How to turn logo background transparent?

I need to change the logo background transparent so this logo integrates seamlessly on my website instead of looking like a big black box with a logo in it.
Is it possible to remove the black background from every where except behind the lettering?
Here is another similar variation:
I dont mind the white letters, but I would want the green glow to be more apparent like the 1st one.

Is this the look you're going for?
A sample layered psd file with your logo (as pixels; I didn't take the time to redraw it) and Outer Glow layer style, along with several test backgrounds, and the logo itself saved as a .png with transparency can be found here:
Here's how the transparent .png looks over a web page background:

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  • How can I keep logo background transparent when flattening for web?

    Hi, I have a logo designed in Illustrator which I'm bringing into Photoshop to save it for the web. It comes into Photoshop with a transparent background, but when I save it for the web or flatten it, it gets a white background. Can you tell me how to keep the background transparent?

    File > save for web (& devices). That will give you the best and smallest web-ready graphics. With save as you're embedding all kinds of info that doesn't need to be in the image. File size can bloat ten-fold quickly. Use save for web.

  • Best Illustrator method to make a logo background "transparent..."

    I have seen that there are several posts regarding "transparent backgrounds," but but they're difficult to follow. I apologize if this is old territory. If there is a solution somewhere already, I'd appreciate your pointing me towards it.
    I'm using AI within CS5.5 but new to it. I am importing/converting a JPG file to vector format. The image is a logo with a large black circle boundry and a white opaque background. The background elements inside the boundry circle are also opaque white, and I wish to leave that as is. The edges of the circle touch the  boundries of the JPG file tangentially by about 100px or so on each side when the JPG is viewed at original size.
    My objective is to make everything outside the boundry circle a "transparent" background. What would be the best/easiest way to do this within AI? Is there, for example, a tool that will draw a circle that I can expand to get on the edge of the black boundry circle, and then make everything outside it transparent?
    Thanks very much.

    Jacob Bugge wrote:
    I am importing/converting a JPG file to vector format. The image is a logo with a large black circle boundry and a white opaque background.
    The cleanest/best way to vectorize  the black circle, and most likely the other shapes, is to recreate, using the appropriate tools, thereby replacing the original raster parts.
    You may use the raster image as a locked template, maybe on its own lower layer.
    In that case there will be no outlying parts to get rid of.
    But f you just wish to get rid of the outlying part, you may create a circle (with the Ellipse Tool) following the outer rim of the black circle, select that and the image, and Object>Clipping mask>Make.
    OK, a quick progress report...
    I am now back at my main desk and in front of my instance of AI. I am attempting to implement the above suggestion of using the clipping mask. First, a bit more background.
    The object I'm trying to edit is a JPEG file with a logo design... a  black circle with a flat b/w design inside on an opaque white background. There is only one (1) layer, and AI reports the background as being "locked." When I open the JPEG file in AI, it appears as 100%, RGB raster (file is 2341x2344px original size). When I hover over the design with the "select" tool, I see a blue square outline (I assume this is the JPEG file boundry). The edges of the circle circumfrence touch each edge the blue square outline.
    I see how to invoke the elipse tool,  and how to make a clipping mask (I have to remember to select more than one object, or I'll get an error).  But what do I do from there? How do I save just the part that remains (after clipping) on a transparent background? Everything I've tried so far seems to save it on the white opaque background.
    I'm stuck at this point. All help appreciated.

  • How to keep the background transparent?

    I need to use a logo on a black background and I need the logo to have a transparent background.
    I have not used Illustrator very much but I have to for this.  When I save for Web Devices it places a
    background.  I do not have my book and the help file is not working.  I know this is for beginners but it is
    a legit problem today!!
    I originallly used photoshop and around the edges of the font were white gaps in the color.
    Thank you

    Would you take a look at it.  This looks better saved in Illustra
    tor but it looks like it is painted with a brush.
    Thank you

  • How to set Window background transparent?

    i have a splash screen with an Image on it and i want the background of the Window object would be transparent, how can i do it?
    here it is:
    public class SplashWindow extends JWindow{
       public SplashWindow(){
             JLabel img=new JLabel(new ImageIcon("images/splash.gif"));
          }catch(Exception e){
    thank a lot.

    Generally, transaprent backgrounds are fake. What happens is that you set an image as yoru window background and listen for window's moves. When the window is moved, you read the new location and the desktop background and update your window background with the portion of desktop image you have below your window.

  • How do i make background transparent?

    When i am in photoshop the background is transparent then i
    put it in adobe image ready and it is still soon
    as it goes into dreamweaver it juts makes a default white
    background. How can i make it so it is also transparent in

    save it as a png file and then go google "IE6 png
    prohorror skrev:
    > When i am in photoshop the background is transparent
    then i put it in adobe
    > image ready and it is still soon as it
    goes into dreamweaver
    > it juts makes a default white background. How can i make
    it so it is also
    > transparent in dreamweaver?

  • How to turn logo into crisp clean vector black and white outline?

    I have the colored logo in vector but I need a crisp clean vector black and white outline.
    Please advise.
    Thank you!

    You might be able to at least color all the dark parts in black via Edit > Edit colors > Recolor art.
    Maybe you can use it as well to color all the other parts in white (depends on how many there are and if it doesn't get too cluttered).
    You might also try to use the magic wand tool to select stuff and then apply different colors.

  • Background Transparency?

