How to Copy from Billing document F2 to Credit or Debit memo?

I know the Menu path for copy control of billing document to billing document which  is as follows
SPROIMG-Sales and Distribution-BillingBilling Documents-Maintain Copy Control of Billing document--Copy COntrol: Billing Document to Billing Document where I give the Source and the target.
Now I have a scenarion where F2 invoice has ForTrade/Customs information in the Header of F2 invoice which can be viewd through VF03->Header->ForTrade/Customs tab.
Now that inforamtion has to be transferred to CR/DR which is now not being copied although I have set the copy controls between the billing document.
So, can anyone help me by providing the information for the following questions?
1.How will I acheive the copy of Foreign trade to CR/DR from F2?
2. When I copy from F2 to CR/DR, which all information from F2 will be copied to CR/DR?
Thanks for the help.
Anupama Rao

The foreign trade data is copied from delivery to billing and any order doesn't contains the foreign trade data and when you create a credit memo request CR by copying F2 invoice the foreign trade data is not copied to CR and when you create a G2 invoice from CR the foreign trade data is not copied because it doesn't exists
the optimal solution for this is to keep the incompletion for foreign trade in the G2 and L2 inovices

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  • How to get Accounting document number from billing document number

    How to get Accounting document number from billing document number i.e. from VBAK- VBELN.
    Cheta Pant

    VBAK is the Sale Order header table, Billing document table is VBRK.
    Sales tables (VBAK,VBAP,VBRP,VBRK) do not store accounting document numbers.
    You do other way around. Just go to SE16 and enter the Billing document number in field Billing document VBELN in BSEG or BSID or BSAD table and execute, you will find the accounting document number.
    If you just want collect this information once then you can use table BSEG, but if you think to develope a report then use table BSID and BSAD.
    Chintan Joshi

  • Transfer document header text from billing document to FI document

    Dear all,
    Where do I specify that the document header text out of the billing document should be transferred to the corresponding FI document?
    Currently, the FI document header text (BKPF-BKTXT) remeans blank after transfer from billing document. We need this field to be filled in, but I haven't found how to have this filled in.
    In copy control from sales doc to billing doc, there is the possibility to transfer the Reference number & Assignment, but nothing about document header texts.
    Some say that it would only be possible via coding, but anybody has any idea if it might be possible via standard SAP?
    Many thanks!
    Best regards

    We also had a bit same requirement, which is to copy the billing header text to FI item text (BSEG-SGTXT). The solution we took is to use FI Substitution (t-code GGB1), so that every time a FI document created from SD... the substitution reads the billing header text and put it in the FI item text. I think the same method could be used for FI header text (BKPF-BKTXT). Below is the solution for your reference.
    Document Type = 'RV' AND Reference <> '' AND
    ( Transaction code = 'VF01' OR Transaction code = 'VF02' OR
    Transaction code = 'VF03' )
    Using exit which coding is as below.
    *&      Form  u900
          Copy Billing Header Text to SGTXT
         -->P_SGTXT    FI Item Text
    FORM u900 USING p_sgtxt TYPE bseg-sgtxt.
      DATA: lv_name TYPE thead-tdname,
            lt_line TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline,
            lw_line TYPE tline.
      lv_name = bkpf-xblnr.
          id                      = 'Z001'
          language                = sy-langu
          name                    = lv_name
          object                  = 'VBBK'
          lines                   = lt_line[]
          id                      = 1
          language                = 2
          name                    = 3
          not_found               = 4
          object                  = 5
          reference_check         = 6
          wrong_access_to_archive = 7
          OTHERS                  = 8.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
        READ TABLE lt_line
          INTO lw_line
          INDEX 1.
      In Billing Header Text, the sign '&' (ampersand) is automatically
      added some characters so it becomes '<(>&<)>'.
      The logic below is to fix that issue.
        REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF '<(>' IN lw_line-tdline WITH space.
        REPLACE ALL OCCURRENCES OF '<)>' IN lw_line-tdline WITH space.
        p_sgtxt = lw_line-tdline.
    Teddy Kurniawan

  • Copying from sales document type L2 to RK is not supported

    Dear Experts,
    Can any guide me please regarding my issue,
    My process is linked with service order,after creation of service order,I am going to DP90 Tcode with this it will generate debit memo request,and I will do the billing from vf01.
    Now I want to make some  invoice correction,
    so I have copied the standard RK invoice correction document to ZRK
    and i have assign this for my sales area in sales document header,
    now I have raised the order from va01,and I have given the invoice document number,
    for this I think I have to maintain the copy controls,
    can any one help me out how to maintain the copy controls for invoice correction.

