How do we stop an extra window from opening when we use openDoc in 3.1?

We have migrated content from XI r2 to 3.1 and when we use the opendoc/openDocument.jsp, it works but is also opening a blank browser window.  Any idea how to prevent this?  We've tested on 3 different versions of IE (6, 7 and 8).  It doesn't appear to be affected by user preference settings in InfoView and doesn't seem to matter if the new parameter is part of the URL.  Here's a sample URL:
http://[server name]:[port]/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sPath=[ReportsByRole],[Shared]&sDocName=TrendedSupplyIndex+Report
We get the same result if we're using Crystal, Webi or Xcelsius and we get the same result if we use the wizard and build the connection on a Webi report so it's using the opendocument.jsp file that's in AnalyticalReporting\opendoc

Thanks for the reply.  We did try adding the window.close to the Tomcat55\webapps\OpenDocument\opendoc\isApplication.jsp file and that resolved the issue.  However, we eventually figured out that we could get by without the customization by using different parameters in the report links. 
This example works for Xcelsius (to Xcelsius, Webi)- it has to have the appKind and isApplication parameter:
This example works for Crystal (to Crystal):
"../OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sType=rpt&sPath=[Communications],[ReportLibrary]&sDocName=ReportProfile&sWindow=New&lsSReportID=" & {@ReportID}
This example works for Webi (to Webi):
="<a href=../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=Ac20j.bpit1IrTJ5MYi6dvw&sIDType=CUID&sType=wid&sRefresh=Y&sWindow=New&NAII=Y&lsSPleaseentervalueforFiscalYear(YYYY)="[var_Year]"&lsSPleaseentervalueforStartFiscalMonth(MM)="[var_Start Month]"&lsSPleaseentervalueforStopFiscalMonth(MM)="[var_Stop Month]"&lsMSelectoneormoreAccountingUnit(s)="[var_CoEntAcctUnit]" title=\"Departmental Responsibility Summary\" href=\"#\" style=\"text-decoration:none; color:blue;\">"[var_Co]"-"[Account Unit]+"</a>"

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    Really? It's not there? Huh, that's odd...
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    That is a bug, so you need to wait until this get fixed.
    See - Firefox 3.6b opens two windows when opening external links
    (please do not comment in bug reports)

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    What is the specific message you are getting?
    If it's asking for a password, then enter it and you should be good. If you don't know the password, then I would probably recommend reseting your keychain entirely. Your keychain keeps saved password for certain websites and programs but in my expereince the average user is not tremendously affected by reseting the keychain. It's just a matter at that point of reentering your passwords manually if you've gotten used to them populating automatically.
    Check out for an article on how to reset the keychain.

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    system preferences>users and groups>select user>check boxes of apps you do not want to auto open.

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    Hi i,m developing a HTML site and used one animated flash button(AS2) I want a small sized window to open when a user clicks on a button.
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    Hello Ned, I appreciate very much your soon answer, I believe you have understand me, but how can I do that? could you give some help? This is part of the code and this is the function that I use
    var url: String = "xmls/rests.xml";
    var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
    var myLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
    myLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);
    function completHandler(event:Event):void {
           var myLoader:URLLoader = event.currentTarget as URLLoader;
           var xmlDP:XML = new XML (;
           XML.ignoreWhitespace = true;
           dp = new DataProvider(xmlDP);
           dp = sortOn("name", Array.CASEINSENSITIVE);
           dDg.dataProvider = dp;
           aDg.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, changeHandler);
           function changeHandler(event:Event): void {
                var thisItem:Object =;
                descripTa.text = thisItem.description;
                aUI.source = (thisItem.image);
                preloader_mc.visible = true;
    My intention is that when a button from a main (swf) loads the swf it displayed the first selected item with a image (UILoader) and the description (TextArea)
    Thanks in advance Ned
    Joselyn             .................."
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    Subject: How can I get a small window to open when a link is clicked (AS2)
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    Look at the Methods section and choose whichever suits your needs, the first one listed does not.
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    You can read more on this at

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    Further: I'm running Windows XP.
    This happens every time I open Firefox 5 and began just after I upgraded to 5.0.
    Note: I've tried suggestions from the various posts in this forum from people who have similar problems, but with no luck. The problem still persists. Does anyone have any suggestions ??

    hello, this might happen when firefox is not able to properly save preferences in its profile folder. please try this: Click the menu button [[Image:New Fx Menu]] and then click help [[Image:Help-29]] > troubleshooting information > profile folder - "show folder". then a new window will open up. in this window look out for a file named '''user.js''' (it might be used to overwrite your custom settings). in case it is present , delete or rename this file and restart firefox afterwards.
    for more information and other steps please also see: [[How to fix preferences that won't save]]

  • How do I stop Google Account login from opening every time I open a new window?

    Upon start up of Fire Fox or any time I click a link to open a new window or if I am in an application that opens a new window, the Google Account login screen keeps opening in a new tab. How do i stop this?

    This thread is currently unresolved but addresses an identical issue:
    Thank you for using the Troubleshooter extension. Can you try disabling ''FromDocToPDF'', and restarting Firefox to see if that solves it? If it does not, try disabling ''Apollo Sync for Firefox''. Please let us know if one of these extensions is causing the problem so that users experiencing the same issue can quickly resolve theirs.
    EDIT: Looking into ''Apollo Sync'', it seems to use Google Drive so is likely your culprit. You can try disabling this extension, or maintain your cookies for this site so that it keeps you signed in and hopefully then it will stop loading the page.

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