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Anybody have tips for listening to in Safari? I used to be able to just click the "listen now" link. But ever since I had to re-install Tiger (for what seems to have been an un-related printing problem) I've been getting this message: "Some content on this page requires an Internet plug-in that Safari doesn’t support." When I try Windows Media Player, I get message: "playlist format is not recognized". I've searched some old posts on the subject but, so far, nothing's helped. Any ideas?
  Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

Hello Susan.
How did you re-install Tiger - Archive & Install or Erase & Install?
Did you have Flip4Mac installed (which is likely what you need) before re-installing Tiger?
Microsoft no longer supports Windows Media Player for OS X which means no future updates or new versions so as OS X gets updated and especially if you decide to upgrade to Leopard, Windows Media Player will gradually become less and less compatible.

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  • Unable to listen to Launchcast Radio on my Safari browser

    I am unable to use the LaunchCast Radio feature from my ISP, BTYahoo, in Safari as it seems the browser is not compatible. I fing this amazing as Apple and Yahoo seem to go hand-in-hand outside the UK. Have other UK Apple users experienced the same problem? Any ideas?
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.10)   Browser is Safari
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Yahoo and Apple's relationship is akin to "apples and oranges" - little in common. Since Safari's inception, Yahoo features have been deficient and/or poorly coded when it comes to the Safari browser. By contrast, Apple's new evolving partner in this rapidly changing reality is Google (no great friend of Yahoo's).
    Relative to your question, you might have better success with another browser. Here's a list -
    Firefox 2.0.4
    OmniWeb (shareware).
    My favorite is Firefox and Shiira. In this instance I try Firefox.

  • Can no longer simultaneously stream an mp3 in Safari when using fast user switching option.

    After updating to ios 5, I can no longer stream an mp3 in Safari when I use the fast user switching option.  For instance, if you are listening to streaming content in a Safari tab and want to reference another app as soon as you switch from the Safari stream pauses.
    This was not the case with previous versions of ios.  Any ideas on a work around to restore this functionality to keep Safarr streaming content in the background?

    User switching problems is the very first thing I noticed with SL. I have a host of other problems with SL but this is one of the most frustrating. The user switching did not work on 10.6 very well either but was wicked fast in 10.5.x
    Apple rewrote the Kernel so this type of thing is expected, still the test crew missed this very noticable problem. Hopefully 10.6.2 has a fix.

  • Whenever I try and do anything (listen to i-tunes, email, etc...)

    Whenever I do anything on the iPhone with the exception of making a phone call, the function essentially shuts down and goes right to the home page. I can't listen to music, can't use Safari, etc...What should I do?

    How much free storage space do you have available on your iPhone?
    Standard troubleshooting steps in order are; power your iPhone off and on, Reset, Restore from backup, Restore as a new iPhone or not from the backup, and if no change after any or all, call AppleCare (800) 694-7466, or make an appointment at an Apple Store if there is one nearby.

  • IPod stops playing when using Safari

    Ever since I updated to 1.1.2, everytime I'm listening to the iPod and open Safari to surf, the iPod stops playing after about a minute or two. The song isn't over, and its not at the end of the playlist. The music doesn't fade out either, like its receiving a call or email. Just straight up cuts out. I tried restarting the phone, which helped the first time, but now it starting doing it again. I've searched for answers elsewhere, to no avail. Thanks!

    I had heard about this for quite awhile, but never experienced it. Then the other day I was sitting outside an Apple Store, listening to some music and decided to take advantage of the free wifi for a moment. Suddenly every song would stop everytime a page loaded or a I used the back button. Totally reproduceable.
    I held down the start/off button and turned off my iPhone, waited a few seconds, turned it back on, and the problem went away -- at least for the time beling.
    Sorry I don't know a permament solution, but that did work for me.

