How to save nested psd files?

Say I drag an Icon.psd that already exists into a larger Mockup.psd (it creates a layer that looks like a smart object but is not - by the way what are these called? "nested file layer"?).
Now I double click the new Icon-Layer and edit the Icon.psd. If I save it, it saves a new Icon.psd to a temporary folder (named "temporaryItems"). But: I want it to be saved to the same Icon.psd I dragged in before. Is that possible?

obiberlin wrote:
Say I drag an Icon.psd that already exists into a larger Mockup.psd (it creates a layer that looks like a smart object but is not
Yes it is - it looks like a Smart Object because it is a Smart Object.
by the way what are these called? "nested file layer"?)
It's called a Smart Object.
You are correct that it is a "nested file layer", though.
Now I double click the new Icon-Layer and edit the Icon.psd. If I save it, it saves a new Icon.psd to a temporary folder (named "temporaryItems"). But: I want it to be saved to the same Icon.psd I dragged in before. Is that possible?
When you've edited the SO's embedded file, before closing its temporary document window, do Save to update the SO then do Save As, navigating to the original Icon.psd and overwriting it, then you can close the window. That'll make sure the external file matches the embedded file.

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    Thank you for your reply, sorry for the VERY late late response, but I have just figured out how to control this separate 'panel'. I find it really useful for monitoring Google Analytics in as it can just sit there running. It does have its limitations, as it's a limited size (you can't expand it to full screen view), so you can only ever see a vertical section of a website and need to scroll to look to the right or left, but I have the live view of people accessing my website running on there and if the numbers start racking up at any time, I can scroll to look and see what pages they are accessing, where they've been referred from, etc.
    To get it to work, you save a website address in the Bookmarks Toolbar and when you can see it sitting on the toolbar at the top of the screen with its little icon, right click on it then click 'properties', then tick the box 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar'. The next time you click on this bookmark to open the website, it will load in this sidebar, which looks like a separate 'window' but is immovable. You can only have one sidebar application running at a time, but can change it by right clicking on the bookmark you want to load in there and it will then change to that one next time you click on that bookmark.
    I hope this might be useful to others, as I asked for help with this on loads of forums and not one person knew that this existed - even really skilled techies!

  • How  to  Create a PSD file  in C#

    How  to  Create a PSD file  in C#

    Converting an image file to .psd is easy in Aperture - just export the image version with one of the export presets "PSD - Original size" or   "PSD - Half size".
    But I suspect, that will not solve your problem, since you are trying to create a watermark in Aperture and probably want to create a transparent background for the watermark, to give it an arbitrary shape. That cannot be done in Aperture. Aperture does not support compositing and layers. If you want to create an image of an arbitrary shape with a transparent background you need to use  a program that supports compositing. Since you do not have Photoshop, you could try the free GIMP instead (afaik, there is no Lion version of GIMP; the most recent version is Mt. Lion only; you could try if the Snow Leopard version works on your system).
    Any program that you own, that lets you write or draw on a transparent background will be fine. The Watermark file does not necessarily need to be a psd-file. A png will also work. You can also use Preview to convert between image formats or to annotate an image with text.

  • Can't save layered .psd files in Photoshop CS3

    I noticed yesterday that I can no longer save layered .psd files to any folder. What does get saved is only a generic file symbol.
    I'm using a Dell 8200 computer, 1GB of RAM, IntelPentium4 processer, Windows XP Professional,and a Canon MP780 multiple function printer.
    Please help.
    George Masi

    Is it saved incorrectly, or is the problem just that the icon is the generic one. In other words, can you A) click to open the file from the desktop. And, b) if you can't click from the desktop, can you open the file from within Photoshop, and see the layers correctly.
    If B works, and A does not, then this means your Windows has lost the association between PSD files and Photoshop. You can often correct this by right clicking the file, and choosing Open With, with the Always open with this program field checked. There is also a way to set the icons back up, but this is more complicated.

