HT201302 I have just bought an iPad mini and would like to transfer photos from my iPhone to the iPad how do I do this please?

I have just bought an iPad mini and would like to transfer photos from my iPhone to the iPad how do I do this please?

How to Transfer Photos from an iPad to a Computer
Importing Personal Photos and videos from your iOS device to your computer.
Copy Photos (& Videos) Between iOS Devices
Complete guide to using iOS 6
Guide to Built-In Apps on iOS built-in-apps-ios
You can download a complete iOS 5 iPad User Guide and iOS 6 iPad User Guide here:
Also, Good Instructions
Apple - iPad - Guided Tours
Apple iPad Guided Tours - Watch the videos see all the amazing iPad apps in action. Learn how to use FaceTime, Mail, Safari, Videos, Maps, iBooks, App Store, and more.
How to - Articles & User Guides & Tutorials
iPad How-Tos
You can download this guide to your iPad.
iPad User Guide for iOS 5
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