How to use iPhone with multiple computers on iTunes 11?

Both of my computers are Windows 7. I try to manage my music and videos on both iTunes. I used to be easy, like you just check the "Manually manage music and videos" square, and everything is fine... But after I update to iTunes 11, it just doesn't work. There is no resulting dialog box coming up where I can click "OK" after I checked square, and no matter I click "apply" below or "done" above, the iTunes asks to erase and sync with the iPhone. After it syncs, the "Manually manage music and videos" is checked. But if I move to another computer another iTunes, then it says I'm already syncing with one iTunes, and it needs to erase and sync with my iPhone again... and of course, the "Manually manage music and videos" is unchecked on this iTunes... If I try to check that on this one.. it's the same story happened before... Basically, there is just no way I can use one iPhone on two iTunes 11, is it?

Sync iPod/iPad/iPhone with two computers
Although it isn't possible to sync an Apple device with two different libraries it is possible to sync with the same logical library from multiple computers. Each library has an internal ID and when iTunes connects to your iPod/iPad/iPhone it compares the local ID with the one the device normally syncs with. If they are the same you can go ahead and sync...
I have my library cloned to a small 1Tb USB drive which I can take between home & work. At either location I use SyncToy 2.1 to update the local copy with the external drive. Mac users should be able to find similar tools. I can open either of the local libraries or the one on the external drive and update the media content of my iPhone. The slight exception is Photos which normally connects to a specific folder on a specific machine, although that can easily be remapped to the current library if you create a "Photos" folder inside the iTunes Media folder so that syncing the iTunes folders keeps this up to date as well. I periodically sweep my library for new files & orphans with iTunes Folder Watch just in case I make changes at one location but then overwrite the library with a newer copy from the other. Again Mac users should be able to find similar tools.
As long as your media is organised within an iTunes Music or Tunes Media folder, in turn held inside the main iTunes folder that has your library files (whether or not you let iTunes keep the media folder organised) each library can access items at the same relative path from the library folder so the library can be at different drives/paths on different machines. This solution ensures I always have adequate backups of my library and I can update my devices whenever I can connect to the same build of iTunes.
When working with an iPhone earlier builds of iTunes would remove any file not physically present in the local library, even if there was an entry for it, making manual management practically redundant on the iPhone. This behaviour has been changed but it will still only permit manual management with a library that has the correct internal ID. If you don't want to sync your library between machines on a regular basis just copy the iTunes Library.itl file from the current "home" machine to any other you want to use, then clean out the library entires and import the local content you have on that box.

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    I have had an iMac for the last 7 months now and have been sync'ing my iphone to it. I just got a Mac Mini the other day. I logged into my itunes account on the Mac Mini & purchased some new music. After plugging in my iphone to the Mac Mini, I tried to transfer the new music to my iphone but it came up with the message asking me if I wanted to erase what was currently on my iphone.
    Obviously, Apple doesn't let you sync your iphone to more than one computer. Is there any workaround to this? I want to be able to get the music from iTunes to my iPhone.
    I tried to load the music into my iDisk (with my MobileMe account) and I can stream it to my iphone (using the iDisk app) but I would like to actually have the music on my iphone itself.
    If there are workarounds, I would love to know. Thanks!

    Iphone will sync itunes content with one and only one computer.
    This is by design.
    If you sync to another it will indeed erase the current content and replace with content from the new computer.
    Put everything on one computer and sync to that one.

  • Using iPhone with two computers

    Home PC - MacBook Pro
    Work PC - Windows
    both running iTunes 7.7
    My music is on my home Mac and I manually create playlists, add music etc.
    With my 3G Nano, I can connect and listen to songs on my iPod from my work PC. I can't seem to do this with my iPhone - my PC sees the iPhone but all of the music is greyed out and cannot be selected.
    Is it a limitation of the iPhone that I cannot use it with two computers in this way, or is it a configuration issue?
    I would prefer not to have to buy a set of external speakers just to use my iPhone to play music at work.

    Actually, there are several articles on the web about the fact that you CAN
    synch the itunes with two computers. Music, Video, and Ringtones can be done from one computer, and Mail, Contacts, etc. can be done from a second computer.
    Just do a Yahoo search on "synching iPhone with two computers."
    If you are trying to do music from two computers, you are right, that will not work. There is a program, which I think the Yahoo search above will also uncover that allows you to do a "swap," where you can have the songs from one computer show up on the iPhone, and when you swap, the songs from the other computer show up. I am not sure if this utility survived the upgrage to version 2.0 of the softweare.

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    I made a stupid php error.
    If you can do a single remote, you can do multiple ones. It's straightforward.

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    The best way to forward the PXE boot requests to the DP/PXE server is to use IP Helpers in the routers/switches. I assume that the branch locations are without a DP. You can use DHCP scope options in the DHCP servers as well but you will end up with problems
    when PXE-booting machines that run UEFI becuase it is not the same bootfile used and it is not really supported.
    Maybe standalone media could be an option where you have the most of the TS on a USB stick/Drive.
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    Is it throught that apple lock the phone, because i can't use it with my new sim card?

    Is your iphone locked?
    or unlocked?
    Locked iphones can only be used with the carrier to which they are locked.

  • How do use iphone with pages

    Can't ise iPhone with Pages

    You need to purchase the iWork apps for iDevices from the iTunes Store.

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    How can I download/sychronize my itunes library with my ipod from more than one computer.  I have several computers.

    You must maintain identical copies of your /Home/Music/iTunes/ folder on every computer, configure every computer for the same Apple ID and password.
    iDevices are not intended to be used with more than one computer. Doing so means that every computer must be configured identically as far as using iTunes is concerned. Or you only sync with one computer, which is the intended usage.

