Log in details number not working with CC updater?

Just over the last week or so I seem unable to loggin and update apps. I updated everything to CC 2014 a few weeks back but now cannot seem to get the updater to accept my details. They are the same details that I used to successfully log in here today. I have 2 Macs. One running Mavericks and the other running Yosemite public beta. Same issue on both. Any help appreciated.

Please try the steps mentioned here - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/unable-login-creative-cloud-248.html

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  • DVD player does not work with latest update

    I installed the latest update 10.8.2 and now my brand new Superdrive will not work with new MacBook Pro Retina display.  When I plug in Superdrive and try to start a DVD, it say "DVD quit unexpectedly......"   Took to Apple store and they said it was latest update.  Anyone else with this problem?

    Dear all,
    Perhaps you found out yourselves but the latest Software Update, called OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Supplemental Update, solves this issue. I recommend you install it and restart your Mac.
    When you insert a DVD in the drive and DVD Player launches, you will be prompted to confirm the region encoding (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, based on the encoding of the DVD you are about to play). This is normal, and you should confirm it again, even if you did it previously.
    Naturally, if most of your DVDs are encoded for one region and you want to play a disc encoded for another region, please remember you may make a limited number of region changes when you play other DVDs, and the last one will be permanent. So, act with caution and sensibility.

  • Playing Slowmotion video over airplay does not work with ios update!!!!!

    after upgrading last ios , airplay to shoot slowmotion video does not work.
    I was expecting it to be fixed with recent update, but still not working!!!
    I use it for education at my clinic - which is essential, and how come apple does not fix it at all?
    or apple should give downgrade option at least.
    FIx it, fix it, fix it!
    Main purpose of puchasing ipad air2 was to airplay slowmotion video to big screen and i  am quite disappointed with my purchsing ipad air 2.

    As the original poster, I too had issues with my iPhone 4 (4.2.1) and Apple TV 2 playing nice. The Airplay icon was visible for music, and worked perfectly. However, when watching a video, purchased through iTunes, only the "audio" option would be selectable for Airplay. After updating the Apple TV software, everything works perfectly well. When watching a video on my iPhone and selecting the Airplay icon, one of the options is to play "video" through the Apple TV, not simply audio.
    It would have been nice to know that my Apple TV needed an update when I updated my iPhone 4 to 4.2.1.

  • Keyboard repeating not working with latest update for mac?

    I just updated my Macbook Pro with a new version of Yosemite and i have come to find that the keyboard repeating function is not working anymore, even with the command: defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false
    in terminal.
    Is there anyway to resolve this? I find the other character extremely annoying that they always pop up
    thank you!

    The repeating function you want has been off by default since 10.7 was released 3 years ago.  That terminal command should normally do the trick.  Did you logout and login again?

  • Final cut pro HD 2 not working with new updates

    recently purchased a new imac. Most of my old programs were not supported. I updated to 10.9 from 10.5. Now, all the programs are running except Final Cut pro HD 2. I get a message sayin"power pc applications are no longer supported" Any suggestions? I read in an old discussion (from 2011) that I might need to download Rosetta?

    MichelPM wrote:
    ... or you maybe able to run your version of Final Cut under virtualization software.
    I do not know which version of FCP the OP is using as I do not recognize his designation of Final Cut Pro HD 2.
    However, last weekend I attempted to install Final Cut Studio 2 (Final Cut Pro 6) into Snow Leopard installed in Parallels, as a test.  It failed!
    Final Cut's installer suggested the following problems: not enough VRAM - 64 needed; 0 present (even though Parallels is set for more than the minimum required VRAM); and a missing video card.
    I attempted to work around this problem by using Pacifist to install FCS2, which worked, as far as the installation was completed.  However, when I attemped to run FCS2, a dialog box came up with indicated that same two problems and then it quit.

  • Facetime not working with new update

    I updated my Ipod touch with the new operating system and facetime does not work anymore.
    I didn't update my husbands and his is working fine.
    I checked his options and we have the same set up.
    I even turned off facetime to reactivating it, thinking that it would need to be reactived and there is no difference.
    I tried to back up to the cloud to downgrade it, but it won't show me the status of the cloud, nor will it let me back up to it.
    Any suggestions ?

