I have one sales order but the condition is the stock delivered to the part

is in various instalments 10%every month up to 100% how it configure

it is possible through standard SAP, when you create delivery you can give the required qty. of 10% of order ever time, but its possible if the price is same for all months,
with referance to delivery you can create shipment and shipment cost, invice.
If you have defferent prices for every month you have to create separate sales order ever month.
please assign the points if its helpful.
sai krishna

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  • One sales order with two bill to party at the document header

    Hello to all
    We have the following issue: create one sales order with two bill to party and only one payer. The reason is that the materials are paid with the same customer(only one account document) but we need to print two invoices one by each bill to party and each invoice printed with its own invoice number)
    We are thinking in one development due to the key users won´t create different line items or create different sales order.
    The process will be the following:
    1-Create the sales order with one payer and two bill to party or a new bussiness partner(you can use only one bill to party in each customer)
    2-Invoice the sales order. The system will create only one account document because there is only one payer but the system will create two printed documents with the invoice.
    So if someone had the same requeriments, any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    You intend to create one invoice (one payer) but 2 different document print layouts.
    That should work. But, you have stated 'printed with its own invoice number'.... does this mean you need 2 distinct document numbers in the system? That will not be possible.
    An alterantive is to create a Proforma invoice and a regular invoice and send it to the 2 parties involved.

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    Hello chlanli
    You would need to use one Apple ID for purchases in order to get them across all of your devices and computer. If you want you can use one Apple ID for purchases and the other one to sync personal data. The article below will explain further.
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  • How to pack the More than one sales order delivery qty in one packing

    Hi Folks,
    How to pack the more than one sales order quantity combinely during packing?
    Thansk in advance and points wil be rewarded for the reply.
    Best Regards

    Packing is done during Delivery.
    In Sales order also Packing function is available but as a Packing proposal.
    So actual packing is done in Delivery.
    When you process several sales orders together, the sales order items having same Ship-to-party, Shipping point, Route, Delivery due date & Incoterm are combined into one Delivery in the standard system.
    In the delivery overview screen,do the picking by subsequent function rom the menu bar, you will get a button "PACK", click on this system will take you to the packing screen.
    In the packing screen, give the packaging mterial number, select the materials to be packed, select the packaging material also and the click on the "PACK" button.

  • I have one senario like i  have four sales order which is processing in pro

    Dear sir
    i have one senario like i  have four sales order which is processing in production . i got  5th sales order. how  system calculate  delivery date . pl z guide  me . 

    Dear ,
    System Calcualte Delivery date  during the ATP Check baesd on the Total Replinshment Lead Times mentioned in the Material Master -MRP3 view .
    If The Total replenishment lead time field is not maintained.In this case, the system reads the in-house production time and, if available, the goods receipt processing time, and interprets the total of these two times as the replenishment lead time for the availability check .(ATP) and arrive in Delivery date and Scheduel Delivery date in Sale Order Schedule Tab .
    Now , when you run the MRP on those Order in MD02-NETCH , 2,1,3,3 with Lead Time Scheduling , planned order gets generated for Finished good based on the BOM and Routing .It arrives in Production Finsih Date , Start Date  baesd on the Operation(Setu Time , Processing time , Tear Down time , Wait Time ,Move Time )  releted time mentioned in Routing , Scheduling margine Key in MMR(MM02-MRP1 View -SMK:  Opening Period , FBP,FAP.Release Period )  .This dates are getting copied in production order based on trh Scheduling type , into Production Order .

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    You log into the App store using the same Apple ID you used to set the computer up, verify that none of your apps are hidden and that they have all be accepted and then download and install the update
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  • Can we copy the same quotation to more than one sales order?

    Can we copy the same quotation to more than one sales order?is it posibble.......pls reply

    Hi vepa venkat suhas.,
                                       If the quotation quantity is 100,with reference to quotaion if you raise a sales order for 100 materials then you cannot raise other sales order with reference to the quotation.untill your quatity of 100 in quotation is finished you can raise a sales order
    REWARD if helpfull
    Thanks & Regards

  • How the system determines the Requirement type  for one sales order

    SAP-SD Gurus,
    Please tell me how the system determines the Requirement type  for one sales order?
    Thanks & Regards,

    System follows some search criterial to determine the requirement type
    1. First, an attempt is made to find a requirements type using the strategy group in the material master.
    2. If the strategy group has not been maintained, the system will determine it using the MRP group.
    3. If the MRP group has not been defined, the system uses the material type instead of the MRP group when accessing the corresponding control tables.
    4. If no requirements type is found here, the system assumes a special rule and attempts to find a requirements type with the aid of the item category and the MRP type.
    5. If this is not possible, a last attempt is made to find a requirements type with the item category only.
    6. If the last attempt fails, the system declares the transaction as not relevant for the availability check or transfer of requirements.
    Please check the path
    Hope it will clarify

