How to read Data of a Webi Report

Hello Friends,
I have a task where I need to read data of a Webi Report, how can it be done?
Basically I have a trigger report which runs every day and get the latest RACN number from the database. I am trying to get that RACN number from trigger report using BOBJ SDK.
I really appreciate your suggestions on this.

Hi Rakhy,
Is the RACN Number a column or dimension in your webi report? Is it a universe object(webi based on universe)
Also what version of BusinessObjects you are using?
If you are using XI 3.1 and you need to retrieve objects from a webi report it can be done using the ReportEngine SDKs.
Please refer to the developers guide and API referrence guide available at
Also refer to the document at for better understanding the workflow.
An example snippet of how to retrieve an object is below
DocumentInstance wiDoc = widocRepEngine.openDocument(oInfoObject.getID());
ReportDictionary reportDictionary=wiDoc.getDictionary();
for(int a=0;a<reportDictionary.getChildCount() ;a++)
String name=reportDictionary.getChildAt(a).getName();

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    May the Report Designer can help you on this:
    Best Regards,

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    Hi Arjun,
    Please find the above requirement available below:-
    BI 4.1 Web Intelligence GUI Customization - Business Intelligence (BusinessObjects) - SCN Wiki
    SAP KBA 1859784 - How to disable the Design and Data buttons in Web Intelligence in BI 4.1 also available for the same.
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  • How to Read Data from a table (horizontal axsis) in an existing report

    Hi to all,
    I've a question. I must read the data in a table of an existing report. I develope with BO XI 3.0
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    reports = document.getReports();
    rep = reports.getItem(0);     
    the report has the title and a table horizontal axsis.
    I must read the column name(header column) of the table and all rows for retrieving values.
    Thank u in advance for your attention.

    hi ChinMay,
    thank u for your answer.
    I would like to ask u if Ireport refers crystal reports, while i mean to read data from a webi report.
    I've tried in many manners to read this data and i've read the SDK, but i'm unable to reach the table of my report for reading its rows. i'm able to export in XML format, i'm able to get reportelement , block, but in the java's example of SDK its not present how to obtain the reportbody and subsequently the section or directly a table. the example that i've seen show that if u create a new report u can create the reportbody, the section, the table and others. But don't show how to obtain this from an existing report.
    Probably i don't understand very well all the SDK structure and i think that is possbile to read a table(with horizantal axis) in a report without section only passing by the ReportBody.
    I know that u don't have so time to spent for things that are in the SDK, but if it's possible to have ten rows of sample about this question i'll be very happy.
    If it's not possibile, thank u very much for your interesting and disponbility and i'll try again and again and again to solve this.

  • How to show muliti language data correctly using webi reports

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    Can you please suggest me how to show multi language data correctly in webi reports .
    Do we need to install any lang pack in both server and client machine ?
    Thanks & Regards

    you mean using translation manager? or data from DB? or both.
    You need to make sure that your DB is already configured for multiple languages.
    Enable the OS for multi languages
    On XIR3.1, you will need to install language packs on the processing servers.  then you can utilize translation manager.
    Installation of Language Packs are a pain to install and update.

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  • How to read data after select multiple record by checkbox,

    hi experts
    i  m using simple report with check box , and itab whcih contain records
    how to read data after select multiple record by checkbox,

    Hi Prashant,
       Try using this logic.This Code displays the list with check boxes. When you check a checkbox and press a button say 'Select All' or 'De Select all' or 'Display'. It will read the data of those records.
    DATA :
      fs_flight TYPE type_s_flight,
      fs_flight1 TYPE type_s_flight1.
    * Internal tables to hold Flight  Details                             *
    DATA :
      t_flight LIKE
            OF fs_flight,
      t_flight1 LIKE
             OF fs_flight1.
    PERFORM selection.
    PERFORM displaybasic .
    *                      AT USER COMMAND EVENT                          *
      PERFORM selectall .
    *&      Form  SELECTION
    *      Select query to reteive data from SPFLI table
    *  There are no interface parameters to be passed to this subroutine.
    FORM selection .
      SELECT  carrid                       " Airline Code
              connid                       " Flight Connection Number                  
        FROM  spfli
        INTO TABLE t_flight.
      DESCRIBE TABLE t_flight LINES w_lines .
    ENDFORM.                               " SELECTION
    *&      Form  DISPLAYBASIC
    *      Display the basic list with SPFLI data
    *  There are no interface parameters to be passed to this subroutine.
    FORM displaybasic .
      LOOP AT t_flight INTO fs_flight.
        WRITE :
             w_check AS CHECKBOX,
             fs_flight-carrid UNDER text-001,
             fs_flight-connid UNDER text-002.
      ENDLOOP.                             " LOOP AT T_FLIGHT..
      CLEAR fs_flight-carrid .
      CLEAR fs_flight-connid.
    ENDFORM.                               " DISPLAYBASIC
    *&      Form  SELECTALL
    *      To check all the checkboxes with a 'selectall' push button
    *  There are no interface parameters to be passed to this subroutine.
    FORM selectall .
      CASE sy-ucomm.
        WHEN 'SELECT_ALL'.
          w_check = 'X'.
          w_line = 4 .
          DO w_lines TIMES.
            READ LINE w_line .
            MODIFY LINE w_line FIELD VALUE w_check .
            ADD 1 TO w_line .
          ENDDO.                           " DO W_LINES TIMES
          CLEAR w_line.
          w_check = space.
          w_line = 4 .
          DO w_lines TIMES.
            READ LINE w_line FIELD VALUE w_mark .
            IF w_mark = space .
              MODIFY LINE w_line FIELD VALUE w_check .
            ENDIF.                         " IF W_MARK = SPACE
            ADD 1 TO w_line .
          ENDDO.                           " DO W_LINES TIMES
        WHEN 'DISPLAY'.
    IF sy-lilli BETWEEN 4 AND w_lines .
        DO w_lines TIMES.
          READ LINE w_num FIELD VALUE w_check INTO w_check
                                     fs_flight-carrid INTO fs_flight-carrid
                                     fs_flight-connid INTO fs_flight-connid.
          IF sy-subrc = 0.
            IF w_check = 'X'
              SELECT  carrid
                      fldate               " Flight date
                      seatsmax             " Maximum capacity in economy
                      seatsocc             " Occupied seats in economy class
                FROM  sflight
                INTO  TABLE t_flight1
               WHERE  carrid = fs_flight-carrid
                 AND  connid = fs_flight-connid.
              LOOP AT t_flight1 INTO fs_flight1.
                WRITE :
                  / fs_flight-carrid UNDER text-001,
                    fs_flight-connid UNDER text-002,
                    fs_flight1-fldate UNDER text-007,
                    fs_flight1-seatsmax UNDER text-008,
                    fs_flight1-seatsocc UNDER text-009.
            ENDIF.                         " IF SY-SUBRC = 0
          ENDIF.                           " IF W_CHECK = 'X'.
          ADD 1 TO w_num.
        ENDDO.                             " DO W_LINES TIMES
        CLEAR w_check.
        w_num = 0.
      ELSE .
      ENDIF.                               " IF SY-LILLI BETWEEN..
    ENDCASE.                             " CASE SY-UCOMM
    ENDFORM.                               " SELECTALL
    Much Regards,

