How to change the pricing rate of Sales Order after delivery is created?

Is it possible to update(change) the pricing rate which belong to a specific condition type, of the "Sales Orders"  after corresponding delivery is created ?
number of the Sales Order to be changed is huge. How can I handle this situation ?
immediate replies would be rewarded

Repricing is only possible if your pricing record has a valid from date that is equal to or before the pricing date on the order. Otherwise, your pricing rate change will be applicable only from the begin date of that record.
Assuming that it is allowed by config, you can go to VA02, go to conditions, and then there is small button at the bottom, that says 'Update'. By pressing that, your system will automatically reprice the sales order, provided, as I said, all pre-conditions are met. Once you know that you can do this, then you can adopt any of the technical solutions that Rich had suggested above to do the mass changes.

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  • How to change the Profit Center in Sales Order

    Hi Gurus,
    Previously they setted the profit center (YB999) in sales order, now i want to change the profit center and need to give the amount into this profit center 100500.
    So, could you guide me how to change the profit center in sales order.
    Thank you for your replies.....
    Thanks & Regards,
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    If this SO is processed partially - i.e. transactions happened - You cant change it
    You can use ABAP and change it in Debug mode, but not advisable... Better to short close the SO and open a new SO for Balance qty
    br, Ajay M
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  • Copy the pricing conditions from Sales Order to Delivery

    Hi all,
    I have to send the princing conditions from the delivery trough Idoc.
    That's the reason why I need the princing conditions in the delivery. But I can't redetermine the pricing procedure in the delivery creation. I need to copy the pricing conditions from order to delivery.
    Because if there is any manual modification of a condition in the sales order, If I redeterminate the pricing procedure in the delivery, I would lost the changes.
    Anybody knows any User Exit or anyway to copy the pricing conditions from SO to Delivery?
    Thanks in advance

    I think pricing will not determine in delivery, if any shipmentchanges will copy to delivery, not standard pricing.
    Logically, when you create delivery by that time your pricing need to finsh, no changes, so send pricing infor from order to customer, as its standard process in any client.

  • Assign LC to Sales order after delivery is created

    Dear All,
    Business want to assign the LC to sales order even after creation of delivery document.
    But once delivery is created Payment guaratee procedure and Financial doc no. fields in sales order are greyed out.
    Is it possible to make this fields editable even after delivery.
    We can assign LC to delivery document but there too many deliveries with reference to one order and user very often misses to assign LC to delivery.
    Please advice.

    Firstly for Sales Orders against which you have created Delivery, LC No. (Financial Document) feild in the Sales Order can not be made editable now. It is against the Business Principles as explained above.
    Regarding your doubt on making the Feild mandatory in future, there will definitely be different Distribution Channel for Exports or some other thing that is common for all Export Orders where LC is required. Apply a User Exit in which you can write a code to check that Condition that is common for all Export Order & make the Financial Document No. Feild mandatory.
    But for Sales Orders for which you have created Delivery, the feild cannot be entered now & you have following two options:
    If you want to enter the LC no. just for information sake, Enter in it any Text Id available in Sales order or update the Table entry directly for VBKD - LCNUM feild, but this is not recomemded practice & check with your ABAPer whether it is possible or not.
    Hope this clarifies,
    Jignesh Mehta

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    I'm attaching an example VI that shows how to change the output rate on the fly.
    Hope this helps.
    Applications Engineer
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  • The pricing procedure in Sales order is not getting copied into invoice

    The pricing procedure in Sales order is not getting copied into invoice.
    I have created a document type (pricing procedure),based on the document type ,pricing procedure determination is done.
    So while creating sales order the pricing procedure is determined but when invoice is created the pricing doesnt refelect in the invoice.How to over come this problem

    Please check the in OVKK, weather you have maintained correctly or not.Also check in the Billing document type details what is the Document pricing procedure that has been maintained.

  • Change header pricing condition in sales order

    I have an requirement in VA01 and VA02 to automatically edit one header pricing condition. The user can able to change the value of that condition type in header not in items . Does anyone know what user exit I can use for this requirement.

    Hi Sunil,
    Plealse find below 2 methods to change header pricing conditions in sales order.
    1.Goto SE38, give prog name as MV45AFZZ and in that write logic under USEREXIT_PRICING_PREPARE_TKOMK . (OR)
    2) The same can be done by creating a Alt Calculation type routine through VOFM and writng the logic in the routine, which will then be assigned to the pricing procedure in the condition type which will automatically calculate the condition.
    Try with the options mentioned above..