    Dear JP,
    As you said I have maintained the item category,I have only two item categories,one is L2N,L2W.
    I have copied the standard document  from VTAF,and I have maintained the copy controls like this,
    Copied from RK to F2 as ZRK to ZL2 header data
    Data T   052  billing doc header
    Data T  103   billing bus header data
    Data T  003   billing header partner
    Copying requirements as   021  billing header
    Tick on copy item number
    Then item category maintained as
    Item category as L2N
    Data T  153  Item from billing document
    Data T  104  billing bus item data
    Data T  004   billing item partner
    Copying requirements  as  000
    Pricing type         u201CEu201D
    2nd pricing type  u201CDu201D
    And the same for L2W,but I have not maintained for u201CG2Nu201Ditem category,but I has copied automatically?
    Then I have raised the sales order from va01,its ask the billing document number,I have  given the billing doc number and press on copy,its has open the sales order,
    Here I have two issues,
    1st its generating the two same line items,with G2N item category
    EG:if I have given 2 materials line items then its generating the 4 line items with the same material.
    2nd I am not able edit any line litem,it all are coming in non editable mode,how to make editable field,and make the changes for price and quantity.
    After saving the document again I have to do the billing from vf01?
    please suggest me,so this will be added advantage to the user.

  • How to repeat output billing documents

    Hi Guru;
    How to repeat output billing documents ; because after VF04 maintain billing due list,
    all intercompany billing doucments can not be printed throught our local printer. We are using Biling type as intercompany billing and output as print.

    Hi Raj,
    Please use T-Code VF31,output from Billing
    under Message Data select the output type that you need,  enter the  transmission medium as print  and select processing mode as Repeat processing.
    And in   billing data mention the correct billing document for which you want repeat output.
    Hope Above will resolve your problem for Repeat output for Billing Documents.

  • To know Customer from Billing Document number

    In VF03 IN we enter BILLING DOCUMENT NUMBER then we get detail of that. How can we find Customer(KUNNR from KNA1) from this BILLING DOCUMENT NUMBER. Please help me in this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi  Suresh..
    Table: VBFA (sales doc flow)
    From Billing Document No  find the Sales order no.
    Table VBAK - From sales order No find the Customer No.
    reward if Helpful.

  • Zero BED value when posted J1IIN excise invoice from billing document

    Hi Guys,
    I created VA01, VL01N and VF01. Bed value is showing in VF03 but when I created J1IIN from billing document, BED value is zero. I checked several places like below
    a) Logistics-General > Tax on Goods Movements > India > Account Determination > Specify Excise Accounts per Excise Transaction. Here ensure that for DLFC, necessary Account names are maintained.
    b) Similarly, in the next tab, Specify G/L Accounts per Excise Transaction, ensure that for that Excise Group, relevant G/L Accounts are assigned
    c) Finally, in Business Transaction tab, select Outgoing Excise Invoices where you need to ensure that you have assigned billing type to delivery type and also the default Excise Groups and Series Groups are maintained.
    I couldn't figure it out where the problem is. Please help me where to check and what should be done for this?

    I maintained excise defaults for TAXINN, I am maintaining A/R BED % which is coming in billing document but not in J1IIN. When I click on simulate it is giving a popup box saying 'No defaults could be proposed for Excise utilization' and click on continue then it is giving another message saying 'Excise modvat accounts not defined for GRPO transaction and E2 excise group'. Please help me what is it?

  • How to Restrict save billing document if sale rate is zero

    Dear Expert,
    Please tell me how to restrict save billing document if sale rate is zero.

    Many times in sales order old price has been available, (which is closed through VK12) when we have update the pricing in billing document it has been removed but billing document has been saved, we have restrict it. Please help

  • How to pass from a document pdf towards another

    I have two open documents.
    In javascript, how to pass from a document pdf towards another.
    David G

    You need to mark each document as "disclosed", in order for them to talk to each other. See the Acrobat JavaScript docs on "this.disclosed".

  • Copying from sales document type QTH to HU is not supported

    guys i was trying to create a contract based on a quotation created by me  here QTH is my quotation type and HU is my contract type the error i encountered was thiss.
    Copying from sales document type QTH to HU is not supported .

    In VTAA maintain the copy control settings from Quotation to Contract
    I think you can copy the AV document type which is quotation for contract.

  • How to copy from in linux??

    i've just installed linux. trying to install packages … .db.tar.gz
    so that i can install xkfe offline as no internet connection at the mo. i have the packages on cd. put it into the linux desktop.
    now just stumped onto how to copy from the cdrom drive to the destinations. im not sure where exactly to find the cdrom in the first place.
    so if someone can help me with the phrase to put in to do the copy so that i can then run pacman and install these and an environment.

