How do I put a title on a photo

How can I put a title on a photo? I want to put the botanical name on a photo of a wildflower. Then I can use the photo on my I touch and be able to see the title. I am using I photo 9

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If you want test on a photo you need a photo editor - click here for links to several.

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  • How do I put a title on a photo in iphoto?

    How do I put a "title"on a photo in Iphoto '09 ?

    Select the photo then click Info at the bottom of the iPhoto window.
    Select:  Add a description

  • How do I put a title over a photo?

    I've seen a lot of posts about putting a title over a video clip, but what I want to do is put a title over a photo. I am able to insert titles just fine and same thing with just photos, but I can't seem to combine them. When I try to drag one on top of the other, it moves to the left or right and creates two seperate things. I have made sure that the length and duration of each is the same and also that I leave the "Over Black" box unchecked. Any suggestions?

    What do you mean by it 'creates two separate things'? In iMovie 5, I don't think there was an 'add' button. You have to drag the title 'T' box down to the photo in the timeline. IF you are having problems wiht this, try deleting the iMovie plist and the reopen iMovie and try again. (The plist is in YourUserName->Library->Preferences-> Trash that and relaunch iMovie.
    Post back if that does not help.

  • HOW DO I put a title "on" a photo in iphoto (NOT the info button) actually literally typed on the photo?


    1 - Please fix yoour Cap Lock key - all caps is terribly hart to read and is rude - considered yelling
    2 - to place text on a photo you need a photo editor - Preview can do it as can many other editors - <a href=""> click here for links to some to consider.</a>

  • How do you  add a Title to a Photo that never had a Title

    I have a foto with no title shown in the photo. (The photo is a photo in an Event. The Event has a name.) I would like to put a title in the photo. The instructions (I-Photo Help) do not seem to explain this. It shows how to change the title, or how to change a title in the information page. But now how to put a title directly onto a photo that has never had a title. I have the latest versions of IPhoto and of Mac OS X.

    That is not a feature of iPhoto - it does not have the ability to add text to a photo
    you can export photos and use a third party application - Preview - or click here for links to some to consider.
    You can suggest the feature to Apple - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback

  • How do I keep the title on the photo when I drag it from iPhoto to the desktop?

    I am uploading photos to a school yearbook website and need to title the photos. When I give the photos a title in iPhoto and then drag them to the desktop, the title changes back to the jpeg number. Is there a way to keep the title, or to change it when it is on the desktop?

    A Title is not a Filename.
    In iPhoto you add a title to the photo, this does not rename the file.
    If you export (File -> Export) you have the option to use the Title as a Filename.

  • How can we put header(title on top) in scripts

    can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    for this

    Header Data
    You can find header data in both form and style maintenance. In style maintenance, it is used primarily to present important information – information designed to make it easier for the end user to select a style. The header data in form maintenance, on the other hand, is used for information and control purposes. For this reason, the header data of a form will be described in more detail.
    Below, the header data is described as it appears in the alphanumeric Form Painter.
    Like the header data of a style, the header data of a form comprises two parts: the data set by the system and the data you are expected to enter. The latter is dealt with separately.
    · Device-independent entries.
    · Description
    A short explanatory description of the form (also applies to the style), designed to make selection easier for the end user.
    · Form class
    You can assign a form to a class to help you organize and search for forms. The default set of classes is the set of program classes in your system.
    · Start page
    Tells the print program which page format in a form to use first for printing.
    · Default paragraph
    Paragraph set to * in standard text maintenance.
    · Tab stop
    A grid set at specified intervals in all windows defined in the form. However, you should note that the tab stops are only valid in paragraphs where you have not defined your own tabs.
    · Language, Original language, Translation applic
    Use these fields to record the master language and language of the current version of a form. Marking Translation applic makes the form accessible for translation from the SAP System’s translation tools (transaction SE63).
    · Device-dependent entries.
    You can only enter values here that are supported in the R/3 printer definition. If you make other entries, this leads to errors in the check routine.
    · Page format
    Determined from the spool administration table with transaction SPAD. Make sure there is a printer assignment – there must be an additional spool format for the printer with the same page format.
    · Orientation
    Depends on the page format selected. This can also be determined from the spool administration table. Please note that the formats landscape and portrait are not supported by all printers.
    · Lines per inch (LPI)
    Basis for converting the unit of measurement LN in style and form maintenance. The value 6.00 is set by the system, as this value is supported by all printers.
    · Characters per inch (CPI)
    Basis for converting the unit of measurement CH in style and form maintenance. The value 10.00 is set by the system, as this value is supported by all printers.
    · Font attributes
    With these fields, you can set the default font for a form. The default font applies if other objects do not specify a font. SAPscript suggests a default font, which you can change.
    Defining Header Data
    The header data of a form consist of Administration data and Basic settings.
    The Administration data include Administration information and Language attributes.
    ·     In the Administration information group, enter
    ·     Form name
    ·     Description
    ·     Development class
    ·     In the Lang. attributes (Language attributes) group, you find
    ·     Original language
    ·     Current language (language key)
    ·     Information on the translation of the form.
    ·     Status information about the current form status (active, edited, and so on).
    Before entering other header data,
    7. Define the paragraph formats of the form.
    8. Define the character formats of the form.
    9. Return to the header and complete it.
    Reward all helpfull answers

