value and enter you photoshop location in quotes followed by %1 in quotes.  For me this is "C:\Program Files  (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Photoshop.exe" "%1"  
    Hit return.
    4.  Exit Regit and test.

  • How do I make Photoshop the default in Dreamweaver

    Hi, PhotoImpact is currently my default program in Dreamweaver CS6. I want to change the default to PhotoShop. I used Associated type or protocol to change from PhotoImpact to PhotoShop, but when I click on a jpg file in Dreamweaver, PhotoImpact still comes up. How can this be changed?

    You can change that under Edit > Preferences > File Types/Editors > Under Please choose external editors, select Photoshop on the right (add it by hitting the + if it's not there) > Hit Make Primary

  • How do I make Photoshop the default for opening images?

    Right now it's set to Preview. How do I change it to Photoshop? Oh, I have an iMac with 10.6.8 now.
    Thank you.

    Right click on the file and choose Get info.  In the Get info field will be Open with where you can select the app to open that file.  You can also select to open all similar files with the chosen app.

  • Lightroom is using Photoshop CC(2014) as the external editor.  How do I get it to point to Photshop CC instead?  Since I'm a CC subscriber, both versions are installed on my computer.

    Lightroom is using Photoshop CC(2014) as the external editor.  How do I get it to point to Photshop CC instead?  Since I'm a CC subscriber, both versions are installed on my computer.

    JimHess wrote:
    I just don't see why you would want both Photoshop CC and Photoshop CC 2014 installed.
    Jim, when PS CC 2014 became available, it was installed by the CC App alongside the existing PS CC app, rather than replacing it. For new subscribers who joined after PS CC 2014 was released, that's the only version that was installed (though the option to install PS CC is available via the Previous Version function of the CC App). Thus on my Windows system I have both versions installed automatically (because I started to subscribe before CC 2014 was released), whereas on my newer MBP only PS CC 2014 was installed because I installed it after CC 2014 was released.

  • I am using Photoshop as external editor but can't use all the filters

    I have just started using Aperture and have set-up photoshop CS2 as the external editor. I'm trying to add film grain to some of my images using the artistic filters. If I open one of my RAW (EOS 5D) images in Bridge once open in CS2 all the filters are available for use.
    If I select a RAW image in Aperture and use the open with external editor feature, once the image is launched in CS2, half the filters are unavailable. Why is this and how do I over come the problem? Is it because Apertur opens the file in a funny format?
    Many thanks in advance for your help

    a few filters will (or have already) changed in cs3, however most remain the same in terms of 8 vs 16 bit. filters who are based on the rgb channels will be "grayed out" in the filters menu if an image has 16bit colours (regardless of tiff or psd of course).

  • How do I delete references to Photoshop as External Editor?

    I loaded Photoshop CS4 as a trial, and subsequently deleted it.  I have Elements 7, and DxO Pro, which I would like to make my external editor options.  When I go to the External Editor Preferences page, the first option is Photoshop CS4 (not found), leaving only one choice.  Is there a way to delete the Photoshop CS4 reference, and have the two others as my options?

    First off, you probably have to manually set the option to one of the other applications (eg Photoshop Elements). Adding additional editors should be self explanatory (see attached screen shot). To delete Presets you should open the Presets tab in Lr Preference panel. Towards the middle of the panel you should see a button labelled "Show Lightroom Presets folder...". Click on the button and Lr will take you to the LIghtroom folder. Look for the subfolder named "External Editor Presets" - deleting the contents of this folder removes all existing presets. You can also delete individual presets if this is all you want to do.
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  • How can I change the external editor in iphoto?

    When I go to Preferences, the only option that pops up in General Edit is Graphic Converter (formerly used). How can I change the external editor to Photoshop Elements 6? Also, can I drag and drop a photo from iPhoto onto the Photoshop elements 6 icon in the dock and do some editing and saving without corrupting my iPhoto library?