    Your welcome.
    It will work but you will have to contact your carrier to get a different plan.
    For instance I'm with AT&T on a grandfather plan unlimited data in order for me to use 3G - I will need to update my plan to "shared data plan". 
    I'm not willing to lose my unlimited data, just to use facetime over 3g when it works on wifi.  But that would be up the the user on what they feel is more important.
    Hope that clarifies things.

  • "Do not Disturb" feature is not working with iOS6 update in iPhone4

    I have updated iOS6 on my iphone 4. I tried to turn on "Do not Disturb" feature, schedule time then test it but it is not working. Phone is ringing with vibrate & tone. kindly fix this bug.

    When I first tested the Do Not Disturb function, I discovered two ways it could seem like it was not working. One, as mentioned above, was that my screen was not locked. The other was the settings under Settings/Notifications/Do Not Disturb. If your settings allow calls from favorites and then you try to test the feature from a phone in your favorites list, it will not block the call. Similarly, if you are testing multiple times and the allow repeated call option is set, the call will also get through.
    And one other observation. All of the material I have seen describes the action of the Do Not Disturb function as silencing the notifications. For incoming calls it does more than that; it actually rejects the call so the caller goes straight to voicemail rather than just ringing silently.

  • Bluetooth in Subaru still not working with ios update

    Bluetooth is still not working in my Subaru with my iphone 6.  I've updated the iOS to 8.1, done most of the suggested tips I've read on line and my phone will still not find my car's (or my plantronic headset).  Bluetooth does work with my jawbone speaker, but that's it.  I'm looking for any new suggestions. Thanks

    I just sold my Motorola RF-850 that was hooked up to my GTO today because it wasn't working with my IPhone.
    I can't believe you paid for the Holden one.
    Anyway good luck.

  • Need Help...my wireless airport express will not work with my update of snow leopard

    after installing snow leopard on my macbook pro my airport express will not work...or will connect only for a minute at a time.

    If you mean by "airport express" the square airport router you plug in and has a usb port then run the Airport Utility located in your Utilities folder to set it up again. If AU doesn't see it you may need to do a re-set of the AE.

  • Detailed validation not working with insert in to two tables

    Hi All,
    Hope your well!
    I have a small issue relating to the detailed validation when inserting two tables.
    The mastervalidation will work to identify any errors but will not look at the detailed one at all.
    I have config all "Required" form elements to produce an error message but as I say I don't know why or how this is happening.
    I have never noticed it before so I tested it out and did the basic of basic insert in to two table with error messages and still on the mastervaildation works.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    One way:
    WITH child AS
            (SELECT 1 id, 'Genentech' AS name FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 2 id, 'Altana Pharma AG' AS name FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 3 id, 'Yamanouchi' AS name FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 4 id, 'Sigma-Tau' AS name FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 5 id, 'Schering-Plough' AS name FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 6 id, 'Pharma AG' AS name FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 7 id, 'Pfizer' AS name FROM DUAL),
         parent AS
            (SELECT 1 id, 'Genentech number' AS names FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 2 id, 'Altana Pharma AG' AS names FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 3 id, 'AG site/Yamanouchi' AS names FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 4 id, 'sigMa Tau' AS names FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 5 id, 'Schering-Plough' AS names FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 6 id, 'AG' AS names FROM DUAL
             UNION ALL
             SELECT 7 id, 'Inc' AS names FROM DUAL)
    SELECT *
      FROM child a, parent bc
    WHERE a.id = bc.id
           AND UPPER (REGEXP_REPLACE (a.name, '[^[:alnum:]]')) NOT LIKE
                  '%' || UPPER (REGEXP_REPLACE (bc.names, '[^[:alnum:]]')) || '%';
    Regexp_replace can be avoided and replaced by translate there if you know for sure what characters you are expecting.
    1 Genentech 1 Genentech number
    3 Yamanouchi 3 AG site/Yamanouchi
    7 Pfizer 7 Inc

