HT201401 Volume buttons are not working and the volume option is not showing up on screen for me to be able to adjust it. My silent switch is not turned on.

I went to turn my app on that plays my music at night while I sleep and the volume buttons on the side of the phone don't work. The volume slider isn't even showing up on the screen in any of the apps that have audio available.  I have restarted the phone numerous times, looked in settings, made sure my phone is up to date, and made sure that the "silent switch" is on.  I checked to make sure that I can hear the alarms I have set go off, but the volume isn't working any where else on the phone.

Do the basic troubleshooting steps: Restart, Reset, Restore using a backup, Restore as new.  (See User  Guide, Appendix B)

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  • IPod nano gen 4 forward button won't work, and the hold switch won't either.  I've tried restoring it and it didn't fix the problem. Any suggestions?

    The forward button won't work and the hold switch doesn't either.  I tried restoring it, but that didn't work.

    Restore to factory iPod if you have not yet already. If still problem time for an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.

  • My home button does'nt work and the screen is unresponsive too.

    My home button does'nt work and the screen is unresponsive too.

    Try a reset:
    Hold the Sleep and Home button down (approximately 10 seconds) until you see the Apple logo.
    Note: Data will not be affected.

  • I have virgin mobile iphone that i found,the power button doesn't work and the phone is now saying disalbed what can i do to fix it

    I have a virgin moble iphone that i found, the power button doesn't work and the phone is saying disabled,what can i do to fix it?

    Probably nothing, the phone has a high likelihood of being stolen and if you try to Restore it you will run into Activation Lock. Turn it in to the local authorities.

  • (OSX 10.5.8, PowerPC 1.25 GHz) Recently, the keyboard lighting stopped working and the preferences option has disappeared.  What happened?

    (OSX 10.5.8, PowerPC 1.25 GHz) Recently, the keyboard lighting stopped working and the preferences option has disappeared.  What happened?

    Reset the Power Management Unit (PMU): . If that doesn't do it, reset PRAM:

  • My home button doesn't work and the password has changed itself

    my home button doesn't work and same how my password changed on it's own so wha do I do ?

    Place the iPod in recovery mode using one of these programs and then restore via iTunes:
    For PC
    RecBoot: Easy Way to Put iPhone into Recovery Mode
    If necessary:
    Download QTMLClient.dll & iTunesMobileDevice.dll for RecBoot
    For MAC or PC       
    The Firmware Umbrella - TinyUmbrella

  • Replaced phone but the buttons don't work, and the screen glitches.

    I just got a new iphone 4s because the other one I had, the speaker slowly quit working. I got this new one, and the home button and the lock button doesn't always work, maybe 30% of the time. You have to keep clicking it. Then, the screen cuts in half with the negative home screen. I have warranty on my old phone for over another year, but did that warranty carry to this phone? I need help.

    Take the iPhone back, show them the problem and get another iPhone. You are covered at least until your original warranty runs out.

  • My iPhone 3G phone button no longer works. If I push it I get a black screen for a few seconds then back to the home screen. Everything else is ok. Any ideas how to fix this?

    The phone button on my iPhone 3G no longer works. Everything else on the iPhone works fine. I can receive incoming calls. I can make calls directly from Contacts. But if I press the phone button I get a blank white screen for a few seconds then it goes back to the home screen. I've tried the hard reset and also restoring orignall settings via iTunes but keep getting the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    Thank you, Neil.

    Thanks for the advice but I've tried resetting network settings and also the reset by pressing home and sleep buttons until getting the Apple logo. Still have the same problem. To be clear (because I mistakenly typed black instead of blank in the title to this thread): If I press the phone button I get a BLANK WHITE screen for a few seconds then it goes back to the home screen. I doubt it's the SIM card as I can receive calls and make them directly from contacts. What I can't do is view my favourite numbers or missed calls or access my voicemail, i.e. all the things you get to via pressing the phone button.