    Hi all,
    I'm working on a game project just now and I'm trying to get
    thought bubbles come out of characters' heads. I could do this via
    code and drawing a circle at runtime, but I want to be able to
    'tart it up' by creating proper nice bubbles using the normal
    drawing tools in flash.
    The problem I'm having though is that the stage is always
    rectangular and I can't see how to make the background transparent.
    Meaning that when I load my thoughtBubbles.swf into my main
    movie clips, it comes in with ugly white corners and the whole
    thing just looks daft!
    Can anyone help me here? Surely this problem has to have been
    solved a million times?

    and some more (think they all do transparency .. not sure
    about ScreenWeaver
    and some of the other less expensive ones .. SWiSHstudio
    certainly DOES
    handle transparency etc)...
    ScreenWeaver Open Source
    SWF Kit Express
    Flash 'N Pack
    Jugglor 1
    SWF studio
    ICE Projector
    SWF Kit standard
    Jugglor 2 std
    Zinc (formerly Flash Studio Pro)
    SWF Kit Pro
    Jugglor 2 pro

  • How do I create a transparent watermark for video from a white background logo in AI CC?

    If I have a .PNG logo with a white background, how do I create a transparent watermark to use in video and photo content using Illustrator CC? Whenever I import the logo, it opens a new window without a transparent background. Thank you!

    It's fairly easy if you know Ai. (Image trace is okay, but I'd recommend making your own (the right way), then use any Adobe pro video app to composite on your video, no need to export, just use the .Ai file)
    But an easier way might be to use the .png by itself if it carries an alpha channel.
    After Effects, PremierePro, and possibly AME will let you do this.
    QT7 will also allow you to do it.
    You could create a logo in Draw, then send it to Illustrator or Photoshop (it carries an alpha channel - bonus!)

  • How do I get a transparent background in my Illustrator file?

    I'm relatively new to Illustrator, (I'm working in CS4) and created a corporate logo for one of my clients.  When I place the logo into Photoshop or InDesign, the logo is in a white box.  How can I make the background transparent in the original Illustrator file?

    Thanks, but I wrote
    19. dyemotion,  
      Nov 18, 2013 9:43 AM    in reply to TREX 
    but I need the file in png or jpg.
    I have to upload this image and there is no other data type possible. :/
    that I need png or jpg.
    And of course. By every change of the saving options, I tried how it looks when its uploaded.
    But every time it doesn't look like it should be.
    That is the reason why I wrote my questions in this forum.

  • How do I turn off background ni file activity when not using Labview? files such as nimxs.exe, nipalsm.exe, nipalsm.exe, nisvcloc.exe, nicitdl5.exe

    How do I turn off background ni file activity when not using Labview? I use labview rarely, and I also use my computer for demanding multimedia applications, including multitrack digital audio recording. I need to reduce as much background activity as possible, and taking a look with task manager I see files such as nimxs.exe, nipalsm.exe, nipalsm.exe, nisvcloc.exe, and nicitdl5.exe running even when I haven't used Labview (8 I believe). These files run even after I right click the NI icon on the lower right and turn off the application. I would like the computer to boot up without these files, and for the necessary files to be activated only when I start the program.
    Can this be done or do I have to remove labview from the system to improve performance?

    Hello, those processes are part of running NI services that start when Windows boots.  These processes serve varied purposes and stopping them can have undefined and unknown consiquences for your NI products.  These products run at "normal" priority meaning that they should be preempted by any process running at a higher priority which I would expect your other application to be doing given their time sensitivity.  That being said, in Windows XP (I can't speak for other OSes), you can lower their priorities even greater through task manager (right click the process»set priority) to further remove them from contention for resources.  If you want to prevent them from running you can set the service startup type to "manual" in Control Panel»Administrative Tools»Services.  Right click the process go to Properties and Under the General tab choose Startup Type»Manual.  This will start up the processes only when something directly starts it up.  LabVIEW will start these processes up as it attempts to use them.  When you shut down LabVIEW you will need to manually shut down these processes through task manager.  Again, doing this can cause problems with your NI products on your system and it is not advised.
    Travis M
    LabVIEW R&D
    National Instruments

  • How do I cut out imported objects and make background transparent?

    Illustrator CS3.
    I have embedded a jpeg picture which I need to cut out and make the background transparent. How do I do this? An opacity mask? How do I create a mask the same shape as the object I need to cut out? The object needs central pieces cut out too. Please help!

    Opacity mask of clipping path are the two ways to do this in Illustrator. Photoshop is the ideal program for this task.

  • How do I remove background and make it transparent?

    How do I remove background and make it transparent?

    The tutorial below shows you how to remove the background around a figure.
    For more simple images, you might try this tutorial, instead:
    I hope these help, and please let us know if you have any trouble with the steps!

  • How do I get a transparent background on the down level stage?

    How do I get a transparent background on the down level stage?

    I haven't tested this, but in your xxx_edge.js file, it looks like the stage background color is set here:
    states: {
          "Base State": {
             "${_Stage}": [
                ["color", "background-color", 'rgba(255,255,255,1)'],
                ["style", "overflow", 'hidden'],
                ["style", "height", '400px'],
                ["style", "width", '550px']
    Try changing the last value in the rgba value from 1 to 0.
    Let us know how it goes!

  • How do i make a transparent background in Photoshop Elements 13

    how do i make a transparent background in Photoshop Elements 13

    Open the picture file
    Use one of the selection tools to select the foreground
    Place the selection on its own layer (Layer>New>Layer via copy or CTRL+J) - this will be Layer 1
    Delete the background layer
    If you want to save it, use a file format which supports transparency, e.g.PNG

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