Issue with Web report interation on CRM Portal (7.0)

System Landscape/Access route: CRM Portal (7.0) => One BI System (ABAP + JAVA = 7.3 SPS 5 Patch 3)
After we upgraded our dual SID One BI system (BI-ABAP + BI-JAVA) to 7.3 SPS 5 Patch level 3; the CRM Portal (version 7.0) which uses Application Integration iViews to launch One BI reports has following issues:
1. Buttons like Open, Save, etc. do not work
2. Drag-drop of characteristics from Free-Characteristics into report does not work.
These functionalities work for the same query if I copy the BI-Java stack URL in a separate internet browser. But the same query / URL does not work when rendered via the CRM Portal.
All these functionalities were working prior to the One BI upgrade. Can you please guide on how to fix this issue?
Thanks and regards,

Kindly confirm what was the earlier version of the One BI System (ABAP + Java), before it was upgraded.
Swapna Priya.

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    Hello Experts,
    I am facing issues with BEx reports integrated in portal. Below are more details:
    Scenario 1:
    Execute a BEx report in the portal, save it in 'My Portfolio' using 'Save As' button. Now open the saved report from 'My Portfolio'. Below is the issue for this scenario:
    When I open the saved report, I get 2 error messages and 1 info message at the top of the report. They are as follows:
    The metadata of 'ITE' 'TEMPLATE_PARAMETERS' are incorrect for parameter 'COMMAND_PROCESSING'
    The metadata of 'ITE' 'FILTER_PANE_ITEM' are incorrect for parameter 'TEXT_WRAPPING'
    Variables for characteristic Fiscal year/period[0FISCPER] cannot be processed
    Scenario 2:
    Execute a BEx report in the portal, save it in 'BEx Portfolio' or 'Favourites' using 'Save As' button. Now open the saved report and click on 'Send' button. As expected, the BEx broadcaster wizard should appear but, it shows '400 BAD HTTP REQUEST'. While if I open the report (not the saved one) and click on 'Send' button, it works.
    Helpful pointers appreciated.

    HI Suman,
    I am not adding the report to favourite using browser favourite. Below is the flow:
    Run the report in portal.
    There is a 'Save As' button at the top of the report. When I click that button, I get a pop-up with 3 tabs  for saving the report.:
    BEx Portfolio
    My Portfolio
    save the report in the favorites or BEx portfolio tab and then open it and press 'Send' button
    BEx Broadcaster Wizard should appear but instead of that, it shows '400 BAD HTTP REQUEST'.
    If I press send for unsaved report, then BEx broadcaster Wizard is shown.

  • Issue with webi report on BEx query

    I have created a universe on top of Bex query.  There is no issue in creating and exporting the universe.  But when I try to create a webi report out that BEx query, I am not able to see the values.  Say if I have a column called "Company"  I am getting the value as "All Company" and so on.  What will be the issue?
    But when a report is generated out of BEx analyser they are able to see the values properly.
    Same user credentials are used in both the places (Importing the query into universe, Connecting to BEx Analyser) .
    Thanks & Regards,
    Subbu S

    Hi Subbu,
    the universe will generate a L00 item and a L01 item. The L00 item shows the All member of the characteristic in the case of a flat list and the Top level nodes from a hierarchy. the L01 item should give you what you looking for.

  • Prompt issue with WebI Report on top of Bex

    Hello Experts,
    I have WebI report on top of Bex. I have Material Parameter on WebI which has materal key and text. When I select Material, It gets only Mateial Name not the key. We have some users they want to see both text and key.
    Any help would be highly appereicated.

    in the universe you have a dimension objects (blue objects) showing the description and a detail objects (green objects) showing the key.
    see here:

  • Performance Issue with Webi report uses SAP BI Query as the data source

    I have created a Webi ad-hoc report which connects to a SAP BI query through BO OLAP universe.
    The layout of Webi is the exactly the same as the BI query.  There are filters in the Webi to restrict the number of data extraction, but even with data result of 5000 rows, it took about 30 seconds.
    If I execute the BI query with the same filter restriction, it tooks less than 10 seconds.
    It seems that large percentage of time is consumed at the MDX part.
    Is there any tuning method that could speed up the process time of MDX?
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Justine Liu on Mar 18, 2009 6:59 AM

    please take a look here:
    [] (Look under related notes)
    It includes references to various performance improvements of the MDX interface. From what I saw there it is advisable to upgrade your SAP BI (7.0)  up to at least Support Package 21 (you are currently on SP 15).
    This may also be interesting for you: There is a new Fix Pack 1.4 coming out for BOBJ XI 3.1. Combined with the related SAP Enh.Pack (not sure about the version of this one) should also improve WebI performance. This fix pack is not yet officially released though but it should not take look.
    I recommend that you try the upgrade to Support Package 21 first.
    BTW it is also advisable to take a look in the results of your MDX query (e.g using the MDXTEST transaction). You should make sure that your query is indeed restricted as expected. Sometimes the results you see in SAP native reporting tools (e.g. BEx Analyzer) differ from those returned from the MDX component, depending on the way variables/restrictions where defined in the query designer. It is all about making sure that there is no apples/oranges comparison here.

