How to get my photo files on the left panel for easy access?

I was watching a informational video about adobe photoshop. I have been opening my pictures file from my computer and dragging the pictures from the my computer window to the project bin and then each picture pops up in a window overlapping eachtother. in the video i watched, she easily accessed her pictures from her computer files from a pane in the left side of adobe Can anyone help me? Im very new to this and need all the help i can get in the simplest terms thanks!

I assume you are talking about Adobe Photoshop Elements Editor...
There is a Project bin which is shown in the bottom by default and can be moved to left. Project Bin displays all the files currently open in Editor.

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  • How to make a photo STAY in the assets panel for future use for In browser editing?

    How to make a photo STAY in the assets panel for future use for In browser editing?
    When I delete a photo from a page, it does not stay in the assets panel. My client uses in browser editing daily. Once a week he changes a photo just for a day, then needs the previous photo to replace it. The original photo is not in the asset panel (or folder) for him to choose.
    When you upload a photo, it has an arrow in the asset panel. How do you use this as an asset?

    Sure ... right mouse click on  your page and choose 'Exclude Page from Menus' :-)

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  • How to get deleted photos back in the trash can?

    I tried to dele all the photos I've deleted from iPhoto by cmd+delete all the photos in the iPhoto trash can, but that only made all the photos reappear in iPhoto.
    How do I get the deleted photos back in the trash can?
    I discovered this the next time I turned on my mac, so I couldn't just "go back".
    I really don't wanna go trough ALL of my pictures and delete the thousands of pictures I've deleted over the past three years..
    I now know how to delete dem properly, but not how to get them all back in the trash can. Please help me!

    There's no way to do that. If you try and trash thousands of photos at one go you'll trash the Library - which is what sounds like you've done.
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one.  

  • HOW TO GET ZIP PHOTO Files INTO Premiere elements 12

    How do I extract photos from a zip file in order to drag them into premiere elements 12?
    Now I keep getting error messages that adobe reader could not open
    "for john-zip" because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged
    [ for example, it was sent as an e-mail attachment & wasnot completlt decoded]
    I also will get upon repeated trys to GET PICTURES' into  premiere elements 12  > "Catastrophic failure"

    What is the file extension of this zipped or 7-Zip or something else?
    If you have a ordinary .zip folder with a .jpeg photo inside it, you should be able to right click the zipped folder, select Extract All from drop down list, and then follow the instructions to get the unzipped folder that you open by double clicking it in order to see and use the photo.
    Also, if this photo was edited in Photoshop and has a CMYK color profile, you will not be able to open it in Premiere Elements (any version).
    Keep away from the Adobe Reader if all that you have is a zipped folder.
    We will be watching for your progress.

  • How can I get my photos to save the GPS location for iPhoto?

    I noticed that the info on my photos uploaded from my iphone 3G is not marking their location on the map. How can I activate this feature so the GPS location of the photos taken is saved to each photo's info in iPhoto after I upload it? Thanks!

    Im not exactly sure what you mean by color profile..can you specify? So i have a dslr canon and take great portraits and tune them to exactly how I want them to look, they dont print at all like the colors presented on my screen. If i antique them then they print yellowish. Ive even tried printing them at walgreens because i thought it was my new printer. Hp hasnt let me doown til now. Is ot a printer setting? Ive never had this kind of printing issue.

  • Can anyone tell me how to separate original photo files from the edited files in Photoshop Elements 13?

    We run a child sponsorship program and we only use the edited files and delete the originals after they are edited due to space restrictions. We are using Mac's and we save our photo files each month into a folder (Not Iphoto) and then pull them into Photoshop Elements 13 to edit and resize.  When they are saved, Photoshop Organizer saves the edited files in the same file folder as the original.  We then have to manually go through and delete the original Photos.  We tried exporting and that does only export the edited files, but is there any way to edit photos and then the edited photos go into a separate file?

    GLADIXIE a écrit:
    For all 5000 photos?  Surely there is a simpler way after we go through and crop each photo and clean it up and then resize it?
    I imagine that what you want, once you have edited your month files in their month folder, is to delete the original and keep only the 'top' file in the version set. Then select all the files in your folder (Ctrl A), right click on any thumbnail and choose 'Version set'. In the dialog that opens, select 'flatten version sets'.

  • How to get my photos printed with the full image?!

    I just bought iLife and when I select certain cropped photos to print, the top of someone's head gets cut off in the the photo. If I change sizes of prints or rotate the photo, it cuts off different amount of head but never gives the full image. I did not have this problem with iphoto before I installed this new version. I need to have access to printing photos. I use Canon MP500, ibook G4 and Airport Express for wireless printing. I think the prob is iLife cuz it didn't do this before in iPhoto and I have no prob with other applications. Help!!!!!!

    Select the photo you want to print, and click on Edit. Then click on Crop, and a drop-down menu will appear. Use this menu to select the photo size that you want to print. Then use the cropping frame to get the photo the way you want. It is important to select the correct size of the printed photo because the ratios of length to width are not the same from one size to another. For example, a 4 x 3 is closer in shape to a square than is a 5 x 7. You might have to try different photo sizes from the drop-down menu to get he result you want.

  • How to get audio book files into the audio books library?

