I cant restore from time machine after mountain lion update

i recentlz went to Apple Geius to get my HD formatted as i had a corrupt disk. Once cleaned and my hardware all verified as OK, i got the apple store to load Mountain Lion, previously running Snow Leopard. I came home conneted to my time machine and it restored evrything that from this mornings back up no issues.
When i try to access time machine to look at previous days back ups i get error code 6584
also time machine shows no dated back ups beyond today.
Any ideas?

First, I strongly suggest that you make another full backup to a locally-attached external hard drive. You should do that anyway. One backup isn't enough to be safe, and backing up over a network is less reliable than backing up locally. Then try each of the following steps that you haven't already taken.
1. Restart the backup device. You can do that by disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord.
2. Hold down the option key and select Verify Backups from the TM menu in the menu bar (not the Dock icon.) This operation may take a long time. If the menu-bar icon (a clock that runs backwards) isn't showing, check Show Time Machine in menu bar in the preferences.
3. Erase the backup device. With a Time Capsule, you do that from within the AirPort Utility application; see its built-in help for details. All backups will be lost, so don't do this until you've backed up to another device. After erasing, select the TC again as a backup destination in the TM preference pane. The first backup should be made over a wired connection, if possible.

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  • Time Machine after Mountain Lion update

    I'm hoping someone can provide some insight into this situation.
    I upgraded to Mountain Lion on release day (July 25th) and seem to be having some issues with my Time Machine backups.  I've noticed that when I enter Time Machine - I have NOTHING available pre upgrade date (July 25th).  However, when I open my time machine preferences, it says right there that my oldest backup is 21, May, 2011 yet I cannot access this???
    Did I lose everything I had pre upgrade?
    Thanks in advance,

    Shut down, and restart TM a few times has worked for some.
    I, like always when installing a new OS X, use Disk Utility to erase the TM drive, and reselect the drive for TM use. The drive is only used for TM, and no other files are stored on it.
    I, of course, made sure that the Mountain Lion load was working perfectly first. I like starting clean each time. This isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine. I have an archival back up system as well - I'd never trust TM, solely, for my backups.

  • Cant Recover from Time Machine after Yosemite upgrade

    I have a 27" iMac (w SSD Drive) and after the initial Yosemite upgrade i had to uninstall because it hung trying to boot.  After some help from Apple I lost all of the data and apps on my hard drive (thanks???).  The restore utility (restart option r) restored me back to Mountain Lion.   I wasn't concerned as I have a time machine. I tried to restore from Time Machine using command-r and it is said I don't have enough space?  I retried the Yosemite upgrade which seems to be working fine (a couple of reboots and has been ok (cautiously optimistic.  I Entered Time Machine and clicked on the last valid backup in the timeline (the time line shows many) and nothing? It should have scrolled backwards but it didn't (the bar highlighted red when I hovered over).  I tried to use the little arrow to move back and it doesn't do anything? All I can do is cancel?  Am I doing this wrong? Any suggestions?

    Yosemite has to index the backup.. over wireless this takes days.. no kidding.. even over ethernet it takes a very long time.
    Is the TM backup on a Time Capsule or on external drive??
    How long are you waiting?? Please don't expect instant indexing even on fast external drive... and on wireless connection to a TC.. forever could be close to the time period.
    If you had have asked before you started down this route.. I would have strongly recommended you take a bootable clone from the disk before you attempted anything.. Carbon Copy Cloner creates a reliable and easily tested backup since you simply boot from it.
    Time Machine is now so hard to use, so unreliable when you change OS version.. it is seriously time to stop using Time Machine.. or at least supplement it with something more reliable.

