I need to add fields in additional fields B the sales order line item

i  need to add fields in additional fields B beside the field (icon_val_quantity_ structure) in the sales order line item, How to achicve this? please help me..

Please fined the below solution for achieving your requirement.
1. Add new filed "B" in table VBAP.
  a) T.code  SE11 --> Enter structure name VBAP --> display
  b) Goto --> Append Structure --> Enter Structure name and new field "B"
2. request your basis team and take the access key for modification of stabdard program SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
   a) After receiving access key for standard program then got o SE51 --> enter program name  SAPMV45A & Screen: 8459
   b) click change Button
   c) click layout button
   d) add new field "B" below of the screen (F6 -> enter table name : VBAP --> get from dictionary --> selet new field and past in screen )
3) write below code in flow logic
                           Verarbeitung vor der Ausgabe
    FIELD VBAP-New field name "B".
4. functin Module code
module ZZPB_OUTPUT_8459 output.
  Data: l_v_actve type ale_active,
        l_v_ttyp  type c.
  Data: l_v_tragr type tragr.
l_v_ttyp = t180-trtyp.
  if l_v_actve is initial.
    l_v_ttyp = 'A'.
    CASE l_v_ttyp.
      WHEN 'A' OR 'C'.
        SCREEN-INPUT = 0.

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  • Add field to Sales Order line item

    I need to add a field to Sales Order line item, can you tell me a user exit??

    You can a new field in the additional data B tab of the sales order line item..
    Check the program SAPMV45A and screen number 8459

  • Update Sales Order line item field

    Need to update a field mfrgr of VBAP table with some user defined values on selection screen parameter.
    I have selected all the Sales order line items in an internal table which need to be updated.
    How can I use the update command with set expression to do the same ? If yes how ? if no what is the best way to do the same.

    I am using the following command and it doesnt work as it says cannot use AND command.
              loop at it_vbfa.
                    UPDATE  VBAP
                    WHERE VBELN = it_vbfa-vbeln
                    and   posnr = it_vbfa-vbelv
                    SET MFRGR = P_MFRGR.
                    IF SY-SUBRC = '0'.
                       COMMIT WORK.
    Any pointers ? What am I doing wrong.

  • Field added in Aditional data tab of sales order line item at screen 8459

    Hi all,
    My problem is .
    I have appended one field in VBAP table, given it a name "WBS ELEMENT"
    The field is getting displayed in VA23 as well as VA02 Transaction.
    when i create sales order with the quotation reference,
    the "WBS Element"  of line item of quotation should get updated in "WBS Eleement "  of sales order line item
             This i am doing by triggering user exit.
    Problem is:
    Once Quotation  line item get copied to the sales order line item
    and the screen is in front of you with those details,
    before saving sales order .
    if you go at the sales order line item withou saving the document
    The field i have created in the screen 8459 i.e WBS Element ,doesnt get displayed.
    how could i retain the field Ihave created on screen 8459
    while creating the sales order from quotation before saving that sales order.
    Pleas help .

    Hi Vikram,
    It seems as it has been coded only to save the values into the new field that you have appended to VBAP. But before saving if the user wants to see the field, it is blank. You can try coding in PBO (process before output) of the relevant screen as follows:
    1. Get the reference of the quotation. Something like XVBAP-VGBEL will give this number.
    2. Get the value of Z field in VBAP by passing this quotation.
    3. Copy the above value to the corresponding Z field in XVBAP (or any internal table which holds VBAP data before saving)
    Please reward if helpful.

  • Add field 'asset' in sales order line item account assignment tab

    I would like to add the following field: 'asset' in sales order line item account assignment tab.
    I can enter order, or wbs, but not Asset.
    How can I make this field visable?
    Edited by: Eric Van Zundert on Oct 30, 2010 8:43 AM

    There is perform which moves the values to VBAP field.
    This PRCTR field is stored in VBAP (i.e., SO line item table)
    Hope it works.