    Your cd drive might be /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1 or /dev/cdrom or something, you would make a folder in /mnt or /media with mkdir and mount it there via mount /dev/whatever /mnt/whatever. You just cd /mnt/whatever and then use cp on files to move them over wherever you want. "cd" = change directory.
    I don't mean to be rude, but there aren't many people who can (or should try to) pull off using Arch as their first linux distribution. It is intended for people who are already well aware of what they are doing. Perhaps you should start with Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Mandriva, or something of the sort. Ubuntu being the most popular choice, for whatever that means..
    That said, there are many on the forums who started here first and are doing fine, so "shrug". It's really about attitude, willingness to work for it (looking thoroughly for your answers before asking, especially), and willingness to learn really. Just a word of advice..
    On that note, mounting cd's I'm sure is written all over google, and these forums tend to either ignore or bitch at people who haven't already looked for their question thoroughly on such, with good reason.
    Also, please see the forum etiquette here. It's not okay to bump your posts so quickly. There is an edit button there for a reason.
    Also, why did you link to those 3 database files? db.tar.gz files do not contain actual packages, just information about them.. you would need to download a bunch of xfce packages.. db.tar.gz files wont help you. I don't see how they relate to the rest of your post, either..
    Good luck..
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  • COPA document created from billing document, cost components are twice

    Hi Experts,
    Ref Subject line : COPA document created from billing document, cost components are twice.
    I have checked the following :
    1.  Cost Estimate of a material
    2.  Production Confirmation of the Order
    When comparing both of the above, they are same, without variance.
    Now when a COPA document is created, we observe the Cost Component Split in Sales Order to be exactly TWICE as compared to Cost Estimate of the material.
    May I please request help from you all. What must be the cause & where do i check / rectify.

    Hi Hussein
    If you are seeing double in KE30 Report - May be you are updating both sales order and billing doc in COPA and hence you are seeing 2 line items.. But one of them will be record type A and the other one with F
    If the above is not the case and you are seeing double in the COPA document itself - Then See if you have mapped VPRS cond type in KE4I to the same value fields as Cost Comp Split
    Also, one strong possibility that you are using Batch Split in SD.. .... Which means your delivery document (VL03N) will have multiple batches of materials being delivered to the customer....
    a. In this case, your Item Category for main item (HPOS) and Sub Item (UPOS) has to be different and the Item catg for UPOS should not be relevant for billing / Costs... Note 77414 descirbes this situation and the settings to be done in SD Customizing
    b. You may need to apply note 352441 in your system
    Ajay M
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  • How to Create a Billing Document For SalesOrder

    Hi Guys,
    Any one please Explain me how to create a Billing Document for salesOrder. give me step by step procedure so i can easily understand the terms.Thanks in advance.

    Hi Kiran,
    Normally a billing doc is created after a sales order-->delivery.
    U can create a sales order w.r.t a Contract or another sales order.
    In your case, its possible only for sales Returns.
    Reward points if helpful

  • Credit and Debit memo - Type of Billing

    Hello Friends,
    Credit and Debit memo creation can reference a Billing doc or Sales Order or it can be created directly.
    So, is credit memo or debit memo Order-Related billing ?
    Can i confirm that because Credit memo correct values , it does not generally correct any stock, even in Returns scenario?

    Credit memo and debit memo are generally created either referencing to a biling document or without any reference. Yes, these are order related billing documents. It does not have any inventory impact. It only have accounting impact.
    When it comes to returns scenario, it is a bit different. It depends on the business situation. There are a few ways that you can handle returns. Your customer returns the goods back to you for one of the reasons (over delivery, quality problem, damaged stock etc). You will take it back to your stock. Your inventory increases. Then, you cannot create a order related credit memo. Instead you create a return document referencing to the billing document, then do a post goods receipt (delivery document) and issue a credit memo to the customer. So, inventory is impacted and this type of credit memos (or returns credit as usually referred to) are delivery related.
    Else, you will want your customer to destroy the stock (which your customer reports a damage and bringing it back to your plant costs you more). Then, you will only issue a credit memo to your customer. You will not receive any stock and the stock is not impacted. So, this type of documents become your order related billing docs... Here there is no impact on inventory and only financial impact is seen.
    Hope it helps...
    Mukund S

  • Copying of freight conditions from billing document to return order

    I have a scenario of returns with reference to the billing document. In earlier billing documents the conditions like freight, insurance etc., are maintained. While creating the return order with reference to the preceding billing document, system is copying the freight, insurance conditions also, which I donu2019t require in case of returns scenario. Can anyone help me to come out from this problem?

    In VTAF choose your source billing type and target sales type and choose your item category
    In that i think in your case D is set
    You can define a new pricing procedure for your return order and make the necessary settings in OVKK by leaving out all freight conditions
    After this In VTAF choose your source billing type and target sales type and choose your item category
    In pricing type you can set it to B so that a new pricing is carried out without the unwanted condition types when you make the return order referencing the billing doc
    Alternatively you also try with pricing type H in that pricing type that is freight gets redetermined
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