    I do not remember how (if) iPhoto 6 handles PSE6 as an external editor - in iPhoto '08 you can set any program as one - try going to the preference that has graphic converter in it and selecting it - you probably will get a select dialogue that will let you choose a new external editor
    It is not recommend that you ever save any files directly into the iPhoto library - if you can not get PSE6 set as the external editor then you should export your photos, edit them and save and then import the new photo into iPhoto
    But I believe you will be able to set PSE6

  • How do I change the external editor in iPhoto '11?

    I recently updated Photoshop CS5 to CS6, but when I try to change the external editor in the advanced section of iPhoto preferences, only Photoshop CS5 is presented. Any idea how I can force CS6 into the options?

    In the preferences select CS5 again and the window to choose will open...

  • I just installed Photoshop and want to use it as the external editor.  I also have PS Elements on the computer and the only external editor I can get iPhoto to recognize is PSE.  Any help in changing the external editor to PS would be appreciated!

    I just installed Photoshop and want to use it as the external editor in iPhoto.  I also have PS Elements on the computer and the only external editor I can get iPhoto to recognize is PSE.  Any help in changing the external editor to PS would be appreciated!

    Welcome. I am using Photoshop CS5 and this works fine for me. Possibly Adobe has changed this in CS6. Hopefully, LarryHN will have further suggestions. Best.

  • How to add Live Type in the external editor windows?

    I was just refreshing myself by one of the FCP dvds from magent media where Even Schechtman show his window of External Editors in System Settings.
    I have the latest FCP version but that line which reads "Live Type" in external editor window is missing. Though he didnt discuss anything on the dvd but made me curious of my observation.
    How Can I add Live Type message box which can be checked in External editor Window?

    This is something specific to FCP4.x ... it does not appear in FCP5.x
    Final Cut Pro HD: LiveType does not appear in the External Editors tab
    Under some circumstances, the External Editors tab (choose Final Cut Pro HD > System Settings) in Final Cut Pro HD does not display a setting for "LiveType Movie Files."
    This can happen if you installed Final Cut Pro HD from a new Final Cut Pro HD disc, as opposed to installing it from an upgrade. If you upgraded from Final Cut Pro 4 to Final Cut Pro HD, you will not have this issue. If you upgraded from an earlier version of Final Cut Pro using an upgrade disc, you will not have this issue.
    You can still add LiveType files to the timeline even if LiveType does not appear in the External Editors tab. The behavior may be slightly different, depending on whether you add a LiveType project file or a LiveType movie file to the Timeline.
    If you add a LiveType project file (for example, MyProject.ipr) to the Timeline and then choose to open it in an External Editor, the file will open automatically in LiveType as a LiveType project.
    If you add a rendered LiveType movie file to the Timeline and then choose to open it in an External Editor, the file will open in the Editor you've selected for Video Files (in the External Editors tab) or in QuickTime Player if none is selected.
    In summary, "LiveType Movie Files," only appears if you upgrade to Final Cut Pro HD from an earlier version of Final Cut Pro 4. It is not required in the External Editors beacuse a LiveType project file will automatically open in the LiveType application and a movie rendered from LiveType will automatically open in QT Player.

  • I have both photoshop 6 and Photoshop CC on my Mac. How can I make Photoshop CC the default to open when I double click on an image?

    I have both photoshop 6 and Photoshop CC on my Mac. How can I make Photoshop CC the default to open when I double click on an image?

    Right-click an image file,
    Get info,
    Open with: <choose Photoshop CC>
    Change File Associations in OS X Mavericks - YouTube

