ITunes on ethernet connection loses airport express speakers but iPhone 4 airplay works

I have started experiencing a problem this past week (Aug 2012) that I see sometimes reported here.  When I run iTunes on a Win7 machine that is connected by ethernet to my router, the airport express speakers would regularly disappear.  I can always connect to these airport express via airplay from my iPhone 4.  In fact when the airplay speakers disappear from iTunes on the ethernet-connected machine, I can reliably make them reappear by turning on the Music app on the iPhone.  But after a while the airplay speakers would disappear again.  On a Win7 laptop connected via wifi to the network the same version of iTunes seems so far not to exhibit the same problem.
Has anyone discovered what the underlying problem is or found a solution?

I ran into the specific problem in another thread.  There are more than 100 connections from the apple TV's to iTunes.  You can do a netstat -a (windows or Mac), and verify the problem.  iTunes is smart enough to stop allowing more than 100 connections but stupid to allow the ATV to create so many connections.
Now for what you really want!  Set all of your ATVs to wifi only.  Even setting the iTunes host to wifi might help also.  I think that wifi is more unreliable, and forces connections to drop, keeping the count under 100. 
I also turned off ip v6.  That could help you also.  I originally had problems on a Mac mini, and built a windows 7 box to try to fix the problem.  The wifi trick worked on both platforms.  Several of us have bug reports into apple.  I have a wired house also, and am very angry to NEED to use slow wifi to overcome this problem.  The ATV gen 3 has been able to keep up with 1080p over wifi, so it doesn't hurt too much.  What really hurts is spending over 40 hours troubleshooting this bug.

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  • Can't connect to Airport Express speakers in iTunes

    I have a Time Capsule and an AX (802.11n).
    The AX is connected to a stereo and speakers, and is configured to Join my existing wi
    iTunes sees the remote speakers, but when I select them I get an error message and cannot connect.
    Also, Airport Utility (6.0) is not allowing me to change the speaker settings (name, password). These options are greyed out, despite the Enable AirPlay option being checked.

    OK, I just solved this same (or similar) problem for myself...
    My iTunes on MacMini has been connecting to multiple Expresses for years. Every once in a while, iTunes will "forget" that it is to play through the Expresses and reverts to Computer only. So I would just pop open the Airplay menu and select Multlple Speaker and turn them all on again. Weird, but solvable.
    Tonight, no go. I could not select any of the Airport Expresses in this Airplay "speaker chooser." I am running OSX 10.6.8 and iTunes 10.6.1. Was it the recent 10.6.1 update? Not sure, but it points to that.
    (By the way, are you saying Airport Utility software update, or do you really mean the Express firmware update?)
    Anyway, I tried various normal things, restarting this and that. No luck. Googled this and that, etc. Finally took the plunge and updated the firmware in the Expresses and Time Capsule, which restarts the units. This DID NOT solve the problem (not right away, at least).
    I notice that my MacBook Pro's iTunes could connect to all my Expresses (even befoe the Express' firmware updates). This was my first troubleshooting check. This got me to think that this was an Airport vs Ethernet issue. (My Mini and all Expresses are hardwired with Ethernet).
    So I turned off Ethernet on the Mini and connected it to my LAN with Airport. Sure enough, now the Mini's iTunes could select all the Expresses!
    Weirder still, I turned off the Mini's Airport and reconnected it to my LAN using Ethernet. Voila! The speaker settings in iTunes stuck and now everything is fine. (For now!)
    Computers... errrrr......

  • ITunes on Windows Vista PC can't connect to AirPort Express. PC returns error message -15000

    I'm running PC with Vista and newest update iTunes.
    I have set up a network through my AirPort Express, and i am streaming music wirelessly from my PC to AirPort. This used to work, but now i get an error message saying that an error occured while connecting to the AirPort, with the error code -15000. What's wrong? this used to work earlier?
    This is particularly annoying since it used to work, until the latest (or the one before that) iTunes update.
    Need help!