  • Selectively restore from Time Machine after reformatting

    I just reformatted my drive and reinstalled Mountain Lion and then upgraded to Mavericks. I backed up to Time Machine just before the reinstall. Time Machine did combine my first new backup with the ones before the reinstall, which I can see when I browse through the Time Capsule.
    I would like to restore some things from the Time Machine timeline, however when I enter the timeline, the backups prior to the reinstall are named in purple on the dateline and the Finder windows are black and inaccessible. I suspect this is because after the reinstall the computer has a new account name, so the permissions are different on the previous backups with the old account name.
    Does anyone know how to get the older backups to be accessible in the timeline? I would like to just selectively restore a few things as needed, and would like to do the "restore from Time Machine" rather than drag copying files from the mounted backup.

    I would like to just selectively restore a few things as needed, and would like to do the "restore from Time Machine" rather than drag copying files from the mounted backup.
    For this type of activity, you might want to take a look at Migration Assistant on your Mac, located as follows:
    Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > Migration Assistant
    More info here:   OS X: How to migrate data from another Mac using Mavericks

  • Can't restore from time machine after SSD upgrade

    Macbook Pro 13" mid-2009, 10.7.5 Lion
    I just swapped out my 160GB  HDD with a 250GB SSD on my MBP. When I booted up, I pressed Command-R to try to get into recovery mode but all it does was showing a gray folder with a question mark on it.
    I had previously backed up my HDD with time machine. My original HDD is no longer available because I tried to upgrade to Mavericks (since the command-R was not working) and upon restarting my MBP was locked with system pin code (that is another nightmare all by itself)
    What are my options besides getting a 10.7 Lion CD from the apple store and try to boot it up that way? and then restore from time machine?
    Any other way I can get into receovery mode?
    Thanks (My MBP is now a brick sitting on my desk)

    It's a bare drive so it isn't formatted and it doesn't yet have a Recovery HD installed on it.
    Your computer originally came with a version of Leopard installed. You can reinstall it if you still have the original discs that came with the computer. Or, if you have a retail Snow Leopard DVD you can reinstall Snow Leopard from which you can then upgrade to Mavericks (Lion is no longer available for re-download.) It's unlikely your local Apple Store has a Lion USB flash drive or DVD although you can certainly make an appointment and ask for their help.
    You should see if you can boot from the Recovery HD invisible image in your Time Machine backup drive. Connect it to the computer and use OPTION boot to get the boot manager. If you see a Recovery HD on your backup drive displayed, then boot from it.

  • Restoring from Time Machine AFTER install

    My hard drive crashed, so i had to buy a new one (WD scorpio blue). I replaced it, then reinstalled from the install disk (10.4.10, Tiger). That was mistake one. What I meant to do was to restore from my time machine backups on an external HD. I also have the leapord disk that came with, which i forgot to install from, my second mistake. so my question is -- do i have to erase the hard drive and start back over to install from my TM back up, or can i do it either during the upgrade to Leopard or from Tiger?

    Matt Clifton wrote:
    Boot from your Leopard disk (with your TM drive connected), and go to Utilities - Restore from Time Machine Backup.
    So, using this procedure will restore my MB onto a totally new hard drive with all my programs back intact along with any files?
    If so, this looks like a great way to replace/upgrade a hard drive. Re "go to Utilities", is this folder or option from the Leopard disk?

  • How do I Restore from Time Machine after I have reinstalled my system software (Snow Leopard and then Lion) ?, How do I Restore from Time Machine after I have reinstalled my system software (Snow Leopard and then Lion) ?

    I have never done this before, so can someone explain in detail how I reintall my system software and then restore from Time Machine please ?

    Your profile indicates that you currently have an older version of Snow Leopard (10.6.2).  In order to install Lion, a prerequisite is the latest version of Snow Leopard (10.6.8).  Perhaps a few more details would be helpfull in solving your problem. ex. If all you want to do is to upgrade to Lion, a restoration of data is unneccessary.  Download the latest version of Snow Leopard and then download (purchase) and install Lion.  User data will remain intact.
    If I am missing something, please elaborate.

  • Cant Restore From Time Machine!

