I'm no longer asked to match sequence settings in Premiere Pro CC when dragging clip to timeline

I don't know what happened but all of a sudden, when I drag clips from project into the timeline, I'm no longer asked if I want to match clip settings with sequence settings.  How can I re-enable this asking feature?

Preferences --> General --> Reset all warnings. For anything beyond that ask in the Premiere forum and provide the necessary technical details.

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  • How do you change sequence settings in Premiere Pro CS6, and earlier?

    Is it possible to change a sequences settings once you've set up the sequence?
    In Sequence Settings everything is grayed out so I can't change it.

    What type of camera did you record your AVCHD footage on? The reason I ask is because I'm thinking the most likely reason it thought your video was interlaced is because several AVCHD camera's shoot footage that they call "1080p" but it's not actually normal progressive footage. It's actually PsF footage. (Progressive segmented frame)  Which with this footage it just records both fields, so what ends up happening is that Premiere ends up reading the footage like it's interlaced which it basically is, except unlike normal interlaced footage this PsF has both fields. Anyways though you can find out if this is the case by using the modify>interpet option from inside your bin, then if it says that you files field order is anything besides progressive then you'll know you will need to conform the footage to progressive as explained in this article in order to make Premiere work with it properly. Although this issue might not be the same thing you're experincing I just figured I'd mention that since it's fairly common place for AVCHD cameras to record PsF.
    You may want to check out this article although it may not apply to you depending on what type of camera you're using. Although they cover basically all the major AVCHD camera makers
    http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/atepper/story/psf8217s_missing_workflow_em_part_1_b enign_psf_versus_malignant_psf/
    http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/atepper/story/psf8217s_missing_workflow_part_7_adob e_premiere_pro_cs5.5.x/
    http://provideocoalition.com/index.php/atepper/story/psf8217s_missing_workflow_part_6_tepp er_asks_the_camera_manufacturers8230/
    They talk about several Cannon, Panasonic and Sony avchd cameras that all currently record footage this way.

  • I'm confused by Export Settings- Match Sequence Settings

    I’ve created three sample sequences that are all NTSC 720x480 16.9, but each has a different Fields setting (Lower, Upper, and No Fields).  When Exporting (File->Export->Media), the CS5 manual states the following for the Match Sequence Settings feature:
    To automatically export a file from a Premiere Pro sequence with settings that exactly match the settings for that sequence, select Match Sequence Settings in the Export Settings dialog box.
    I’m confused what it is doing because when selected, it always sets the Field Type to Lower, even when the sequence is set to Upper or No Fields.  However, using a Match Source Attributes Preset, when available, the Field Type will indeed match the sequence’s Fields setting.  Also, the Match Sequence Settings wasn’t even available when the sequence was set to Lower Fields.
    I did read in one of the forums where it was mentioned that checking the Match Sequence Settings will match the sequence's Preview File settings.  If this is true, I don’t see where one can set the Field of Preview Files.
    If anyone could shed some light on this issue, I’d be most grateful.  Thanks.

    I am confused about how to create a project setting as well as Export setting. I have few videos with width 640 & height 360.  Frame rate is 29 FPS. In project setting Frame Size i used 640 by 360 & pixel aspect ration is square pixel (1.0) . after i finish with editing i wanna to export in movie so in export setting i click on Match Sequence then render starts with 50% video quality i wanna to make that 100% but option is disable so what to do?
    If I don't click on match Sequence then render will come in default size that is 720x480 . In this video quality comes 100%.
    I am totally confuse kindly Help in this case. 

  • Premiere Pro crashes when I open my project because the cursor is stuck on a time-lapse sequence

    I have a Time-lapse sequence which I have just built and saved the project of, but my cursor has stopped on the time-lapse sequence. Premiere Pro does crashes when I open my project because the cursor is stuck on the time-lapse sequence.
    My project was saved in Premiere Pro with the cursor stuck on my new time-lapse sequence. Now, Premiere Pro crashes when I try to open the project....Please help URGENTLY?

    >It may be a corrupt font, but I have thousands installed. Is there any way to test for that?
    Reply #8 was specifically to address this question.
    >I basically wanted to know if this is a 3.2.0 issue or not.
    That's not what you asked. Perhaps asking a specific question will get you closer to a specific answer?
    The titler does not crash for me at any stage of the Adobe updates for Premiere Pro, including 3.2.
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  • Video gets SOFT after using export/ media/match sequence settings

    Never had this on any other version of PP.  PC based 64bit Win 7
    EX: I get a job delivered to me that was shot on mini dv (now on a HD) & the clips are all seperated as they were shot.
    I put them on the TL & want to make 1 long clip out of them.
    I export-media-match sequence settings & the video gets 25% softer. Yes my sequence settings are correct.
    I have tryed  using "max render quality" button but made no difference.
    Does cs5 have a problem in this area? The video looks terrible!
    Please advise

    Just drag your footage to the New Item button and will create a sequence that matches your footage.
    There isnt a preset for that size but you can use the Desktop setting and create one that way too.

