IDOC for Partial payments

hi guys,
        Kindly let me know if there is any IDOC for partial payments.  when you run f-53
With Reagards
Pradeep N

The partial payment for the finance transaction you find in BSIK , BSID tables.
When the invoice paid fully then all this partial payment will shift form BSIK and BSID to BSAK and BSIK table.
For all the partial payment REBZG, REBZJ will contain the invoice number , fiscal year of the invoice .

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  • Consolidate IDOCs for vendor payments

    Hi AP Experts,
    When using PEXR2002 to create IDOCs for outgoing payments, there is a single IDOC create for each vendor payment. Can you advise if it is possible to produce just one consolidated IDOC (per payment method) for these payments rather than a single IDOC for each one? Is there a way to achieve that is standard SAP or perhaps a user exit that can allow it? If a user exit is there any general advice on how that can be achieved?
    Thnaks and regards

    The reason for the requirement is that each IDOC get's its won generated payment file in the shared middleware site. The bank then will charge by payment file. Therefore the goal is to minimize the number of IDOCs generated.
    Is it possible to do this?

  • Table name for partial payment

        what is the is the table genarally use for full payment and partial payment.

    There is no special table for partial payment n full payment.
    Table available only based on the status of the item - OPEN / CLOSED.
    GL          -            Open - BSIS           Closed - BSAS
    Vendor    -            Open - BSIK           Closed - BSAK
    Customer -           Open - BSID           Closed - BSAD
    If it is partial payment means, it is with OPEN staus then in the OPEN tables you can find

  • APP Programing for partial payment

    Can we use app programing for partial payment.
    Sachin Patil
    Moderator: Search SDN

    Hi Sachin,
    Partial payment is not possible in APP.
    At the most you can issue Payment requests for Partial Payments and they can be cleared. Suppose you have an Invoice of 10000 but you receive a payment request of 5000, then you can pay 5000 using payment request.

  • Idoc for customer payment advice

    Hi all,
    We receive Idoc for payment advice from customer. Can some body tell me how can I read this information to match the invoice.I mean how can I map Idoc field to SAP internal tables.
    How do I know which Idoc field will hit which SAP table & which table.
    So please guide me about Idoc mapping & finding appropriate field for inbound idocs.
    Edited by: Nik Wallace on Aug 5, 2008 8:04 AM

    Customer of vendor payment advice is the advice informing the customer that the amount has been paid against which invoices.
    You need to configure the payment advice in FBZP or give them as part of variant in F110.
    When you run the automatic payment program, based on the FBZP settings, a payment advice gets triggered.
    You are able to see your payment advice in SP02. To generate payment advice correctly, please make sure your settings in Variant (F110) are correct. Any invalid entries will result in NO generation of payment advice.
    Hope this is useful to you.

  • Idoc for Incoming Payment lot creation

    Hi Experts,
    Currently i am working on an inbound interface which  has the requirement of Incoming payment interface from a Payment Processing center  which processes payment (cheques, payment stubs for over the counter payments, etc) and sends daily to SAP.
    For the above the Details given as:
    1. Transaction is FP05.
    2. IDOC Should be used.
    Can any one of you please suggest me the suitable IDOC for the Incoming Payment Lot Creation.
    NOTE: If there is no idoc, BAPI is also Recomendable for this requirement(last option).
    This is very urgent.
    Thanks And Regards,

    If you are receiving Payment file,
    Use program RFKKZE00 to post payment lot in mass.
    But you need to hold the data in the SAP provided structure
    RFKKZEDA/RFKKZEDG and process them
    else if you are receiving Returns file,
    Use program RFKKRL00 to post Return lot in mas
    But you need to hold the data in SAP provided structure

  • Baseline date for Partial Payment in FB05

    When we created partial payment for SD invoice in FB05, the baseline date for line item is defaulted to today date. How to change this default date to original invoice date? Is there any OSS note that could do this? We are in version 4.7.

    Yes we are aware that baseline date determine in Payment Term setup OBB8.
    Our setup for Baseline date is Document date. We have invoice with document date e.g 01/01/2007. When we create partial payment using FB05, and do simulation. The baseline date change to new document date (e.g today date). We also aware that we can modify the baseline date directly in simulation. But we need to automate this, so we need to check if there is OSS notes that will default baseline date to original Document Date instead defaulted to new Document Date.

  • IDoc for Incoming Payment (F-28)

    Hi Friends,
    Can somebody tell me whatu2019s the IDoc we can use for incoming payment (F-28).
    Cheers !!!!

    Hi Shrikant,
    The actual client requirement is to post multiple payments against billing document through interface program as background schedule.
    We had already tried for BDC recording for F-28 with reference to Billing Document (Additional Selection -> Others), but BDC doesnu2019t work properly if there is any pop-up screen, as Billing Document option comes in pop-up screen so we are not able to execute this program on background mode.
    Because of this reason right now I am looking for IDoc option.
    Hope now I had clarify the requirement.
    Cheers !!!