  • Time delay on seeing the changed data onto the webi reports

    I'm new to BOBJ and was hoping someone can help me with adjusting the time delay the reflects the changed data to the Webi reports.
    I have a user that would update a form on our EP.  Afterward, she would have to wait a while before she can see the changed data on our Webi reports.
    can you please tell me the default time lag and show me where I can change it if required?

    Thanks for the reply.
    Our BO is 3.1 SP4.
    We just implemented PBF (Public Budget Formulation) and our forms are running on NWCE server.  It's being written to our backend BW 7.01 SP8 server.  I was told by our users that after she updates some new information on the form, it takes a while before she can see it on the reports.  My understanding was the universe should see the updated data from our BW immediately after they refresh.  Just as you both mentioned.  But according to the users, its not.  there's a time delay.
    I'm going to test this myself if there's a delay.  In the meantime and suggestion would be helpful.

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    I have the same problem. I need to know values of last record in CrystalReports and i got only 100 records.
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    I am a  beginner labview. How to read data from a router by using labview ? 

    What kind of data are you trying to read?
    Does the router behave like a webserver that you log into?  If so, search the forums for threads discussing HTML.

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    since it is real-time data, I want to read one line each time instantly when it arrives.

    You need to use the Java Communications API. (

  • How to read data from a zipped MS Access file?

    How to read data from a zipped MS Access file?

    You do not need to use the Close Zip when you unzip a folder.  This VI is used when you are creating a zip folder.
    As for examples, I found a couple of ActiveX based MS Access examples.  These programs look to be pretty basic.  For more in depth example I would search Microsoft Developers Network
    Jon S.
    National Instruments
    LabVIEW R&D

  • Possible to read data from a web browser into java?

    Is it possible to read data from a web browser such as IE or Mozilla into a java applet for use and manipulation? If it is, could someone please post some documentation I could look at or a snip-it of code I could use? Thanks.

    This will read the content from a site:
    class Test {
         public static void main(String[] argv) throws Exception {
              URL u = new URL("");
              URLConnection uc = u.openConnection();
              BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(uc.getInputStream()));
              String text;
              while( (text = br.readLine()) != null ) {

  • How to read data from itab

    can someone help me with this....
    how to read data.....and move it to internal table....
    the requirement is as:
    <b>Get the Participant details in an internal table IT_FINAL_PAR</b>
    •     Loop through IT_PA0002 and move Personnel number (PERNR), Personnel ID Number (PERID), Last name  (NACHN), First name (VORNA), Gender Key (GESCH), Date of Birth (GBDAT) into a final internal table for Participant data IT_FINAL_PAR.
          Read the internal table IT_PA0006 to get the corresponding House Number and Street 
    (STRAS), City (ORT01), Postal code (PSTLZ), State (STATE), 2nd address line (LOCAT) by comparing Personnel Number (PERNR)and move those retrieved field values to the final internal table for Participant data IT_FINAL_PAR.

      you could try the following:
    * work areas
    data: W_PA0002 like line of IT_PA0002[],
          W_PA0006 like line of IT_PA0006[],
          W_FINAL_PAR like line of IT_FINAL_PAR[].
    loop at IT_PA0002 into W_PA0002.
      clear W_FINAL_PAR.
    * move values from IT_PA0002
    * read address values from IT_PA0006
      read table IT_PA0006 into W_PA0006 with key pernr = W_PA0002-pernr.
      if sy-subrc = 0.
    * move fields from IT_PA0006
      append W_FINAL_PAR to IT_FINAL_PAR.

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