  • Issues with Web reporting..

    hi all,
    we are currently facing a requirement of the client which requires that the printing of the report should automatically be either that of a portrait or a landscape without any user intervention. is this possible???
    and is it also possible to supress the dialog box which pops up once u click on the print option???
    can anyone let me know at the earliest...
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Manicks,
    Are you talking about the How To... Enhance Web Printing solution?
    In this solutiuon it is possible to suppress the print setting page by passing a parameter through the URL:
    P_PREVIEW_MODE = ' '
    Just add this parameter to the URL behind the print button and it whould suppress teh preview mode.
    Regarding the default landscape mode - this can be set as an attribute in the printing class. whatever you set here will be available for all the users by default.
    Hope it helps,

  • Issue with special characters in SAP CRM ICSS application.

    Hi ,
    I have issue with the special character in CRM web application.
    1. In CRM IC Webclient application(5.0) . i am copying and pasting some special characters in the description of the service request document. then this is saving the character as it is.
    But when i am opening the same service request in SAP CRM  ICSS(Internet Customer Self-Service) application, then the special characters are converting to different characters.
    I am not sure whether this is the right forum for this or not.
    Can anyone please suggest how can i correct this. Or is there any standard solution to handle the special characters in ICSS.

    misunderstood =/
    Original (Coming - output):  "<PAY_TXT>PAYκ Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.</PAY_TXT>"
    it's in output but what is data in database ?
    sorry but without knowing about source data for forming the xml i haven't ideas about your problem
    in db it's "TM " or "™" or ... ?
    Original (Coming - output):  "<PAY_TXT>PAYκ Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.</PAY_TXT>"
    Something like XAE or "K" after PAY Value in the xml tag and continued the text value.  (Tag value is not getting copied exactly here - i am sorry for that )
    that's ok. i need to see the problem not the data as is
    Expected (output):  "Here it needs to produce the "PAY TM" (Here "TM" should be super scripted to "PAY" Value in tag).
    as super scripted in xml?
    as idea - you can have <PAY_TXT>PAY TM</PAY_TXT> and in publisher set TM as super
    Designing XSL Subtemplates - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

  • Integration of WEBI report in SAP Enterprise portal

    Hi Colleagues,
    I want to create my adhco report using WEBI and want to publish it to SAP NW Enterprise portal .
    While creating the i view in the EP i dint find any option in i view template in order to create an i view for WEBI report .
    However there is an option to choose crystal report as a template while creating an i view but nothing for WEBI and Xcelsius as such. So how can we embedd our Xcelsius and WEBI report in SAP Enterprise portal .
    Is there any option to intergate the SAP NW Enterprise portal and BO Portal .
    Kindly sugest.

    You should be using opendocument links if using EP. with opendocument the URL contains all the pertinent info.
    refer to chapter 8 of the SAP Integration kit guide for more info.
    Post in the webi, general, or check out the outher documents link in the forum sticky post for the latest opendocument doc.

  • Performance Issue with VL06O report

    We are having performance issue with VL06O report, when run with forwarding agent. It is taking about an hour with forwarding agent. The issue is with VBPA table and we found one OSS note, but it is for old versions. ours is ECC 5.0. Can anybody know the solution? If you guys need more information, please ask me.

    Thanks for you quick response. Indexes were not created for VBPA table. basis people tested by creating indexes and gave a report that it is taking more time with indexes than regular query optimizer. this is happening in the funtion forward_ag_selection.
    select vbeln lifnr from vbpa
         appending corresponding fields of table lt_select
         where     vbeln in ct_vbeln
         and     posnr eq posnr_initial
         and     parvw eq 'SP'
         and     lifnr in it_spdnr.
    I don't see any issue with this query. I give more info later

  • User issue with a report supply planning area today monthly

    this is a support issue....the user has an issue with a report supply planning area today monthly.  The user is getting wrong values in BW, it sums PLOs and POs under production (config).  for eg:  BW says we are producing 46T while in R/3 we have 4T.