    This is always a Windows firewall problem. Try opening UDP port 6002 in your firewall software.

  • More ethernet connections for airport express

    I am looking to hook up an ethernet switch to an Airport Express to provide additional ports to connect devices such as a printer (which doesn't want to function consistently in Wi-Fi mode), and possibly a Blu-Ray player. Any problems with my thinking here?

    As long as you have verified that the Ethernet port has been enabled on lthe AirPort Express, you can connect an Ethernet switch to the Express to accommodate additional Ethernet devices.
    Keep in mind that your "Ethernet" connections will only support as much bandwidth as the wireless network allows. This will likely be far less than a direct wired Ethernet cable connection from the main router to the Ethernet devices.

  • Wireless to ethernet connection using airport express

    Here is what I have and what I wish to do. I have a Mac Mini intel duo with Airport extreme card Connected to road runner via a ethernet router. My wife has a window running XP with out airport extreme. Can I use airport express to share the internet with my wife's computer by using an ethernet cable from my wife's computer to the airport express, remotely to (another room). Utilizing my computer as a base station?

    Fordmanduo, Welcome to the discussion area!
    No that will not work.
    The Ethernet port on the AirPort Express (AX) is active ONLY when the AX uses WDS to wirelessly connect to a network.
    OS X's Internet Sharing (via Mac mini) is not compatible with WDS.

  • Connecting to Airport Express speakers over wired network

    I have my speakers plugged into my Airport Express and obviously computers connected to it via WiFi are able to stream music to the speakers through iTunes.
    I am at university and there are many users on the network, and my Airport is setup to simply act as an access point. Is there any way users on the network (NOT the wireless itself) can connect to my speakers through iTunes?
    So far I have tried turning on sharing the speakers and telling other computers to look for them but have had no luck. My computer is able to connect to them but only when connected to the wireless.

    Many thanks for your replies.
    I do in fact have my Airport set to Bridge Mode, but this unfortunately does not seem to make any difference. Other users' iTunes still cannot see the AirTunes speakers.
    I was reading this guide - - and it seems the poster, Daniel, had managed to get other devices on the network (wired, not wireless) to stream music to the Airtunes speakers, so perhaps it is possible but there is something I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

  • ITunes show Airport Express Speakers but will not allow me to choose them

    Hi, I just installed and updated my 802.11g airport express. When I open iTunes (version 9- just updated today), I am able to see the speaker selector option on the bottom right of the screen. When I open it, the choice for my laptop speakers and airport speakers both appear; however, only the laptop speakers can be chosen. I am unable to choose the airport speakers at all. I have downloaded all of the latest firmware/software I can think of for both iTunes and the airport express. Please help!!!

    After months of having this problem (and a few unsuccessful hours at the Genius Bar), I finally found a fix.
    In AirPort Utility, I updated the firmware.
    I redid a bunch of other settings, too. Updated to latest iTunes (9), reset my preferences in Security (via Control Panel) and reset the remote speaker option through iTunes (preferences, advanced). But, it was the firmware update that finally got it to work. Sorry I can't be more specific - I'm not a computer buff. Good luck!
    Dang, I hate updates.

  • ITunes does not see airport express speakers but airfoil does

    iTunes 6.0.2 and AE 6.3
    iTunes does not see the AE speakers but Airfoil does.
    Have restarted AE to no avail.

    Having a similar problem. iTunes 6.0.2 "sees" the Airport Express but cannot select the speakers associated with the Airport. iTunes 6.0.1 works on a Mac Mini with the same Express. Tried to re-load the system from the CDs but iTunes 6.0.2 still on

  • Ethernet connection shown to be made but is not working

    I am trying to connect to the internet using the internet via powerline adapters. My network preferences tell me that I am connected. the power line and the router tell be I am connected but I am not. Fortunately the wireless connection is ok but I would like to use the ethernet. I have replaced wires and updated the router. Any help would be welcome.