  • How can i edit psd files in PS touch or which software/app i need for androiud tablet (newest tablet)

    how can i edit psd files in PS touch or which software/app i need for androiud tablet (newest tablet) @samsung

    You can import PSD files into Photoshop Touch but the PSD file will be flattened. (The original, of course, will remain untouched; PS Touch just copies it upon import.) I imagine this was done as a failsafe measure since PS Touch has no support for masks or adjustment layers (not to mention that PS Touch only has support for about 12 layers).

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    Is the Z drive in the application or presentation server ?
    make sure the server has write access to the required folder
    for presentation server
        filename              = 'c:\test_xls.xls'
        filetype              = 'ASC'
        write_field_separator = 'X'
        data_tab              = itab.
    for the application server, use
    data: outfile(120).

  • How to save a numbers file to a pdf file of multiple pages instead of one giant long page?

    How to save a numbers file to a pdf file of multiple pages instead of one giant long page?

    Hi DW,
    Numbers 3.2.2
    Instead of Menu > File > Export To,  use Menu > File > Print...
    That takes you to Print Preview.
    In the Print Setup panel, Click on the Print... button lower right (it won't print yet).
    That opens the Print Dialogue.
    Click on the PDF Pop-Up Menu lower left.
    Choose Open PDF in Preview or Save as PDF.
    That will have page breaks and will be full sized.
    Print from Preview.

  • How to reverse a PSD file that's combined layers into one layer...

    I'm not quite sure what happened but I had a PSD file I was working on with multiple layers and then I saved a PDF of the file and I think I may of accidentally switched up the files somehow because now my PSD file's layers are all combined into one background layer. How do I undo this (somehow release all of the layers again into the file)? I need to send the PSD file with all of it's layers available for editing and I have no idea how to fix this.
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    Unless you have a backup copy of the layered PSD, you can't. Once flattened and saved, you can never reconstruct the flattened layers, they are gone. is to save multiple copies so if this happens in the future you won't suffer this again.

  • How to save layered PDD file as JPG?

    Hi, folks:
    [running Photoshop CS3 under Windows XP Pro/SP3 ]
    I have a PSD file with about 14 layers. A few are hidden. I want to save as a jpg, so I go to file -> save as and save as a jpg file (the yellow alert icon shows next to "layers" in the save dialog). Yet the resulting jpg looks just fine. I've been doing this for years.
    Today, support told me in case #180459305 that doing that would corrupt the jpg. They said that I need to first merge layers in the PSD file, then save as a jpg.
    They also suggested that I post this question here. So here it is. Do I have to go through the extra step in manually flattening the PSD file (and potential pitfall of mistakenly saving it as a PSD and losing my layers forever)?

    Hi, Ed, J:
    Thanks for your responses!
    His explanation was as follows:
    Save the layered PSD as a jpg. When you do so, a yellow exclamation alert appears next to "layers" in the save dialogue box. He said this means that the file will be corrupted if it is saved.
    Now I believe it means that layers will be merged during the process of saving as a jpg, and I said so. He said no, let me prove it to you:
    Go to Image->mode-> and set 16 bits per channel. Then save as a jpg. You will notice that there is no way to save an image as a jpg. Now how the hell that proves his former point is beyond me.
    Now for the biggest laugh of the day: he said (in case#180459305) that if you copy or rename files using the filesystem filemanager (e.g., the desktop or windows explorer), that it would open the file to copy or rename it and then rewrite it, thus cause lossy image degradation.
    I told him (politely) that he was wrong - that renaming a file does not open it - it simply updates directory information about the file, and that copying a file (outside of photoshop) does a byte-for-byte clone of the file and does not degrade image quality.
    Where do they get these purported "experts"????

  • How do I turn psd files into multiple size pngs?

    I have over 2,000 different size psd files, both portrait and landscape, that need to be formatted in 3 main ways.
    I am looking for some automator or photoshop actions way to do this to save hours and hours and hours of work.
    The first step is that each image needs to be proportionally placed into its own tile that is 1110 X 1050.
    (Each file should keep its original name) Do the images need to be flattened before this is done?
    Can this be done with photshop actions and/or automator to save time doing it manually?
    The second and third steps are to convert the image to a png and to also create the
    following file sizes/names
    185x175 called  "title".png,
    370x350 called "title"@2x.png,
    555x525 called "title"-ipad.png,
    1110x1050 called "title"[email protected]
    My system is
    Mac OS X version 10.6.8
    Photoshop CS5 version 12.0.4

    Thanks Mylenium for letting me know it can be done And...........
    Any guidance or the how to would be most appeciated, especially the renaming en masse using terminal.

