I click on itunes but doesnt open and says send error report or dont send

i click on itunes but doesnt open and says send error report or dont send

You will need to provide more details as we cannot see your computer screen. Does this happen every time you launch LabVIEW? What version of LabVIEW are you using? What version of Windows? Does LabVIEW crash? If so, what were you doing at the time it crashed?

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  • HT4859 On my new ipad ios 5.1.1 when i try to tap the manage storage it just loads for a sec but doesnt open and i cant manage my iphone 4 on 5.1.1

    On my new ipad ios 5.1.1 when i try to tap the manage storage it just loads for a sec but doesnt open and i cant manage my iphone 4 on 5.1.1

    Move the Safari app from the Desktop to the Applications folder.
    Restart your Mac.
    That's why you see this:
    When I try to do the updates my computer says it has ready it goes through like it is downloading them then at the end it says some of the files could not be saved to "/" files.
    After your restart your Mac, click the Apple  menu (top left in your screen) then click:  Software Update ...

  • I've checked my current plugins and it still shows Adobe Acrobat Version 7 for Netscape ( I tried to do the update but I got an error - "Please tell Microsoft about this problem" "Send Error Report/ Don't Send".

    I've checked my current plugins and it still shows Adobe Acrobat Version 7 for Netscape (
    I tried to do the update but I get the same error each time - "Please tell Microsoft about this problem" "Send Error Report/ Don't Send".
    Also, do I need to Disable or Uninstall the Extension: "SEO For Firefox 3.3.4 as this was highlighted?
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == When I try to do the update

    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/mac/forum/macoffice2011-macword/microsoft-wor d-for-mac-2011-will-not-open-error/ecc42616-6f49-40bb-b8f5-e21c711ea359

  • I am facing problems while openin an application in facebook and other places.when i go to the application,an error shows and firefox closes autmatically either i send error reports or dont.....plz help

    i am facing problems while openin an application in facebook and other places.when i go to the application,an error shows and firefox closes autmatically either i send error reports or dont.....plz help

    1) Please use the code tags when posting code or JNLP/HTML. It helps to retain indentation and avoids asterisks and plus sings being interpreted as formatting marks. To do that, select the code/JNLP etc. and click the CODE button seen on the Plain Text tab of the message posting form.
    2) That launch file is invalid. You might check it (and the project in general) using JaNeLA.
    3) The only place that SimpleSerial class could be, that the JRE would find, is in the root of aeon.jar. Is it actually there?

  • Itunes will not open and says R6034 an application has made an attempt to load runtime library incorrectly, I tried to load it twice but nothing

    Itunes will not open, it says R6034 an application has made an attempt to load C runtime library incorrectly, then it says service apple mobil device failed to start

    Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs (Win XP) or Programs and Features (later)
    Remove all of these items in the following order:
    Apple Software Update
    Apple Mobile Device Support (if this won't uninstall move on to the next item)
    Apple Application Support
    Reboot, download iTunes, then reinstall, either using an account with administrative rights, or right-clicking the downloaded installer and selecting Run as Administrator.
    The uninstall and reinstall process will preserve your iTunes library and settings, but ideally you would back up the library and your other important personal documents and data on a regular basis. See this user tip for a suggested technique.
    Please note:
    Some users may need to follow all the steps in whichever of the following support documents applies to their system. These include some additional manual file and folder deletions not mentioned above.
    HT1925: Removing and Reinstalling iTunes for Windows XP
    HT1923: Removing and reinstalling iTunes for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8


    my iTunes won't open, and instead pops up a window saying:
    "The iTunes application could not be opened. An unknown error occured (-200)."
    Something similar to this is happening with my mac DVD player. When I try to open that, it won't open and says:
    "There was an initialization error. The audio output device could not be found. Please make sure speakers or an appropriate output device is connected. [-70027]"
    doesn't come in to handy when you are about to watch a new episode of Lost .
    anyway, I saw the speaker thing and went online. Any sound online (music, popups) can all make sounds - so my computer isnt permanetly muted. I've also restarted my computer, done the system updates, and gone into system prefereces to mess around with the volume. The computer recognizes the internal speakers. HELP!