  • Premiere CS6 What to do with the Match Sequence Settings MPEG?

    Premiere does not seem to handle long exports, meaning, videos that are over an hour.   The only way I can get an export with a decent turnaround is to export using the Match Sequence Settings tab.  After the export I can preview the file, but I cannot convert it.   How do I convert this 22GB file for youtube?  H.264, etc, I have tried and failed.  Even Adobe Media Composer exports it with audio but no video. What gives?

    Premiere handles long exports just fine. If not on your system, then something is messed up there.
    Don't use "Match Sequence", just choose "H.264" for the Format, and for Preset choose "YouTube 720p".
    I haven't uploaded anything longer than maybe 10 minutes to YouTube and I know they used to have some time and/or file size limits and those recently changed, but up to you to check that before you spend a lot of encoding time only to find they won't accept it, maybe needs to be cut into parts.
    By the way, what is the video source format, and editing Sequence settings used in Premiere?
    Jeff Pulera
    Safe Harbor Computers

  • PP6 Multiple tracks output setting & why MATCH SEQUENCE SETTINGS isn't seeming to work correctly!!

    First... can you change a active timeline from stereo to mulititrack 16 channels for instance without creating a new sequence and pasting old sequence into new one.
    Also, watch this video...
    16 channels of audio... great... try to match sequence settings it changes from 16 channels to stereo. Um... what's happening there???? How do we fix that?

    Jim, this is the best place for Mike to post.
    This is where the Premiere Pro engineers, testers, and product managers will see questions. It's extremely cumbersome to try to forward a tweet to the relevant expert, and it's even worse to try to troubleshoot and give answers longer than 140 characters (with screenshots) over Twitter.
    That said, I'll get someone more familiar with the new audio features to have a look.

  • How do I export multichannel audio with match sequence settings?

    I have a prores file that has 10 channels of audio. I made a sequence with the same audio and video settings (I also tried dragging the video on the new sequence button with the audio import set to adaptive) and then I tried to render a clip out of it by using the match sequence settings. The audio export defaults to stereo and can't be changed. I'm using Premiere CC 7.2.2 on a Mac at the moment.

    It's difficult to be helpful when you have an attitude. I read your post, and was offering suggestions for how to achieve what you seem to want to achieve. If you really need to use the Match Sequence Settings - rather than changing the settings to match manually - then clearly you're not going to be able to get multichannel audio. Since this does not seem like a bug, I would suggest submitting a feature request and asking for the Match Sequence Settings to support multichannel audio export.
    Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

  • Show match sequence settings in clip dialog premiere 5.5 where?

    I am working in Premiere Pro 5.5 and I purposely made the Sequence 4:3 and 29.97 frames per second to test something out.
    With the sequence at 4:3, I imported some HD DSLR clips into my bin. Of course this foothe is a much higher resoultion and the frame tare is 23.976 Frames Per Second not 29.97 FRames as is the sequence.
    I add my clip to the sequence and it's supposed to ask me if I want to match the clips settings to the sequence. If I say yes, the sequence is supposed to change to 23.976 FPS and the Video is also supposed to match the clips video settings as well.
    When I put my clip down, the box does not come up asking me  if I want to change my sequence settings to the clip.
    Why not?
    Is there a box where I can check "show match sequence settings in clip dialog?"
    If so, where is it?
    If not, How can I get the box to come up when the clip does not match the sequence settings so I can check Yes.
    Thanks in Advance
    Premiere 5.5
    Power Mac
    Mountain Lion  os 10.8
    10 GB RAM

    This is a feature that is new to CS6.

