How to show muliti language data correctly using webi reports

Hi ,
Can you please suggest me how to show multi language data correctly in webi reports .
Do we need to install any lang pack in both server and client machine ?
Thanks & Regards

you mean using translation manager? or data from DB? or both.
You need to make sure that your DB is already configured for multiple languages.
Enable the OS for multi languages
On XIR3.1, you will need to install language packs on the processing servers.  then you can utilize translation manager.
Installation of Language Packs are a pain to install and update.

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    sr(0).dFecha_de_entrega_al_cliente = fila("FechaEmision").ToString().Trim()
    sr(0).dFecha_de_facturacin_al_cliente = fila("FechaCompra").ToString().Trim()
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  • In the Alarm & Event Query VI how to show the alarm data

    In the Alarm & Event Query VI how to show the alarm data in the front pannel using the table or multicolumn listbox .thank you very much!!!

    Most likely there is something wrong with your specific database or your LabVIEW DSC installation. I just used the Alarm & Event in my machine and it seems to work fine, I can see all the alarms as well as events containned in the database.
    You may considerer generate another database (change the logging directory) and see if the behavior goes away. Also, make sure you have alarms and events on that database.
    I could run the Alarm & by just openning its front panel and placing the correct database in the appropriated control.

  • How to read Data of a Webi Report

    Hello Friends,
    I have a task where I need to read data of a Webi Report, how can it be done?
    Basically I have a trigger report which runs every day and get the latest RACN number from the database. I am trying to get that RACN number from trigger report using BOBJ SDK.
    I really appreciate your suggestions on this.

    Hi Rakhy,
    Is the RACN Number a column or dimension in your webi report? Is it a universe object(webi based on universe)
    Also what version of BusinessObjects you are using?
    If you are using XI 3.1 and you need to retrieve objects from a webi report it can be done using the ReportEngine SDKs.
    Please refer to the developers guide and API referrence guide available at
    Also refer to the document at for better understanding the workflow.
    An example snippet of how to retrieve an object is below
    DocumentInstance wiDoc = widocRepEngine.openDocument(oInfoObject.getID());
    ReportDictionary reportDictionary=wiDoc.getDictionary();
    for(int a=0;a<reportDictionary.getChildCount() ;a++)
    String name=reportDictionary.getChildAt(a).getName();

  • How can I set the data binding between Web Dynpro & Database table

    Dear friend,
    I am a beginner of Web Dynpro. I want to develop my simple project like these:
    1. Create my own database table via Dictionary Project such as TAB_USER and have 3 fields: USER_ID, USER_NAME, USER_POSITION and I have already deployed & archived it.
    2. Create my own Web Dynpro Project, and create the input fields as User ID, User name, User position and icon 'Save' on the selection screen and I have deployed it already.
    For the process, I want to input data at the screen and save the data in the table, please give me the guide line like these:
    1. How can I set the data binding between Web Dynpro and Database table ?
    2.  Are there any nescessary steps that I will concern for this case?
    Sorry if my question is simple, I had try  to find solution myself, but it not found
    Thanks in advances,

    You can write your own connection class for establishing the connection with DB.
    public class  ConnectionClass {
    static Connection con = null;
    public static Connection getConnection() {
    Context ctx = new InitialContext();
    DataSource ds = (DataSource) ctx.lookup("jdbc/TSPAGE");
    con = ds.getConnection();
    return con;
    }catch(Exception e){
    return null;
    You can place the above class file in src folder and you can use this class in webdynpro.
    You can have another UserInfo class for reading and writing the data into the DB .
    Regards, Anilkumar
    PS : Refer java bean generator for database.pdf
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  • Create data models using interactive reporting

    Hey guys,
    I was wondering how you create data models using interactive reporting. An simple example would be great? I would really appreciate if I could get an answer.
    Also, I wanted to understand a real world situation that you guys might have faced with creating data models, etc...thanks a ton :-)
    -- Adi

    Your question is not that much clear on what you are asking for.
    But for reference please have a look at the below doc which explain the Integration with IR and webanalysis what you require.
    IR and WebAnalysis with Essbase

  • How / can I have jpg logo objects used on reports automatically updated

    How / can I have jpg logo objects used on reports automatically updated after making changes to the repository copy of the jpg logo object in the repository?   The reports are in the enterprise items folder of the repository and the logo.jpg file is in a subfolder of repository items.  I made changes but the changes seem to apply only after I set my options in crystal reports and open the actual rpt file itself. 
    Is there a way to have the changes to the logo show / apply in all reports that have the repository item logo inserted into it without having to open every rpt file in the repository?

    Yes, I understand that...  the problem I was having was that check box being unchecked whenever an unrelated change was made to rpt file...  I was able to ensure that it remained checked by doing save as to the rpt file and making sure the "enable repository refresh" box was checked and replacing the file when prompted upons saving the rpt file...

  • Time delay on seeing the changed data onto the webi reports

    I'm new to BOBJ and was hoping someone can help me with adjusting the time delay the reflects the changed data to the Webi reports.
    I have a user that would update a form on our EP.  Afterward, she would have to wait a while before she can see the changed data on our Webi reports.
    can you please tell me the default time lag and show me where I can change it if required?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Our BO is 3.1 SP4.
    We just implemented PBF (Public Budget Formulation) and our forms are running on NWCE server.  It's being written to our backend BW 7.01 SP8 server.  I was told by our users that after she updates some new information on the form, it takes a while before she can see it on the reports.  My understanding was the universe should see the updated data from our BW immediately after they refresh.  Just as you both mentioned.  But according to the users, its not.  there's a time delay.
    I'm going to test this myself if there's a delay.  In the meantime and suggestion would be helpful.