  • ITunes Skipping When Surfing Web And Listening To Music

    I am running Vista SP2 and iTunes If I am listening to music and open my Safari Web Browser the song I am listening to will skip, it does return to normal play, but as I continue to browse it will continue to skip. My sound card is a Creative Sound Blaster, not sure of exact model. I have 4GB of Ram and I am running the 32 bit version of iTunes. It's a Pentium D processor(double core)not C2D and 2.8 ghz. Didn't have this problem prior to that I noticed. May be something with my machine, but everything else seems ok. I do have iTunes installed on my C Drive 250 GB internal while all my Music/Movies etc sits on a 1 TB internal drive. Would / Should this cause this problem...? Both drives are esata and as far as I know I have all updates ... any help would be appreciated...

    I've been having similar issues when i do a bunch of 'Preview All" in the store. Once and a while It will skip and buffer.

  • Music stops when accessing Safari

    So yesterday night, I had trouble getting my music to play while browsing Safari on my newly bought 4S. I was just playing an album, and everytime I tried to open Safari, the music would stop. After trying a few times, it went back to normal, where I could listen to my music while browsing Safari. What could have been the problem?

    It seems to have to do with if the we page has media content on it or not. I've had a similar experience on the Verge on the iPhone 5 review page, for example, because it has videos on the page. The problem is that the audio switch from Music app to QuickTime player continues even when the QuickTime application is not running/streaming. So, it will just sound blank and continue to switch the music 'off' into its static pauses mode while it awaits the content that is not currently playing.
    Please fix this Apple.

  • Safari/ Ipod function crashing?  Look here before posting

    I'm hoping enough people reply to this that it stays on the first page but this is a known issue and is on just about every page of this forum.
    The two problems in question are:
    1. Ipod crashes/ music stops when surfing the internet in Safari.
    2. Safari crashes and takes you back to home screen while surfing.
    Both problems are well documented and are expected (by most) to be fixed in the first firmware update. If you're experiencing this problem drop a response to keep this on the front page so we don't have to see posts about this every 6 minutes!

    Me too. I have even tried a Restore, which seemed to solve the problem for a day or so. But the crashes are creeping back in.
    I specifically have a lot of crashes when listening to the iPod while surfing Safari on the iPhone, or scrolling rapidly through CoverFlow on the iPod while also listening to a song.
    A reboot will help for a while, suggesting some kind of corrupt cache or memory leak as another poster said.
    I have never owned an Apple product that crashes so much, and I have had a lot of them. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update. The current workaround is just to reboot once in a while.

  • Ipad randomly incrase and decrase the volume while i listen the music

    when i upgrade my ipad mini retina to ios8 it started to change the volume randomly.
    it's on springboard while i listen music, and if i open safari or facebook or something else, in a few minutes the ipad change the volume, but not show anything just it plays music in lower volume, but if i close the app it wont plays in the normal volume... Why?
    IT's really annoying:/

    Hi Yendy14,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The article below may be able to help you with this.
    Click on the link to see more details and screenshots. 
    Troubleshooting iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch accessories
    - Judy

  • Listen to Sirius Satellite...since the lion upgrade to lion, doesn't work.

    I listen to sirius sat radio throught safari.  since the upgrade to lion, my flip for mac doesn't work...any ideas?

    Sirius has to be run in 32-bit mode in Safari.
    Right or control click the Safari icon in the Applications folder then click Get Info.
    Select:  Open in 32-bit mode.
    Check the Flip 4 Mac developer site for Lion / Safari 5.1 compatible updates.

  • Safari quits to Main Screen

    I've noticed this only a couple of times since I bought my iPhone in September, but it happened 3 times yesterday...
    I am loading a page in Safari, and once it is loaded, I go to zoom in to a section, and the iPhone exits Safari, goes to the main menu, and the iPod icon in the top-right corner goes on as if a song is playing - but no song is actually playing. If you go to the iPod function, it doesn't show anything in the 'Now-Playing' option. In order to turn off the icon, you have to start and then stop a song, and then go back into Safari and reload the page.
    I was not listening to music before i loaded Safari, so I don't think it is related to that problem I have read about.
    Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks!