    Here are the steps that should help:
    1. Close all applications.
    2. Go into the Finder>Home>Library>Preferences
    3. Delete 'com.apple.iDVD.plist' and 'com.apple.iTunes.plist'
    4. Restart Immediatley.
    This should work. Cheers, Ricky.

  • ITunes won't open and a Windows error message pops up

    I downloaded iTunes awhile ago.  It worked fine the first time.  Ever since then, whenever I plug in my ipod, my laptop recognizes and says it's syncing but iTunes won't open.  I double click on iTunes and I get an error message from Windows saying that an error has occurred and it needs to close iTunes but it never even opens up.  (The message doesn't give any error codes.)  I've tried completely uninstalling iTunes and all its components and then reinstalling it but I get the same error message.  I have Windows XP 2002 Home Edition SP 3.  Please help.  Thanks.

    Many thanks.
    Yes, it is an "iTunes has encountered a problem" error.  The ModName: dnssd. dll        The ModVer:     Offset: 0000246c
    With that one, by way of experiment, let's try disabling your Bonjour Service.
    In your Start menu, right-click My Computer and select "Manage".
    Expand "Services & Applications".
    Open "Services". (Perhaps maximise the screen to better see what's going on.)
    Right-click the Bonjour Service and select "Properties".
    In the General tab, set the Startup type to "Disabled":
    ... and click OK.
    Restart the PC and try launching iTunes again. Does it launch properly this time?

  • ITunes does not open and gives no error message on Vista

    I have an iPhone 4 on Windows Vista and haven't really had any problems until recently. Nothing has changed (that I am aware of) on my Vista machine but now, iTunes won't start and I am not getting any error message. It just brings up a message box that reads, "iTunes has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program." Then I have the option to close the program and that is it. No error messages or any other indication of what is going on.
    When I first encountered this, I followed the steps here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1925 and removed and reinstalled the latest version of iTunes (which was already working). I actually did it twice because I thought I messed it up. I was still getting the same problem.
    I did try setting Bonjour to Disabled in Services as written here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2618748. That actually seemed to work, but only twice. I am back again to the same issue.
    Any ideas at what I should be looking at to help solve this issue?
    Thank you for the help.

    b noir,
    Here's some additional information. Between the time you responded and I had uninstalled iTunes and cleaned it up. Also, I followed the steps to install iTunes without all the extra "stuff" from this article: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/bott/the-unofficial-guide-to-installing-itunes-10-with out-bloatware/2390
    After I installed it, using the guide, I realized I had accidentally installed version (or something like that). However, iTunes was working. Except, when I connected my iPhone4, I got an error saying that I needed to update iTunes because it wasn't compatible with my iPhone (or something like that). That was my fault for not installing the right version - but it did work.
    So I went through the whole cleanup again, checking the registry, folders, etc. for any traces of iTunes or Apple stuff. I then reinstalled the latest version of iTunes using the ZDNET article. However, when I started it, I got the same crash again. Below is the information from Problem Reports and Solutions:
    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
    Application Name:    iTunes.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp:    4e262cf4
    Fault Module Name:    iTunes.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp:    4e262cc3
    Exception Code:    c0000005
    Exception Offset:    00825941
    OS Version:    6.0.6002.
    Locale ID:    1033
    Additional Information 1:    fd00
    Additional Information 2:    ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
    Additional Information 3:    fd00
    Additional Information 4:    ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
    Files that help describe the problem
    View a temporary copy of these files
    Warning: If a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.
    Thank you for all your help.

