Ipod Not Working - Battery Issue?

I have read some about the battery life of an Ipod not being that long. And you have to send it in to be replaced. Is that true? If so, how do you know when the issue is the battery and not something else.
I havea problem with my Ipod that is9 months old. It will not turn on. I tried to turn it on when it was plugged in to the AC, when it was plugged into the computer, and and when it was on battery power. Nothing. The little button to deactivate the touch pad was not on lock either.
Thoughts? I assume it's still under warranty and will likely try and return it.
Thanks in advance!
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Your iPod itself is probably screwed up, not the battery. If it was connected to power it would have turned on.

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  • HP G72 USB Ports Not Working - Battery Issue?

    I recently purchased a G72-250US and found out too late that none of the three USB ports work. I have tried three different devices - a mechanical keyboard, a Razer mouse, and a SanDisk thumb drive. Of the three, the thumb drive is the only one which receives enough power for its LED to remain on, but none of the devices are recognized by Windows, even as 'unknown' devices.
    I've gone through every step I could find or think of to correct any possible sources of problems that could be created by software - uninstalling USB drivers, changing power settings, manually adding data to the Windows registry - and nothing has worked. I have not been able to find any options in the BIOS regarding the USB ports. I have also tried to use 'refresh' in the HP Support Assistant's Health Analysis tool, but the process always fails at 'Gathering Information'.
    This has led me to believe that there is a hardware issue, but I'm not sure what the nature of this issue could be. If the ports were just dead, why would the thumb drive be getting any power at all? The only thing I can think of is that there is an issue related to the battery. Per another thread on this topic, I unplugged the laptop and took out the battery and left it like that overnight, but this did not solve the problem. I then ran the Battery Check from the Support Assistant, and it very quickly indicated a failure.
    Is it possible that a bad battery is causing the USB ports to not provide enough power to my devices? I previously owned a Compaq CQ42 whose battery was so bad it caused an error to pop up every time I turned on or restarted the computer, but this never resulted in any issues aside from having to keep it plugged in at all times.

    Please go to the following link to download chipset driver and reinstall on your computer:
    Hope this helps and good luck.
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  • What would cause the original I Pad shut itself off while playing games or online? it is not a battery issue or time issue. When I turn it back on it goes to were I was  when I was online ,but have to start games over.

    What would cause the original I Pad shut itself off while playing games or online? it is not a battery issue or time issue. When I turn it back on it goes to were I was  when I was online ,but have to start games over.

    The original iPad has a slow processor and only 256 MB of memory so it often runs into low-memory failures.
    Double click the home button and dismiss all of the recents - I do that weekly.
    Then reboot by holding both the power and home buttons until the apple logo appears, ignore the red slider - I also do that weekly.
    Both seem to help to reduce the low-memory faults that occur.

  • IPod touch 4G battery issue with iOs5...battery goes dry in less than a day after upgrading to iOs 5...why is that?

    hi people out there...!
    I have an iPod Touch 4G purchased on november 2010, and since then until two days ago, I had iOs 4.3.x and everything went very good about battery charge...I used to have my iPod on standby mode for several days, and never had a trouble with it...
    but two days ago, I upgraded to iOs 5, and then and there, the troubles began...my battery lasts no more than a day, even on standby mode...
    NO wifi on, NO bluetooth on, no movies watched, no games played, just using Virtuoso Piano free app for minutes...
    is the new iOs 5 having trouble about managing battery?
    anyone of you have same trouble?
    anyone of you know about a solution?
    I was searching on the web about this issue, and several comments I've found out, but I would like to know about it from the Apple themselves...
    thanks for your time people...Light to all of us...!!!

    Using the battery level meter in this manner is comparable to using your car's fuel gauge to calculate miles per gallon.  The only thing that matters is the total amount of operating time from full charge to auto-shutdown.
    Use the wall-mount charger that came with the iPad and charge overnight.  Admittedly the labeling is hard to read but, if you use a magnifier and squint your eyes, you'll see "Output 5.1V, 2.1A."  The symbol between volts and amps is the symbol for DC.  Do NOT use an iPhone charger.  Do NOT use an iPod charger.  Then, operate it normally until auto shut-down (ignore any low level alerts that may appear).  An irony is that doing that test to determine the total operating time is also the exact procedure necessary to calibrate the battery level meter..
    I'm not claiming that you do not have a problem.  I am stating, however, that we don't yet know whether or not a battery problem exists.
    According to Apple:
    Use Your iPad Regularly
    For proper reporting of the battery’s state of charge, be sure to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down).
    Elsewhere, Apple elaborates and explains that two half-discharges (or four quarter-discharges, etc.) equals one full discharge.
    I'm not saying that you don't have a problem.  However, I am saying that we don't know.

