Loading applet..

I've an applet in a *.jar file with the classes, some images, etc... This applet take a little time to load in the explorer, so i'm sarching fomr something to read, or some code, i don't know.. to make an 'loader applet'.. to print a message 'LOADING' when the jar, or the class is loading.. i don't know..
Thanks for any help, and sory my basic english to write

I think one applet class, print loading message.. and
load the others... but it's imposibble.. no?Here I could see it once:
I think it shows that coffee cup while it's downloading the classes.
As I said, that's no special code. The JVM does it automatically already.
You couldn't really implement it yourself, thinking about it. You don't have control over the download process. You wouldn't be able to tell when all the classes are available so you can stop showing the "loading" screen... and one applet can't replace another in a document, either. It'd have to be the same applet, but that won't run until everything is available. Full circle...
My suggestion is: don't bother. Make a note on the webpage that it'll take a moment or two to download, and package it in a JAR, so you can benefit from the ZIP compression when downloading.

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  • Could not load applet in a browser using jre 1.6.0_06

    I am facing problem with loading applets when the browser uses jre 1.6.0_06.
    Not able to understand what actually the problem is, I tried to check with a small applet that would simply print Hello World on the java console. Even this applet also could not be loaded on the browser. I could load this applet in the test environment of eclipse, but not able to load it on the browser when the applet is deployed on Tomcat.
    We have no problems in loading applet if the browser is using an earlier version of the jre.
    One more thing we have found out that, if we change the SSL cipher suite of the ssl.conf file such that it can support weaker protocols, my applet works with jre 1.6.0_06 also.
    But one thing we could not understand is that why changes in SSL cipher suite of the ssl.conf file creates problem in loading the applet, only in case the browser is using jre 1.6.0_06. I mean to say that changes in the SSL cipher suite does not create any problem in loading the applet if my browser is using an earlier version of jre 1.6.0_06.
    Please help me out as I don't have any clue regarding this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    We have found a wor around for this problem.
    The following option has been unchecked and the applet could be loaded.
    Go to java control panel
    Under the Advanced Tab
    Under the Security section
    Uncheck the last option "Use TLSv1.0".
    This makes the applet work.
    But could not understand as why this is creating a problem.
    We have tried to include TLSv1.0 in the cipher suite of our apache server, while keeping the above option in java plugin control panel checked, but even that did not solve the problem.
    Please help me of how should I proceed for this problem, as I am totally stuck.
    Thank you.


    How do I load my applet (cap file) to my smartcard using JCOPToolkit ????
    Also how do you send APDUs to test the applet?
    Kind regards

    are you want to use JCShell to load applet to the smartcard?
    just set the shell properties to (PC/SC)
    3.load package
    4.install applet
    or you can type the apdu by yourself
    you also can tyep "help"
    to check how to use install
    just type install, you can see such '-p'
    is set the applet have pin-change privilege

  • Problem on loading applet netscape4.73 in macos9 very urgent pls help me

    Problems on loading applet in Netscape4.73(jre1.1.5) AppleMac OS-9.
    when i try to load applet of size ~ 200kb in Netscape 4.73 AppleMac os9, then browser abruptly closing with the AppleMac os error message :- the Applicarion " Netscape Communicator " has unexpectedly quit because an error of type 2 occured. And then asking for system restart.
    Since i am new to the AppleMac environment i cant adjust the settings please help me to overcome the problem. Its Very urgent and i am in great hurry pls.
    thanks in advance.
    Rao. V.N.

    Hi Rao,
    I'm not a mac-os specialist (even I had some business with mac !!), and it is very difficult speaking in blind, but I have severals questions that may help you.
    - Did you try you applet in other AppleMac plateform ?
    - Does your applet work fine in other browser/plateform ?
    - Does a small applet work fine on this plateform with this browser ?
    - Does you applet contains instructions like System.exit, System.* or try to access (read or write) to local files ?
    Otherelse it is possible you have problem with your jre config, try to configure your plugin with command like : -Xmx64m -Xms16m
    (These commands tell the plugin to use at least 16 Mo memory and 64 Mo for the maximum see : http://java.sun.com/docs/hotspot/gc/)
    Hope that will help you