  • My 27 inch imac has just started acting weird, the thumbnail images and folder on the desktop have disappeared although the titles are still visible. When I open a programme the programme windows are all black and the drop down menus just show random

    When I tried to open the web browser the browser flashed black and white at start up, then all the applications when i open a new window are completely black, I am unable to view the drop down menus as the come out as random pixels. This happens to all new applications i have been able to open. The document window opens as plain white but if you click on it  it opens a document even though you cant see any thumb nails. Some of the documents are open as normal images/files. Having been a mac user for 10 years i have never seen anything like this before, any ideas or suggestions

    I have started running a virus check.
    There are no viruses for OSX.  Uninstall the software, repair permissions and restart your computer.  Especially if it's Norton's.  It's known to cause problems.
    To rule out a hardware problem, run the hardware test: OS X Mountain Lion: Use Apple Hardware Test and zapp the PRAM: OS X Mountain Lion: Use Apple Hardware Test.
    In the end you may need to lug your iMac down to your local AASP or an AS.  Diagnostic testing is FREE!
    i have had a mac in fact it is 17 years.
    You got me beat by 3 yrs.

  • Hp hdx18 touch buttons are not working after upgrading to windows 7

    i upgraded to windows 7 but touch the buttons have stoped working (like the treble&bass), so wt should i do!

    For Treble&Bass functionality on HDX16 and HDX18 install the Tone Control driver SP45617.exe
    For Touch buttons install QuickLaunch driver SP45058.exe
    Before installing Tone Control you need to have the IDT audio driver for HDX16/HDX18 installed - SP45011.exe
    Message Edited by ArtAppreciator on 10-23-2009 11:57 PM
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP

  • Satellite A210 - FN buttons are not working with another OS

    I've reinstalled my Toshiba Satellite A210-1BX with another Win OS
    My problem is, that the Fn - button doesn't work and the pop down on the top of the screen isn't there.
    Which driver or programm will I need to install that function? I have installes all driver from the Toshiba site :-/

    To be honest your posting is a little bit confusing.
    First of all the Satellite A210-1BX belongs to the PSAELE series.
    All drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page.
    If you are using Vista then install all the drivers from the Toshiba page.
    The VAP (2 or 6 buttons) has nothing to do with FN buttons.
    The 2 or 6 button version is related to the Toshiba Control buttons above the F1-F12 button row.
    The FN buttons will work using the right BIOS (the newest one) and the Value Added Package v1.1.7.

  • HT1430 iPhone 4s keypad the "o" and return button are not working - solutions?

    iPhone 4s keypad, the "o" and the return button are not working. Upgraded the software, now the "o" works in the verticle position only, and the return works in the horizontal position only. Help!

    Hi, VRS77. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    I would start with closing any open applications in multitasking and restarting the device.  If unfamiliar with multitasking, I have included a screenshot on how to process an application close.  Test the results after processing these steps.
    iOS: Force an app to close
    If the issue persists, here are a couple addition troubleshooting steps I could recommend. 
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Troubleshooting touchscreen response
    Hope that helps,
    Jason H. 

  • The forward, back, refresh, and stop buttons are not working. Even after installing the latest version. Anyone else having this issue?

    The forward, back, refresh, and stop buttons are not working. Even after installing the latest Firefox update. Also my home page stopped loading upon startup even tho I have it setup to do so. Anyone else experiencing these issues? This is my second request for help and of course, Firefox on-line support is always closed.

    Those are all symptoms of a problem with the places.sqlite file, for details see

  • Hey there, my ipad had a dialogue box pop up on the screen and the buttons are not working so i cant exit out or type. PLease help me

    hey there, my ipad had a dialogue box pop up on the screen and the buttons are not working so i cant exit out or type. PLease help me

    Perform a Reset...  Reset  ( No Data will be Lost )
    Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the Home Button at the Same Time...
    Wait for the Apple logo to Appear...
    Usually takes about 15 - 20 Seconds... ( But can take Longer...)
    Release the Buttons...

  • All iPad buttons are not working even after resetting it (hard, soft and via iTunes).

    All iPad 2 buttons are not working even after I resetting it. I tried both of the hard and soft reset, and even resetting my iPad via iTunes. 
    The volume buttons work after I tried this method : "hold iPad in landscape mode. Push the home button while rotating it to Portrait mode, release it."

    I have the same issue, nothing I did fixed the problem, I would suggest if you can visit apple store and give us your feedback with them.
    for me I can't go to apple store because I don't have any store near me, I will have to wait for 2 months to travel!

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