How to switch off column coloring of alv grid printouts?

Hello World!
Is there any possibility (a customizing option or a parameter) to switch off cell/column coloring of alv grid printouts?
It is very useful to see colored columns in screens, but they are darkened in printouts. How to avoid it?
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You can have different layouts for a ALV report and each layout the look and feel can be different.
So, the manual activity is the user will have to switch to the B/W layout before printing. I am not sure if you have enabled the LAYOUT option for the user to change it by himself.
I hope I am able to get across my point.
If you are using OO ALV control, you can dynamically change the layout using set_frontend_layout  method. The user can also change the layout --
choose Change layout or Settings ® Layout ® Change.
The Change Layout dialog box shows you which columns are currently displayed and which additional columns can be displayed.
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    method handle_data_changed.
         data: ls_good type lvc_s_modi,
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    For this, in HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE or  TOP_OF_PAGE first you need to get global reference variable for GRID
    for getting reference call FM GET_GLOBALS_FROM_SLVC_FULLSCR.
    By using this reference  call method GET_SUBTOTALS it will get the all total into Internal Table .
    Using Field Symbols u can calculate. Still u have any problem i will help u further .

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    No you can not do this; you can only turn off the Backlight.

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    again this is on hardware checked and ok-ed by apple service.
    the question still welcoming an expert answer: is there any way to switch off the built-in macbook monitor while the lid is open ?

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    Hi buddy,
    > Can't seem to do it via the Control Panel.
    You can only disable the virtual scrolling function if the touchpad driver is installed properly. The driver provides extended functions and allows you to disable/enable special features. If you dont have installed the touchpad driver download it on official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
    Then navigate to control panel as the previous user wrote for disabling the scroll function.
    Can you find it now?

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    We would like to outsource the process chain monitoring (rspcm) to our operating.
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    Is the subsequent process defined on success or failure ? if that is not defined - you might come across this message.....

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    There is, actually, a better way to get rid of that annoying beep every time you get a policy prompt, error, etc.
    I have a Dell Vostro 1300 and I have done this in other Dell laptops with sucess. Perform the following:
    Go to Control Panel --> System --> (on the HARDWARE tab) Click on DEVICE MANAGER
    Now, go to "NON-PLUG AND PLAY DRIVERS" and you will see "BEEP" listed as an active device. Right click on it and select "DISABLE" and then reboot your laptop.
    You should be golden right after the reboot.
    Hope this helped,
    Alfredo Carigga

  • How to switch off the Wireless Transmitting of the xDock for the iPod?

    Can anybody help me how to switch off the wireless streaming of the xDock transmitter for the iPod? I tried to do it by resetting and I already read the FAQ but nothing seemed to work...
    Thanks for your help. ;-)
    Kann mir irgendjemand sagen, wie ich bei meinem xDock Transmitter f?r den iPod das wireless streaming ausschalten kann? Ich habe bereits versucht das Ger?t zu resetten und habe das FAQ gelesen aber nichts hat geholfen...
    Vielen Dank im Vorraus f?r eure Hilfe ;-)

    turn it into standby mode
    unplug the power supply from the x-fi dock
    press the volume controller and hold it while plugging the power supply
    the link control led on the backside will glow shortly and and turn off
    thats it
    to reactivate it press both the forward and backward wind button for at least 3 seconds
    But I think, this is really a shame, that the WLAN network is unusable when using the x-Fi wireless function.

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  • How to disable sorting for some columns in a ALV GRID?

    Hi i have requirement where I have to disable sorting for some columns in a ALV GRID. i am using REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY function module.
    Can anybody help me. how to acieve this? Any code snippets will really be appreciated.

    I have tried this but not completely successful. I think this can be done using the OOPS method.
      DATA: it_event_exit TYPE  slis_t_event_exit.
      DATA: w_exit TYPE slis_event_exit.
      w_exit-ucomm = '&ODN'.
      w_exit-before = 'X'.
      CLEAR w_exit-after.
      APPEND w_exit TO it_event_exit.
      w_exit-ucomm = '&OUP'.
      w_exit-before = 'X'.
      CLEAR w_exit-after.
      APPEND w_exit TO it_event_exit.
          i_callback_program          = w_repid
          i_callback_top_of_page      = 'ALV_TOP_OF_PAGE'
          i_callback_html_top_of_page = 'ALV_HTML_TOP_OF_PAGE'
          i_callback_user_command     = 'USER_COMMAND'  <- User command form
          is_layout                   = wm_layout
          it_fieldcat                 = wt_fieldcat
          it_events                   = i_events
          it_event_exit               = it_event_exit    <- Need to fill
          it_sort                     = wt_sort
          i_default                   = 'X'
    Now you can capture this events in the user command
    FORM user_command  USING r_ucomm LIKE sy-ucomm
                             rs_selfield TYPE slis_selfield.
      IF r_ucomm = '&OUP' and rs_selfield-SEL_TAB_FIELD = 'Your field name'.
    ENDFORM.                    "user_command
    In this form you will get the function code in 'r_ucomm' and the field selected for sorting in 'rs_selfield-SEL_TAB_FIELD'. But reseting 'r_ucomm' will not work.
    May be somebody else can give some help on this.
    But this will work if you follow the oop method.
    Please see this document for more info. easy reference for alv grid control.pdf

  • Satellite U500-1E0 - how to switch off the mouse 'clicking' noise

    Please can anyone tell me how to switch off the 'clicking' noise that the mouse buttons make when they're depressed?

    Im not U500 owner but Ive got a U400 notebook model.
    As far as I know the touchpad buttons dont support any clicking sound which could be enabled or disabled by software.
    Therefore I would say its a mechanical noise which cannot be disabled.

  • How to switch off my main screen (Imac 24") to use an external proyector?

    Please Help!
    How to switch off my main screen (Imac 24") to use an external proyector?
    It's not comfortable when you want to see a nice movie!

    As I already said in my first reply post, you cannot turn off the iMac's display. The best you can do is display black, which many applications that have a +full screen+ mode will do, if the full screen mode is on the other display.
    Alternately, you can move the menu bar (along with Dock and disk icons) from the iMac's screen to the second display. This is done in System Preferences Displays pane Arrangement tab, by dragging the white bar in the diagram from one screen to the other. Once the menu bar and other features are on the second display, the only thing showing on the iMac's display should be the Desktop background. If you pick a Desktop background that is all black, your iMac's display will be showing a black screen (although it will still not be turned off).

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    If you are saying that you've forgotten the passcode to unlock the iPad then you will need to connect the iPad to the computer that you normally sync to and you should then be able to reset the iPad and restore/re-sync your content to it ( - you may need to put the iPad into recovery mode for your iTunes to be able to reset it :
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