ITunes update no longer connects to AirPort Express

Sympton exists on both iMac and iBook even after permissions updated with Disk Utility. Anyone have any thoughts?

I am using Airport Express also but have not had any trouble with the iTunes 6.0.4 update. Is your AE firmware up-to-date? Try resetting the AE (look in Airport Help for instructions) You may want to post to the Airport Express discussions. Good luck.

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  • Itunes will not stay connected to Airport Express with any Yosemite update.

    Since installing Yosemite (original and updates) my itunes will no longer stay connected to Airport Express on my iMac. Any ideas?
    I have no probblem at all when using ipad or other devices.

    Hello mtvessell,
    If you are having issues connecting to the iTunes Store, then start with the article below for some general troubleshooting to get it sorted out. If it continues, then take a look at the second article for additional support. 
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting
    -Norm G.  

  • Itunes 7 won't connect to airport express

    i installed itunes 7.02 and now my airport express won't connect. I've read many of the discussions and have done all of the ipv6 recommendations etc. but to no avail. Very frustrated! Apple screwed up big time.

    Help! ever since i downloaded itunes 7 for windows
    (big mistake, as we all know) it won't connect to the
    air port express. it sees it, attempts to connect,
    but times out every time. anyone have any ideas?
    I have the same problem on one AE unit that is more distant from the base but not on another. It also fails now to connect to Olive Musica in my main listening room. With these problems, I wonder whether an update fix can be far off?

  • Itunes starts/stops when connecting to Airport Express

    When I try and play songs via my wireless laptop, the music will stop/start as if it is trying to connect to my airport express. But, if I play the music from my desktop that is connected directly to my wireless router, it will play just fine (no pauses).
    I have a Linksys 4-port Wireless G Router (model WRT54G).
    Need some advice on how to get my laptop to play music without starting or stopping

    It appears iTunes is indeed looking for speakers connected via airport express, but, as your router isn't an airport product, it doesn't succeed.
    Try turning off the airtunes function in the iTunes preferences.

  • Can no longer connect to Airport Express with upgrade to iTunes 10.1

    Since I upgraded to iTunes 10.1 I can no longer connect to my Airport Express (unknown error-15000). Another computer on my betwork running an older version of iTunes still works on the Airport Express.
    Any ideas? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall airport express with no success.

    Rather than disabling the firewall, try making sure you've got exceptions in it for BonJour. Although the following document is about a different error message, the instructions in there are worth trying. (At step 7, make sure there's an exception for BonJour as well.)
    [iTunes for Windows: Bonjour alert due to firewall, security, or proxy software|]

  • HT4587 my itunes no longer connects to airport express.  I get unknown error -15000

    I have been using airplay for months, then out of the blue my itunes no longer connects to the AE.  I can connect and stream music directly from an iphone or touch but not from my laptop.  Please help

    Well I uninstalled Comodo and turned on Windows firewall. I re-installed iTunes.
    I went into firewall settings and iTunes was checked off (allowed) for both home & public networks. Didn't work. I saw Bonjour on there and just 'home' was checked off, so I checked off 'public' to see if it mattered.
    It did work. iTunes connected to the remote speakers....but for some reason, only for a very short period, then I get a network error.
    This is freaking unbelievable. It was all working fine till I stupidly updtated to 10. Grrrrrrrrr

  • IPhone 4S and 4 no longer connect to Airport Express after 7.6.1

    My network has experienced some issues, but only with the iPhones in our house connecting.  Here's my set-up:
    Airport Extreme
    Two Airport Express that are extending off the Extreme.
    All are on the newest firmware 7.6.1 and I have updated the Airport Utility on the iMac.  They are all green and I've reset and reconfigured them each with no results.
    The iPad and Macbook Air in the house both connect fine to the Airport Express stations.  It's just the two iPhones.  One is a Verizon 4S, the other is an AT&T 4.  I have got neither to connect to either Airport Express.  I've put them in Airplane mode and left them 5 feet from the Airport Express, but they continue to pick the weak signal of the Extreme (even though the iPad right next to it picks up the strong signal of the Express).
    Should I look into downgrading just to salvage iPhone connectivity?