  • How can I put 1 object in a photo in color but the rest in black and white?

    I have iPhoto '08, and I have seen many photos that have interesting effects like the one I mentioned before. I would really like to know how I can allow the main object in the photo to remain its natural color, but change the rest of the picture to black/white or sepia.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions. You mean like this?
    Click to view full size
    This was created by Photoshop. But it's a little over the top for must of what we want to do. Photoshop Elements can do the same as can some of Larry's other suggestions. I've worked with PSE and it's an excellent editor with about 75% of PS's capabilities at about 1/7 the price.
    TIP: For insurance against the iPhoto database corruption that many users have experienced I recommend making a backup copy of the Library6.iPhoto (iPhoto.Library for iPhoto 5 and earlier versions) database file and keep it current. If problems crop up where iPhoto suddenly can't see any photos or thinks there are no photos in the library, replacing the working Library6.iPhoto file with the backup will often get the library back. By keeping it current I mean backup after each import and/or any serious editing or work on books, slideshows, calendars, cards, etc. That insures that if a problem pops up and you do need to replace the database file, you'll retain all those efforts. It doesn't take long to make the backup and it's good insurance.
    I've created an Automator workflow application (requires Tiger or later), iPhoto dB File Backup, that will copy the selected Library6.iPhoto file from your iPhoto Library folder to the Pictures folder, replacing any previous version of it. There are versions that are compatible with iPhoto 5, 6, 7 and 8 libraries and Tiger and Leopard. Just put the application in the Dock and click on it whenever you want to backup the dB file. iPhoto does not have to be closed to run the application, just idle. You can download it at Toad's Cellar. Be sure to read the Read Me pdf file.
    NOTE: The new rebuild option in iPhoto 09 (v. 8.0.2), Rebuild the iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup" makes this tip obsolete.

  • How do i change the title to my photo album:(ios7)

    How do I change the name of the title for one of  my photo albums in ios 7

    When you set the podcast up in WordPress you must have entered a title; it's presumably there that you can change it, and then re-publish it, though I can't advise on WordPress.
    One caveat, though: some podcast creation services derive the feed URL from the title: I don't know whether WordPress is one of them, but if it is you shouldn't change the title because if you change your feed URL withouth redirecting iTunes to a new feed in the proper manner you will lose control of your podcast.
    The method of changing iTunes to a new feeed URL requires the old feed to be left in place with a special tag added to it (I don't know whether this is possible in Wordpress) - the method is detailed here:
    However if the feed URL is not affected by changing the title then you can just go ahead and change it.

  • How can i put a time stamp on photos

    I used to be able to set menu to time stamp photos but it seems to be gone now. Does anyone know how to put it back? I searched help topics in iPhoto and there was no help.