    From the menu bar, select  
               ▹ System Preferences... ▹ Network ▹ Advanced ▹ TCP/IP
    What values are shown for the following?
              Configure IPv4
              IPv4 Address
              Subnet Mask

  • Password for ethernet, connecting with AirPort Express?!

    I live in a student-house, and normally connects with a cable to the wall (ethernet). I´ve got a password from the University where I study, and have to use this to connect with the ethernet.
    My question; Can I place the ethernet-cable into the AirPort Extreme, and make it work on my mac, even though there´s a password? (can I type in this password somewhere during the installation?)
    I´m no good at this, and I´m really really tired of having to use the cable on my mackbook....

    Okey, than I wont try no more...
    Thank you so much!!

  • 10.5.8 MBP cannot find or reliably connect to AirPort Express on channel 13

    Problems with channel id 13:
    I believe this is another (NEW!) issue unrelated to the already described WLAN-battery-performance-drop-down. Furthermore the following may not only apply to 10.5.8 but to 10.5.7, too:
    Since there are many (~20) WLAN networks in my neighborhood, I decided to switch to channel 13 (in the AirPort Utility for my Airport Express b/g) in order to minimize interference. This used to work fine.
    But since 10.5.8 my intel MacBookPro 15" (Early 2006) does not find my WLAN anymore. It is not listed in the available WLAN-list. When switching Airport off on my MBP and on again, it sometimes finds my WLAN but the connection drops within a minute and I am completely disconnected - too short to get AirPort Utility to connect the Airport Express station (but it can find the Airport Express station for a second or so).
    However, the iPhone3G and the ubuntu-linux still work great with the very same WLAN.
    I tried another WLAN-router (d-link) and this plays well with my 10.5.8 MacBookPro.
    Interestingly, when I tell the d-link WLAN to use channel 13, my Mac shows the same symptoms as with my AirPort Express b/g on channel 13.
    I have not tested with which other channels this occurs.
    The "hack" to restore the 10.5.7 IO80211Family.kext did not work. I reinstalled the 10.5.8 combo-update, but that does not help, either.
    Note1: In Germany, WIFI channels 1 to 13 are allowed. Maybe, in the USA this is different and Apple did not tested the 10.5.8 Airport with the channels possibly not available in the states?
    Note2: My MacBookPro is too old to apply the 10.5.8 Airport-slow-on-battery thingy patch, posted here in the forums.
    Note3: Since 10.5.7 (or maybe a version below?) OS X (after sleeping or restarting) tells me that my preferred network has not been found. Then I disable and enable the airport and select my network once it appears. In the first place I thought this was due to the huge amount of WLANs... but now I am not sure any longer...
    Perhaps others have observed a similar behavior?
    Note4: I will post my specs (version of MBP and airport) later, since I am at work right now.
    Note5: I will try to reset my Airport station to factory defaults and choose another channel.

    Carolyn Samit wrote:
    HI Samuel,
    Definitely try a different channel.
    Airport Troubleshooting Guide
    Hey Carolyn thank's for your reply!
    The Airport Troubleshooting Guide is great. Unfortunately did not help in my case.
    (I tried a lot of other things, too. Installing the combo update 10.5.8, resetting PRAM, deleting keychain entries, removing Aiport adapter in the list of network adaptors, removing known networks and so one. Nothing did a change!)
    What did help indeed was to plug in the Mac by ethernet cable and configure the Airport Express base station to a different channel. Then it works like charm (again), as you suggested, too.
    I tested with another (d-link) wlan (b/g) station and confirmed my first suspicion that it has something to do with the channel and not with the base station or some configuration.
    Both, channel 12 and 13 are NOT working, but all others do fine!
    This is a bug (introduced in 10.5.8 or maybe 10.5.7, I am not sure?). I repeat, this is a bug and unrelated to the wifi battery issues described by others. I guess I will file a feedback report.
    As a work-around, switch to another channel. I am not sure what happens to people who have channel left to "automatic" and the base station changes to 12 or 13 by itself. (Is this technically possible?) I think they will get problems. Definetely.
    For completeness, my specs:
    Model Name: MacBook Pro 15"
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro1,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core Duo
    Processor Speed: 2 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 1
    Total Number Of Cores: 2
    L2 Cache: 2 MB
    Memory: 2 GB
    Bus Speed: 667 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: MBP11.0055.B08
    SMC Version (system): 1.2f10
    AirPort Card Information:
    Wireless Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x86)
    Wireless Card Locale: Worldwide
    Wireless Card Firmware Version:
    Current Wireless Network: Apple Airport Express
    Wireless Channel: 1

