Consolidate IDOCs for vendor payments

Hi AP Experts,
When using PEXR2002 to create IDOCs for outgoing payments, there is a single IDOC create for each vendor payment. Can you advise if it is possible to produce just one consolidated IDOC (per payment method) for these payments rather than a single IDOC for each one? Is there a way to achieve that is standard SAP or perhaps a user exit that can allow it? If a user exit is there any general advice on how that can be achieved?
Thnaks and regards

The reason for the requirement is that each IDOC get's its won generated payment file in the shared middleware site. The bank then will charge by payment file. Therefore the goal is to minimize the number of IDOCs generated.
Is it possible to do this?

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  • FEBAN - FB05 - error F5243 for vendor payment

    I kindly ask for a hint.
    The vendor payment is included in eleclonical bank file.
    From transaction FEBAN (Edit bank statement) for item which is not fully cleared we get to trans. FB05 (post with clearing) and try to post to account type K (vendor) - changed manually from D (customer) which is defaulted to K and vendor account number entered. The document type is not visible on selection screen when FB05 is accessed through FEBAN.
    The document type for vendor payment should be KZ.
    Somehow the transaction intend to hold DZ (customer payment) --> and when we hit enter an error message appears:
    Account type K is not defined for document type DZ
    Message no. F5243
    Not sure what is driving this ...
    Please, advise ...
    Thanks a lot

    Please check your configuration:
    IMG => Financial Accounting => Bank Accounting => Payment Transactions => Electronic Bank Statement => Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement
    Give your chart of accounts
    Double click on posting rules.
    Check the document type given for the posting rule you are using to post.
    You need to change from DZ to KZ.

  • Calculate due date for vendor payment

    hi friends,
    In my project i need to calculate the due date for vendor my client maintain different payment terms for different vendors am not able to pick the payment key from t052 table and calculate the due date.
    do anyone have a solution for this......

    You can insert Payment terms in Vendor master and also you can change or assign payment term while making transaction.
    But first of all you should have payment term.
    IMG -- Financial Accounting -- Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -- Outgoing Invoices/Credit Memos -- Maintain Terms of Payments

  • Tables for vendor payments

    Are there any tables available in SAP for vendor payments.
    I know some tables PAYR,REGUH,REGUP ETC.
    But these are for after the printingof check is happened.
    I want the table for manual payment,residual payment,advance payment etc.
    Vendor invoices and cleared items will be stored in BSIK,BSAK,as well as these will be stored in BKPF,BSEK also.
    In such a way vendor payments are all so stored in any other tables apart from BKPF,BSEG.
    Kindly Reply......
    Thanks in Advance

    When you raise a vendor invoice then it will be captured in BSIK, and as the payment takes place the value in BSIK will be cleared and the value appears in BASK. If the invoice is cleared or say the payment happened for the invoice then the cleared item will be captured in BSAK (Payment), there is no other table apart from these that capture the payment.
    Just tell you requirement clearly.

  • Trigger of Milestone for Vendor Payment

       Is there some functionlaity available in SAP for Vendor Payment similar to Triggering of Milestone for Customer Invoices?
    i.e when we confirm activities milestones are triggered which will remove billing block and vendor payments can be made.
    B P Singh

    As suggested by Ahmed search the forum. You will get a lot pointers. Just type Invoicing Plan as the search criteria and proceed. You can also check the link,
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  • I want IDOC for Vendor master updation ( XK01 &XK02 )

    I want to do LSMW in IDOC method for this vendor updation.
    So I want IDOC for Vendor master updation ( XK01 & XK02 ).
    I want to do both create vendor and change also.
    Edited by: kandukuri ravi on Dec 1, 2008 2:56 PM

        For Vendor Master using IDoc's for LSMW,Use Message Type = CREMAS and Basic Type = CREMAS05.
    For Basic type 01,02,03...05 are versions which includes more fields in basic type so better use latest version.
    Hope it will help you.
    Sudhakar Reddy.A

  • IDOC for Partial payments

    hi guys,
            Kindly let me know if there is any IDOC for partial payments.  when you run f-53
    With Reagards
    Pradeep N

    The partial payment for the finance transaction you find in BSIK , BSID tables.
    When the invoice paid fully then all this partial payment will shift form BSIK and BSID to BSAK and BSIK table.
    For all the partial payment REBZG, REBZJ will contain the invoice number , fiscal year of the invoice .