  • Sales Order Line Item Open But Many Fields Locked for Updating

    Hi All,
    I'm quite a novice with Business One, but I'm testing sales order processing, and I've got a SO with 3 of 4 closed line items.  The one open line item, which is a backorder, does not allow me to update the WHSE, Log Import, nor Free Text fields, which I'd like to be able to do.  We're not using B1 like it should be used and to introduce the Pick & Pack Manager would be overwhelming for how they're processing orders right now.  Is there a way to open up these fields while the line item remains open?
    Thanks in advance,

    I found out that the fields are open as long as the Delivery Note has not been created against the SO.
    Edited by: gnyukawa on Apr 1, 2010 9:46 PM

  • Need to Split Sales Order Line Item in VA01

      I have a requirement in which i have to split an order line item for KMAT materail number. system popup configurable screen, here all the required characteristic values have to be selected as per the customer requirement.
    After entering all the required customer specific characteristic values, system determines batch automatically. If characteristic values of the Batch matches with the characteristic values of configurable screen selected in the sales order
    Here also we have to check the sales Order Quantity (VBAP u2013 KWMENG) and order Confirmed quantity (VBEP u2013 BMENG), if the both the quantities are not same, consider order has partially confirmed.
    If Order quantity is partially confirmed, check for the batches with the same characteristic values of the quotation configurable screen and if batch found, system has to create a one more line item and new batch has to be assigned to create line item.
    Reduce the order quantity equal to the confirmation quantity in the first line item.
    Create a new line item in the quotation, copy all the remaining unconfirmed quantity from the first line item and also copy all the characteristics and properties (item category, schedule line category, business data, item data, and requirement type) and assign the batch to the new line item. System does the availability check automatically and confirms.
    In another scenario system doesnu2019t find batch, in this case capable to promise has to trigger directly.
    Here we have to check the Order confirmed quantity, if confirmed quantity is equal to zero.
    Change the item category of the line item, due to which system determines different Requirement type and schedule line category.
    Based on the Requirement type system triggers the capable to promise.
    I would lke to know which is the suitable user eixt or BADI to split the line items and what all the tables or structures i need to populate in order to create a new line item successfully.
    I have seen many post in sdn but no body gives the right user exit name where i can add new line item.

    Hi Amit,
      Thanks for your reply. In this scenario configurable material is involved. And first Make to Stock scenario is executed to check any material with customer entered characteristics are avialable. If its so it will determine its batch and assigned the quantity.
    If zero quantity is assigned or no quantity is assigned then I have to trigger the Make to Order scenario for rest of unconfirmed quantities in order.
    I have check it in USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP but it was of no use. I even tried in USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP but still no result. I am not sure what all the tables and structures i need to populate there.

  • Item catagory field display in sales order lin item

    Hi experts,
    I would like to have your view points to gray out item catagory field at sales order item level.
    In our scenario, company has outsourced sales order creation to third party vendor. Also we have restricted sales order creation for these user's via role creation for certain document types.
    Even after these settings, now they have access to item catagory field to modify. We want to gray out this field so that they will not be able to update it to another item catagoroy.
    Thanks in adavance for your reply.

    I have a suggestion, which can act as a work around through configuration. Maintain only one default Item category & do not maintain any alternative item category, which can be changed manually. this will serve the purpose of not changing the Item Category & even if user tries to change, it will not accept any other item category.
    Menupath: SPRO --> Sales and Distribution --> Sales --> Sales Documents --> Sales Document Item --> Assign Item Categories
    Rajesh Banka
    Reward points if helpful.

  • Sales Order-Line Item Number Field not Appearing

    Dear All
    I have an issue in which, in sales order, the field where I enter material, I am not able to see the line item number.
    For example; if the Material X is entered, I cannot see the item number as 10.
    Can I know what might be the problem.
    Thanks and Regards

    Check item category determination (VOV4) whether the item category is determine with the combination of  material item
    category group,untill the material being read by the system it will not give the line item no,and also check at VOV8 for your doc
    type Item no.increment Ex: 10, is maintained or not ,if not maintain and try.

  • Additional Data B in Sale Order Header / Item

    Hi Friends,
    Thanks in Advance.
    Can we incorporate RADIO BUTTONS Logic in Additional Data B Screens. For me it is triggering Error, i am using ECC 6.0

    Answered by OWN.

  • I need to add check whether 21 fields of a internal table are empty or not.

    I need to add check whether 21 fields of a internal table are empty or not.How can we write a code for the same wand what would be the correct syntax for it.
    I tried entering all the fields in the IF loop with AND condition but its giving syntax error.Perhaps this is because the lenght of the IF condition would be more than the allowed one.

    After the select quiery.
    If not itab is initial.
    Message 'Table is not empty'    type 'I'.

  • I am currently using FormsCentral to distribute a form created in Acrobat. I need to add an option to one of the drop down fields but do not want to re-distribute the form due to reporting purposes. How can I do this?

       I am currently using FormsCentral to distribute a form created in Acrobat. I need to add an option to one of the drop down fields but do not want to re-distribute the form due to reporting purposes. How can I do this?