    It sounds like i had the same issue (Airport Extreme with an Express extending the network and my iPhone's wouldnt connect to the Express anymore).  I went into the Airport Extreme through the Airport Utility and then changed the wireless settings (Wireless Tab / Wireless Options) and created a 5GHz name (radio mode set to automatic).  Now my iPhones can connect to the express and everyhing seems to be back to normal after the firmware update debacle. 
    After i upgraded my firmware to 7.6.1 i noticed my airport express was transmitting only on the 5GHz band (channel 161 or whatever), now after i changed this, it's transmitting on channel 11.
    Hope maybe this helps.

  • Itune on iMac cannot connect to Airport Express, but Itune on XP can

    I've the following situation:
    Itune cannot see the Airport Express unless my Iphone Remote controle is connected to Itune. And eventhough, Itune fails to connect to it.
    Here is the environment of my network
    1) third party LAN/Wireless router (connected to the internet)
    2) iMac (10.4.11) connected via the LAN port to the router
    3) Airport Express (7.3.2) connected to the wireless network
    4) one Iphone connected to the wireless network
    5) one XP computer connected to the wireless network
    6) All devices are in the same subnet
    What really puzzle me is that Itune on the XP laptop can broadcast music to the Airport Express without any issue. But Itune on the Mac does not see at all the Airport Express unless I connect my Iphone to Itune. When I do so, the Airport Express become listed in the status bar of Itune. But if I try to make Itune connect to it, it try for a while then it stop trying without any error message.
    I really don't understand what is going on. Does any body can give my a bit more information how Itune and Airport Express communicate? Or have any idea where I should direct my troubleshooting?
    Thanks in advance for any help

    So did i screw something up last night when i connected using my PC?
    That sounds likely. Maybe the security type or password?
    And if so how do i re-set the link with my mac??
    Try the options described on pp. 30-33 of
    Once you get things working again, suggest you save the settings in a profile. In future when you bring the PC home, create a different profile for experimentation. Switch back to the usual profile when you're done with the PC. Eventually, you should be able to develop one profile that works with both machines.

  • IMac no longer connects to airport express

    Good evening. Thank you for looking.
    Running an iMac 2010 with Yosmite latest.
    Yesterday, I could not wifi connect to my airport express.
    iPhone and iPad and laptop all connect to it great.
    I've tried deleting the wifi route in settings/network and re-entering it with Password. No Good.
    Funny thing is, that I seem to be able to connect to other local WiFi's around my house. (passworded)
    But for my express, it simply keeps asking me to run dx and then offers no real information.
    I've also tried changing ip from DHCP to manual and no good there either.
    Any ideas please. I'm really going nutz here.
    Thank you again.

    it simply keeps asking me to run dx and then offers no real information
    What information does it offer?

  • ITunes (Windows) won't connect to Airport Express

    I've recently upgraded to version 10.2.1 and now when I try to play music on my Living Room speakers, I get an error saying, "An error occurred. The network connection failed." (My Mac computer has no problem) Apparently, issue is with 10.2.1 and Windows 7. I tried the "repair" function in Control Panel, but it didn't help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I just saw your post - I posted the same thing a little after you did. Did you figure out the problem? I haven't gotten any answers yet to my post.

  • IMac (on Ethernet) Can No Longer Stream to Airport Express (on WiFi)