  • How to change the folder name in the web report.

    hi experts,
    can anybody give me the solution, how to change the folder name in the web report. any help is appreciated.
    waiting for ur favourable response.

    Hi Tony,
    Yes, the business requires, only to change in the webreport only not in bex and roles. any suggestions will be helpful to me.

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    How to write the folder path in standard webi report - Most Accessed Documents
       -> Public Folders
                      -> Auditor
                      -> ABCD
    I want to give path of folder 'ABCD' and all the reports/ subfolders under it?
    Prompt - 'Enter the Folder Path(Add % at the end to include Sub Folders)' ?
    Give me exact path syntax

    Hi Daniel,
    But when I give my URL as
    I am able to access the iview but the thing is I am getting TLN,Toolarea,Masthead,etc.
    I will tell my requirement,
    ServerA (EP 7.0) has some iviews,pages...
    I need to access these iviews from serverB(EP 6.0)....
    In ServerB only the iviews has to be displayed in the content area but not TLN,Toolarea,etc.
    Kindly help me in this regard.
    Thanks and regards,
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  • Export Data of a Web Report  having 2-3 Queries(tables) Onto 1 Excel Sheet

    I have a Report designed in Web Application Designer. It has 2 or more Table Web Items in it to which different queries are bound.
    Although the data of these queries is shown as one Report but to the user it is very annoying when he has to export the Data separately for each block and then copy-paste in order to have a single Exported File (as till then the user thinks it is just one Report).
    The question is : Is there a way in which one can Export entire Data of a Web Report  having 2 Queries(tables) Onto 1 Excel Sheet once, so that 2-3 exports or more from context Menu, and then copy-paste from excel, can be avoided?

    Hi , I have gone through this document
    got this installed (the pre requisites) through SAP admin.
    & now the  code in html pane is  as below :
    First I am trying with Button option with only one dataprovider. Later will do changes for context menu option & more dataproviders.
    But when i click on "Web printing with excel" , progress bar finishes & nothing happens.
    Should't the result set be exported to Excel
    Am i missing on some part.
    Best Regards

  • How to insert multi language data to oracle database

    Hi ,
    Can any one suggest the steps involved in implementing storage/retrieval of data in the language otherthan english on the database?. I am using Oracle 9i database.
    I want to write sql scripts to insert data to the database.How can i insert the data in the language otherthan english i.e hindi. ensuring storage and display of data is fine at the backend.
    CHARACTERSET is set AL32UTF8 and need to insert the data in the NVARCHAR2 datatype enabled column.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards,

    If you can write the text in Notepad, then enter the text and save the file with the encoding "Unicode big endian". Then, open the file in a hex editor. The first two bytes will be 0xFE and 0xFF (this is the Byte Order Mark). This code should be skipped for database storage as it is relevant to flat files only. What follows are two-byte character codes that you can put into UNISTR calls. The file with the word "Patra" will show up in the hex editor as:
    FE FF 09 2a 09 24 09 4d 09 30
    If you can enter the characters in your HTML browser, you can use the very useful conversion page at (this is not an official endorsement from Oracle but my personal advice). Enter the characters into the "Characters" text area and click on the corresponding [Convert] button. The "Hexadecimal code points" field will tell you the codes that you need to prefix with backslash and put into the UNISTR call.
    If you are unable to enter the characters on your workstation, then you can identify each letter in the text and look it up in the Unicode character database at or The four-digit hexadecimal codes listed there are what you are looking for. Unfortunately, such lookup will not work for Chinese Han and Japanese Kanji characters as they have no names in Unicode.
    Another method is to use files in another language-specific encoding and convert them to Unicode before loading them into the AL32UTF8 database.
    -- Sergiusz

  • How to send other language data into excel file in attachment thru mail

    Hi - ,
    I have to send other language data (russian) into excel file and send as an attachment through e-mail.
    I had used F.M SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 to send email.
    In internal table , it is in correct format, but when using SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1, the excel file sent has junk characters in it.
    Can u please help me on this?

    Hi ,
    Can anyone help me on this.

  • How to enter URDU Language data in Oracle

    im having great problems in entering Urdu Language data in Oracle 9i rel.2 database on win2000 ad. server having my client PCs on windows xp,, then front end of our application being in developing process,,in .net framework,,using,,now windows xp is supporting urdu and data in urdu language is entered properly from the front end application but oracle is not supporting it,, and not displaying right translated characters,,my country is Pakistan,,laguage is Urdu,,the character set of my database is we8mswin1252 and national character set is al16utf16,,
    plz help me wriggle out the situation.

    I am not completely certain what Oracle character sets support Urdu, but I can say that Windows-1252 certainly does not. You probably want to use UTF-8 as the database character set.
    Unfortunately, changing the database character set generally requires rebuilding the database. You cannot use the ALTER DATABASE command here, since UTF-8 is not a strict binary superset of Windows-1252.
    Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

  • How to show the Current Date in the Screen as default

    Hi all,
    This is may be simple to u all, but i need the solution for this,
    I want to show the Current date in the Screen, i am using the structure. but the calendar control showing when i run the program. But i want to show the current date as default.

    Is this a screen or a report?
    If its a report, try assigning DEFAULT sy-datum (to the parameter/select-option name)
    If its a screen field, try writing this in the PBO:
    IF fieldname IS INITIAL.
    fieldname = sy-datum.
    Hope this helps.

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