    I have recently imported some of my own audio books from cd to iTunes. They are now located in the music library, but I would like to have them in the audio book library. But no matter what I try I can't move them. Can anyone help me?
    I have tried dragging the files and the folders, creating playlists and dragging them, importing files and folders, but nothing works. Is it impossible to do?
    Homebuild     Uses Windows Vista

    It's easy to make audiobooks so long as you start off with AAC files (.m4a). If your books are in MP3 format, either rerip the book from CD into AAC or else convert MP3 to AAC. In iTunes there is an AAC choiced called "Spoken Podcast" that's great for making audiobooks (Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Importing).
    Step-by-step instructions for making an audiobook are here:


    Hi All,
    I have a lot of parameters displayed on the Tektronix Oscilliscope like the trigger level, the frequrncy,CH1 T/Div and probably many others along with the Waveform(obviuosly!).
    I need to capture this exact oscilloscope screen on the Front Panel.
    Kindly help me out in this!,

    Hi Vikram,
    Try this link....
    This one has the driver for your "Tektronix 2440 Oscilloscope" and the oscilloscope can be hooked up to the computer via the GPIB port. THe details are given in the link....
    If the link does not work I have attatched the drivers.....
    Good Luck.
    Attachments: ‏170 KB ‏138 KB

  • What is the best option to store catalogs and photos not located on the desktop CPU for easy access by PSE?  My 2TB HD is almost full.

    I currently use PSE 11 & have purchased PSE 13,  I use a Dell XPS8300 that is was purchased in 2011 and has a 2TB HD, however, it is 75%full.  I have several large catalogs, all located on drive C (My Catalog, Scrapbooking Supplies, Etc), I would like to move these catalogs to another larger  external device, along with the tagged jpgs, pngs, and psd files that go with them, while maintaining the ability to access them quickly from my desktop, using PSE.  I have briefly considered My Cloud or My Book, but an uncertain if either of these are the correct choice, or if another option would better suit my needs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Tyna

    In a similar situation you are right in your option to move your image libraries to external drives. Your choice is to move only the picture files tree or to move also the catalogs. Keeping the catalogs on your C: drive does not require much disk space and speeds up the operations a little.
    There are mainly two ways to move your pictures to a new drive:
    - Using the 'Folders' panel and dragging the master folder of your pictures tree to the external drives. You keep the catalog in its original default location and the paths of the files in the new drive are automatically updated. Be patient, that may take hours. You can move all your files at once, or choose to move folder by folder (moving a folder also moves its subfolders).
    - Or use the backup/restore procedure.
    You specify a master folder on the new external drive for the custom location. That will also move the catalog folder to the new drive, but you can choose to move it back to the default location on your C: drive.
    Even if you choose the 'move' solution, do a full backup before for safety.
    Keeping the catalogs on the new external drive may slow down the process a little, but the big advantage is that you can access your catalog and library from another computer with Elements.

  • How do you get an xml file from the PO Output for Communication report?

    Can anyone tell me how you've created an xml output fil for this program? When I run it, the View XML button doesn't light up, and the output file is empty.
    I can see the XML when I click the View Log button, but can't figure out how to save it so that the XMLP Desktop tool can load it properly.
    If you can tell me how to create this file, I'd be very appreciative.

    I can't see the xml in my log file. Maybe you have a different logging level. One issue I have had before is that the xml declaration had a strange character encoding. It should say something like: <?xml version="1.0" ?>. If it mentions anything about encoding you can remove it.
    One of our developers wrote a custom process to write the xml to a table when the document was generated as we couldn't find any other way of doing it.
    You can use the sample xml available from the data definition but this is missing fields.
    Probably not much help...

  • How to get a photo out of the trash

    I accidentally moved a photo into the trash on my iphone.  Is there any way to retrieve it?

    Only if you have a backup of the phone with that photo on it. If you do, you can restore to that backup. Remember everything done since that backup would be lost.
    While it shows a trash can when you delete things, it is not like the Recycle Bin or Trash on a computer.

  • Getting a document file from the transcribed audio file

    I would like to know how to get a "document" file from the transcribed files created by Soundbooth. The files created by SB have 'xml' or 'xmp' extensions and I do not know what to do with these files or how to "read" them.
    I am on a macbook pro MAC OS 10.5.5. I have latest versions of Word, and Final Cut Pro.
    Any help would be appreciated. This is my first foray into the world of Adobe products.

    The Transcript XML files conform to the XML Standards, and are a "marked up" text document containing several pieces of information. You can open the file in TextEdit (on Mac) or Notepad (on Windows) and you should be able to see what sorts of metadata is saved for each word in the transcription. Each transcribed word is stored in a data block, along with its timestamp, the duration of the spoken word, and some other metadata. This information is invaluable when importing the file into other applications or databases.
    Neither Soundbooth nor Premiere Pro support exporting the transcript without the additional metadata or XML tags right now, but since it's a basic text file, it should be a very simple chore for a script to parse that file and write out each transcribed word to a new file.

  • I don't know what I did, but Aperture no longer sees my HD as online, and I can't get my photo versions since the HD is not online. I see it in Finder, but Aperture no longer recognizes it. Does someone know how to fix this?

    I don't know what I did, but Aperture no longer sees my HD as online, and I can't get my photo versions since the HD is not online. I see it in Finder and can see the original files and even copy them from Finder, but Aperture no longer recognizes the HD, and when I try to work with the picture, it doesn't let me because it says that the master is in a volume that's offline. Does someone know how to fix this?

    Just to clarify:
    Does Aperture not see the drive at all (that is, does Aperture also not see the drive in the import and export dialogue) or are only the Master Files disconnected?
    If Aperture does not recognize the drive at all, check the permission settings of the drive in the "Get Info" panel and make sure you have read/write access, also the "Ignore ownership on this volumn" checkmark, this should be set.
    If correcting the permissions does not help, make sure you have a backup, and then use "Disk Utility" to run a check and to repair the volumn, if necessary.
    If Aperture can see the drive on import and export, but only does not see the master image files, then try to reconnect your masters.
    Create a smart album or use a Search with the rule: "File status: offline", to select all images that need reconnecting to their masters.
    Right click on the first image of the selection.
    From the Pop-up window select "Locate referenced Files..."
    Now the "Reconnect All" button should appear.
    Click it.

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