    I had the same issue with Safari and iPod quitting unexpectedly back to the Main Screen. I purchased my iPhone a week ago and started to notice this condition after about 4 days. I thought it might be the crystal protective film that I put on the screen. I removed it with no change. I tried to power the iPhone off. See the link and use the "Restart" tab.
    This seems to have resolved the issue for now? I had a particular website that was crashing with regularity. No issue now. Same with iPod. Could it be that simple?
    Hope this helps everyone that is having this issue.

  • Safari and iPod music stopping or crashing

    My iPhone activiation, synch with both Mac and PC (Outlook 2007 contacts and calendar) have been flawless, and amazing. However when I listen to music, video podcast, or Safari, after a few minutes the application quits and the iPhone reverts to the main screen.
    It appears that the applicaitns are crashing, but I am not sure how to tell. The battery has been over 50% charged in all cases.
    Is anyone having any issues like this or have any idea how to tell what is going on?
    Thanks in advance,

    I had it happen to me today as well. My music kept stopping on me and shutting down the iPod app. Also Safari crashed quite a bit today too. It was getting pretty annoying. Usually a restart fixes everything but reconnecting my Bluetooth headset is such a pain I decided to just quit playing and try again later.

  • IFrame not working in IE

    I have a page that utilizes an IFrame -  In FF and Safari, when you click on one of the "Play" buttons, the IFrame changes to display the lyrics for that song.  However, in IE this does not happen.  Does anyone know how I can fix this with a hack, etc...? If not, can you think of a better way to accomplish my goal without an IFrame?  Thank you for reading, and any help you may be able to offer!  I would love the help!

    This page is not found on server
    Code errors can cause problems with browser rendering: 2Flisten.html
    Also may wish to add allowtransparency="true" attribute to your iFrame code for IE.
    Iframe Attributes:
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media  Specialists

  • My iPod touch is having a fit?

    I have an ipod touch that seems to be stubborn some times and doesn't want to turn on. it seems to happen more frequently, i will being listening to my music or surfing safari and i will turn off the music and screen and when i get back to it it won't turn on. i press the home screen, the wake/sleep button, i try charging it and it takes me to reset the thing again. when i turn back on it's a little sluggish and will lag, so i turn it off and back on. its kinda annoying, does anybody know why this is happening and how to prevent it from happening again?

    Have you tried here:
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Itunes won't open, spotlight disappeared & no sound from QT

    Hi there,
    I was browsing the web using Safari 3.0.3 and listening to music using itunes. Safari froze for some reason, this then seemed to affect play back in itunes. I waited for a while then looked at Force Quit, Safari was not responding, so I closed that. itunes then would not respond (although it was not highlighted red in force quit), I then had the menu come up telling me I had to shutdown using the power button.
    Once I had restarted my PB; itunes would not start, it just hops in the dock once then nothing; Quicktime opens but there is no audio output; there is no audio for streamed media on Safari or Firefox and I have lost spotlight and all the other icons at the top right of the menu bar, bluetooth, date & time etc.
    Audio hardware is ok, I can still get playback from Logic Pro. I have tried repairing permissions. Apart from that I'm at a loss, this is the first major issue I've had with my mac in three years, I've never had to learn how to trouble shoot it!
    My partner recently installed skype and had one or two audio problems (Incidentally, I tried opening itunes in her login, same problems all round). Also I have installed some third party DivX components for quicktime in the last couple of weeks, could either of those be an issue?
    I'm gearing up for an OSX re-install, I'd REALLY like to avoid that if possible. Can you repair OSX using the installation disks? Is there some preference file I can change/delete, or something else in the system folder/library that would fix my problems?
    Thanks, any help really appreciated.

    hi Greg!
    let's first try to get your itunes running again.
    are you running Norton Internet Security 2005? if so, first try the "Lorraine" technique:
    Lorraine M, "NIS/i-tunes problem rectified" #2, 12:51am Oct 17, 2005 CDT
    if you're not running NIS 2005, try:
    keep us posted.
    love, b

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