    There never has been such a feature for iPhoto - you probably have (or used to have) one on your camera
    In iPhoto you can see the date/time info from the camera in the info pane

  • How can I add a title to a photo or clip in iMovie  v11?

    On earlier versions of imovie I was able to add a title to a clip or photo. Since downloading Mavericks I have spent hours trying to carry out what was previously a simple task and are still unable to. Can anyone please enlighten me?

    First, I will ask the hosts to move your post to the iMovie forum where you might get more knowledgeable answers....
    Second, you should still have your older version of iMovie (if you didn't purchase it at the app store). If so, I'd suggest to use that. If not, hopefully someone in the imovie forum can help; I've tried the new version a couple of times and have decided not to use it as there is very little editing nor other options available for the user. It appears to be cloud-centric with minimal editing, fast processing, and uploading to the internet as the only option to export results in an .mp4 file which was not iDVD friendly in my testing.

  • How do you put a watermark on a photo in Elements 12

    I have been trying to add a watermark to my photos in Elements 12 for at least a week now. I have looked at different discussion boards and tried to follow those directions with no luck. I am truly hoping someone will see this and be able to give me the proper information I need to add a watermark to my photo's so I can add them to the internet and be able to give them out to friends and family.
      I have had this program since January of this year and have had a hard time learning how to use it. I am not saying I do not like it, I am just saying it is frustrating when I am trying to do something on a photo, it either takes me a while to find what I am looking for or I can not do what I would like because I can not figure it out.
    I did try to follow two different links I found in discussion boards about watermarks for elements 12 and neither one helped.
    I do not know what else to do, Can someone please help me and give me the proper information I need to add the watermark to my photos? I will greatly appreaciate it

    Which step of the first link you posted is giving you trouble?
    Open the photos in Editor.  
    Click Expert.
    Select File > Process Multiple Files.
    From the Process Files From drop-down list, select Opened Files.
    Browse and select the folder in which you want to save the photos after the watermark is added.   Note: The watermark that you add using this method is permanent. So specify a folder other the folder in which your original photos are stored.
    Click the drop-down list in the Labels area and select Watermark.
    Specify the text that you want to display as the watermark. For example, you can specify your name.
    Select the position, for example, Bottom Right.
    Select a font according to your preference.
    Specify the font size.
    Note: The font size depends on the dimensions of the photo. Photos of larger dimensions require the watermark to be in a large font.
    Adjust the opacity and choose a color of your choice.
    Click OK.
    To view the changes, open the photos from the folder you specified.  
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  • How to put report title and page no to appear in multiple pages,when using cross tab reports

    Post Author: shaminranaweera
    CA Forum: General
    I am using crystal reports 9.0 with odbc foxpro database conectivity
    I have designed a cross tab report and it is on the report header part and all the report details  are fine,except that the report title and  and page no's only show on the first page of my report.Pls tell me how can i put my report title and page no on all the pages in my crosstab.

    Post Author: foghat
    CA Forum: General
    You need to put your title in the page header if you want it to appear on every page.  The report header only displays once per report.

  • How do I put a picture in Final Cut Pro X's Stats title?

    Hey! How do I put a pictures on these two little gray boxes, on the Stats generator?

    In the Title tab of the Inspector, under Published Parameters,  there are two drop zone wells. Click in one and then select your source clip from the browser or Time line…then the other.

  • How to put a title row in the recorded 2D array excel file?

    I am getting 2D array from labview. This file is saved to Excel File. However, I am trying to put a title row such as A, B, C, D (A is for 1st column, B is for 2nd column, C is for 3rd column and D is for 4th column) My recorded 2D data should start form the 2nd row. This data has also 4 columns which need to be aligned with the title row. Do you have any idea how I can perform this operation?

    You still need to add tabs and an EOL.
    'Convert EOL' does not insert an EOL.
    See screenshot for a couple of basic ways.
    Fading out. " ... J. Arthur Rank on gong."
    Header_shot.gif ‏4 KB

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