Integration between Flex 3 SDK and Flash Builder 4.6

I buy a book for Flex 3 SDK and I want to create this book exmaple in Flash Builder 4.6 ...
infact I want to build a CMS with Flash Builder and this book discuss for it but in Flex 3 SDK.
please show link to me for completely explanation.
tanks a lot

dont import it, do it from scratch in fb4

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  • Latest flex sdk for Flash Builder 4

    We bought Flash Builder 4 Premium and installed it.
    Now I want to use the latest flex sdk to use with it (I am working on a project using TLF 2).
    What is the version I should install, is it sdk 4.1 or 4.5(Hero).
    In Flex 4.1 there are about three variations Which one should I download if using 4.1 ?
    Please explain.

    Thanks Chris.
    in sdk 4.1 download there are 3 download types. Can you please tell me the difference of 'Free Adobe Flex SDK' and 'Open Source Flex SDK' and which one should I use?
    Thank you very much

  • Installing Flex SDK into Flash Builder 4.7 problems

    Im completely new to Flash Builder, today I have installed Flash Builder 4.7 & Flash CS6 from Creative Cloud for my son to start to learn game programming (with my help), I have used simple coding in web design however this terminology is new to me.
    I bought my son the latest 'Foundation Game Design with ActionScript 3.0' book on recommendation but it was written when FB was version 4.5 so im guessing this might be the problem.
    The book is very easy to follow but have hit problems at the beginning of the tutorials, the book talks about Flex SDK but it seems that FB 4.7 uses AIR SDK ?
    So the first project called HelloWorld, we got up to:
    Got an exclamation mark which said
    'The import flash.display.Sprite is not used
    Continuing with the rest of the project the exclamation mark disappeared:
    However on selecting run- Debug we got a blank Flash Player window  ('generate HTML wrapper file' was deselected)
    So either we've done something wrong, or the book and FB version are not compatible?
    Any advice would be great!
    Thank you
    Latest ...
    I thought that installing Flex SDK may solve the problem but after following instructions I have the error message, see image below. Really stumped now!

    Sorry, if I went a little overboard. After re-reading your post, perhaps I should back up a little.
    First, there are little things that Flash Builder (FB) will complain about. Having extra import statements in your code doesn't hurt anything. If I'm trying different solutions and then commenting out the code, the import statements will hang around, FB will complain, but just ignore it. If you see a little icon on the left edge of your code editor and its a red circle with an X in it, then that is something that will have to be fixed.
    When you create an app in FB or Flash you can choose to create a web app which means it will run in a browser window. The project can optionally create an HTML wrapper, or web page that will load your app. In Flash Pro you can choose File->Publish Settings and there will be a checkbox on the left to publish a HTML wrapper. In FB, you can right click your project in the Package Explorer, select Properties at the bottom, select the ActionScript Compiler, and down at the bottom there will be a checkbox to create a HTML wrapper.
    If you're just learning Flash Builder, then the FlexSDK 4.6 and the AIR SDK 3.1 that comes with it should be fine. You mentioned Apache SDK and I'd recently been working with that so I ended up getting side-tracked.
    Getting an AIRSDK to work with when build ActionScript projects is easy. Just go to the adobe site, type AIR SDK in the search box, and you should find a page that will let you downloaded the latest version. There's also a page to let you download the latest AIR runtime, and if you were just going to run AIR apps and not build them, then that's all you would need. As a developer you'll want to install the runtime from the downloaded .exe file. With the SDK, after downloading it, installing it is easy. Just create a new folder an unzip the SDK into it, then place it somewhere easy to find. I put all my SDK's in their own directory right off the c: drive. So I have c:\AIRSDK_3.5.0.880 and c:\AIRSDK_3.7.0.1530. I use very descriptive folder names so I always know which SDK's I have to work from.
    To use the SDK in Flash Pro select Help -> Manage AIR SDK, hit the plus button and add the folder you created. Now when you've opened a Flash project, you go to File->Publish Settings and select the combo box at the top, you'll see options like 'AIR for Android' in the list that reflect the SDK's you've added.
    Generally with FB you'll be using a FlexSDK, or perhaps a FlexSDK overlaid with a newer version of AIRSDK. Overlaid basically means you copied the contents of the AIR SDK into the Flex Folder. The article I mentioned above will give you all the details on creating those. For instance, I downloaded the Apache Flex installer, installed it, then created an empty folder called c:\ApacheFlexSDK_4.9.1, launched the Apache installer, gave it the new empty folder I'd created, selected all the download options, and let it all download. If it launches a popup box or a security warning, you can allow it, and it will continue. Once you have the SDK and you want to use it with a project in FB, just right click the project, select Properties, selected that Compiler tab again, and up in the right corner you'll see 'Manage SDK's...'. Hit that link, add your new SDK to the list and give it a descriptive name, then selected the checkbox beside it to set it up as your default. If you do this, then all your projects set to use the default will automatically switch to it and rebuild. So if you want a project to stay with a specific SDK then select that option in your Compiler tab, and then you could use the combo box to select your new added SDK.
    When I started with FB I think I spent the first 2 days going round and round with project settings and options until I got them all figured out.
    When I develop, I usually have my browser open and I have bookmarks and favorites to let me quickly get to all the pages I use most often. Here are a few of them:  <---- The API reference. In the packages window check out 'Top Level' at the top and Language Elements near the bottom. I think I have this page open in one or more tabs almost every day.
    Free videos to help you learn Flash Pro:
    And you've already found the forums! But if you don't find an answer here, many times you can find your question already answered on forums.
    Ok, I think I went a little overboard again.