  • Change the Profit Center in Sales Order line item's Account assignment tab

    Hi Gurus,
    I need to change the Profit Center at Sales order Line item in Account Assignment Tab. Currently  The Profit center is coming from Material Master for the Line Item's Material as default but I have to change / overwrite  that.
    Can any body provide me how can i achive that means
    Any User exits, substitution or any thing ?
    I tried MV45AFZZ but i am not able to find out the right place where I can change COBL-PRCTR.

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • How to pack the More than one sales order delivery qty in one packing

    Hi Folks,
    How to pack the more than one sales order quantity combinely during packing?
    Thansk in advance and points wil be rewarded for the reply.
    Best Regards

    Packing is done during Delivery.
    In Sales order also Packing function is available but as a Packing proposal.
    So actual packing is done in Delivery.
    When you process several sales orders together, the sales order items having same Ship-to-party, Shipping point, Route, Delivery due date & Incoterm are combined into one Delivery in the standard system.
    In the delivery overview screen,do the picking by subsequent function rom the menu bar, you will get a button "PACK", click on this system will take you to the packing screen.
    In the packing screen, give the packaging mterial number, select the materials to be packed, select the packaging material also and the click on the "PACK" button.

  • How to change the status of a production order

    Dear All,
    May i know how to change the status of a production order.I want to de-active the status like OPGN (Operation generated).This status is updated as there was no routing assigned to that particular production order during its creation
    Thanks and Regards,
    Varun Siddharth

    When you create a production order, an operation created by the system is generated automatically if no routing is used for the creation. As a result the order header receives the status HOGAN; the operation created automatically also has this status.
    If you delete the operation created automatically and then do not have the status HOGAN.
    To avoid this maintain the Routing for the material or delete the setting of default operation from OPJG.

  • How to change the responsible in a service order

    Does anyone know how to change the responsible in a service order?
    I am working on CRM7

    Hi Radek
    It falls in to an endless loop, cause the 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN' calls the BAdI 'ORDER_SAVE', because of that I have to find the right place to call the function 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN'.
    I have done an example calling the 'CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN' out of 'ORDER_SAVE' using hard coded values and it works.
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  • How to make the status of a sales order complete of which PART DELIVERY

    How to make the status of a sales order complete of which PARTIAL DELIVERY has already done. <b>(Assigning rejection status not accepted)</b>

    Hi Gyana
    There is no document with me. But I can confidently say that because I am using this functionality.
    In my case I have created a Order Reason as "Short Closed". once you short close this order only the balance quantity gets rejected (provided you have already made previous delivery and PGI).
    Try it in one of your test clients if you have. Once it is short Closed it wont also show in the orders due for processing in Production.
    Also you can generate reports based on this if your customer wants to know how many order he has short closed, qty of item short closed etc.
    Try it.

  • Can't change quantity when copy from Sale order for Delivery

    Hi all!
    Can i use authorization for can't change quantity when copy from Sale order for Delivery.

    Approval will not work when you have mutiple rows of data.  You would have to work with SP Transaction Notification
    There has been threads before on the forum on the same topics.
    Block the Quantity in Sales Delivery
    Approval Procedure for chaning quantity in Delivery Document

  • Fm to change the condition value in sales order pricing

    Hi Friends,
    I need a FM to change the Pricing value that is auto calculated in the sales order. It needs to be overwritten. BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE I don't think will do it. It can be used only to update the condition type and the condition amount but not the condition value.
    Can someone please help me. I've been stuck with this for quite sometime.
    Dikshitha G

    Try these BAPI's
    Rajasekhar Reddy.

  • How to change the pricing date inthe conditon record access details

    Hi Team,
    Please help to solve this issue.
    When we create a sales order, pricing date will update as creation date and the same date will appear in the condition records access details for all the respective condition type.
    In case of sales order is created with reference to Contract then pricing date will update same as from the contract pricing date.
    for examaple contract created on  01.01.2014 for the same day  if we create the sales order with reference contract then pricng date will update as 01.01.2014 in the sales order.
    If we create the sales order example today 19.05.2015 but stil pricing date will update as 01.01.2014 (due to same date available in the contract)
    Now my requirment is for one of the condition type ex ZXXX this pricing date should update as sales order creation date (Not all the condition types) in the condition record access.
    Please check and let me know ho to solve this issue.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hi MK,
    When we define a price condition in customizing, we have field Pricing date, with the following entries available:
    ‘ ‘   Standard (KOMK-PRSDT; tax and rebate KOMK-FBUDA)
    A    Date of services rendered (KOMK-FBUDA)
    B    Price date (KOMK-PRSDT)
    C    Billing date (KOMK-FKDAT)
    D    Creation date (KOMK-ERDAT)
    E    Order date (KOMK-AUDAT)
    Use E.

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