Mac OSX 10.6.8 All CS 3 applications crash at launch

I have had issues using CS3 running on a Mac Pro but after several tries the software woudl start up.  all of a sudden, NONE of the Adobe CS3 apps will load.  I get the error message "Adobe Illustrator (photoshop, Dreamweaver etc) quit unexpectedly.  Acrobat 8 does run however........HELP PLEASE!!   

Hi all,
I am living in China and getting the same thing. Its very recent but it seems ChinaUnicom are trying to takover Google, BBC, NYT and other URL's and point you to their own web services (of course fully supported by the Chinese Government). Behaviour is very sporadic, sometimes Chrome, but mostly Firefox. I have checked host files, dns, everything and the only way to stop it is to delete all cookies and history from the browser after infection and restart. Its a total pain as I have the Google double sign in system turned on and I have to re-authenticate twice to get into my Gmail.
I also have the greyed out DNS entries but they are legit servers - Google and our company one. Maybe they are taking over the google in the Great firewall of China? However once infected and I am in my office (has a tunnel throught the Chinese Firewall) I still get the re-direct and from reading this thread users returning to the USA still are infected so it can not be the GFC!
The thing that makes me think its not DNS is, on the same system I can have it happen in Firefox but not Chrome at the same time, unless the cookies can somehow override DNS.
I can also see that a site actually begins to load and then sometime through the page load (before it completes) the redirect happens.
I would love to know how they are doing this but I dont want to share my cookies with the world! I am 90% convinced this is where its happening.
Any ideas from any of the big brains out there.

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    Where can I find a retail copy of MAC OSX Snowleopard, that has all the drivers, for both desktop and Laptops?

    No. 10.6.3 was the last retail release of Snow Leopard. Download the 10.6.8 Combo updater and put it on a flash drive to make it easier to install the largest part of the update.
    Also, don't push the same disk image of SL to your Macs unless they are exactly the same model as it was originally installed on. The wrong hardware drivers will otherwise be in use.

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    I have the latest mac mini running 10.8.2 and iPhoto keeps crashing upon launch.  I have done a complete uninstall and re-install on 3 different occasions, yet the issue still persists.  Any ideas on what's causing this.....and most importantly how I can fix the issue?!?
    Than you.

    I wonder if it's a variation of this, of which I've seen many different symptoms...
    Move the mouse or trackpad cursor over the center area of the login window so you can see the user icons. Click on the icon of the user that you would like to login as, type in the user's password, and press Return.
    If the login window is configured to show only the name and password fields, type in the user's name and password into the fields, and press Return (even if you cannot see the rest of the login window).
    Additional Information
    This issue will not occur if the display is not sleeping when the account is logged out. Use the steps below to confirm that the account is not configured to log out automatically while the display is sleeping:
        1.    Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.  Click the padlock to unlock the preference pane and enter your admin password. Click the Advanced button at the bottom, then see if the option "Log out after N minutes of inactivity" (where N is the number of minutes) is enabled.
        2.    Open System Preferences > Energy Saver and configure Display Sleep to occur after the account is logged out, by dragging the slider to a number of minutes that is greater than N was set to in the previous step.
    Important: If automatic log out is not needed, disable "Log out after Nminutes of inactivity" in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. This will also prevent the issue.

  • HT4623 After I updated my iPhone4 into iOS6, all my applications crash on launch. I tried restoring it but same thing happened

    After I updated my iPhone4 into iOS6, all my applications crash on launch. I tried restoring it but same thing happened

    you'll have to set it up as a new phone.  You have no choice.  If you've been using your phone as recommended, you should have little, if any, data loss.