    You can open the form in Acrobat, select "File > Save a Copy", open the copy you just saved (it doesn't happen automatically), edit the dropdown to add the new item, save as a new file, and then Reader-enable the file by selecting: File > Save As Other > Reader Extended PDF > Enable More Tools. The resulting PDF should work with FormsCentral just like the original.

  • Additional field in the sales order screen

    I need some additional field in the sales order screen. There is
      also no screen exit available for VA01. Can I use this
      additional data B tab in header details by creating additional
      field in it. Please tell me how to use this tab or how to get
      different field in the sales order (header or item level).

       Yes. You can use this screen. For this either can modify the table VBAP with additional fields and put them on this screen.
      You have to code your logic to save these values in the include MV45AFZZ. The subscreens you have to use for this are 4462 or 8459.
    refer Screen exits - Urgent.
    with regards,

  • Need Profit centre field as mandatory field in the sales order

    Dear All,
    Normally Profit center data maintained in the material master, same data will get coipied to the sales order while creating sales order in VA01 transaction.
    My requirement is if profit center data is not maintained/available in the sales order system should give the error message
    For this I need Profit center field as mandatory field in the sales order(VA01).
    Can you please give possibilities ASAP.
    Give the SHD0 maintenance step by step.

    Hi Murali
    I beleive that you are talking about the Profit centre field not maintined in sales order hence not picked in delivery and billing and there is an FI posting error  (GL account error) because of that
    Profit centre is maintained in MMR and the same flows thro the sales cycle and i am quite sure if maintained in MMR it will be picked automatically and no need to make it mandatory in sales order( as the purpose is already solved)
    But there is no standard option in SAP like (even if Account assignment category of the material is not maintained in MMR it can be given in VF02 and the document can be released for accounting) to give the Profit centre in the billing and release the same
    Profit centre field field is picked from masters and flows in the entire flow and that field is greyed out (like no option of inserting it inbetween)
    As told by others incompletion log in sales doc type will take care for future orders and for the already created orders the standard option is cancel billing, reverse delivery and open the sales order and give   Profit centre field and process it (if only a few orders are there)
    But if the already created orders are many then from the FI Area  you need to go for development ( we also faced this issue as profit center not maintained in MMRs and hence accounting got hit and there were tons of billing docs and our FI consultant made some development to open it and solve it) FI consultant should be able to do this for already created orders
    Instead of making Profit centre field as mandatory field in the sales order better make it a mandatory entry in MMR

  • Dates fields issue in the sales orders through IDOC

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to create a sales order through Inbound IDOC using IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS.
    I have 2 custom fields in the sales order which are date fields.
    I'm populating them from the IDOC segments(using E1EDKT1-tdid, E1EDKT2-tdline) in the user-exit just before the call trasacation statement. These dates are not coming for a few orders... but are getting populated normally for few of them.
    But the tricky part is that... if I process the same IDOC for the second time.. the order created is having the dates.
    My issue is that.. i need all the orders to be populated with the dates which IDOC have.
    Could anyone please help me with this issue.
    All the answers/replies are highly appreciated!!
    Thanks for you help!

    the following may be of help
    There are 2 major exceptions to the batch input internal table. All text data from the segments E1EDKT1/2 and E1EDPT1/2 are not part of the batch input session. Text elements from these segments are posted directly to the data base AFTER the sales order has been created (please note: in order that item texts are posted correctly to the sales order the field POSEX from segment E1EDP01 MUST be transmitted). Also, configurable material information from the IDOC is exported to a global memory and therefore will not be part of the batch input session. Configurable material data is performed in Form CHECK_CONFIGURATION and the data is exported to global memory in the following code:
    Exportiert IDOC Daten ins globale Memory     
    export IDOC data to global memory            
      call function 'CUXC_IDOC_TO_MEMORY'          
                cfg_instref = xe1curef             
                cfg_ref     = xe1cucfg             
                inst        = xe1cuins             
                part_of     = xe1cuprt             
                value       = xe1cuval             
                error       = 1                    
                others      = 2.                   
    One extra piece of useful infomartion if you wish to debug the process is to set your breakpoints at the following points
    for Function module IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS
    include LVEDAF0F..
                                MODE  input_method
                                UPDATE 'S'
                                MESSAGES INTO xbdcmsgcoll.
    Now input_method is A foreground process and N for background processing but try changing it to P (pass through mode)
    If you have breakpoints in va01, e.g. MV45AF0B_BELEG_SICHERN,(the part where the sales document is saved)
    they will be hit, e.g
    perform userexit_save_document_prepare.
    perform userexit_save_document.
    Lastly, don't forget using program SDJEDI , see note 380603 for more information on this
    Hope this is useful
    Paul Quinn

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