  • Ipod not working properly after ios6 update

    I recently updated my ipod touch with the ios6 update, and now most of my apps wont open, and others shut down after a few seconds including the app store and itunes! is there any way of reversing the update? or fixing it without having to go to the apple store? 

    If the update does not work for you then do as I explained in my previous post and roll back to the previous driver. That philosophy can be applied to all updates.
    If there is no pressing or emergent reason to update and your PC or notebook is running just great... don't update. (that is especially true when it comes to a BIOS update)
    For your issue #2, the problem could be your wireless connection (hotspot, router or modem) that causes the dropped connection.
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  • Ipod not working correctly, not frozen, nothing on it.

    My ipod was connected to this ipod dock and all of the things on my ipod were completely erased, pictures, songs, everything. Since then it has been not working properly. When i try to update my ipod i wont let me. iTunes keeps giving me this message that says that i have to restore my ipod back to factory settings. I dont know how to do that. The ipod shows up on my computer desktop but not in Itunes. Also when i connect it to the computer the "do not dissconect" sign shows and does not go away.
    also i was wondering does apple have an Email where I could Email them abut my ipod trouble or do i have to call the number?
    what do i do? thankyou so much for taking the time to help me out.

    Check out these troubleshooting guides.
    Restoring your iPod.
    iPod does not appear in iTunes (Mac).
    If you have your iPod set to automatically transfer songs, right click on the iPod in iTunes, select options and if you have a check mark in the box marked “enable disk use”, remove it and your iPod should automatically disconnect after it’s finished transferring music. If it's set for manual transfer of songs, then you have to manually disconnect the iPod. You can just right click on it and select eject, or just drag it to the trash.
    There is no email for tech support, only telephone support. Unless you have AppleCare, it's only one support issue that's free, and within the first 90 days of purchase.
    This explains.
    Complimentary support.
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  • 20GB click wheel iPod not working- or showing up on computer

    My wife's late-2003 20GB click wheel is not working or appearing on either of our Mac computers (either in iTunes or Disk Utility) when attached.
    It's making a rather worrying sound (as if trying to engage a hard drive maybe?) and will briefly flash the Exclamation Point/Folder icon, then say Disk Mode and a checkmark and ready to disconnect.
    Since it's impossible to find the iPod Updater software how do I restore this iPod- or even just get it out of disk mode? I've tried resetting it and had it plugged into a wall outlet for a day or so to make sure it wasn't a dead battery... any thoughts?
    It had been working fine (and regularly connected to the computer to update).

    You could try to format the iPod in Windows. It does the same thing as restoring and you would need to restore the iPod as normal (using the iPod updater) afterward. This can work when the iPod is recognized by the computer, but not by the updater.
    First, put the iPod into forced disk mode.
    See: How to put the iPod into disk mode.
    On your PC, go "my computer" and right click on the iPod, then choose "format". Ensure the settings are at "default" and that "quick format" is not checked. Now select "format". When that's finished, restore the iPod using the updater.

  • IPods not working since iTunes 7.2 and song upgrade

    Anyone else experiencing issues since upgrading to 7.2?
    My 4th gen iPod has started skipping songs -- never had any issues with this one before.
    My 5th gen iPod(video) has seemingly bricked. Select+Menu reset feature doesn't have any impact. The screen flickers and then freezes.
    Oddly enough, iTunes 7.2 works just fine from what I can tell. The new "Plus" songs play just fine on the computer.

    I'm having the exact same problem after the iTunes 7.2 upgrade. Some songs won't copy and I get the 'cannot be copied/file format not supported' message - though all of the formats are the same. I tired restoring my iPod twice but no dice. The songs copied fine before the upgrade.
    For me, it seems to be just songs that I purchased from iTunes, burned to an audio CD and then reimported as MP3s. (I've done this a few times for various reasons.) When I reload the original purchased files to my computer from backup, then try to copy those to the iPod it works. Maybe that's a clue.
    Hopefully an update will fix this. It's a minor annoyance, but still...

  • Exchange Outlook Push Not working, Battery life Tanking, iPhone heats up!

    I have seen several posts about this, but nothing that has been able to exactly describe my issue. I have a iPhone 3G on the latest firmware, 3.1.2. I was recently able to add my work exchange email to the phone and it worked fine with SSL disabled. At the time, we had not yet set up security on our OWA. Well that lasted about a week, then they decided to enable the security and since then, my push exchange mail with Outlook has not worked. I tried enabling the SSL feature on the phone and still no dice. As a result, my battery only lasts about 3 hours and the phone's physical temperature heats up. Once I delete the exchange account, the tempreceeds and the battery life returns to normal. I ahve been working closely with our IT guy and we can't seem to figure out what is happening and why it won't sync anymore. I get the error, "cannot get mail, the connection to the server failed" but in the setup, the exchange Account is verified. Any ideas?