    Due to problems I was having with my Mac running slow after upgrading to Snow Leopard when it was first released, the other day I completely wiped my Mac and did a complete re-install of Snow Leopard.
    The good news is that my Mac is now back to being very fast and working perfectly. The bad news is that I am unable to restore certain files from my Time Machine drive!
    When I re-installed SL I completely blitzed the drive and didn't migrate my old user account from my Time Machine backup because I didn't realise I could. So my old user account was say peakoverload and when I re-installed SL I again called my account peakoverload with the same password as I used before, effectively recreating the same old user account.
    I then installed the applications I wanted and set about restoring my files from Time Machine.
    I entered Time Machine, went back to the day before I re-installed SL, selected the Documents folder and hit restore. All single files in the root of the documents folder were restored but any files within sub folders were not? To restore these I then had to go into the relevant sub folder in Time Machine, select the files and hit restore. I found that if files were in sub folders I got an error message saying:
    "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some items"
    I worked around this and simply restored each file(s)/folder individually.
    However I then noticed that my Aperture Library file had not been fully restored showing up as 0KB whereas in Time Machine it's over 7GB.
    No matter what I try I cannot restore this file getting this error message:
    "The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access Aperture Library"
    Looking at the permissions of this file in Time Machine it says that: peakoverload (Me) has Read & Write privilege (but is that the new me or the old me and does that matter?)
    _unknown has read privilege
    everyone has read privilege
    If I try to add user privileges peakoverload is grayed out, presumably because it's already added but I can add administrators. However my peakoverload account is an administrator one yet even adding this permission doesnt allow me to restore the file!
    Any ideas what I can do to restore this file?

    Hiya peakoverload,
    peakoverload wrote:
    Looking at the permissions of this file in Time Machine it says that:
    peakoverload (Me) has Read & Write privilege ( *but is that the new me or the*
    *old me and does that matter?* )
    _unknown has read privilege
    everyone has read privilege
    Yes, it does matter. Your "old" account, albeit named identically, was pertaining to another build/system. You could do a "get info" on the folders
    affected, then change the "everyone" to read & write, apply this to all enclosed items and you should be fine. Prior to that, you may have enter your current password if the padlock on the +get info+ window is locked. But the old time machine backup would have made the backup specifically for the old user account.
    NOTE "tinkering" with disk permissions can result in unwanted problems in the new system, so you need to ensure that the old aperture library file was not corrupt.
    After you copied your files across, I recommend using disk utility to conduct a "repair disk permissions". That way, you know that your new (old) files will have the correct permissions for current usage.
    Let me know how you get on.
    NB: Apple's article about time machine backups HERE (and note that your new account would be classified as a "different" Mac.
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  • How to restore from Time Machine after HD change?

    Hi I am having my hard drive replaced due to the issue with the Seagate hard drives. I have a Lacie NAS which is working with Time Machine. I wanted to know, once I have my iMac back with a new hard drive, how do I restore everything from Time Machine?

    Have a look at this thread I posted in earlier and the various links in Pondini's excellent Time Machine resource I linked to:

  • How do I restore printer preferences from time machine in Mountain Lion?

    Yesterday I deleted all the printers and and after reinstalling the printer drivers from the printer disc, the printer cannot find the software, so how do retore the printer preferences from time machine?

    The printer is a Samsung CLX-3180 series.  I have downloaded the printer drivers from Apple:
    Samsung Printer Drivers v2.5 for OS X
    Then when I go into System preferences to Add the Samsung printer, I get the following message:
    "Can't install the software for the Samsung CLX-3180 Series because it is not currently available from the Software Update server."  Which I don't understand as i have downloaded the new drivers and the CLX-3180 is listed as a covered printer.

  • Restore from time machine after hard drive install

    I just had apple replace my hard drive on my Imac.  I backed up everything with my external hard drive My Book.  Tried to do a restore with Time Machine and it won't do it.  I get a message that come up that says "Time Machine can't be modified or deleted because its required by Mac OS X.  What steps am I missing to restore with Time Machine?