  • Serial number not working with upgrade from production studio

    I have an old WinXP with the first Adobe CS Production Studio Premium that I've been using for more than six years.
    I recently had to reinstall my system and now I have an install error with serial number.  The Prod Studio Prem is an upgrade
    to the Video Collection Standard. It errors on the screen when it ask for the previous version of AfterEffect and Encore.
    I had this issue before. Adobe support provided me another number and it worked.
    The odd thing about it is the install asks for AE 3.0 or later and I have AE6.5. It also asks for Encore 1.0 or later and I have Encore 1.0 & 1.5. If I can remember back several year when I called ADOBE support they said even though I qualified for the upgrade the issue probably was with the previous AE standard serial number wasn't working in the install screen. I've lost the new serial numbers now and I'm unable to reinstall.
    I'm not upgrading until next year. How can I get this working until then?

    if you don't have the old version installed you'll be prompted for both the serial number of the old version and the upgrade.  you have to use the correct serials when prompted.

  • My skype number not working with new subscription

    My 1st subscription was cancelled due to an expired credit card. Unable to update credit card info, I was forced to open a 2nd subscription. I need to connect my skype phone number to the 2nd subscription.

    Additional information added: can the Skype number (formerly known as Online Number) be reached from a land or fixed line?   If yes, can the number be reached from a mobile phone?  If not, then the issue is different - the wireless carrier may not be recognizing the number.
    If all else fails, please contact Skype Customer Service for assistance - they need to diagnose and resolve whatever the problem may be.  Here is a link to the instruction on how to contact Skype Customer Service via their secure portal: Contact Customer Service
    As you know you wish to contact Customer Service, skip past Step 2 of the instruction and proceed to Step 3, Continue Support Request.
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    Trustworthy information: Brian Krebs: 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety and Consumer Reports: Guide to Internet Security Online Safety Tip: Change your passwords often!

  • Crashing/not working with latest update on Android

    I have installed the latest version of app on my Android phone and managed to log in and set everything up fine but there are now a few problems:
    1) Nearly every time I open the app the notification icon (which was supposed to not show anymore) shows for a second then I get returned to my home screen.  I open the app again and it does the same but eventually after opening/crashing it does work but can sometimes take 6 times before it actually stays open! (I've cleared cache, cleared data, rebooted phone etc.)
    2) I've tried making calls with wifi and 3g (and also tried with wifi in airplane mode) but it always says 'call failed'.
    When I run the test connection option it takes ages then says 'connection test failed, sorry but there's a problem with the BT SmartTalk service, try again later'
    I've checked the service page and it doesn't report any problems!
    I can live with the first problem although it's annoying but the 2nd problem is preventing me from actually using the app!

    My dad also updated the latest version and he also cannot make any calls

  • CD/DVD PLAYER not working with new updates

    Yesterday or more accurately last night I updated my firm ware, Pro applications and system update at the same time.
    I'm very sad to say, now my brand new baby that I've had for mearly 2 weeks, does not have cd/dvd capabilities.
    It simply doesn't recognize the disc or mount it to the desktop. It's reading it, I can here it, it ejects it fine
    when I put the eject button.
    But I can't access or burn anything....HELP!
    New Imac (intel core 2 duo 2.33 Ghz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   updated firmware 1/23/07

    Like to ad today I tried a manufactured Music CD and it mounted and worked...automatically asking me what I wanted to do with the disc and opening itunes as I have in my pref's.
    This is good, I will now try a software disc...
    OK, that's working too, so far I'm just not able to recognize
    a blank cd, I will now try a blank DVD.
    OK, this worked too...
    Now going to try a different blank CD.
    OK, that worked too, not going to try a reinstall now
    of the system software, not going to worry about the firmware...
    must have been a defective CD I tried at first,
    can't believe I didn't try some other stuff before
    coming here, but it was good to read some others
    problems and solutions anyway.
    for the moment this problem is fixed....

  • Usual windows 7 opening and closing of windows are not working with my updated Firefox 16.0.1

    My Windows 7 automatically updated recently and so did Firefox. Now, with all other Windows applications including Internet Explorer, I can open a new window by right-clicking on the icon in the taskbar (showing there because the application is open), and when I right click, it gives me the option to close all windows. With Firefox, this also used to be the case, but since the update, when I right -click on the open Firefox in the taskbar, nothing happens. And when I tried to "pin" Firefox to the taskbar, even then, I cannot close all open windows just by right-clicking, and it is a longer procedure to open a new Firefox window. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

    Try to check for problems with the localstore.rdf file.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do not click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.

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