    Hi, I have just run into the same issue. I was using ver 3.00 on my iPhone 3g up until last night when I upgraded to 3.1.2. Since the upgrade where my phone was successfully connecting to our Exchange 2k3 server and recieving push notifications for mail and calendar etc, this has now stopped. The result now being it will only pull mail on request.
    As mentioned in the post above, I have noticed the battery life on my phone has deteriorated significantly, to the point it only lasts a few hours, with almost zero usage.
    Please help.

  • Ipod not working in car after upgrade

    After an upgrade ipod touch shows unreadable in my volvo s80 2010

    cjwj, downgrading the iOS is not supported by Apple and the method you outlined does not work. When restoring an iPod, iTunes contacts Apple and will only allow restoring using the latest available update file.
    flcolvin7, Contact Volvo and get them to issue a firmware update for the car.

  • Does Ipod not work with Windows 2000 NT?

    I keep getting an error when trying to install the Ipod CD... I tried downloading Itunes, but I am not sure how to get my Ipod to show up on it... any suggestions how to fix this?

    No it does not work with NT. the Ipod Tunes software supplied along with the ipod is only compatible with Windows XP. But is does work with Windows 2000

  • Please Help! iPod not working!

    Please someone help me out, I really need my iPod tomorrow morning and its not working. When I plug into my Mac to sync it makes this creaky sound, i think its from the hard drive then my iTunes just freezes...Please Help!

    If you or a friend has access to a PC, give a try to CopyTrans Doctor http://www.copytrans.net/doctor.php
    It should fix your iPod up and then you can go on using it with your Mac.

  • Ipod not working correctly

    I have not used my Ipod mini in a very long time today I was trying to connect it to the computer to erase/add new songs or "sync" it....I connected it and the do not disconnect logo appears and the computer recognizes new hardware, but when I go into Itunes the icon does not show up. I downloaded the newest version and did all updates and its still not working. I tried to put the ipod into disk mode by following the instructions but it will not go into disc mode either. I went to windows media player and tried syncing it through there and it said it did successfully but then none of the songs showed up on the ipod its still showing the same old songs that were on there even though on media player it said i deleted and added the new ones. I then went to my computer to and opened the ipod file and it is showing all the changes made....old songs gone new songs added but they are still not showing up on the actual ipod.....any ideas what is going on or how to fix this??

    Hmmmm... I'm not really sure what you're problem is. You could definitely try calling Apple's Tech Support Number (1-800-MY-APPLE) or visiting your local Apple Retail Store.

  • Ipod not working, tried all suggestions i could find none worked

    I have a 20 gb ipod that my mom got from sam's club, there is an hp thing on the back so guess that means it's and hp ipod and not a straight apple ipod which my brother says is bad, it came with a griffen itrip and a griffen powerpod car charger, that's all the background about it that i know.
    so i was listening to it today and went to change the song and it didn't play so i figured i must have paused it accidentally, so i hit the play button again, and it changed songs..so then i decided to turn it of and turn it back on again, and it didn't turn back on, it started making wierd clicking noises, so i plugged it into a charger to see if that would fix it and that didn't work either, then i plugged it into my computer and it didn't show up on my computer or in itunes, so i went to this website and started looking around, i did the whole hold down select and menu for 6 second thing and the apple sign showed up, but nothing else happened so i tried to restore it, but the updater wo't regonize it, so then i downloaded the new updater, and it says that it won't mount, so then i did all the stuff i could understand on the "what to do it your ipod won't mount" page i tried forcing it into disk mode like it said to but i wouldn't go, then it just kinda went into disk mode by itself, but the updater still didn't recognize it, so then i tried downloading the new itunes and all that stuff and tried removing the itunes software from my computer, and i guess i did b/c i can't find it now... and now my ipod stopped making the noise, but it's random displaying either the apple symbol, the DO NOT DISCONNECT symbol and that folder with the exclamation point, i tried all the stuff under " folder with an exclamation point" page as well nothing has worked...
    what do i do?

    Hi ...
    The problem is the iPod, not your Mac.
    Place the iPod in recovery mode > If you can't update or restore your iOS device
    If that won't work, contact Apple >  iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Ipod not working, im going physco

    my little brother disconnected my ipod when it said do not disconect. then i reconnected it and itunes said corrupted ipod needs to restore. so i clicked the restore button and itunes froze on me. i then restarted my computer and now my computer doesnt reconize my ipod. i have tried everything that i can think of. someone please help!

    iPod not connecting?
    Make sure these services are loaded:
    *iPod service
    *Network DDE
    *Network DDE DSDM
    *Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    Try a different USB port after that. Make sure the iPod is on, and working too.

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