  • How to convert a .psd file into .ai (adobe illustrator)

    Hi Guys,
    I have a very high quality multi layer .psd file that I need to convert to adobe illustrator in order to export them into autocad.
    As I'm very in exprienced, Ive tried to merge the layers in the psd file and then use Export -> 'Path to Illustrator', however when I open the newly created .ai file, it open a dialog box called 'Convert to Artboards' and whatever option i choose (either Legacy Artboard or Crop Area(s)' my new illustrator file seems to be empty.
    I appreciate any file anyone can offfer.
    Best Regards

    Importing PSD files into Illustrator
       •   Opening PSD files into Illustrator
    1.  Turn on your computer and launch the Illustrator program.
    2.  Open a new document by clicking File>New in Illustrator’s menu bar.
    3.  To open your Photoshop document, go to File>Open and then select the document you want to open when prompted.
       •   Placing PSD files into Illustrator (Editable)
    This method is ideal if you wish to incorporate a Photoshop document within an existing Illustrator document which can then make the PSD file editable within Illustrator.
    1. Launch the Illustrator program, select File>Place
    2. Locate the PSD file you want to import and click “Place”. Make sure the “Link” option is not selected.
    Placing or opening an unlinked Photoshop file will prompt a dialog box with options, choose the most appropriate option and then click “OK”.
    • Convert Layers to Objects: This option will convert the Photoshop layers into Illustrator objects to be able preserve masks, transparency and blending modes.                  
                                 • Flatten Layers to a Single Object: This option will flatten all the Photoshop layers into a single layer to preserve the look and appearance of the image; however individual Photoshop layers will no longer be editable.
       •   Placing PSD files into Illustrator (Not Editable)
    This method is ideal for incorporating your Photoshop files in an existing Illustrator document. Although the PSD file will no longer be editable it will be able to maintain a link to your original Photoshop file.
    1. Launch the Illustrator program, select File>Place.
    2. Locate the PSD file you want to import and click Place. Make sure the Link option is selected.
    - See more at: and-indesign/#sthash.u19RHWSB.dpuf
    **The one time it did not work for me and appeared black was because of shadows (hue/saturation adjustment layer). So I compared the old .psd file, that converted fine, to the current one I was trying got send. One of the differences was the introduction of shadows by duplicating the fonts and image shapes, then merging them to a single image with hue/saturation adjustments. When adjusting the hue/saturation, it appears in a separate layer that was locked to next to image that was just produced. Some reason that was the bug that kept Illustrator from placing the .psd file in Illustrator. The solution was to merge the hue/saturation layer with the image layer. Now it’s back to normal.
    Hope this save you some time.

  • How do you convert psd files to jpg files?

    Raw photos were converted to psd and then to jpg. The jpg files were imported and some got reconverted to psd files again. How can I convert them back to jpg files so that I can put them in a photo book?

    the basic answer is to open them in Photoshop and save as a jpeg to the desktop and import the JPEG into iPhoto
    Raw photos were converted to psd and then to jpg. The jpg files were imported and some got reconverted to psd files again. How can I convert them back to jpg files so that I can put them in a photo book?
    perhaps a bit more information would allow a better answer
    And remember to never go into the iPhoto library directly and never make any changes to the structure or contents of the iPhoto library

  • How do i make psd files transparent?

    How do i make psd images transparent when I drag and drop the layer onto the stage on flash cs6?
    For  example the way iv been doing it up until now was saving as a psd then  going to file import to library on flash. This is very very time  consuming and would be much easyer if i can just drag and drop the  photoshop layer onto the stage, but the problem is that the image gets a  white box around it and isn't transparent when i do that.
    Is there an option in photoshop or flash to fix this and make the background trasnparent?