  • Mac Osx strart-up disk has no more application memory

    I get this message on occasion now. The Message, "Your Mac OSX start up disk has no more space available for application memory".
    I have a 1 TB HD ,799GB Available, 220GB Used. Running 10.6.2 OSX.
    I have tried Onyx, repairing permissions in the disc utility, and the problem goes a way for a while but will pop up if I start running multiple apps.Rebooting seems to cure this problem for a while.
    Looking for answers.
    *I did try the suggestion from another user below. Did not help*
    +Try booting fron your install disc. The startup disk may need repairs.+
    +Insert your install disk and Restart, holding down the "C" key until grey Apple appears.+
    +Go to Installer menu and launch Disk Utility.+
    +Select your HDD (manufacturer ID) in the left panel.+
    +Select First Aid in the Main panel.+
    +(Check S.M.A.R.T Status of HDD at the bottom of right panel. It should say: Verified)+
    +Click Repair Disk on the bottom right.+
    +If DU reports disk does not need repairs quit DU and restart.+
    +If DU reports errors Repair again and again until DU reports disk is repaired.+
    +When you are finished with DU, from the Menu Bar, select Utilities/Startup Manager.+
    +Select your start up disk and click Restart+
    +While you have the Disk Utility window open, look at the bottom of the window. Where you see Capacity and Available. Make sure there is always 10% to 15% free disk space+
    +If you cannot boot from your install disc, try booting in Safe Mode+

    Had same issue on customer's new iMac 24" this morning. Memory processes on activity monitor showed only 130.6 MB free out of 4GB physical with only Safari and activity monitor running!! No single process showed out of the ordinary memory use but totals showed 1 GB Wired and 2.06GB Active - ***?
    Started client computer up in Target Disk Mode, hooked it up to my Macbook Pro and run Disk Warrior which found plenty of errors - not sure which specifically was the issue but, rebooted iMac and Bingo - all clear - all usage patters back to normal.
    Disk Warrior is something everyone with a Mac should have in their house. Starting this iMac up using the DW disk would have given the same result so you don't need another Mac to make it happen, incidentally.

  • My computer was hacked I had to install an earlier version of the disc provided for my mac and I have lost all of my applications already existing on my mac including iPhoto, and all other application. I am wondering how to get them back? I am in Japan

    My computer was hacked using a softbank pocket wifi, I had to install an earlier version of the disc provided for my mac reset my user password and I still need to recover my administrator password that was altered. I have lost all of my applications already existing on my mac including iPhoto, and all other applications. I am wondering how to get them back? I am in Japan and I have proof of purchase in my iTunes, but on my computer all the allplications are blocked. I have no idea what to do to get them back. It is very annoying.
    Thank you for your help.
    Erika K.

    Reinstall from the original source - the restore disks that came with the computer or from the App store if the computer did not come with disks

  • I can't print CS5 files from my Mac OSX (Mavericks). Can print from other applications. Help please?

    I can't print CS5 files from my Mac OSX (Mavericks). CS5 crashes when sent to print.  Can print from other applications (Word, etc.).

    I just tried installing them. I got the message that "Some updates failed to install" (including for CS5), to quit and try again. I was curious and tried again to print and lo and behold, I could print!  I'm still nervous that not everything installed and wonder how to get a complete install.