  • Problem while loading applet in opera- very urgent please

    I am having problem while loading applet in opera browser. Showing "Applet loading " continuously. I am trying to use URLConnection to read information from applet's own host. I cant find the exact problem what is happening, Since there is no error message in browser Javaconsole.
    If anybody have idea on this please help me. I am in great hurry.
    Thanks in advance.
    Rao. V

    hi this is rao,
    I inserted a lot of System.out statements throughout applet life cycle. But they are not displaying in java console. I think the problem is in Opera-java settings. Since i am new to the opera environment i cant get right solution.
    Please help me if anybody having clear idea on this aspect.
    thanks in advance

  • Is it possible to load applets if ki imsi iccid are known?

    is it possible to load applets if ki imsi iccid are known for a sim? if the sim is given by a mobile operator. how to connect to such a card using jcop/javacard.

    is it legal to post answer here ?
    anyways i am posting here for knowledge only,hope nobody will do any mis use.
    u have generate KI from ICCID & IMSI(ICCID & IMSI u can read from SIM file system)
    for KI generation , u can find any s/w from internet search,which will generate KI from ICCID & IMSI using broute-force attack,
    then replace KI of ur SIM with generated KI,
    thats it,ur job is done :-)
    now u can connect to CM as u have ADM 0 privileges for SIM.

  • Is OCF related to loading applet into the sim

    I've read some text about OCF(Open Card Framework) it is said that it is an interface to both smart card reader and applications on the sim. if we take "the application on the sim" same as "Installer Applet" then the ocf stands in the place which the problem of loading applet exists.
    could you please explain:
    Can I use OCF for witing a programm to load my applet into card?
    Is There any other way to do the task??

    If it is a GlobalPlatform card, there are some simple steps to validate if your card is locked/terminated
    1. send GET DATA on some tag you know for sure is in the data store of the CardManager
    2. If this works, try to authenticate (INIT-UPD, EXT-AUTH)
    3. If this works, GET STATUS on ISD --> AID and life cycle of the CM
    - If 1. does not work, then your default select application is not the ISD --> contact the issuer for the AID
    - If 2. does not work, then your card is locked or terminated
    - If 3. does not work, then the GP secure channel protocol on-card has a different implementation than your off-card tool/API (most likely with a Gemalto card)

  • Dynamically Loading Applet in an IFRAME

    Hi All!
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put my question, since it's more of a JavaScript issue. But, I'll just test my luck here.
    I have a signed applet that I wish to load dynamically. What I did was to create an HTML document containing the applet then have another HTML document, containing an IFRAME element with it's source pointing to the applet HTML document. This is how it looks like:
    *Applet.htm (HTML containing the applet)<HTML>
    <OBJECT classid="clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93"
              <PARAM name="CODE" value="javapos.DiagApplet">
              <PARAM name="ARCHIVE" value="JavaPOSDiags.jar">
              <PARAM name="NAME" value="JavaPOSDiags">
              <PARAM name="type" value="application/x-java-applet;jpi-version=1.3.0">
              <PARAM name="scriptable" value="true">
    *Main.htm (HTML containing the IFRAME that loads the applet)<HTML>
         <iframe id="fxJavaPOS" src="Blank.htm" width=0 height=0 frameborder=0 style="display: none"></iframe>     <!-- Blank.htm is another HTML file that contains a blank document. ->
         <script language=javascript>
              var bAppletLoaded = false;
              function loadApplet() {
                   var eJavaPOSFrame = document.getElementById("fxJavaPOS");
                   if(eJavaPOSFrame != null) {
                        eJavaPOSFrame.src = "Applet.htm";
                        bAppletLoaded = true;
              function testApplet() {
                   if(bAppletLoaded) {
                        var eJavaPOS = document.getElementById("fxJavaPOS").contentWindow;
                        var eJavaPOSApplet = eJavaPOS.document.getElementById("JavaPOSDiags");
                        try {
                             if(eJavaPOSApplet != null) {
                                  //call applet's methods/properties here...
                        } catch(exception) {
                             //an exception occured...
         <input type=button id=loadApplet value="Load Applet" onclick="loadApplet()" name=loadApplet>
         <input type=button id=testApplet value="Test Applet" onclick="testApplet()" name=testApplet>
    </HTML>My problem is, when testApplet() is called, an exception is thrown once the applet reference is compared to null:if(eJavaPOSApplet != null).... I don't know why this happens. When I do remove the comparison statement and just proceed w/ calling the applet's methods/properties, the browser goes crazy. It seems that the line:var eJavaPOSApplet = eJavaPOS.document.getElementById("JavaPOSDiags");gives me an object, but, I'm not sure if it is the applet, because referencing eJavaPOSApplet, e.g. calling methods or comparing to null, causes the browser to hang.
    Could this be a Java security issue?
    Can anyone help me?

