How to backup files from other user logged in as administrator

RE: How to backup files from other user logged in as administrator AND/OR how to repair drive with "Invalid catalog PEOF"
My MacBook Pro computer’s hard drive is not booting.
I booted with the base operating system and ran Disk utilities and I got the following messages:
    Invalid catalog PEOF
    The volume could not be verified completely.
    This disk needs to be repaired.
    Disk utility can’t repair this disk. Backup as many files as possible, reformat the disk,
    and restore your backed-up files.
The problem is that I have a couple of USERS set up on this computer, and it won’t let me backup the files of the second user.  The folders are locked and I can’t access them, even though I am logged in as the administrator.
I made a boot disk on my other computer ( a MacPro Early 2008 ) desktop computer with the DiskWarrior 4.4 updater,
but it won’t boot on my MacBook Pro.
How can I backup these user files so that I can copy them back once I fix the drive?
or better yet,  How can I repair the Invalid catalog PEOF on this drive?
Thank you in advance for your time! 
17” MacBook Pro 2.8GHZ 4GB Ram (purchased in 2009).
Model: A1297
Running Mac OSX 10.9.5

Try using Disk Utility/Restore to copy the backup to a new location. Please note that this will reformat the destination partition which will erase all data.
Do a backup. Boot to the Recovery Volume (command - R on a restart or hold down the option/alt key during a restart and select Recovery Volume). Run Disk Utility Verify/Repair and Repair Permissions until you get no errors.  Reformat the drive using Disk Utility/Erase Mac OS Extended (Journaled), then click the Option button and select GUID. Then re-install the OS.
OS X Recovery
OS X Recovery (2)
When you reboot, use Setup Assistant to restore your data.

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    Don't worry. It is kind of complicated and kind of redundant. There are little buttons at the top right of each poster's post that say helpful and solved and reply and email. You can award the post as either helpful or solved in addition to marking your whole question as solved. It takes a little getting used to but you'll see how it works.
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    Drag one account's home folder to the other account's desktop, open the Users & Groups pane of System Preferences, and delete that account.

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    I needed to create a new account and want all of my files accessible in the new one.

    ok, what you're learning right now is 101 unix, which is good. Unix is a good thing
    now: the way unix works, and macos (which uses unix underneath) the files and folders work like a hierarchy.
    the start of that tree is /
    so, if you were to do:
    cd /
    (cd means change directory)
    it will bring you at the highest branch of the file system.
    cd /Users
    will bring you to where all the users are.
    to see whats in /Users you can use your friend ls command
    ls means list files/directories
    cd /Users
    ls -la
    (the -la here means show all (even hidden) and long format (very verbose))  this flag is very optional.
    you will see
    for example.
    if you want to see the desktop of user2 you would change directory to it then list the files.
    for example:
    cd /Users/user2/Desktop
    Note that the files and directory are case sensitive, so, desktop is NOT the same as Desktop, or DESKTOP
    ls -la
    you should then be able to see everything in users2 desktop
    you could have done as well the same thing in smaller steps, for example:
    cd /
    cd Users
    cd user2
    cd Desktop
    this is the equivalent of cd /Users/user2/Desktop
    So, for your file, i don't know where it was, but know that if you log in as user2, it will directly put you in
    which most likely the file you had created from the other user was in /Users/user1
    if you copied all the files from /Users/original_user to /Users/secondUser
    most likely yes, all your mail, bookmarks etc would be copied over.
    so in your case.
    sudo chown -R seconduser:staff /Users/secondUser
    should work
    Remember that if you start a path with the character /  it means start from the root of the file system, at the highest top you can ever get.
    cd /Users/fred
    is not the same as
    cd Users/fred
    unless you were in / already
    i know it may be confusing at first but it's actually very logical if you play with it.
    to simplify, think of it that / means C:\  on windows
    you can't go any higher than C:\  (in a way)
    if you're unsure which directory you're currently in, you can always type:
    it will tell you where you are.
    for example:
    cd /
    this shows  /
    cd Users
    this now shows /Users
    cd /System/Library
    pwd will show /System/Library
    cd /
    cd /Users
    cd fred
    cd Library
    pwd will show /Users/fred/Library
    unix can look very scary but it's actually vital and very necessary to do tasks sometimes that would take for ever to do via the windows. This is good learning.
    so for the myfile you had created, i can't tell you where it is, at the time you created, if you can do a pwd command you'll know the path,
    ls -la  (this shows all the files where you are)
    if you see myfile in the list
    do a pwd
    whatever is return, the real location of the file would be:
    whatever pwd returned / myfile
    I hope that makes sense.

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    open your home folder in finder move file to public, log into other account, click the go tab on the finder menu, select computer, your hard drive (Macintosh HD Default)>Users, the origonal user> public and drag that file to your specified folder.
    hope it works

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