  • Tables for Partial payments in FI

    Hi all,
    what are the database tables capturing partial payments in finance??

    The partial payment for the finance transaction you find in BSIK , BSID tables.
    When the invoice paid fully then all this partial payment will shift form BSIK and BSID to BSAK and BSIK table.
    For all the partial payment REBZG, REBZJ will contain the invoice number , fiscal year of the invoice .

  • Any FM available for partial payment for FB05 and F-36 transaction?

    Dear All,
    Is there any function module available that can post the partial payment for FB05 and F-36 transactions? Please let me know if any function module doing the same. I have searched in SDN but could not find any.
    Best wishes,

    Dear All,
    BDC is giving some issue. When we click on partial payment tab, then the accounting document numbers are coming haphazardly. One partial payment document has two accounting docs, in one of which parial payment amount has to be filled up.  We are unable to interpret the documents through BDC. Please can you help?
    Best wishes,

  • Wrong TDS percentage is showing in TDS Certificate for partial payment

    The TDS percentage is not showing correctly in the TDS certificate for partly bill payment. While adjusting the advance payment with partly bill TDS amount is adjusted with the payment correctly but while calculating the percentage system is not calculating the advance part of the TDS and printing the wrong percentage in the TDS certificate. For example –
    The Total Bill amount is 10000/-
    Advance payment amount is 1000/-
    Assume TDS percentage is 10%
    Partial payment amount is 2000/-
    Description     Base Amount     TDS     Percentage
    Total Bill          10,000          1000     10%
    Advance          1,000          100     10%
    1st part Payment 2,000     190       9% (Wrong)
    Rs. 10 is adjusted with the TDS advance. So the TDS percentage should be 10%.
    In TDS cerficate the TDS percentage is printing wrongly. ERP Version we have 4.6C and CIN veriosn 40A.

    check OSS Note No 1286144 my be it's helpful to you.

  • Want to know the function module for Partial Payment F-28 in FI

    Hello all
    i want to know the Funtion Module for the documents in which Partial payment have been made .
    For that i have the customer and invoice number .

    Use the FM FI_TERMS_OF_PAYMENT_PROPOSE for calculating the Payment due date call function     'FI_TERMS_OF_PAYMENT_PROPOSE'
    hope it will help u.

  • ORDCHG IDOC for Partial Delivery

    Hello Guys,
    Is it possible to trigger ORDCHG IDOC outbound when a partial elivery happens for the PO via MIGO.I know that the GR qty is not change relevant.So even setting it as part of change relevent field does not not trigger the IDOC.
    Do you guys have any experience on this.

    it is a Typo mistake (System error)again i am posting this
    i have a requirement STO NLCC delivery we need to do delivery for partial quantities(this is the requirment please do not ask why you need this )
    in PO (NB) quantity is 10
    in NLCC delivery i changed it to 5.and did PGI  and Billing for 5 quantities.
    in the PO the remaining quantity 5 is still there.i want to do delivery for that 5 quantities by using VL10B.but it is not appearing in the List.
    could anybody worked this scenario before, then please guide me how to do delivery for remaining quantities.

  • Automatic Clearing for Partial Payments

    Hi All,
    I have posted a partial payment with all the permutations and combinations and trying it to clear with F.13 but clearing is not happening.
    Can anyone advise how to go about it.

    check your clearing setting in below path
    >Financial Accounting (New)
    >General Ledger Accounting (New)
    >Business Transactions
    >Open Item Clearing
    >Open Item Processing
    >Prepare Automatic Clearing

  • Order related billing for partial payment and inconsistent amounts

    We are using billing plans with payment cards to capture payments before goods are delivered.  SAP doesn't seem to support credit cards for down payments, so we are entering the payment in the payment card and billing plan lines, then generating the F1 order-related billing.
    Sometimes, the dollar amount is prorated proportionately, sometimes, it is disproportionately.  For example, if we have 5 line items for $100, $200, $300, $400, $500 a total net value of $1500, and the customer makes a credit card payment of $500, we are seeing that sometimes this explodes to $33, 66, 99, 122, 155.  Sometimes, it explodes to $0, $0, $0, $0, $500 in the billing document.
    Where does SAP control the way the amounts are derived in the billing document?  This is milestone billing.
    Ideally, we would like this evenly applied across all conditions.  I really need to understand how SAP handles this.  The configuration indicates that the pricing is copied straight from the order.  I don't see anything custom in the document copy procedure here.
    I have had a difficult time finding anything in forums or on the internet in general, I've tried search terms such as "order related billing amount distribution" and "payment card amount allocation" as well as a few other terms but haven't found anything helpful.
    Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

    Have you check in copy control order to invoice
    At item level Pricing type  it should be - G

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