Issue with webi report on BEx query

I have created a universe on top of Bex query.  There is no issue in creating and exporting the universe.  But when I try to create a webi report out that BEx query, I am not able to see the values.  Say if I have a column called "Company"  I am getting the value as "All Company" and so on.  What will be the issue?
But when a report is generated out of BEx analyser they are able to see the values properly.
Same user credentials are used in both the places (Importing the query into universe, Connecting to BEx Analyser) .
Thanks & Regards,
Subbu S

Hi Subbu,
the universe will generate a L00 item and a L01 item. The L00 item shows the All member of the characteristic in the case of a flat list and the Top level nodes from a hierarchy. the L01 item should give you what you looking for.

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  • Error while connecting executing a webi report from Bex query.

    hi all,
    i need to create one webi report fron Bex query based on sab BW.
    But when I execute the query its shows "Unspecified error invoking method or accessing property "on change DocID"".
    i didnt get this msg.
    please help

    Hi Mohit Gupta,
    Degrade the java version to java 7 update 45 and also degrade the java security level to low from medium. Also delete the java temporary files and also clear your IE browser cache as well.
    This solved the issue for me.
    Chaitanya Krishna

  • Created Webi report using BEx Query.

    Hi All,
    I am going to upgrade in BW and using BEx  & Webi Report. I have created webi report using BEx query. Now I need to test data in webi report.
    Can anyone tell me how to test data?

    compare the webi report data with Bex report. more you can compare webi report with SAP R3 system for random records.

  • Prompt issue with WebI Report on top of Bex

    Hello Experts,
    I have WebI report on top of Bex. I have Material Parameter on WebI which has materal key and text. When I select Material, It gets only Mateial Name not the key. We have some users they want to see both text and key.
    Any help would be highly appereicated.

    in the universe you have a dimension objects (blue objects) showing the description and a detail objects (green objects) showing the key.
    see here:

  • Webi report on Bex Query takes very long to refresh.

    Hi All,
    I have a report in webi on bex query which takes forever to give me data which is only 1000 rows. In our Development environment its completely fine but in our UAT environment its extremely slow. i can not push it to production until i have same performance as development environment. Can someone help to point me in the right direction? Have tried to run that Bex directly against BW and its fine takes a few secs. But in webi takes almost 10 mins. Thank you.

    A) Please, state exact version and patch level of involved SAP BusObjects system as well as SAP BW system. There have been many improvements with respect to perfromance.
    B) Are you using BICS for Webi (recommended) to connect directly to SAP BEx query or the old and slow OLAP UNV approach?
    C) Are you using the same navigation state in Webi as in BEx Analyzer or are there more dimensions in the Webi query panel than shown in BEx Analyzer?

  • WEBI report on BEx query.

    Hi All,
    Im new to BO.
    Im trying to create a WEBI report on a BEx query in BO 4.0.
    But when i click on new query and select BEx there r no connections available.
    Do i need to create connections? if so how can it b done?
    Do i need to login to BI system from WEBI end.
    Please let me know.

    Yes, you need a login  (for BI and BW)
    the connection to the SAP entitlement system needs to be created in IDT or CMC (OLAP connection > BICS API)
    p.s. product help guides are here:
    training modules are here:
    you'll need an SMP "S-user"

  • Performance Issue with Webi report uses SAP BI Query as the data source

    I have created a Webi ad-hoc report which connects to a SAP BI query through BO OLAP universe.
    The layout of Webi is the exactly the same as the BI query.  There are filters in the Webi to restrict the number of data extraction, but even with data result of 5000 rows, it took about 30 seconds.
    If I execute the BI query with the same filter restriction, it tooks less than 10 seconds.
    It seems that large percentage of time is consumed at the MDX part.
    Is there any tuning method that could speed up the process time of MDX?
    Thank you.
    Edited by: Justine Liu on Mar 18, 2009 6:59 AM

    please take a look here:
    [] (Look under related notes)
    It includes references to various performance improvements of the MDX interface. From what I saw there it is advisable to upgrade your SAP BI (7.0)  up to at least Support Package 21 (you are currently on SP 15).
    This may also be interesting for you: There is a new Fix Pack 1.4 coming out for BOBJ XI 3.1. Combined with the related SAP Enh.Pack (not sure about the version of this one) should also improve WebI performance. This fix pack is not yet officially released though but it should not take look.
    I recommend that you try the upgrade to Support Package 21 first.
    BTW it is also advisable to take a look in the results of your MDX query (e.g using the MDXTEST transaction). You should make sure that your query is indeed restricted as expected. Sometimes the results you see in SAP native reporting tools (e.g. BEx Analyzer) differ from those returned from the MDX component, depending on the way variables/restrictions where defined in the query designer. It is all about making sure that there is no apples/oranges comparison here.