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    Message was edited by: jaredddddd

    If you have a POP account, you can send mail to yourself, but Mail will not retrieve it. I've tested that many times myself, so I speak from experience.
    My opinion is that you should stick to a POP account, skip the iPhone thing (you don't need yet another gadget, do you?), and just login from your Mac(s) and leave the mail on the server if you want all your computers to be able to have the same messages.

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    Thank you for the reply. I am not in the US and stay in another country where ATT does not operate. Is there any
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    Thanks for any help.

    After some research, my answer lies in the XMP file. Whenever I make adjustments to the image, I can save my adjustments by creating an XMP file (CTRL S). It writes it back to the original image folder so when I burn the folder to hand off the files to my production team, the xmp parleys my image adjustments. They in turn can make adjustments and send them back to me, if needed. Just took awhile to find the information because even though I am kicking the tires on LR4, it was a LR1 video that gave me the infomation.

  • Can't Use Shuffle with Multiple Computers?

    So I'm helping my dad with his iPod Shuffle, and I'm having a strange problem. He apparently loaded all the music on it from a G4 tower, and now when we plug it in to his laptop, it says that it can only sync with one computer at a time, and you can either transfer purchases off it or erase and sync.
    The odder thing is that it gives the same message on the tower. There doesn't appear to be an option to turn off auto sync. Do you have any ideas?

    An iPod shuffle can't contain music from more than one iTunes library at once.

  • Using my ipod with multiple computers: not the usual problem I think

    I've searched the forum and various help documents but I couldn't find the answer to this.
    I have a laptop at the office (work-related, so I don't have any of my music on it, just itunes) and my computer at home. Ideally I'd like to:
    = keep my ipod automatically synced to my home computer
    = be able to connect my ipod to my work laptop and play the music stored on it through itunes there, and also keep it charged and ready for the trip home.
    It seems that the 'manually manage music and videos' setting travels with the ipod, rather than being stored on the computer's itunes installation. If I set it at work, so I can play music there, when I connect the ipod at home I have to reset it (and a few times when I did so the ipod started deleting everything because 'sync my music' was not checked, grrr).
    I just want to set things up in a way so that when I connect my ipod at work it will let me play whatever songs I have there (without wanting to sync anything), and when I connect it at home it will automatically update it. It's simple enough, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it.
    If I connect the ipod at work and press 'cancel' when the 'do you want to erase things' pops up, it doesn't try to change the settings, but at the same time it doesn't let me play music at all, everything is greyed out
    does anybody have any idea? I don't want to resort to have to buy a usb power adapter just so that I can play my ipod at work without draining the battery...

    B_Ram wrote:
    Could it be because its an iPhone and not a true iPod???
    i doubt it.
    actually, syncing an iPod Touch (or iPhone) with multiple computers is not recommended @ all. click here to find out what Apple has to say about it.
    all i can think of, i you really must do that, is this:
    to prevent a sync when plugging in the iPod - hold down the option and the command ( on a PC that would be the shift and ctrl ) keys when plugging in the ipod - keep pressing the keys until the iPod is listed under the devices list in iTunes. now you should be able to do what you want.
    however, you do so @ your own peril, as the article above outlined.
    alternatively, consider a setup such as this.
    good luck !

  • How do I use your iPhone with multiple iTunes libraries

    Hi, I have my music spread out between 3 seperate Itunes libraries on 3 different profiles on my computer. I have the newest generation Ipod Nano, Ipod Shuffle, and Iphone 4s. My Ipod's are both full, so I've decided to start putting music onto my phone. With my Ipod's, I can plug them into one profile on the computer, download the music on the Itunes library that exists on that profile, then do the same with the other profiles with no issue. However when I try to do this with my phone, It asks me to erase the music I have gotten from one Itunes library and sync with the current library, as soon as I plug it in to a different Itunes on one of the other profiles. I have my Iphone configured with the Manually manage music option, and I still haven't found a way to use my Iphone with multiple music libraries. PLEASE HELP - If you use manual syncing, you can sync items from more than one iTunes library to your iPod. (You can sync iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad with only one iTunes library.) - When manually managing content, you can add content from multiple libraries to your iPod or iPad. Even when manually managing music, some content may be available from only one library at time. This includes all content on iPhone and video content on iPod and iPad.
    They seem inconsistent as far as the iPad is concerned but in both articles the iPhone appears to only be able to sync to one library at a time.
    Troubleshooting Home Sharing -

  • How to sync with multiple computers?

    I have my iTunes library on my MacBook and all of my Apple devices synced accordingly. My family also has an iMac, and I would like other family members to be able to sync from the iMac. I know I can use Home Sharing to allow the iMac to view/play the music when my Macbook is active on the network. I also know I can purchase iTunes Match so I can access the music when my MacBook is offline and edit the playlists. Yet, I would love to be able to set up the iMac so the iDevices could actually by synced with that computer as opposed to mine. How can I go about this?

    Yes, you can sync your device with multiple computers.  Only that one is set to AUTO SYNC whilst the rest is set to "MANUALLY MANAGE MUSIC".
    Refer to this article:
    Using iPhone, iPad, or iPod with multiple computers
    However, issues may occur leading to data corruption or data loss if you regularly sync Contacts, Calendars, Notes, or bookmarks between multiple computers using iTunes and your iOS device. Syncing once to move your data to a new computer should not cause these issues.
    Refer to this article:
    iOS: Issues syncing content with multiple computers using iTunes

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