    Reminds me of Yoshi from Mario Bros
    I know what you'd like to do but as the first reply mentioned, you can't do that. Until Photoshop is updated to copy with transparency intact to the Windows clipboard, you won't be able to do that. The reason I linked and showed a screenshot of the software GIMP is to prove that it's a Photoshop limitation, not a limitation of Flash or the Windows clipboard.
    Knowing that fact, there is no way for you to copy/paste drag/drop from Photoshop directly into Flash.
    Cartoon animating is essentially identical to how most games work. You create one large master image that contains all the possible variations of your subject (a face, a car, etc) and import that into a game. You do the same when animating, only you're keeping them all separate instead of one image.
    Knowing your experience with Flash is small and growing, I'm not going to make the most optimal recommendation. I'll stick to 2 things I mentioned before but elaborate on them.
    1) Save your assets to actual PNGs with transparency, then import into Flash.
    The reason I'd recommend this the most is because of Flash's update function (which I will explain) and it can be automated a bit (also will be explained).
    So I grabbed a Yoshi sprite sheet and say I made a new pose as you mentioned. In Photoshop I'd then select and copy this new pose alone, with transparency:
    As you know, once you do that you can bring up a 'New Image' dialog and it will already have the size of your copied pixels (with trimmed transparency):
    You can see the size is correct and the preset is clipboard. After that you just paste your new image in and turn off the background to gain transparency. Then you save it out as a separate file. I always use Save For Web for a pinch of file size optimization and overall control:
    Again, I realize this is a lot more than you want to do, but all of this can be automated which will be explained after making it virtually a single button push operation.
    Now we have the image as a separate new PNG image with transparency intact. This image should be imported into Flash's library:
    Now you both have a physical separate copy of this pose in a PNG file (which can be useful for many reasons) and Flash can use that file with it's built in update command for very quick changes.
    Now say you touch up a pose a bit. I'll make it really obvious and change the entire hue. You make your changes in Photoshop, follow the same process (even making size changes to the original image), eventually overwriting the PNG you created for that pose:
    Now in Flash, all you need to do is use the Update function. Right-click on the image in your library, select Update. Because this is a file with a physical location, that is all that is needed to change the image in Flash:
    The power in this is if you make sweeping changes to dozens or hundreds of PNGs, you can do this in one command in Flash. Select all the changed images and hit Update and all your changes will be done at once. You can't do things like this when you copy and paste directly into Flash.
    That said, almost all of the steps above can be automated using Photoshops Actions panel. No need to reinvent the wheel, Actions are fully explained here: tml
    I would recommend recording the action after you make your marquee selection around what you want to save as a PNG. Record right up to Save For Web and stop there. Then in the future you press the hotkey you assign and it will extract your selection, open a new document, paste it in, disable the background for transparency and bring you to the dialog you can name the image in. That's pretty easy and automated. Then just import into Flash and enjoy the benefits.
    2) Use Photoshop to create the assets, then a different program to copy/paste into Flash
    Not ideal to need 2 programs, however if you really want to copy and paste directly into Flash, this is the way to go. Get any program that can read the PSD file format, open your PSD in it. If you have enough RAM this really shouldn't be an issue (PS and GIMP side by side, same file open):
    As you make changes to the PSD, just hit reload or revert in your "copy with transparency" supporting program, copy what you need, paste into Flash:
    I'll explain some of the advantages of the previous workflow if you'd like but I think this is enough information overload for now.

  • How to save an Excel file to the desk top

    How can I save an Excel file to the desk top?