    The issue was related to the heap size being too much and as a result the Class block memory was not getting enough memory. I think we can make a use of -XXCompressedRefs:32 parameter in the Java start up to allow the heap size to increase till 32 Gb.

  • Issue with Scheduled Reports

    Having an issue with running reports.  We have created the folder under C:\Program Files\Cisco CRS Historical Reports\reports resolve a bug but now the user gets the attached error message every morning.  Any ideas?

    Hi Joe
    No attachment?

  • Dynamic  XR2 webi reports on an Internet  portal

    How to integrate dynamic XR2 webi reports on an Internet portal? (Not Infoviews naturally)

    Is the report on the same R/3 system than the others?
    You can see it on the iview, attribute "System"
    If it is on the same machine, then I can only give some generic hints:
    Do the outside users have the same HR Permission than the inside user?
    Are there any elements (i.e. htmlb, controls etc) that would be cut of by a tight set firewall? (some see extensive scripts as virus)
    We have a VPN-Server that does "HTTP REWRITE" for security reasons and often "eats" cookies etc, which leads to particular behaviour of single reports
    Is there a "http redirect" to the report somewhere
    Is it a generic ESS transaction?
    That is all (basic) things that come to my mind. It is difficult to give more specific hints without knowing the detailed architecture and sit in front of the systems

  • What is the right sdk api to work with webi reports in BOXI Release 4?

    I just read in the omg model for rebean (sdk for working with webi report documents) that all functions to access the report structur and layout are no longer availabe beginning with Release 4.
    Can anyone confirm, that this is the case?
    Are those functions moved to a different SDK component?
    Thanks in advance,
    Dokumentation about rebean _omd
    u2022 The object model shows many funtions , classes in red which means:
    Note: The Classes, Interfaces, and Methods marked in red are no longer functional from the SAP
    BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.0 release onwards.
    u2022 Among those functions are all !! We need to analyze the report layout
    u2022 No longer supported: DocumentInstance.getDictionary() , DocumentInstance.getOpenDocumentInfo(), DocumentInstance.getResourceManager(), DocumentInstance.getStructure()
    u2022 Classes no longer supported: ReportElement, ReportDictionary, Query, QuerySorts, DataSourceObject(s), SQLDataProvider,QueryNode, DPExpression, QueryContainer, Link,
    u2022 Classes no longet supported: ReportBody, ReportContainer, ReportStructure, ReportBlock, Graph, *Table
    u2022 Classes no longer supported: Cell, PageHeaderFooter

    Thank you for the information srrachna !
    Well, the point with the report engine sdk is a surprise. What is the sense of new functionality when you cannot use it (spoken for the api processing), and in addition when the new functionality eliminate functionality which was available before in the sdk.
    In my view this cut is to hard. The .pdf speaks from deprecated, but the blog and the information in the report engine api speaks a different language. The functionality is not just deprecated but no longer available.
    Hope SAP will address that before relase 4 becomes GA in May 2011.

  • Hierarchy issue with Web Intelligence Report

    Hi All,
    We are facing an issue with OLAP Universe where we are using hierarchy for cost center in reports.
    BEx query shows correct data in RSRT with hierarchy nodes.
    We have built a Universe on top of this BEx Query.
    We are using couple of nodes of cost enter hierarchy in WebI report but if we keep more than one node in WebI query, data comes double (probably because of duplicate rows). Instead if I keep just one of the node in WebI query, WebI report returns correct data.
    Please suggest, why such behavior with OLAP universe and how to resolve this?
    Best Regards,

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I am little confused on how to check SQL generated for OLAP WebI Query.
    But other reports on same universe behave same way and I'll give a try to another universe but I don't expect it to behave in different way. I saw a setting for relational Universes like restriction on duplicate rows but the same is not present in case of OLAP Universe.
    Do you know how WebI behaves with BEx hierarchies?
    There has to be some setting to make it work...
    Best Regards,

  • Strange issue with WEBI schedule Report

    Hi All,
    I have a strange issue with schedule WEBI reports, a schedule report runs for Hours , i reschedule it again by deleting the instance and the schedule report never got succeed even after running for hours.
    Any idea???

    Hi Manoj,
    1. Try to put some filters in the report and then run the report. if it takes less time, then probably your query is fetching very    large data.
    2. MDX query error may be the reason , this error come when a query runs endless, please try running the query 2-3 times, or when load on server is less.
    Hope this will help,

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