  • Idoc for customer payment advice

    Hi all,
    We receive Idoc for payment advice from customer. Can some body tell me how can I read this information to match the invoice.I mean how can I map Idoc field to SAP internal tables.
    How do I know which Idoc field will hit which SAP table & which table.
    So please guide me about Idoc mapping & finding appropriate field for inbound idocs.
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    Customer of vendor payment advice is the advice informing the customer that the amount has been paid against which invoices.
    You need to configure the payment advice in FBZP or give them as part of variant in F110.
    When you run the automatic payment program, based on the FBZP settings, a payment advice gets triggered.
    You are able to see your payment advice in SP02. To generate payment advice correctly, please make sure your settings in Variant (F110) are correct. Any invalid entries will result in NO generation of payment advice.
    Hope this is useful to you.

  • Validation option for Vendor payments

    Hi Everybody,
    We have about 150 vendors for whom we make cheque payments (manual payment processing). Now, we started implementing online payments and currently we are making online payments for about 30 vendors.  We want to create validation process for these 30 vendors in payment transaction code F-58 not to allow for cheque payment processing.  If these vendors are selected in t code F-58, an error should be thrown saying these vendors are not for cheque payments. Please advice on this option in SAP in detail.
    With best regards,

    check with validation GBB1.

  • Scheme of Entries for vendor payment under EBS system

    Hello Friends,
    I am setting below the scheme of entries as I think is appropriate for making a vendor payment. The scenario is that we will make a payment to the vendor where the payment will be released through BACS (we are working for a UK based client). After the payment run is made the payment is not actually made for some reasons and are returned. Then we make the payment again and this time the payment run goes through smoothly.
    I would request you to please let me know if I am wrong in the scheme of entries and if yes, what would be the proper scheme.
    When Invoice is raised (FB60)
    GR/IR a/c        Dr        100
    VAT a/c          Dr          20
        To Vendor a/c Cr            120
    At this point there is one open item that is created in the vendor account.
    When payment run is made (F110)
    Vendor a/c                          Dr              120
          To Unclear BACS a/c     Cr                     120
    At this point the entries in the vendor account are cleared by entry no 1 and 2 and there are no open items.
    When Bank returns the payment as unsuccessful and we clear the entry (F-03)
    Return BACS a/c             Dr          120
        To Vendor A/c             Cr                     120
    At this point there is one open item that is created in the vendor account
    When payment is once more made and this time successfully
    Vendor a/c                       Dr             120
       To Unclear BACS a/c    Cr                       120
    At this point entries 3 and 4 clears the open items in the vendor account and there remains no other open items.
    Can someone please confirm if the sequence is correct or is there an additional step involved for resetting of any document after entry 2 when the payment run fails?
    Suvarghya Dutta

    When you have done step 2, immediately you will not come to know that your cheque is failed, only when you receive the bank statement.
    In that case I would not expect you to post to a different account "Return BACS a/c". I do not see any reason for this account. I would expect you to debit to the same account "Unclear BACS a/c", which has been used in order to make the payment.
    If you are using a different account for reversal, then you have to take two accounts for reconciliation purpose.
    GRIR Account Dr
      To Vendor Account
    Vendor Account Dr
      To Bank Sub-account (In your case Unclear BACS a/c)
    FF67 or FF.5
    If successfully paid
    Bank Sub Account Dr
      To Bank Main Account
    If returned or unsuccessful (*)
    Bank Sub Account Dr
    To Vendor Account
    If you are posting the entry (*) through bank statement, then no need to use FBRA.
    Use FBRA immediately once you run F110 and you know that you have paid the vendor erronously. But once it reached bank and bank has issued bank statement, I would not expect you to run FBRA, but I would like to use FF67 process.

  • Letter of Credit for Vendor Payments

    Hi All,
    We are implementing ECC 6.0 Version.
    The client requirement is to create Letter of Credit for Vendors and to capture data relating issue of Letter of Credit, Terms of Payment and Expirition Date. Against a Single Letter of Credit issued to a vendor client may receive more than one Invoice till the Expiry period of the Letter of Credit and Value. Further, client may also amend the Old Letter of Credit by extending the validity period or the value of the LC.
    I know that we can create letter of credit through Special GL indicator 'L'. But it is one Letter of Credit to One invoice for clearing. How to map one letter of credit to multiple invoices and how we can capture expirition date of LC.
    Further same vendor can have multiple LC opened against them for different projects. Please let me know detailed configuration steps.
    Best Regards,
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    Sorry i guess my question is not clear. It is not to link any LC with PO
    The client will raise a single LC against any import vendor. Since these are large CAPEX related purchases, the vendor will send multiple invoices. The bank will adjust the LC against the invoices. Post adjustment the bank will send th advice to the company.
    My question was how we can adjust multiple invoices against a single LC