    Hi Tim!
    There's a whole bunch of entries that come up when I open terminal and key in the command you gave; here's what is shown:
    Davids-Mac-Pro:Desktop pdf3$ ls -ale ~
    total 38384
    drwxrwxrwx+  41 pdf3  admin      1394 Nov  2 09:12 .
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwxr-xr-x    6 root  admin       204 Sep 19 14:58 ..
    -rw-rw-rw-    1 pdf3  admin         3 Jan 24  2012 .CFUserTextEncoding
    -rw-rw-rw-@   1 pdf3  admin     39940 Nov  3 10:48 .DS_Store
    drwx------    2 pdf3  admin        68 Nov  6 09:02 .Trash
    drwxrwxrwx    3 pdf3  admin       102 Feb  1  2012 .adobe
    -rw-rw-rw-    1 pdf3  admin       302 Nov  6 09:20 .bash_history
    drwxrwxrwx    6 pdf3  admin       204 Dec 31  2013 .blurb
    drwxrwxrwx    3 pdf3  admin       102 Oct 21  2012 .config
    drwxrwxrwx    3 pdf3  admin       102 Jan 27  2012 .cups
    drwx------    7 pdf3  admin       238 Jul 26 20:36 .dropbox
    drwxr-xr-x    4 pdf3  admin       136 Dec  7  2013 .fontconfig
    drwxrwxrwx    3 pdf3  admin       102 Mar 17  2012 .nchsoftware
    -rw-rw-rw-@   1 pdf3  admin        17 Oct 21  2012 .vbftpxmn
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin   1315548 Sep  3  2013 2014 Bellevue SW Collection Contract 04 15 2013 draft for RFP.pdf
    drwxrwxrwx    2 pdf3  admin        68 Sep 21 11:04 Applications
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin    326665 Aug 30  2013 Bellevue Reliability Report 2012 042613 Final-1.pdf
    -rw-r--r--    1 pdf3  admin      6737 Sep 25  2013 Bellevue Reliability Report 2012 042613 Final.txt
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin     35892 Oct 30 22:15 Bellevue Utility Bills, 2015-16.xlsx
    drwxrwxrwx@   3 pdf3  admin       102 Aug 16 14:52 Burn Folder.fpbf
    -rw-rw-rw-@   1 pdf3  admin     25989 Jun 18  2012 Concerns Expressed to City of Bellevue Regarding Approval of.pdf
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin    165592 Sep  5  2013 David's Autobiography copy.pdf
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  staff     34836 Jul 26 21:21 Deck Repair, 2014.xlsx
    drwx---rwx@  35 pdf3  staff      1190 Nov  5 12:54 Desktop
    0: group:admin allow list,add_file,search,add_subdirectory,readattr,writeattr,readextattr,writeextat tr,readsecurity
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin    111548 Nov 15  2013 Document2.pdf
    drwx------+  18 pdf3  staff       612 Nov  5 11:43 Documents
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwx------+ 494 pdf3  staff     16796 Nov  2 22:09 Downloads
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwxr-xr-x    2 pdf3  admin        68 Nov  1 11:54 Excel Work Book
    drwxr-xr-x    2 pdf3  admin        68 Oct 31 20:42 Excel Workbooks
    -rw-rw-rw-@   1 pdf3  admin  16862554 May 29  2012 Group Shot.psd
    drwx------@  53 pdf3  staff      1802 Sep 19 15:17 Library
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwx------+   6 pdf3  staff       204 May 28  2013 Movies
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwx------+   8 pdf3  staff       272 Feb 24  2014 Music
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    -rw-rw-rw-@   1 pdf3  admin    117444 Jul 21  2008 P6M-2 In Close copy.jpg
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin     46473 Aug 16 14:50 PW-M-1 Overlay Budget.xlsx
    drwx------+  65 pdf3  staff      2210 Nov  5 11:43 Pictures
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwxr-xr-x+   5 pdf3  staff       170 Jan 24  2012 Public
    0: group:everyone deny delete
    drwxr-xr-x    6 pdf3  admin       204 Mar 10  2014 Sound Transit Bel-Red Cost Estimate
    drwxr-xr-x   34 pdf3  admin      1156 Sep 21 09:24 WW II Songs & Opera #1
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin    172859 Feb 25  2014 photo 1.JPG
    -rw-r--r--@   1 pdf3  admin    172859 Feb 25  2014 photo 3.JPG
    Davids-Mac-Pro:Desktop pdf3$
    I have no idea what all this stuff means, but I've done a 'disk verify' for both my drives, and the results indicated they were both 'OK'.Dave P.

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