  • Issue with Web report interation on CRM Portal (7.0)

    System Landscape/Access route: CRM Portal (7.0) => One BI System (ABAP + JAVA = 7.3 SPS 5 Patch 3)
    After we upgraded our dual SID One BI system (BI-ABAP + BI-JAVA) to 7.3 SPS 5 Patch level 3; the CRM Portal (version 7.0) which uses Application Integration iViews to launch One BI reports has following issues:
    1. Buttons like Open, Save, etc. do not work
    2. Drag-drop of characteristics from Free-Characteristics into report does not work.
    These functionalities work for the same query if I copy the BI-Java stack URL in a separate internet browser. But the same query / URL does not work when rendered via the CRM Portal.
    All these functionalities were working prior to the One BI upgrade. Can you please guide on how to fix this issue?
    Thanks and regards,

    Kindly confirm what was the earlier version of the One BI System (ABAP + Java), before it was upgraded.
    Swapna Priya.

  • Issues with Web reporting..

    hi all,
    we are currently facing a requirement of the client which requires that the printing of the report should automatically be either that of a portrait or a landscape without any user intervention. is this possible???
    and is it also possible to supress the dialog box which pops up once u click on the print option???
    can anyone let me know at the earliest...
    Thanks & Regards

    Hi Manicks,
    Are you talking about the How To... Enhance Web Printing solution?
    In this solutiuon it is possible to suppress the print setting page by passing a parameter through the URL:
    P_PREVIEW_MODE = ' '
    Just add this parameter to the URL behind the print button and it whould suppress teh preview mode.
    Regarding the default landscape mode - this can be set as an attribute in the printing class. whatever you set here will be available for all the users by default.
    Hope it helps,

  • Bex Hierarchy issue on Webi report

    Hello Experts,
    We are facing issues on use of Bex hierarchy in webi report,
    Issue statement: We have webi report on bex query which have table and chart with input control on year and month to filter the report, table and chart uses hierarchy object to disply data. When we refresh report table and chart shows data with hierarchy on first level but once we check or uncheck any value from input control hierarchy in table and chart gets expanded and shows as flat structure. to get correct behaviour we have to collaps hierarchy.
    Above behaviour happens for all report level filter like, block filter, drill filter, input control.
    Please help me to know this is a bug or something wrong happened with development.
    Priyank Bhayani

    Hello Everyone,
    I have got SAP note which states this is expected behaviour hence closing the discussion.
    1702356 - Hierarchy Nodes expanded automatically to all levels after selecting value in the input control in a webi report.
    Priyank Bhayani

  • Field Header issue while integrating BO on Bex query

    Hi All
    I have a integration problem of BO on Bex query.Wondering anyone had a similar problem before.
    I have a report which has Grant Description, Grant Key and some measures in the report layout. The report also has some additional available fields like Company Code and Company Code Key which can be dragged and dropped into the report by an end user.
    Free Chars that can be dragged in report
    Grant Description
    Measure 1
    Company Code
    Grant 1 for X
    Company Code - key
    Grant 1 for Y
    Grant 1 for Z
    When i include the object in Webi report (using BICS connection) i see fields like "Grant description " and "Grant Description- Key (not compounded)" (clicking on the dimension in the query panel) or Company Code and Company Code - Key. In the report layout headers, i have used substring function to remove the unnecessary part (e.g. for Grant columns)
    The problem is with the objects which is not in the report layout and can be dragged in. For example in the above scenario business users wants the name to be changed to "Company Code" and "company Code -No" when they drag these fields in the report. I can't change the object name if it is not in the report layout (unless i create a variable and 'somehow' hide the original object called "Company Code - Key"). I am also reluctant to create a variable in BO and name it accordingly as this report is a multilingual report (based on BW userid the headers will come in French, English or spanish). I would like to keep the headers same as that in BW for multilingual function to work (which is defined in BW).
    BW developers can probably create new infoobjects and populate the field with company code key data but that is a very big a task considering the so many report we have which needs key for all the objects.
    Is there a way the name can be changed to "Company Code- No" when creating a Webi report using bex query (using BICS connection and not universe) ? Really appreciate if someone can share their views on this issue as it looks like an integration issue to me.

    Hey Carly,
    thanks for your suggestion.
    I actually search for notes, but found non relevant for our system. The BW notes can actually be implemented as there is an "embedded" BW server, but it's release seems to be high enough.
    I don't think the query is "hanging". The "loading" popup stops after a few minutes and then simply shows the "empty" entry with an updated timestamp under BEx documents. We don't receive any errors.
    Not too familiar with "tracing" within BO, but I'll give it a try (after doing some research and consulting some (ex-)colleagues). I have asked to "update" our front end tools too, as we're rather "low" (and have some Dashboard issues as well). So, since it's already (late) Friday afternoon here, I might just wait on that update (almost time to start my weekend).