  • Elements 8 Organiser will not load Photoshop as External Editor

    For some years I've succesfully used Photoshop CS2 with Elements (various versions) Organiser as my photo file manager.  The Organiser allowed me to select Photoshop as the external editor and subsequently accepted/managed the edited photos from Photoshop when I closed the file there.  (I prefer the facilities of Organiser to those of Bridge; and other folk in the household prefer Elements Editor).
    I recently upgraded from Photoshop CS2 to CS5 64bit.  Initially Elements 8 Organiser (which is 32bit) continued to call up Photoshop (CS5) as the external editor but has now ceased to do so.  There is still an option in Organiser's dropdown EDIT list to "Edit in Photoshop" and any thumbnails selected in the Organiser get the "being edited" label applied if I select the "Edit with Photoshop" option.  However, Photoshop does not open;  or, if I have Photoshop open already, the photos selected in Organiser do not appear in the Photoshop workspace for editing.
    I cannot, either, find the "close external edit" option in Organiser. When I eventually close Organiser, it warns that I will lose any editing done with the external editor to those photos it thinks it has handed to Photoshop, even though there has not been any handover in fact.
    I can chose, in Organiser, to edit the very same photos with Elements Editor, even though Organiser appears to think that they are currently being edited by Photoshop.  If I do edit such a photo in Elements Editor then close it, the Organiser becomes happy and forgets it thought Photoshop was involved at all.
    Is there some switch in a config file somewhere that I can throw to get the Organiser to actually call up Photoshop and hand it the file(s)?  Or is this just an Adobe glitch?  Any help or clues would be much appreciated.
    NB  Also posted in the Photoshop CS5 forum.

    I have tried to persuade Elements Organiser to reconsider Photoshop as an external editor by going to the "Editing" section of Elements Preferences dialogues and specifying Photoshop.exe.  However, no matter which version of Photoshop.exe I point at (64bit CS5, 32bit CS5 or even the old 32bit CS2) Elements tells me that it automatically already has Photoshop as an external editor and I don't need to specify it as such.
    On trying to exit the Preferences/Editing dialogue, Elements then pops up another dialogue box that tells me that "The path you chose for the external editing application is invalid.  Please correct the path or choose another external editor".  I need to uncheck the "Use a supplementary editing application" to stop this box re-popping.
    The Elements EDIT drop down menu still shows Photoshop as an available editing application.  However, as described in the original post, Photoshop does not load or pick up any file specified for Photoshop editing within Elements Organiser.
    I've also tried resetting Elements Organiser Preferences to their default.  This does not make any difference to the problem either.  There is an Organiser glitch I think.  I am begining to think it will need a Registry fix ..... but of what I have no real idea; and it isn't a good idea to mess with the Registry in a haphazard way.
    Perhaps I should try a reload of Elements from scratch, after saving my Catalogue file somewhere safe?

  • Color Profile Options using Photoshop as External Editor

    Dear Folks:
    When I open an image in Photoshop as external editor, I get these choices:
    - use the imbedded profile (instead of the working space)
    - convert documents colors to the working space
    - discard the embedded profile (don't color manage)
    I'm using Photoshop 7 and iPhoto 5. My Camera is a Canon Powershot S410. iPhoto seems to retain the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 working space from my camera.
    What choice do I want and why?
    Is there something odd about my camera?
    Power Mac G5 2.0 Dual   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   2 Gig RAM, Superdrive

    Which version of Windows are you using Walterono?
    Also, have you tried resetting Lightroom's preferences and trying again?
    Do you get the same behavior? s.html#Preferences
    Let me know how it goes,

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    When I open a file using Photoshop CS2 as the external editor within Aperture 1.1 I can't save the file and view it in Aperture. I get an error message in Photoshop: "Could not complete your request due to a program error". I have to do a "save as" and import the "saved as" file into Aperture. This is true whether I try to save as a PSD file or as a TIFF.
    Does anyone know how I can save files in Photoshop and view them as a version in Aperture?

    These files were imported into the Aperture library from folders of pictures on my hard drive and then exported from Aperture to Photoshop for editing. When I try to save the edited files in Photoshop, (which is supposed to automatically put it back in Aperture) I get the photoshop error mentioned in my original question. Aperture may be able to read TIFF and PSD files, but that doesn't help if Photoshop is unable to save the exported Aperture version back into Aperture. It appears to me that this is a photoshop error message due to some sort of incompatibility with Aperture. That's my guess, but it still does not solve my problem.

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