    How long does it take to load the same remote image in a browser? (clear the cache first)
    What code are you using to load and wait for the image?
    Have you indentified for certain that the 15s is entirely down to image loading and not anything else?

  • Problem in loading applet from non executable jar file

    hello ,
    I am new to jar concept plz help.. I am trying to call an applet from another applet through frame it is working fine but its download time is much more. now i want to store all my images , sound files and class files of other applets in a jar file and want to access these inner applets from this jar file so that it will make only one http connection with the server for this jar file only and can reduce the download time of applet.
    Can anyone can give me suggestion plz..

    You have to download what you have to download. You
    probably can't easily share images between 2 separate
    Jar files. Unless you can expose them through the
    other applet via a method that can be known once you
    have the reference to the other applet.Thanx but i think i have to elaborate the problem :
    my project structure is just like this ::
    on the top is ::
    Applet A---> from this applet i am callling Applet B & Applet C in frame
    and communication is established between these 3 applets successfully .
    now i have made a single non executable jar file which contains images , sound and class files of these applets .
    so i am referencing images and sound files in applets through this jar.
    but i wanted to load Applet B & C through this jar file only.
    How can i do this ??
    Thanx .. I hope now the problem is clear

  • Loading Applet on a Smart Card

    I am new to JavaCard development so forgive me if you find the question stupid.
    I am trying to load an applet on a NXP based Sm@rtCafe Expert card. I have completed the following steps:
    - Compiled the applet
    - Converted the package into a cap file using the Converter tool.
    - Generated the upload scrpit file using the scriptgen tool and appended the requisite powerup and powerdown commands.
    Now when I try to upload the applet through the apdutool, I get an exception.
    Here is the apdutool command I am using:
    apdutool -t0 upload
    Where upload is the name of my script file.
    I am getting the following exception:
    Opening connection to localhost on port 9025.
    java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect
    So my card reader is probably not on the default port is what I gather. How do I find out what port is my reader at if that is the problem.
    For additional information I am using JavaCard 2.2.2 development kit along with JDK1.5. My card reader is a USB based SCR3310 reader manufacture by SCM Microsystems.
    Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

    1- for Sending commands to a PC/SC-compatible card reader with apdutool, you have to use pcsc command line option , apdutool -pcsc
    you need to configure pcsc Functionality. refer to
    java card dev kit2.2.2 user guide, page 10,11.
    2 - The sun JavaCard Development Kit can only be used for testing applets in a simulated environment, it does not allow you to load applets to a physical card. Most cards use the GlobalPlatform specification for content management.
    Best regards,

  • Loading applet using http-post

    I am trying to load applet using http-post and I can not figure out how can I get http post form parameters in applet. Can sombody please help me with this?

    Hi Arun
    actully i m doing all these stuff .
    but still i m not being able to load .
    do u have any code which can simplify this?
    if u have plz send it at [email protected]
    and also thanx for reply dear .

  • Problem in loading applet into java card.