    After years of reliable service, all of a sudden I cannot stream music from iTunes on my iMac, via my Airport Express, to my stereo system.
    First, a bit about my configuration:
       * iMac connected via Ethernet to a wireless router (D-Link DIR-655).
       * iMac Airport (WiFi) is turned off.
       * D-Link sets up a wireless network, and Airport Express joins the network.
       * Airport Express does not set up its own network, it's simply a client of the existing D-Link wireless network.
       * iTunes "sees" the Airport Express, and can stream audio via AirPlay.
       * iPad also joins the wireless network, and also can stream to the Airport Express via AirPlay.
       * iMac running 10.6.8, with all software updates applied.
       * Airport Express running latest firmware (7.6.1).
    Well, that was a few days ago, when "it just worked". But for some unknown reason iTunes could no longer "see" the Airport Express.
    So I took my Airport Express to the Apple Store and they did a Factory Reset, but it did not solve the problem. I figured my rather old Airport Express was failing, so today I bought a new one. The symptoms have changed a bit, but even after spending an hour on the phone with AppleCare, it doesn't work properly.
    Now, the only way the iMac can stream to the Airport Express is if the iMac also joins the wireless network. In fact, now with Airport turned OFF on the iMac, the Airport Utility cannot see the Airport Express. But here's another weird thing: when I use the IP address of the Airport Express, the Airport Utility CAN connect with and manage the Airport Express, even with Airport turned OFF on the iMac!
    I should also mention, the iPad has no issues whatsoever connecting to the D-Link's wireless network and streaming music to the Airport Express.
    This all seems like something might have changed on the D-Link wireless router. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out what setting(s) on the router might allow the iMac - over Ethernet - to stream audio to the Airport Express.
    Another thing. When I have Airport turned on on the iMac, it can "see" and stream to the Airport Express, but the music has very frequent drop-outs. Could this be related to the fact that the iMac has two IP addresses (one on Ethernet, one on WiFi)?
    My goal is to get things "back to normal", where I can turn off Airport on the iMac, and all LAN and WAN traffic from the iMac goes over Ethernet. I have a few questions (for now :-)
       * Since my iMac has two connections to my LAN using two IP addresses (Ethernet & WiFi), is that likely to cause any issues?
       * When two computers join the same wireless LAN, can they effectively talk directly to one another, or does the wireless router need to be involved every time one computer sends a TCP or UDP packet to the other?
       * Do routers (or the DIR-655 in particular) tend to have any firewalls or policies that control connections on the LAN between Ethernet and WiFi clients?
       * Since AirPlay uses TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353, would the DIR-655 need any special configuration to "open these ports" so an Ethernet client can connect with a WiFi client?
    So, any help would be most appreciated!

    I am having a very similar issue.  I use my Airport Express (AX) to stream music from the computers on my network to my stereo via Airplay.  I have AX set up to wirelessly join my existing wireless network, which uses a D-Link DIR-655 router hooked to a Time Warner cable modem.  I can succesfully connect all of my wireless devices via Airplay, through iTunes to my AX, including two laptops and an iPhone.  However, my primary desktop PC, which does not have a wireless card is linked directly via ethernet cable to my D-Link router, and it is not able to see my AX.  Similar to your case, I can see the Airport Express from my PC through my Airport Utility by directly typing in the IP address.  Note that the  AX set-up option to allow Ethernet clients is checked.  I also noticed that my laptops will stop detecting AX if I directly connect them to my D-Link router via Ethernet and turn off their wireless cards.  They will resume detecting AX when I turn their wireless connections back on.  I have tried every conceivable setting of my D-Link router to no avail. 

  • ITunes can no longer connect to my Airport Express, which is connected to a Bose Wave unit.

    Hi, This started about a month ago. iTunes still shows Airport Express as an option in the drop-down, but when I try to connect it searches and searches and doesn't connect. Airport Express is functioning for networking and Internet access purposes. Bose Wave unit is also (independently) working fine. They just don't seem to talk to each other anymore.
    What happened? How can I fix this?

    ajboon wrote:
    I assume you mean I need to connect the Airport to the modem using an ethernet cable?
    ajboon wrote:
    Because trying to do it wirelessly is not working...
    That's normal.  If you want to "extend" a network, an Airport can extend only a WiFi created by another Airport, not a non-Apple device.  The only wireless connection that you can make to the Motorola WiFi is a "join" for the purpose of providing an AirPlay connection.