  • TS1717 my itunes just quit opening. and says  it can't recognize my ipod. do i want to restore factory settings? ***. i don't want to lose all my music help

    i was updating my nano ipod. deleting tunes making new playlist. i got a warning the day before that i didn't have tunes checked and they wouldn't sync. i didn't do anything about that since i was syncing at that point. then today i was doing some maintance on  my itunes. and when i tried to sync it said it recognize my ipod which i have been using for a year. i tried checking all the songs and it came and said i didn't have enough memory to store. they were already stord so what the hey.?then a question comes up and says do i want to restore factory settrings? i'm afraid to do anything i don't want to lose my music . but now i can't even open my itunes. what to do and what did i do to break my itunes. help?i'm not a novice but not that savey on all things computers so make it simple please.
    and thanks for any help.

    See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

  • I downloaded version 11 for the itunes library and updated my ipod to ios6, today when I click to open itunes, it wont open and says I need to reinstall itunes. Will I lose my whole music library?

    I downloaded version 11 on itunes and updated my ipod to os6, when I try to open itunes now, it says it downloaded incorrectly and won't open. It says to reinstall itunes. Will I lose my whole music library if I reinstall itunes?

    you will not loose your content at all. It is still sitting in your hard drive even if you uninstall itunes.
    Once itunes will be reinstalled , it will re-sync your stuff on your hard drive

  • My itunes will not open and says i should download it again and i have but it still wont open! what should i do?

    My itunes wont open what do i do?

    what's the precise text of your error message please, matti? (There's a few different ones I can think of that you might be getting.)

  • How to reinstall iphoto on my iMac.  it is currently installed but wont open and says i need to reinstall from appstore

    my iphoto is not working and it says to reinstall from appstore but in the appstore it shows already installed and there is no option to reinstall. do I need to try to move my current iphoto to the trash? if so what about all my pictures

    To re-install iPhoto
    1. Put the iPhoto.app in the trash (Drag it from your Applications Folder to the trash)
    2. Download it from the App Store to reinstall It's on your Purchases List* there.
    For older versions that have been installed from Disk you'll need these additional steps:
    2a: On 10.5:  Go to HD/Library/Receipts and remove any pkg file there with iPhoto in the name.
    2b: On 10.6: Those receipts may be found as follows:  In the Finder use the Go menu and select Go To Folder. In the resulting window type
    2c: on 10.7 or later they're at
    A Finder Window will open at that location and you can remove the iPhoto pkg files.
    3. Re-install.
    If you purchased an iLife Disk, then iPhoto is on it.
    If iPhoto was installed on your Mac when you go it then it’s on the System Restore disks that came with your Mac. Insert the first one and opt to ‘Install Bundled Applications Only.
    *Sometimes iPhoto is not visible on the Purchases List. it may be hidden. See this article for details on how to unhide it.
    One question often asked: Will I lose my Photos if I reinstall?
    iPhoto the application and the iPhoto Library are two different parts of the iPhoto programme. So, reinstalling the app should not affect the Library. BUT you should always have a back up before doing this kind of work. Always.

  • When i open itunes it wont open and saying i have to re download it and when i do the same thing pops up i have a hp pavilion

    i have tryied to download it over, restart it and it still wont come up

    When you are attempting to do this restore you did connect your iPhone to your computer and then did the restore using the iTunes on the computer?

  • My iTunes will not open and comes up withh error 10013, not sure why, clean comp and have tried reinst

    My ITunes will not open and gives me error 10013, older macbook but just reformatted....HELP PLEASE!!!

    i had problems like this back when i installed iTunes 7.2. I had to uninstall 7.2, go onto the internet and get iTunes 7.1. have no clue if it will work for u though.

  • My iTunes won't open. Says I don't have permission. Why is my computer doing this and how can I fix it so I can access my iTunes?

    And is there someone who can help me resolve this problem? I've uninstalled iTunes but even when I put it back on, it says the same thing over and over again.

    I'm having the same problem.  iTunes won't open and says I don't have permission.  What do I do now?

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