  • Does exporting DV using "Match Sequence Settings"

    I am capturing VHS and Hi8 home video using a Canopus ADVC-300 and Premiere Pro CS6.  The output is DV, about 14GB/hour.  Most of the captures are unattended (have a 4 TB disk, backed up of course, but space is not a big concern right now).  I'd like to get everything imported before starting any serious editing, so I capture each tape twice: the first time, the video itself; then I rewind, turn the timestamp indicator overlay on, and capture again with the camera running at 2x speed.  That way I can quickly find when a particular segment of a tape was recorded without winding the tape around in the camera, looking for the scene and the time isn't overlaid over the image.
    I have two questions:
    1) Since the captures are unattended, I need to trim the blue screen off the end of each captured files to save disk space.  I'd like to confirm that if I trim a sequence and export with "Match Sequence Settings" set, that Premiere will not re-encode the DV except for the parts that I actually changed (I sometimes use dip to black around damaged segment of tape).  Based on the export speed, I don't think it's recompressing and the quality looks the same but I'd like to double-check.
    Does Premiere Pro CS6 always mark the timeline with the colored bar if processing is required?  The "dip to black" parts get a yellow bar, but the rest has no bar.  That would be a clue.
    Also, the export dialog has "Use Maximum Render Quality" unchecked by default.  I check it -- does it matter?
    2) What is the best way to permanently associate a date/time with the captured video? I didn't see any way to bake it into the DV for each segment.  I'm using comments in sequence markers, set at the start of each clip, but the sequence markers don't move if I ripple-delete, say 10 seconds of noise in the middle of a track.  I can't figure out how to get markers attached to the video track instead of to the sequence.  I found some videos that say how to do this, but they don't seem to apply to CS6.  I found that if I export the sequence, the markers then do get backed into the DV.  But I need them not to move if I ripple-edit.  Is that possible?
    3) My plan is to add a 3 or 5 second overlay title to the beginning of each segment saying what it is and when it was captured, but only for the final export.  Is there a trick that I could use to create a title from a marker?   This is not a big deal, but seems like a useful feature.
    Sorry if the answer to these questions are obvious -- thanks for your patience. 

    Thanks for replying.  The reason I want to re-export the captured DV is because I capture unattended, and don't know how much video there is on a 2 hour Hi8 tape or VHS tape.  
    I could find out by fast-forwarding through the tape and stopping, but it's more efficient to just capture the entire tape and then trim the end off the tape and re-export.  I'm planning on archiving the raw DV capture, and 1-1/2 hours will fit on a 25GB BluRay disk.  Two hours won't.
    Thanks for the tip about the project panel.  I never scrolled it to the right far enough to see the "description" or "log note" field.  Hopefully those notes will wind up in the metadata of the DV .AVI file, but even if it doesn't, I'm planning on archiving the Premiere Pro project file with the DV .AVI file.
    The copy/paste from marker to title is what I'm doing now.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something easier.
    So... does anyone know if Premiere Pro will pass-through the original DV if I re-export after making minor edits?

  • Match Sequence Settings

    Has anyone figured out how to export from PPro/AME with settings from an specific sequence?  Meaning, if my sequence
    is DVCPROHD 1080p and it has 10 mono audio tracks in it,  I could export a QT in DVCPROHD with all those 10 mono tracks
    embeded without stereo or 5.1 mix down.  Any pointers?  That would be a nice option to have. Thanks!
    PS: I don't know why "Match Sequence Settings" exports as MPEG2... even when my sequence is DVCPROHD... Go figure...

    PP cannot export anything but mono, stereo or 5.1 audio.
    (On a side note, the Match checkbox matches your Preview Render settings, not your footage.  That's why it comes out as MPEG.)

  • PP 5.5 - DNxHD Matched Sequence Settings exports washed out video

    Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. We shot on Scarlet, and after color we got back 1920x1080 DNxHD files.
    Im concerned because after conforming, I'm using Match Sequence Settings to export from Premiere and my export video is washed out and different than the original.
    Here's the original DNxHD video that I got from our colorist. (all i did was change the filename)
    This is the file Premiere spit out after using Match Sequence Settings (a little shorter because original clip had handles)
    Sequence Settings below. It's also worth it to note that even though I'm choosing 1080p 23.976 DNxHD 175 10-bit and clicking okay, whenever I click configure again under "Video Previews", the dropdown list has defaulted back to 1080i 59.94 DNxHD 220 10-bit. weird. 709 vs. RGB is not making a difference for me.
    My Export settings, just for good measure. "Use Maximum Render Quality" isn't making a difference for me
    Side by Side comparison. You can really see the difference in the hair above her left eye. Original has a bit more contrast.
    I can get good looking exports using other codecs and settings, PhotoJPEG works pretty well, but I know in a lot of cases DNxHD is kind of a standard for finishing work, and up until now I've done mostly broadcast and I've never worked with this Avid codec before. This is our first project with this camera so I want to make sure I'm doing the post-color work correctly. Our colorist already kinda boned us by not haing a red rocket and basically forcing me to take this codec. I'm just wondering if there is some color management step or setting that I'm missing. I really need this export to match the original.
    Thanks for all your help, hopefull i can learn something here