  • ITunes 11.1 won't connect to AirPort Express

    I just updated iTunes to ver. from the previous version of 11.0.5.  Prior to this, everything worked fine, no issues ever with connecting to my airport express from iTunes.  Now that I've updated to 11.1 I get the following message when selecting my AirPort express for streaming:
    "An error occurred while connecting to the AirPlay Device 'CasaWalck AirPort Express'. The network connection failed"
    The AirPort express is a bit older... an 802.11g, running the latest version firmware 6.3 and it's still attatching to my AT&T Uverse wireless home network just fine.  Went into the router admin to verify all is well, and it is.
    At the end of the day, it seems to be the iTunes update that caused all of this.  I should also add that with the iTunes update, I also installed iCoud (which I didn't have installed before) and the latest version of Quicktime.
    I'm running
    - Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 on an HP tower.
    - AT&T Uverse wireles modem w/WPA2-PSK (AES) encryption
    - Netgear WNA1100 USB WiFi modem
    - Apple AirPort Express 802.11g w/firmware 6.3
    Any help is greatly appreciated.  I really want to get my streaming to work again!

    Okay, I'm logging this for anyone who might be experiencing the same issue.  I kept poking around my system until I found the solution myself.
    In researching this issue, I kept coming across folks who found an issue involving their Mac systems. Since I have a Windows 7 platform that didn't do anything for me.  Initially I started suspecting an IPv6 compatability issue between iTunes 11.1 and my old airport express.  Found nothing fruitful there (including this so you don't waste your time chasing that down).  The other common theme coming up with others was their firewall.  I came across on thread in particular where if they disabled thier firewall, they got iTunes to connect to their airport express/airplay device again.  However, they were stuck with a choice between this working and having firewall protection.  I personally just couldn't operate without a firewall. So... I kept poking around and literally stumbled on the solution.
    Windows 7:
    Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Allow a Program or Feature Through Windows Firewall > Change Settings:
    - click to highlight iTunes from the list
    - click Remove
    - click Allow Another Program...
    - Select iTunes from the list and click Add
    - Click OK so save your settings.
    - Test your connection AirPlay/AirPort Express in iTunes. It should work
    - Restart your machine and test to make sure it still works after a reboot.  Mine did.
    From what I can gather, the previous installation of iTunes logged some sort of profile or entry into the Windows firewall.  Once iTunes upated to 11.1, it seems whatever worked for the 11.0.5 install was no longer compatable.  By remiving and reinstalling this entry in the firewall, whatever was needed was refreshed and all is well with the world again.
    For all the times this community has helped me out, I only hope I can return the favor.

  • After upgrading to OS 10.8.1 I can no longer scan from my Canon MP240 printer when it is connected to Airport Express.

    I can no longer scan from printer (Canon Pixma MP240) when it is connected to Airport Express, although printing is no affected. However, when connected directly to MBP scanning works fine. I have tried all the standard remedies; reinstalling drivers, resetting printer system, selecting sharing options, but no luck. Previous to Mountain Lion this function worked fine. Any ideas how to regain this capability?

    I'm almost completely certain that the scanning feature worked before the update. Having said that though, I don't scan a great deal and it may be the case that when I have done, the printer was directly connected to the MBP. However, since I have a laptop it's far more logical that I would have had the printer connected to Airport Express for reasons of portability so I can't really see that I would have had the printer connected directly to the laptop. Besides this, I have no memory of having this problem previously. Therefore, I don't think my memory is to blame although of course, if it were I'd have no way of knowing!

  • I have tryed to connect an AirPort Express to my wireless network. But I alwais get the errocode -4. Can anybody help. I have reset the AirPort Express and updated the software.

    I have tryed to connect an AirPort Express to my wireless network. But I alwais get the errocode -4. Can anybody help. I have reset the AirPort Express and updated the software.

    The ZyXEL P-2601HN-F1, as you know, is a combination DSL modem & 802.11n wireless router (or gateway device).
    For your goal you will want to take a look at this Apple Support article for details on how to configure an AX for iTunes.
    If you are still having difficulties with the AX joining the ZyXEL's wireless network, you can try the following:
    Temporarily disable wireless encryption.
    If you are hidding the SSID, disable that feature.
    Change the Mode Select setting to: 802.11g Only
    Change the Channel Selection from "Auto" to a set channel, like 1, 6, or 11

Maybe you are looking for