Item text in Purchase Order getting updated with info. record Purchase Order Text

Hello All,
I am working in a roll out project and facing issue in text repeating twice for the line item in the Purchase Order for the new company code for which rollout is happening
Item text in Purchase Order getting updated with info. record Purchase Order Text
01) PO Text is maintained in the material master under "Purchase Order Text" tab
02) The PO text that is maintained in material master is getting updated in the Purchase Info. Record
03) When Purchase Order is created, the "Item Text" gets updated in the Purchase Order automatically only for the new company code for which rollout is happening. when printed, this results in the text getting duplicated twice
03.1) this behavior is not observed in the Plants/ Company code that is already Live
Configurations in the system:
The copying rules for the "Texts for Purchase Orders" is
Source Object = "Info Record", Source Text="Purchase Order Text", Fix="*"
We have modified the Purchase Order form to print one of  the condition types maintained for calculating the tax. Other than this there is no change to the plants that are already live.
I could not locate any "Purchase Organization" / "Company Code" / "Plant specific configuration.
Am I missing any configuration or where can I look in what is causing this error.
Request help from the experts in the forum.
with Regards,
Dhandapani R

There is no company/purchasing/plant specific customizing for purchase order text.
The customizing copying rules for the "Texts for Purchase Orders" affects all equally .
If the text in the purchase order in ME23N is already filled different to other plants, then you either have a modification in place, or the texts are differently maintained in the referenced data (vendor, material, info record, contract)

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    Best regards

    Purchase info records use the supplementary schema for maintaining the conditions.
    Please maintain the supplmentary schema for the condition type PB00.
    RM0002 is the stad supplementary scheam which has all the supplement conditions like doscounts and surcharges.
    Once you maintain these the sytem will update your conditions in the inforecord.
    Thanks & Regards

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    PR never pickes valuation price from info record. Valuation Price is internal and stocks are valuated at valuation price. If you fix a vendor in PR then that is used in PO for price. But valuation price will not be chnaged automatically. It is alwys copied from Material master. You can edit it. It is used for release procedure of PR and Price comparison between PO and PR valaution price.
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    Best Regards

    It will get updated in the menu details of Inforecord. Goto Inforecord Purchasing data > In menu details go to environment > There you can find the order price history.
    Note: PO price will never update the conditions in inforecord.

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    Thanks for straight forward solutions its now working properly after run the program.. thanks too much..
    also do i need to run this program periodically or once i notice that one dispute case it not getting updated?
    Mahmoud El Nady

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    KINAK is updated only when a Condition is inactive ! So when a item is deleted the condition becomes inactive and gets updated with 'W' which means statistical(not to be counted)
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    i think u have to do it manually
    logically if u see u can use diffrent prices in diff po
    if ur price is inr 100 in 1st po and u done gr ur rice will get updated in mm suppose it is 105
    next time u create the po of 110 rs  and done gr
    suppose ur price updated is 108 rs inmm
    so it is not happening that 108 is get updated in ur 1st po
    right so i think u have to update pos manually
    if i am wrong plz let me know

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    Hi Irene
    Difficult to help here without reviewing your mappings/schedule but does SalesOrgKey 12345 represent a particular value e.g. Unknown, Default?
    I suspect it's something to do with your load order in that the data in the dimension is not available/ready when the fact is loaded and therefore a default value is being inserted. When the fact load is rerun I'm guessing the load of the dimension has finished and therefore the key lookup returns the proper keys from the dimension. Is the dimension truncated and reloaded?

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    Revision: 4706
    Author: [email protected]
    Date: 2009-01-28 07:58:30 -0800 (Wed, 28 Jan 2009)
    Log Message:
    When handling the damageEvent make sure _contents gets updated with the potentially modified contents of the textFlow. Either the contents or the style of the text flow, or both could have triggered the damage event.
    QE Notes:
    Doc Notes:
    Bugs: SDK-18749
    Reviewers: Gordon
    Ticket Links:
    Modified Paths:

    Remember that Arch Arm is a different distribution, but we try to bend the rules and provide limited support for them.  This may or may not be unique to Arch Arm, so you might try asking on their forums as well.

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    I have a column where I have implemented writeback, its working fine. On top of this I need to show 0 as No and 1 as yes in our report, that is also done. Now I want to enter Yes in a column where it was no and I want database table to get update with 1. I am not sure how to do it. SOmeone please help me out.

    Hi ,
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    First u pls check how its updating with moving average price and select in MMRecord valuation class and price options, then check settings for ur gl account go to fs00 display mode check settings in control data.
    Compare ur gl account which u have created with standard Gl account.

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    Each time that you add or change the credit card details on your account a small temporary store holding charge may be applied to check that the card details are correct and valid and that it's registered to exactly the same name and address as on your iTunes account - it should disappear off your account within a few days or so.
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    What then happens when you try to make a purchase e.g. do you get any error messages ?

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    Sometimes rapid purchases look suspicious if you have a credit card attached to your account.  Store credit takes a minute to catch up depending if the balance is low on the account.  May want to check balance or with credit card company.

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