  • ALL third-party applications crash upon save, open, or save as

    Okay everyone, this is an odd one.
    I recently installed photoshop CS6.  However, when I try to save my documents in CS6, CS6 freezes, then crashes without an error report.  The same thing happens if I try to open or 'save as' a document.  However, if the document was created in Gimp, I can right-click the image in finder, click 'open with' Photoshop, and then something weird happens - File>open still doesnt work (but I don't need it to, as I've opened the image I need) File>save as still crashes - but File>save and Command-S work fine.
    I've spent the last few weeks searching for an answer on the adobe forums and found nothing that has solved my problem.  And then, something else happened.
    Today I installed Python 3.3.  Brand new, fresh installation.  Started up my IDLE and typed in some code, then hit command-S.
    The same thing happened - Python 3.3 froze, then crashed, also without an error report.  The exact same symtoms.
    This got me thinking, so I opened up Openoffice 4.  This had been installed on my mac by my school's ICT services, and had never been opened before - a fresh installation.  Once again, saving a document in openoffice 4 also caused it to freeze, then crash.
    So, I took my mac into the ICT department and got them to have a look at it.  They recommended repairing my disc permissions - which I did - and then, if that didn't work, reinstalling Maveriks.
    I'm currently typing this on my mac, having spent the last 3 hours downloading and installing a fresh copy of Maveriks, and still I have the same problem.  Any third-party applications freeze and crash when I try to save.
    As I am the only user of my computer, I always run applications from an administratior account.  Creating a new admin account hasn't helped.
    All of these applications work when I'm running in safe mode.
    My educated guess is that it's something to do with finder.
    Whenever photoshop CS6 crashes, it's when a finder window should appear - for example, so I can choose a name for my new document, or select a document to open.  But if the image was opened with finder's right-click, open with Photoshop, then CS6 doesnt have to open a finder window.  If the image has already been created, CS6 doesnt have to open a finder window when I hit Command-S.
    But I have no clue how to fix it.
    This guy ( seems to have a similar problem to me, and he fixed it by moving all his items off his desktop.  I've done that, but the problem persists.
    Adobe ( suggests that my viewing options in finder could be the problem.  I've tried the solution described in the article above, and the problem persists.
    Please, I need to be able to use Python and CS6 for my schoolwork!  Help me if you can!
    Help me, (your name here), you're my only hope!
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    Hello Rick,
    Through all the research I have done so far and talking with a few other coworkers what the common issues that cause this are is:
    1. Antivirus: disabling the antivirus is not good enough it needs to be totaly uninstalled and retested.
    2. startup programs: these need to be disabled through either Safe mode with networking or the start menu or MSconfig.
    3. Office addins: Disable all of them see if that helps. Then turn them back on one by one to see which addin is causing the issue.
    To disable addins: 1. open up regedit and navigate to this key. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Word\Addins and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Word\Addins
    Then change the LoadBehavior to 0 this will disable the addin. 3 lets it run. Since this affected only one user HKEY_LOCAL_USER might be your best bet but don't rule out the other location.
    To verify there are no addins running go to the File tab>options>Add-Ins make sure nothing is listed under Active Application Add-ins.
    I hope this helps
    Paul Slaathaug Sr. Support Engineer - Microsoft Word

  • All non-Apple applications crashing on startup...

    I have had my G4 Mac Mini for just over a year now and it has been a flawless experience! I have been an ardent PC user since the 1980s, but MacOS X has me convinced I have been wrong...
    Within the last week or so opening any application results in the app crashing! Microsoft Office apps, Photoshop CS2, Fontbook, Disk Utility... all of these are crashing on startup.
    I have read many posts and threads here, but none seem to help mainly because i cannot even get diagnostic tools like Disk Utility to run.
    I have not installed or removed any software... so this behaviour seems very odd.
    I REALLY don't want to reinstall everything from scratch...has anyone any advice for a PC expert poorly-skilled Macs?
    Many Thanks

    You may be able to repair this with the 10.4.7 Combo Updater.
    This is a fuller install, as opposed to an incremental "delta" update so it should overwrite any files that are damaged or missing. It does not matter if you have applied it before. It has worked well for many.
    Remember to Verify Disk before update and repair permissions before and after update from /Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility.
    For Intel:
    You may be able to repair this with the 10.4.7 Stand Alone Combo Updater
    Good luck, let us know.
    [email protected]

  • All applications crash on launch

    Since the update to 2.0.1, all of my apps crash within a few seconds of launching them. I have tried, deleting them and reinstalling with no luck. A restore also didn't do the trick. A fresh app that I bought a few minutes ago, which is completely new to the iPhone since the update, also crashes. Any guidance to getting this problem solved. (It seems as if the update is causing several problems with users, so I appologize if I sound like a broken record. I was unable to find any other threads with this problem.)