  • Nightly SDK and Flash Builder Beta

    I am using Flash Builder Beta and have tried different nightly builds (ie.,, and have the same issue - when going into Design View I receive several warnings:
    Design View could not load fiber_rb.swc. It may be incompatible with this SDK, or invalid. (DesignSWFLoader.ERROR_LOAD_VERIFY).
    The same error for: fiber.swc, serializers_rb.swc and sparks.swc.
    Does anybody have a fix besides two workspaces with diff. sdks?
    There have been some other discussions in regards to this but with no fix.
    First ... Adobe talks of using nightly builds with instructions.
    Second ... when users have problems such as above a standard reply is "this has been fixed in an internal build".  How does that help us?
    Third ... in Flex Bug and Issue Management System this was a reply -
    Heidi Williams - [08/04/09 05:40 PM ]
    I don't think we want to spend time on encouraging users to use newer SDKs with DV of Beta 1. There are probably lots of things that won't work so they should either just get on prerelease or wait for the next Beta.
    Fourth ... prerelease is not open any more and I for one am unfortunately not on it.  FWIW - I do own a Flex Builder 3 license. 
    I understand Flash Builder is a Beta program, but why talk of nightly sdk releases and using Flash Builder if there are issues and unavailable internal builds.  And if Adobe is working on bug fixes, along with changes such as the Rename List, why not give users access to those internal builds?  At least licensed users.  Let everyone keep up to date!

    Form early in the piece it was acknowledged that nightly builds would not work corrrectly with design view. As there will be a second beta in a matter of days now It would be best to wait for that. The builds from the pre-release program have shown a great amount of improvements across the board so I am sure the end of August(hopefully) beta release will be pretty good and make a lot of people happy.
    I use locally compiled sdks that I update every night and things are working reasonably well. So just hold on for a little longer and enjoy the second beta release when it arrives.

  • Mobile development using Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Builder 4.5 for Data Visualization

    I am currently looking at the feasibility of building Data Visualization chart/graph in Android mobile phones. I would like to enquire if the mentioned subject comes with the Data Visualization components as seen in the Tour De Flex.

    If you're using components specific to the Flex 4.6 release, then it would be a natural assumption that design view will not work.  If you're having this issue while using components that are not unique to Flex 4.6, then I don't have an answer.  On a good note, design view is completely useless anyway.  It's much faster to type than to drag stuff around with your mouse needlessly.

  • Flex SDK and AIR runtime version in mobile

    Hi, guys.
    I'm trying to make my first Flex mobile app.
    I'm a little confused about the relationship between Flex SDK and AIR  runtime versions for mobile development.
    In the "Developing Mobile Applications with ADOBE FLEX 4.6 and ADOBE FLASH BUILDER 4.6" pdf document, it says:
    "AIR requirements
    Flex mobile projects and ActionScript mobile projects require AIR 2.6 or a higher version. You can run mobile projects on physical devices that support AIR 2.6 or a higher version of AIR.
    You can install AIR 2.6 or a higher version only on supported Android devices that run Android 2.2 or a higher version. For the complete list of supported Android devices, see Certified Devices. Also, review the minimum system requirements to run Adobe AIR on Android devices at Mobile System Requirements.
    Note: If you do not have a device that supports AIR 2.6 or a higher version of AIR, you can use Flash Builder to launch and debug mobile applications on the desktop."
    So, I go and check the Certified devices in and find that the minimun FLASH PLAYER version accepted by ALL devices is FP 10.1
    1. Does this mean that if I want to release an app to target ALL mobile devices, then I can only use Flex 4.5?
    2. Do support for Flash Player mean the same than support for Adobe AIR? Or the application will prompt the user to install whatever version of the AIR runtime and all of them would be supported by the device, even in the FLASH PLAYER support is for a lesser version?