  • I find there is a slight delay between my macbook speakers and external speakers connected via Airport Express.  Is there a way to rectify this?  Thanks!

    Music plays out of sync between my computer speakers and externally connected throught Airport Express speakers.

    Unfortunately, I don't have either a Slingbox or iHome speakers so I won't be able to reproduce any of the issues you are having. With the fact that you live in large apartment complex would still lead me to believe that Wi-Fi interference may be the reason that you are having streaming issues.
    I suggest you perform a simple site survey, using utilities like iStumbler, or AirRadar to determine potential areas of interference, and then, try to either eliminate or significantly reduce them where possible.

  • Connection to airport express dies out from iTunes after 1-3 hours

    I have iTunes running in Windows XP. It is connected to zyxel WLAN AP through ethernet and Airport express is connected over wlan to this Zyxel. I have two problems where worse one is that after sometime 1-3 hours iTunes looses connection to airport express(remote speakers). Only way to return is to shut down power from AE. Then streaming can be started again. it seems that Internet connection is working all the time through zyxel, so this is not probably related to wlan itself
    Other problem seems to be that Itunes can find AE only after reboot. I have opened firewall, so good ideas what is wrong in these two problems.

    Yes, there's an exception for Bonjour in the firewall (Bonjour is allowed)
    I've try to re-add the "APAgent" which control Airports and restart the firewall but it didn't worked...
    The only solution I've found was to desactivate Windows firewall...
    (Firewall of my ADSL box is activated).
    Maybe I should try to repair iTunes Installation like WPLU...

  • Question re AEBS Connected to Airport Express via Ethernet

    If I have an AEBS that is being used to extend the range of my wireless network, if I connect an Airport Express via Ethernet to this AEBS for purposes of itunes airtunes will this work and will the wireless network remain wireless-n?

    Yes, it will.
    You also have the option of (a) completely turning off the radio on the Airport Express or (b) leaving it on, and using it to create a b/g point of access to your LAN thus allowing you to run the AEBSn in n-only mode for your n-capable wireless clients.

  • IPhone 5s connect to airport express but when I play in iTunes no option to pick airport ?

    iPhone 5s connect to airport express but when I play in iTunes no option to pick airport ?

    If anyone would like to know how to fix this, I discovered the answer.
    I have no idea what IPv6 is and I care not, but apparently now, all of a sudden, Apple makes iTunes talk to Airport Express units using IPv6. However, it didnt bother to make the Airport Express units expect this first, so iTunes can see the Airport Express, but it cant talk to it.
    Anyway, I found that you have to manually go into your Mac settings (scary stuff if you are a non technical person like me) and turn off IPv6.
    To do this, go to "Finder > Go > Utilities > Terminal"
    networksetup -setv6off Wi-Fi  (hit enter)
    Then type
    networksetup -setv6off Ethernet (hit enter)
    and magically your iTunes will talk to your Airport Express units again.
    I presume at some point we will have to undo this as technology moves on and everything uses IPv6, so when that happens go into Terminal again and type
    networksetup -setv6automatic Wi-Fi  (hit enter)
    Then type
    networksetup -setv6automatic (hit enter)
    Thanks Apple for that.

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