  • WebI Prompts using BEx Query Variables

    I have the following issues with WebI report selection input paramaters (prompts) that use BW BEx Query variables. Could anyone please assist?
    Issue 1:
    The WebI report has one mandatory and two optional input paramaters (all paramaters from BW BEx Query). When I execute the report via WebI rich client directly, enter the value for mandatory input parameter and leave blanks for both optional input parameters, the report ran OK and has no issue. However, when I ran it through CMC a strange thing happen: I could not select the value for mandatory input paramater as it requires to have values for both optional input paramaters first (which I wish to have them blank and optional). When I refersh values for the mandatory paramater, it says "List of Values for current prompt requires values for following prompts:...(ie. the two optional parameters).
    Anyone has any idea - it seems like it is a CMC issue for the WebI...
    Issue 2:
    Take the same WebI report above, the issue here is the order sequence of the prompts (ie. the selection input parameters). How can we change/control the sequence of the prompts? Whatever sequence of the varaiables (input paramters) in BW BEx Query, the WebI ignores it. Please advise.
    Thanks & Regards,

    I did not see separate thread for issue #1, therefore I'll us this thread.
    I am running into similar issue when I get an error message ''List of Values for current prompt requires values for following prompts: <Name of the prompt>".
    We are using BO V4, SP2, Patch 10 with SAP BW as DB via BEx queries.
    I opened support ticket for this issue since obviousely it's still an issue after applying patch 10.
    It's not an issue when 'Rich Internet Application' option is selected to view report in 'Reading' mode (via Launchpad Preferences then Web Inteligence; defautl value for viewing is 'Web').
    I have not tried to use Client tools but even if it works with Client tools - it is not a solution for us. Our company does not plan to install client tools on end user computers.
    Bigger issue us is that report scheduling invokes Web version (not Rich Internet Application). Therefore we cannot schedule report that is giving us problem described. I tried scheduling report from Launchpad and from CMC and both game me error highlighted.

  • WebI Report on BEx ignoring the filter values

    Hallo experts,
    I have a Webi report on BEx query.
    We have two BEx Variables; one for Manual input and other one is a Customer Exit to calculate YTD on 0CALMONTH(Calender Month/Year).
    We've created Webi report on this Bex query.
    When we selected a value in webi prompt then it is ignoring the value and delivering all the data for previous years also.
    But when we selected the value in Bex variable then it is giving only values which we selected.
    For example:
    We have data in our cubes for 2013 and 2014.
    We selected in webi prompt JUN 2014 ------ in this case webi is delivering all the data for all the months and years (i:e JAN - DEC for 2013 and 2014)
    We selected in Bex variable JUN 2014 ----in this case Bex is delivering only values for JAN 2014 until JUN 2014 for only 2014.
    So, BEx is working as should be but not Webi.
    Any ideas to solve this Webi issues would be appreciated.

    Hallo Sathish,
    When I am placing input variable in a dummy key figure, I am getting values for one month less.
    Example: i am selecting JUN 2014 and it is delivering values until MAY 2014.

  • Hierarchy issue with Web Intelligence Report

    Hi All,
    We are facing an issue with OLAP Universe where we are using hierarchy for cost center in reports.
    BEx query shows correct data in RSRT with hierarchy nodes.
    We have built a Universe on top of this BEx Query.
    We are using couple of nodes of cost enter hierarchy in WebI report but if we keep more than one node in WebI query, data comes double (probably because of duplicate rows). Instead if I keep just one of the node in WebI query, WebI report returns correct data.
    Please suggest, why such behavior with OLAP universe and how to resolve this?
    Best Regards,

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    I am little confused on how to check SQL generated for OLAP WebI Query.
    But other reports on same universe behave same way and I'll give a try to another universe but I don't expect it to behave in different way. I saw a setting for relational Universes like restriction on duplicate rows but the same is not present in case of OLAP Universe.
    Do you know how WebI behaves with BEx hierarchies?
    There has to be some setting to make it work...
    Best Regards,

  • Report on BEx query with 2 structures (one in rows and one in columns)

    Hi, experts! I have to make Crystall report on BEx query with 2 structures, one in columns (with KF's), and one in rows. Is it possible to create such report? Because when I create such report, I cant see fields in structures, only characteristics fields.
    Ok, I found samr problem in another thread. Sorry.
    Edited by: Mikhail Sychev on Dec 5, 2009 9:53 PM

    Hey Flora,
    Happy to hear that its working now.
    Answering your question, again its upto the connection and report format you are using. Based on your question i hope you your report output should be like this.
    You cannot map to two labels for the series, again this report format is possible only in cross tab through Webi. I would suggest you to concatenate the material and month in a dimension in webi like below.
    I have done the concatenation in excel level, i would suggest you to do that in webi. Try to reduce the formula as much in excel.
    If you are using Query browser connection, then i would suggest you to create a separate report which will display the actual vs plan material wise, here you need to pass the material as a prompt.
    Hope this helps in clear, please revert me for any clarification.

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