    Thanks for your help, Flex harUI,
    The first impression that comes to mind is that FP version is indeed only for the web browser plugin. Then, why does the official Flex 4.6 mobile development documentation have a link to that page that only speaks about the supported FP version in mobiles under the title "AIR requirements"??
    This makes it way too confusing.
    Do you know whether there is something like an equivalent matrix/list of mobile devices with their supported AIR runtime versions?  I went a great deal in trying to keep my original app under 400kb... I didn't know that in the end it would end up weighing 9.5Mb... :S
    Thanks again,

  • Creative Suite SDK with Flash Builder 4 tutorial

    For those of you new to the Creative Suite SDK, I've posted a video tutorial in our blog that walks you through all the steps necessary to build an extension using the SDK and Flash Builder 4. It shows you how to get set up with the SDK, create a new project, run and debug the extension in development mode and export it for distribution.
    You will find the recording in the Creative Suite SDK Team blog.

    I'm building an InDesign extension using Flash Builder. I have everything working as per the tutorial, but the code-debug cycle is very long. Every time I make a code change, if I want to run it in the debugger, I have to do all of this:
    Save my file, confirm there are no Errors, set my breakpoints.
    In the Finder (I'm on OSX), copy the SWF to the extensions folder.
    In Flash Builder, from the "Run" menu, choose "Debug", then "Other..." The Debug Configurations dialog appears.
    In the Debug Configurations Dialog, select my configuration (which works) and click Debug. The "Installed Adobe Flash Player Is Not a Debugger" dialog appears.
    In the "Installed Adobe Flash Player Is Not a Debugger" dialog, click Yes. The dialog closes
    Launch InDesign. Wait for it to launch.
    Run my extension, stop at my breakpoints, do my debugging.
    Quit InDesign
    Is there any way to set up the debugger to connect to CS5 without having to quit and relaunch the CS5 app itself?
    Is there any way to make my debug configuration the default in Flash Builder, so I can just hit command-F11 to debug?
    Is there any way to automate copying the SWF into the extensions folder?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Can i update flex 4.6 sdk to flash builder 4.5 for php ?

    i already downloaded the 4.6SDK from site but once i add the new sdk to flash builder and try to make a new project
    i cannot switch to design mode at all , gives me and erro rmessage: The Design mode is disabled as the project uses incompatible version of the flex SDK.
    What's the deal ?
    have to wait till Q1  / 12 ?

    If you're using components specific to the Flex 4.6 release, then it would be a natural assumption that design view will not work.  If you're having this issue while using components that are not unique to Flex 4.6, then I don't have an answer.  On a good note, design view is completely useless anyway.  It's much faster to type than to drag stuff around with your mouse needlessly.

  • Testing the water on possible Flash Professional and Flash Builder integration

    I just wanted to throw this out here instead of the bug area to see if I'm off my rocker or I'm on to something.
    Basically one of my major pains is that any application design I do, I do it in Flash Pro and I code in FB. Switching back and forth between apps just to press CTRL + ENTER seems like a) a waste of time and b) a waste of system resources.
    So what I'm proposing is having FB integrate with FLA files.
    When you create your product you have the option to specify a target FLA (or multiple with a build order) so that when you test your project it will actually build your FLAs in order (in the situation that the final SWF requires others) and you're off to the races.
    You could also have the currently associated FLA files have a checkbox next to them which could temporally disable them for a build.
    If you still need to make design tweaks later on, it's a mater of opening Flash and doing them, but it would be so slick to be able to have FB render the FLA for you in the same app (no more random CTRL+ENTER in FB anymore!)
    As far as where it could go. I think it would work the best if it was just a new tab that could be added to the perspective. Would allow drag+drop of FLA files to it, drag+drop ordering and also have the checkboxes to disable any FLAs from the build.
    So there we go, does that sound like a decent workflow?