    Have you tried comparing the footage from inside of Premiere? Put each of the before and afters over top of each other in Premiere itself and see if they look different.  Honestly I downloaded your test file and played them from inside premiere right side by side and didn't notice the problem that I see occuring in your pictures. However I did notice a bit of aspect change or something. But nothing related to color.Anyways just try placing them in premiere and comparing them both from inside Premiere.
    If just simply placing the files inside Premiere doesn't fix the issue to begin with. Then attempt to change your preview file format in premiere to something besides Quicktime.
    But honestly in the pics you posted I can see a clear difference however when I pull both of your files from rapidshare into Premiere Pro on my windows machine using the standard mpeg preview codec I see no color differences.
    Like Jim said though Quicktime can't be trusted for color accuracy it has several known gamma issues.

  • Import Sequence Settings instead of 'Match Sequence Settings'?

    Hi, we have the following problem with Premiere Pro and Media Encoder (English CS5, German MacOS):
    We film with Sony EX3 in Germany, so our media are always 1920x1080, 25fps, progressive, square pixels. We produce for streaming video, with differing resolutions and bandwith, but always 25fps, progressive, square pixels, H.264. Often we have to encode intermediate files for our Premiere/After Effects workflow (typically Quicktime Animation or MPEG2).
    On export, Media Encoder defaults to Quicktime PAL DV (in CS4 it defaulted to Quicktime NTSC DV). As a result, we always have to enter the complete data: Codec, resolution, pixel aspect ratio, fps, field type, etc.
    Now I heard of the "Match Sequence Settings" option in AME and already rejoiced. As it seems, too early. When checking that checkbox, everything becomes locked and cannot be adjusted. Even when sending it from Premiere to the queue in AME, I am not allowed to adjust the settings there. The "Settings" button is locked.
    So all parameters, and even the Codec is locked in. As it seems, mostly MPEG I-Frame. But never H.264
    This renders the function rather useless to us. Instead of "Match Sequence Settings" it would have been so much more useful to have an "Import Sequence Settings" option/function, with the ability to adjust them further.
    Can this be achieved otherwise? Is there any hope that Adobe adds this option? What would I have to do to make that request (plea) noticed at Adobe?
    Kind regards,

    Hi Jeff, thank you for the information.
    It took a while, but then I realized that the preset you mention comes (only) with a few selected formats:
    - MPEG2-DVD
    - MPEG2-Blu-ray
    - FLV/F4V
    - H.264 Blu-ray
    However, it does not come along with, e.g. Quicktime, MPEG2, H.264 which are the Formats we usually work with.
    1. Any chance with Quicktime?
    2. Are there restrictions when chosing MPEG2-DVD or H.264 Blu-ray instead of MPEG or H.264?

  • Exporting from PPro CC - Exporting using Match Sequence Settings issue with 24 bit audio

    I am having an issue exporting my sequence which contains final AIFF mix (24 bit 48 kHz) into a 'same-as-source' ProRes 422 file with 24 bit audio. I am specifically trying to export media with 'Match Sequence Settings' checked to create an identical output of what my sequence is. I wind up only creating a PR422 with 16 bit audio rather than 24 bit audio.
    My sequence contains ProRes 422 media and 24 bit AIFF final stereo mix (1 audio file) from our Sound department.
    My sequence is currently setup as "Custom" at 1920x1080, 23.976 fps, Square Pixels, Progressive, etc. Audio is 48 kHz (I don't see an option for choosing different bit rates in the 'Sequence Settings').
    Using 'Match Sequence Settings', my options to alter the audio are "greyed out" and unavailable. I'm not sure why 'Match Sequence Settings' doesn't recognize that I am cutting with 24 bit audio and, instead, only exports 16 bit audio.

    Always skip Match Sequence Settings and set up the export manually.

  • Exporting multiple sequences from Premiere with Match Sequence Settings...

    If I individually select a sequence in Premiere and Export Media I have the option of checking Match Sequence Settings but with multiple sequences selected the option goes away. So I have to individually select the sequence, check the Match Sequence Settings box and add to the queue for every. darn. sequence. All I want is to export multiple sequences to Media Encoder with Match Sequence Settings (or add multiple sequences to the Media Encoder queue, same thing). Am I missing something? This seems like it would be used a lot...

    For PC users, of which I am one, the Preview Render codec in the Sequence is usually MPEG so best to avoid it. If you can actually use ProRes, then it's understandable that you'd want to "Match Sequence" if possible.
    Check this link - http://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/pro-tip-exporting-a-finished-video-from-premiere-pro/
    Jeff Pulera
    Safe Harbor Computers

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