  • Bapi for vendor payment with details of tunover and blocked payment

    Dear all
    I want to know whether any BAPI available for the details of vendor payment made and the open item with  blocked payment (with the reason for the blocked payment) and the turnover of the vendor for a particular fiscal year...................
    The client want to get the output as mentioned below.
    PO no : 45629810
    Inv.No : 73409 (Vendor's Invoice no.)
    Payment : Paid amt with date and details
    Payment : Outstanding (Due and Over Due with no.of days)
    Blocked Payment : Amt with the reason for blocking the payment.
    Turn Over : Total turn over for that fiscal year.
    This is an urgent req. from my client,i will be very grateful if any one can  help me over this issue ..............
    Appreciate for any relevant answers and suggestion ...........
    I am in ECC 6.0

    Hello Raj,
    Unfortunately there is no BAPI for payment detals and other company code data. The only possibility is via direct input (external data transfer).
    Please have a look at the following Easy-Access-path:
    SAP Menu
    -> Accounting
      -> Bank Applications
       -> Loans Management
        -> Environment
         -> External Data Transfer
    Within this menu entry you find diverse functions. Please start the function KCLJ to transfer data. Before you can do this you need to
    prepare the transfer by creating your own transfer structure and so on. You can get further information on what to do here by navigating to
    "Help   > Application help" within transaction KCLJ. From here you get to the right area of SAP library.
    Thanks Amber

  • Query for Vendor Payment in SAP

    Hello All,
    I am a sap abap developer with little knowledge in SAP MM and SAP FI modules.
    As per some requirement of my company ,i have created a PO then its GR and finally IR.
    Now when i checked EKBE table (History per Purchasing Document) , i found two record in this table out of which one with
    VGABE = 1 (Good Receipt) & another with  VGABE = 2 (Invoice Receipt) .
    Now my requirement is ,i want a entry in this table with VGABE = 5 (Payment) but i don't know how to do payment of vendor in sap so that this table will populate with a entry for payment type.
    Please help me and let me know what will be the flow with tcodes to do the vendor payment in sap.
    Please reply ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.
    Abhinav Goel.

    Hello Mr.Raman,
    Thanks for your response to my query.
    As per my company requirement i have to track duplicate payment made to the vendor against same PO.
    So for that after completing the cycle PR-PO-GR-IR-F-53 finally i found two records in BSAK table out of which :
    One record was  with my accounting document no from my invoice receipt of type RE.
    Another record was with the vendor payment clearance document with type KZ.
    Now again i have done payment to the vendor using F-53 tcode and now i found one more record with belnr = last payment document no and augbl = new payment document no. with type KZ.
    So if i use below mentioned logic to track for duplicate payments made to the vendor ,then it will be fine or if not can you suggests me the needful changes in the logic.
    1.) Check If record exists for my belnr no from invoice recipt in bsak.
    2.) Take AUGBL No for this BELNR No and check if record exists for this AUGBL with type KZ.
    Note:Means payment is done to the vendor upto this logic.
    3.) Now if with the found record with type KZ any other record found with type KZ it can be taken of as duplicate payment made to the vendor.
    Please suggest me if above mentioned logic is fine.
    Abhinav Goel.

  • Baseline date determination for Vendor Payment Terms

    Hi gurus ,
    Here is the question :
      In Financial Accounting> Accounts Payable & Recievable>Vendors>Business transactions>Maintain Payment Terms
      While maintaining payment terms Baseline date needs to be determined . What is the importance of Document date and Posting 
      Date for maintaining payment terms for vendors ?
    Could anybody give some information on teh influence of Document Date and Posting Date formaintaining payment terms for
    Any help is rewardable since i m a technical ABAPER have very little knowledge about FICO Functional.
    Edited by: kylietisha on Jul 22, 2010 6:14 PM

    Suppose your Document date is 1.1.2010 and Posting date is 5.1.2010.  And payment term 10 days for discount 5% and no discount thereafter.
    If you set the baseline date as Doc date, your due date falls on 11th. Which means you cant post discount 5% if payment received after 11th.
    If you set the baseline date as Posting date, your due date falls on 16th.  Which means discount is given till 16th.
    Hope this clears your doubt.

  • BACS  File for Vendor Payments in Foreign Currency

    My client has Bank Accounts in UK both in GBP and USD currency. I am trying to generate a BACS file for payments made in currency other than GBP.
    The BACS file generation for GBP payments are in place and is working fine.
    But when I am trying to generate the BACS file for payments made there is a problem with the file format .The bank requires only payment lines in the file but the file I have generated contains some extra lines in the header and footer.
    Could you please let me know on how to generate a correct file with only the payment information.

    If the LC of the system is INR and the Vendor currency is INR too, then the Invoice can be added in INR and the payment will be made in INR only.
    If the Vendor is USD, then the Invoice can be added in USD as well the Payment. When you enter the Payment Means window, you can select the currency in the top field - currency.
    SAP Business One Forum Team

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