    Hi guys,
    Have you considered Testing the water on doing your design work in the new Flash Catalyst software for your skins instead of Flash CS4.
    You would be able to export directly in the new FXG format and integrate it directly in your FB4 coding.
    There is a tremendous productivity potential gain there.
    I am planning to abandon eventually completely Flash CS4 for both design  and coding and substitute it eventually by simultaneously working in FB4(coding) and Flash Catalyst(design) with input symbols directly linked to photoshop and illustrator related files.
    For those of you who would like to wet their toes  and initiate  a quick dive, has already released, on june 11,  an 1h40 min course on this subject. Here are the details.
    Length: 1 hour
    Online Training Library® exclusive!
    Flash Catalyst Beta Preview
    with: Mordy Golding
    Flash Catalyst is a new Adobe application that is currently in beta and available for downloading, that allows designers to quickly create interactive Flash content and rich internet applications without having to write a single line of code. In Flash Catalyst Beta Preview, Mordy Golding demonstrates a workflow that emphasizes the intuitive nature of the tool, and shows how to achieve results in a short time. Meant to bridge the gap between designers and developers, Flash Catalyst allows the designer to work with familiar applications, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, while automatically generating the necessary code in the background for the developer. Exercise files accompany the course.
    Topics include:
    Creating interactive content from Photoshop and Illustrator design compositions
    Turning ordinary graphics into functional components like buttons and sliders
    Using smooth transitions and animation techniques
    Moving content between Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder
    Declarative Graphics
    Flex 4 will make good use of FXG, the new graphics interchange format used with the CS4 graphics applications. Flex 4 and Flash Player 10 can together render FXG graphical elements. These include:
    graphics and text primitives
    fills, strokes, gradients, and bitmaps
    support for filters, masks, alphas, and blend modes.
    FXG graphical elements can be used in Flex 4 in a number of ways. FXG elements can be used within an MXML file or component and can also be saved as an .fxg file format. The CS4 tools will typically export an FXG using the FXG 2008 namespace. Because these files are designed to be shared between graphical applications, you’ll find that they have a stricter format to what’s used in Flex; the Flex compiler will only use the FXG-specific tags. Adobe’s new application, Flash Catalyst, will make it easy to create FXG graphics compatible with Flex 4, which you can then use to complete your application’s user interface and appearance.
    New effects have been added to Flex 4 that can also be applied to FXG graphical elements. These new effects will work on both new and old components alike. Standalone effects must now be declared within fx:Declarationstags instead of the body of the application. Once again, Flash Catalyst has additional tools to help make using these effects easier.
    Ref: by Andrew Muller

  • Flex 4.5 SDK in Flash Builder 4.0

    I am attempting to use the Flex 4.5 SDK in Flash Builder 4.0, as my company does not yet have FB4.5.  Everything seems ok, however whenever I try to use the <s:ViewNavigatorApplication>  or the <s:View> Flash builder does not seem to recognize them, I am not getting any code hinting. I undersand the design view would not work, but as far as code view, FB should not know the differnece.  Does anyone know why they might not be showing up in FB 4.0. I can't seem to find anything on the net about it.

    Just tried this out on an IIS server with Flash player - it worked.
    Are you using the release version of Flash Builder 4.5 with the release version of Flex SDK (not a prior SDK build)?
    The URL you mentioned gives me a 403 forbidden error.

  • What's the difference between Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.7?

    Hi everybody!
    Could you help me?
    this is my question:
    What's the difference between Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.7?
    I'm going to develope a new app using Flash Builder 4.5 but the new version is available... What could I wait about it?

    The only listed change is the addition of support for the new Nike + iPod system (more information about the Nike products can be found here).

  • The Blueprint Eclipse plug-in is live on Adobe Labs (for Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4)

    Hi all,
    Last week, we posted the initial, Mac-only, Flex Builder 3-only release of the Blueprint Eclipse plug-in on Adobe Labs. Yesterday, we updated it to include support Windows and Flash Builder 4. Please try it out if you get a minute.
    For more info, see the Flex Doc Team blog:
    Randy Nielsen
    Flex Learning Resources Manager

    That's so cool.
    Thanks Randy.

  • How can I overlay AIR 3.5 SDK in Flash Builder 4.7?

    I'm trying to overlay the new Air 3.5 sdk in Flash Builder 4.7 but the option to use specifed sdk is unavailable in the project preferences. What is the solution here?