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    Try these steps as needed:
    Reset phone: press both the home and power buttons, releasing when the Apple logo appears
    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.  You will have to re-enter WiFi passwords
    Connect phone to iTunes on your computer and update using iTunes
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  • How to make Different Price for same product in one Sale Order

    How can i customizing my system?
    I need to sale for different price same product A in one sale order. And price condition type cant be manually. i can separate them by position. for ex. in first position: product A is one price and in 2nd product A with discount. i tried to do it by changing a price group for 2nd position to determinate a discount condition but it generates invoice split.
    Someone have any suggestions?

    you can have it automatically determined after some custo and using userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp in MV45AFZZ and RV60AFZZ.
    The idea is to use ítem category field (PSTYV) as a part of pricing data to determine different prices for same material by changing manually ítem category when creating a sales order
    - you'll need to create a new ítem category copied from the one you´re using and do all assignments
    - add field PSTYV, if not there, to pricing field catalog. This thread has an example on how to and coding required for userexits
    - Adjust your pricing sequence as per new table
    - Maintain specific prices in new table for materials with this new ítem category
    Finally, when creating a sales order change, when required, default ítem category by new one to get specific price for material.

  • Two  outbound Delivery for one sales order

    Hi Experts
    I am an Abaper and i have to find the root couse of this problem
    problem is  two outbound delivery getting generated for one sales order with same no of quantity
    Now i am unable to find the approch what can be root cause of this problem , I checked the details of these deliveries these are created by some job , but even in job history any positive solution comeout,
    please suggest me what are other ways or causes of this problem

    Hi there,
    Delivery split will be there is the header data in shipping is different.
    For eg of shipping points, delivery dates, ship-to etc are different.
    Apart from this in the copy control routines at the headerlevel from OR to LF in VTLA, there might be some customized code written to split the deliveries. Possible conditions could be items from different warehouses / storage locs or if the quantity is more, then a delivery split.
    Pls check if there is any customised code written in copy control routines in VOFM.

  • Why we dont have a sales order in case of Intercompany Stock Transfer?

    Why we don't have a sales order in case of Intercompany Stock Transfer?

    It is up to the client requirement business scenarios..
    U can do stock transfer with so many ways..
    1. one step process
    In this just stock transfer between two plants but no goods reiceipt only goods issue
    2. two step process
    In this both goods issue and goods receipt docuements
    3. stock transfer with out delviery
    Here purchage order NB  with goods issue and goods reciept
    4. stock transfer with delviery and billing..
    In this Purchage order, goods issue, migo, miro and inter company invoice..

  • How to restrict two items in one sales order.

    Hi ,
    My client wants that in one sales order two material say Mat -A and Mat-B should not go together. It should go in seprate sales order due to chemical nature both product should go  seprately.
    Kindly advise me how to configure it. Give full details

    Chemical in nature will have reaction when the some chemical composition are similar or opposite group this logic will apply to maintain the inventory for those materials at storage location level
    If A and B materils should not be in one deliver means we should nt put them closer same will apply at the time of inventory and same wil be different storage locations, provided that if we worst case producing same in single plant
    Hence if any  customer may order for the above two materials those two are determining different shipping points in the Order and subsequently delivery split will take place but in order to achecive this we need to maintain the different shipping points for those nature chemicals.

  • Several cost centers in one sales order

    The situation is.
    Weu2019ve got the task to find solution how to create sales order document with several cost centers.
    Now we use order reason to assign cost center in sales order.
    We use only one order reason in one document and it means one cost center in one sales order document.
    But we need to have opportunity to choose several cost centers. We mean assign different cost center for each item.
    For example sales order items:
    Material 1: Electricity u2013 X1 (cost center u2013 Y1);
    Material 2: Gas u2013 X2 (cost center u2013 Y2 );
    Material 3: Petrol u2013 X3 (cost center u2013 Y3);
    Material n: Services u2013 Xn (cost center - Yn).
    The document sequence :Quotation (VA21) -> SALES order (VA01) -> Billing (VF01)
    Could you give me the recommendation or advice for this task?
    Many thanks.

    The Cost Center Determination settings is in OVF3, the standard works only at the header level though, so it would not work if cost center is needed on the line item.
    For this case I suggest to try from CO view:
    A material is linked to a profit center. From this profit center you can determine a cost center using txn OKB9
    In combination with the material's account assignment field and account determination customizing, an alternate revenue account can be determined for this material. ("Normal" revenue accounts are to be used in combination with CO-PA).
    If this account is a cost element with category type "1" you need the entries in OKB9.
    Hope this help!

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