    Hi all,
    I have developed an applet using java card development kit 2.2.2 and JDK1.5. The cap file is generated successfully. Am using gpshell to load applet into the card but am getting an error saying "Error : load_applet() returns 0x80206A80 (6A80: Wrong data / Incorrect values in command data.)" . Can anyone please tell me where am wrong. My install file contains :
    select -AID a0000000030000
    open_sc -security 1 -keyind 0 -keyver 0 -mac_key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f -enc_key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f // Open secure channel
    delete -AID a00000006203010c0101
    delete -AID a00000006203010c01
    delete -AID a00000006203010c0101
    install -file wallet.cap -nvCodeLimit 28500 -nvDataLimit 28500 -instParam 00 -priv 2
    and when i execute gpshell install.txt, i get error like :
    select -AID a0000000030000
    Command --> 00A4040007A0000000030000
    Wrapped command --> 00A4040007A0000000030000
    Response <-- 6F658408A000000003000000A5599F6501FF9F6E06405163452900734A06072A864886FC6B01600C060A2A864886FC6B02020101630906072A864886FC6B03640B06092A864886FC6B040215650B06092B8510864864020103660C060A2B060104012A026E01029000
    open_sc -security 1 -keyind 0 -keyver 0 -mac_key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f -enc_key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f // Open secure channel
    Command --> 80CA006600
    Wrapped command --> 80CA006600
    Response <-- 664C734A06072A864886FC6B01600C060A2A864886FC6B02020101630906072A864886FC6B03640B06092A864886FC6B040215650B06092B8510864864020103660C060A2B060104012A026E01029000
    Command --> 8050000008F156D9048BF4FB6800
    Wrapped command --> 8050000008F156D9048BF4FB6800
    Response <-- 00008247040433914208FF020052DF76EF50F6457F4F16E031638B009000
    Command --> 84820100109D59E7CE033B4A5B70115EB7CA3F523C
    Wrapped command --> 84820100109D59E7CE033B4A5B70115EB7CA3F523C
    Response <-- 9000
    delete -AID a00000006203010c0101
    Command --> 80E400800C4F0AA00000006203010C010100
    Wrapped command --> 84E40080144F0AA00000006203010C01011C9450FF5E3DCB3800
    Response <-- 6A88
    delete_applet() returns 0x80206A88 (6A88: Referenced data not found.)
    delete -AID a00000006203010c01
    Command --> 80E400800B4F09A00000006203010C0100
    Wrapped command --> 84E40080134F09A00000006203010C013421B120E65613F100
    Response <-- 009000
    delete -AID a00000006203010c0101
    Command --> 80E400800C4F0AA00000006203010C010100
    Wrapped command --> 84E40080144F0AA00000006203010C010136D28BC08D59D9FA00
    Response <-- 6A88
    delete_applet() returns 0x80206A88 (6A88: Referenced data not found.)
    install -file wallet.cap -nvCodeLimit 28500 -nvDataLimit 28500 -instParam 00 -priv 2
    Command --> 80E602002009A00000006203010C0608A000000003000000000AEF08C6026F60C7026F540000
    Wrapped command --> 84E602002809A00000006203010C0608A000000003000000000AEF08C6026F60C7026F54005A411C50F04D651900
    Response <-- 009000
    Command --> 80E80000EFC48203BD010013DECAFFED010202000109A00000006203010C0602001F0013001F000000150062001201CB000A003C000700D600000000000002000004001502030107A0000000620101000107A000000062000106001200800302000104040000005CFFFF004F00640701CB000543188C0003188F00133D0610088C00028700191E2529041E160441044131191E2529051E160541044131191E252906AD00191E044116068B0004188B00057A05308F00063D181D1E8C00073B7A0110AD008B00086104037804780110AD008B00097A0221198B000A2D198B000B60101A042510A46B037A116E008D000C1A032510
    Wrapped command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
    Response <-- 6A80
    load_applet() returns 0x80206A80 (6A80: Wrong data / Incorrect values in command data.)
    Thanks in advance

    Hi all,
    Sorry above i forgot to mention the java card am using. It is JCOP21 and in its datasheet its mentioned that it specification needed are javacard development kit 2.2.1, is that may be the reason for this error?
    Thanks in advance

  • Load Applet to Java card

    I load A applet to java card. Then i load B applet.
    But i want to load if key match then only load A or B applet.
    How can i maintain load applet.
    I am using Eclipse SDK JCOP31 tool.

    thanks for reply.
    I am using Eclipse SDK JCOP 31 tools for Java card applet development and loading same into java card.
    when  loading applet into java card some internal authentication process is handled by JCOP.
    But i don't have clear idea about this authentication process.
    So can any one explain which algorithm they used for authentication & how they will be setting the Key for the same.
    If i want to change the algorithm and key in JCOP how i can proceed?

  • NoClassDefFoundError  when loading Applets from IIS5.0

    I am having trouble loading applets from IIS 5.0. Here is my html code
    <applet code="Appli/Loader.class" width="100%" height="100%">
    All my clases and packages reside in the same directory from where this html is loaded.
    The trouble is that it behaves erratically. At times the Applet works fine and at times, the browser cannot locate some class.
    The funny part is this behaviour is not consistent. Some times the browser is able to load all the classes and the applet function very well.
    Any suggestion/advice/tip will be great help

    Add the codebase parameter and see if it works.
    <applet code="Appli/Loader.class" codebase="DIRECTORY_WHERE_YOUR_CODE_RESIDES" width="100%" height="100%">

  • Disable JRE logo while loading Applet

    Hi All,
    How can I hide JRE logo displayed while loading Applet? Please advice me.
    Thanks in advance,
    Veeranna Ronad.

    ronad, don't you feel like replying to responses received on your earlier threads? Or do you think it's better to leave those that tried to help you wondering whether you ever so much as read what they posted?

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