    Can you please let me know whether you have overlaid it on Win/Mac?
    When you have created the mobile project what does app.xml show? for example if you have 3.5 overlaid you should be able to see something like this in app.xml
    <application xmlns="">
    For overlaying AIR 3.5 SDK on Flex SDK 4.6 locally following the instructions mentioned in the below url and then create a Flex Mobile project using that SDK.
    Overlay help document link :
    Let me know if you need more information.

  • Installing AIR3 SDK in Flash Builder 4.5.1 ?????

    Hi All,
    Can anyone help me, with installing AIR3 SDK - Flash Builder 4.5.1, logically, I need to overally the sdk, the way, we use to do with previous version of AIR SDK.
    But no luck

    Hi Ravi,
    just installed AIR3 SDK at work. I try to recap the steps I did:
    1. Locate the "old" SDKs
    They are located in the Flash Builder directory, in my case this was c:\program files(x86)\adobe\flash builder 4.5\sdks
    2. Make a copy of the previous SDK
    Copy a previous SDK (I used SDK 4.5.1 for that) and rename the copied folder to AIR3SDK (or a different name if you like)
    3. Overwrite the copied (!) SDK with the AIR3 SDK
    Copy  all files from the AIR3 SDK into the copied folder. It should ask you  to overwrite files quite a couple of times. After this, you should have a  working AIR3 SDK installed.
    4. Set a name for the new SDK
    I had to to this with the Beta2 - go to the new SDK directory and edit flex-sdk-description.xml - change the <name> content from Flex 4.5.1 to AIR3 SDK.
    6. Add the new playerglobal.swc from Flash Player 11
    Download the current Flash Player 11 "playerglobal.swc" from and put it into the correct folder. From the SDKs root folder this was: <sdkroot>/frameworks/libs/player/11.0/ (I had to create the 11.0 folder myself and then just put the file in there and rename it to plain "playerglobal.swc")
    7. Add the AIR3 SDK to Flash Builder
    Under "Project Settings - Flex Compiler" for a project, choose the new SDK as SDK to use for the project. If the SDK does not show up, go to "configure Flex SDKs", then "Add" and select the newly created folder. The new AIR3 SDK should now be included in the dropdown list as a compiler for that project.
    Don't forget to add -swf-version=13 as a compiler flag on the same screen.
    After doing all this, I was able to use the new features, compile my projects and well, work with it
    Edit: I almost forgot - you also have to set the namespace in your -app.xml to 3.0 like this:
    <application xmlns="">
    Best regards,

  • Error using Acrobat portfolio SDK with Flash Builder

    Hi all
    I've been trying to customize a navigator portfolio for Adobe Acrobat X using Flash Builder 4.5. I was running this proyect as Navigator but I received the following Flash Player error:
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at productConfig()[C:\dev\A10_1R1_Sandbox\Acrobat\Viewer\AcroView\Portfolio\Flash\Libs\NavHo stUtil\src\acrobat\navhost\app\]
    at[C:\dev\A10_1R1_Sandbox\Acrobat\Viewer\Acro View\Portfolio\Flash\Libs\NavPreviewShared\src\com\adobe\app\]
    at[C:\dev\A10_1R1_Sandbox\Acrobat\Viewer\AcroView\P ortfolio\Flash\Libs\NavPreviewShared\src\com\adobe\app\]
    at Function/<anonymous>()[E:\dev\4.x\frameworks\projects\framework\src\mx\binding\utils\Bind]
    at mx.binding.utils::ChangeWatcher/wrapHandler()[E:\dev\4.x\frameworks\projects\framework\sr c\mx\binding\utils\]
    I've installed Acrobat portfolio SDK into Flash Builder and I have followed the documentation of Building a Navigator from

    Ok, finally got this working.  Many hidden gotchas. 
    1.  You have to make a Trust File for your custom panel.  This is actually in the SDK, around page 53, so my bad -- but the problem is that there is no feedback from the Adobe application if you don't have this.  The application just hangs.  It should produce an error message "can't find trust file, etc.".  This should not be that hard to implement.
    2.  The latest Flex SDK does not seem to work in Bridge CC or other similar applications.  You have to use Flex SDK 3.x, apparently, and this is NOT in the documentation.  Not only should you set the default SDK in Flex Builder to 3.x (I'm using 3.6) but you have to edit the file to make sure it's pointing to the correct folder, eg: C:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 (64 Bit)/sdks/3.6.0.  Fortunately Flash Builder 4.7 comes with 3.6 installed.  If you have an older version, it's likely to be completely different.
    More info in this thread:

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