    Hello, I personally don't use TM, but...
    Have you looked through Pondini's extensive TM help site?
    Can't imagine something not being covered there.

  • Restoring from Time Machine after 1T hard drive replacement

    I am a super computer novice. I picked up my computer yesterday after having the recalled Seagate hard drive replaced. I backed up my computer using Time Machine before I took it in on a Seagate "Backup Plus" portable hard drive.
    Now, when I have tried to use the restore start up, the computer recognizes that my drive is connected, but says there are no files on that drive it can use to restore the system.
    I can see that there are 50GB on the disk, and when I look in it, there are files called "Macintosh HD" so that makes me think that my stuff is in fact on my external drive. why can't my computer see it?
    Do I need to get a FireWire cord to connect to my computer?  I'm using the USB 3.0 that came with the hard drive.
    My computer had Mountain Lion when I backed it up. I think it is back to whatever OS it came with originally. Do I need to update to Mountain Lion?  If I do, how do I do so without having to pay for it again?  My app store is empty since my computer was wiped.
    Thanks for the help, I really need it!

    The first thing to do is upgrade back to ML, which you can easily do.  Just redownload ML from the app store with the same AppleID you used the previous time you purchased the ML upgrade.  Your purchase is tied to the AppleID you used when buying, so you can download it again (as many times as you wish) without payment as long as you use the same AppleID.
    Once you have upgrade it to ML, then try the restore from the backup (which I gather was made when while running ML before).

  • Unable to restore from Time Machine after an erase and reinstall - MacbookPro cannot access my old Time Machine backup volume. Desperate for help please?

    My MacbookPro would not move past the Apple logo and spinning wheel for a number of hours.  After trying the numerous suggestions to solve the issue I eventually opted to erase and reinstall feeling confident my Time Machine backups would come to the rescue.  After a successful erase and reinstall I tried to restore all my data from my TIme Capsule using Command-R during start up and by using the Migration Assistant.  Neither worked and I have received messages to the effect that the backup volumes on my Time Capsule cannot be access because I have entered a wrong password or because the backup volume is damaged.
    When I open my Time Capsule in Finder and click on my sparsebundle I get an eror message saying that the disk image could not be opened and that the resource is temporarily unavailable.
    Desperate for some help and comfort that many years of personal data have not been lost.
    Thank you.

    When I try to Verify option it says Unable to Verify - Resource temporarily unavailable.
    Here is the past of the log screen:
    2013-06-09 15:00:00 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 15:09:01 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 15:19:53 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 15:19:53 -0500:
    2013-06-09 15:20:00 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 15:20:00 -0500:
    2013-06-09 15:20:05 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 15:20:05 -0500:
    2013-06-09 15:20:13 -0500: Verifying Image “Macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 15:20:14 -0500: Unable to verify “Macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 15:20:14 -0500:
    2013-06-09 15:25:21 -0500: Verifying Image “Macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 15:25:23 -0500: Unable to verify “Macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 15:25:23 -0500:
    2013-06-09 15:25:27 -0500: Attach Image “Macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 15:25:27 -0500: Initializing…
    2013-06-09 15:25:31 -0500: Attaching…
    2013-06-09 15:25:31 -0500: Finishing…
    2013-06-09 15:25:32 -0500: Unable to attach “Macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 15:25:32 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:02:06 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 20:05:22 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 20:07:11 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 20:18:34 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:18:34 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:19:34 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:19:34 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:19:36 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:19:36 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:22:29 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:22:29 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:22:33 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:22:33 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:22:45 -0500: Verifying Image “Macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 20:22:45 -0500: Unable to verify “Macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 20:22:45 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:34:53 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:34:53 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:34:56 -0500: [DUDiskController viewablePartitions] expecting DUDisk, but got nil
    2013-06-09 20:34:56 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:38:17 -0500: Verifying Image “Macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 20:38:17 -0500: Unable to verify “Macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 20:38:17 -0500:
    2013-06-09 20:47:35 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 20:53:06 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 20:55:30 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 20:56:40 -0500: Disk Utility started.
    2013-06-09 21:06:32 -0500: Verifying Image “macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 21:06:32 -0500: Unable to verify “macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 21:06:32 -0500:
    2013-06-09 21:07:08 -0500: Verifying Image “macajee’s MacBook Pro”
    2013-06-09 21:07:08 -0500: Unable to verify “macajee’s MacBook Pro.” (Resource temporarily unavailable)
    2013-06-09 21:07:08 -0500:

  • Restore from Time Machine  after HD Crash

    My Powerbook HD crashed - it had been backed up with Time Machine to an external hard drive. My new hard drive has been installed. I started up with my Leopard Upgrade install DVD. The first screen that comes up says this software can't be installed on this computer. I clicked OK. Then the tool bar is accessible. Under utilities I selected "Restore from Back up" and nothing happens no indication that it is doing anything. I checked under system profiler and my external hard drive with the back up shows up. But it does not show up on the desktop. What should I see on my screen when I choose Restore from the utilities? I just see the Leopard Purple screen desktop. Please help. I have re-started, shut down and started over several times with the same results.

    Thanks for the link Pondini, all of that sounds very good, but reality hits when you read posts like this thread. The great thing here is that it worked, but as you see, it was not a straightforward process in reality. It took twists and turns and frustration and menu's that didn't say what they should have.
    All in all I'm very happy to hear that TM brought home the goods and made this user's day complete.
    I have partitioned 2x the size of my system hard drive on my new LaCie backup drive. That partition will be all the room I am giving to TM. I do not have any documents on my system hard drive, so it is basically a very quiet drive with little going on other than the occasional software update. I think TM will be happy with 2x the size for backup because also, I only use 1/3 of the system drive for applications, the rest is blank. I do all of my work on external drives and I use conventional means to back up my work onto other drives.
    I think I am becoming well versed in TM after the OP's experience here. As added insurance, I made another partition on my backup drive and have used SuperDuper to clone the entire system drive, just as more bullet-proof protection against the day when.
    Thanks to everyone here. This has been an exciting thread to say the least. Glad it's over,

  • Full Restore from Time Machine after new HD / OSX 10.5.6

    I've been reading the forums and still haven't found a clear answer to this...
    I recently received my computer back from repair with a new HD and 10.5.6 installed.
    I didn't 'restore from TM backup' immediately, but would like to now.
    When I go into TM, it doesn't show past backups (only 'Now' and Today'); and when I use finder to go into my dedicated TM backup HD, it says 'you do not have sufficient access privileges'. I tried to backup from the computer before restoring, thinking that might kick start TM to recognize past backups, but it crashed in the middle of backing up...twice...
    I seem to understand that I can boot from the Leopard CD, and choose a 'restore' option after choosing the language...but why should I have to 'reinstall' 5.1 when I already have a clean load of 5.6???
    Any advice (or smart questions that might clarify what I'm doing wrong) are greatly appreciated. I can't believe that the only option is to restore first thing, that there's no way to do so later...??? I would have, but didn't want to restore 100+GB before knowing if the problem I sent the computer in for had been fixed (buzzing screen: actually wasn't fixed at all, so this whole thing is a total waste of my time).
    tired in California

    One performs a "full restore" by booting to the Leopard install disk, choosing a language, then choosing "Restore from a Time Machine Backup" from the "Utilities" menu. The backup drive is then scanned, and you choose from listed backups.
    This doesn't "install" OS X in the normal sense, from the DVD, but rather restores the entire system that is backed up. If you had 10.5.5 installed when you made your last backup prior to sending it in, that's what would be restored, along with all of the user data within that backup.
    When you received your computer from repair, you made another backup. OK. That backup will have been a new full backup, and will not have been contiguous with your old one. As long as the drive was not formatted (erased) by Time Machine when the new backup was made (was it erased?), your old backup will still be there, and still be accessible to the installer.
    Does this answer all your questions?

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