    I'm having the same problem, with an interesting twist. I'd been using my iPhone 3G at my office (with Wi-Fi) all day with no problems. I went out to a restaurant where only Edge was available. None of my seven or eight third-party applications would work. They'd launch, then immediately crash and dump me back at the home screen. Every single one. ALL the built-in applications worked fine, however.
    When I returned to my office I tried again with the same results. The AppStore notified me that there was an update available for one of my third-party apps (Stanza). I downloaded it and after installation all of the other third party apps miraculously began to work perfectly once again.
    There's something really screwed up here and I hope Apple can find a fix.

  • I have a mac osx 10.4 and all the new versions of fire fox are not compatible with my computer, how can upgarade so I can get to my gmail account, etc?

    I can't access my email on firefox , it states that I am using an old version of firefox that is no longer compatible with gmail, however when I try to upgrade to a newer version I get a window that says that my computer is not compatible with the new version. Is there one that is??

    Current Firefox versions require a Mac with an Intel processor and OS X 10.6 (Firefox 16 runs on Intel Mac OS X 10.5).
    For an unofficial Firefox 17.0.10 ESR compatible version that runs on a PowerPC Mac with OS X 10.4.11 or OS X 10.5.8 you can look at TenFourFox.
    See also:

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    My imac, 6 years old but lovely, is soooo slow. Don't know if it needs more RAM or I can sort it some other way??
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    Mac Maintenance Quick Assist,
    Mac OS X speed FAQ,
    Speeding up Macs,
    How to Speed up Macs,
    Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance,
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    Myths of required versus not required maintenance for Mac OS X for information.

  • Macbook won't boot to Mac OSX but will boot to Win XP after crash

    My Macbook froze this afternoon so I held down the power button for 10 seconds and it went off. I turned it on and I get the gray screen of death (power off and restart, etc.). I did many times and nothing happened. I also, did the PRAM reset and NRAM reset, etc. . . I tried to boot from the install cd and I get the same gray screen after 2 mins or so (pressing command-c).
    It will boot fine into Win XP via bootcamp so it appears that the hardware is fine?

    Nope - doesn't work. I even can hold the option key down to see all my boot options - MacOS, WinXP, and Install CD. I select the cd and it runs for 2-3 minutes and then crashes with the same error screen.

  • All my CS4 apps crash on launch

    I've been running OSX Lion for about a week now with pretty well no problem (except for the Java runtime issue but got around that pretty quickly).
    I was happily using Fireworks this morning, closed and restarted it so I could use a font I'd just installed, and found it was crashing immediately upon launch - almost straight after I clicked the dock icon, it would close down again and the crash reporter would appear.
    I thought at first that it had to do with the font I'd just installed - so I trashed that and rebooted my mac for good measure. Made no difference. I then tried the other apps and found that none of them were working any more - same thing happening, they'd crash straight after launching. Next thing I tried was creating a new user account to see if this was something to do with my profile, but the same thing happened under a new account as well.
    At this point I've pretty well accepted that I'll have to take the time to uninstall/reinstall the suite, but just thought I'd post here to see if anyone else had any ideas before I go that far? I'm also a little concerned about licensing - the uninstaller says that you should deactivate your license before uninstalling the product, but to do that you have to launch one of the apps, which obviously I can't do. I don't want to get stuck with an un-activatable re-installed copy of CS4.
    So, any ideas?
    nb: I can provide the contents of the crash report if needed.

    Hi Bob, thanks for the reply.
    While interesting, the information in that article mostly pertains to determining which specific function within the application is causing the crash - which would only really help if the app was launching in the first place and I could avoid using that function
    However, I have just had a bit of a breakthrough. I was going through each CS4 app comparing the crash threads for each. I got to Bridge (which I normally never use) and found it launched successfully. Now, the rest of them are launching normally too I'm guessing Bridge works a little differently to the other apps as it probably doesn't have to load so many components to deal with graphics drivers etc. After launching successfully, it corrected whatever condition was causing the other apps to crash.
    Very strange, but I'm happy I'm back up and running without having to dig out my install discs

  • All browsers (except Safari) crash on launch

    The weirdest thing keeps happening while I'm running 10.4 on my trusty old G4 733 Tower
    Firefox, IE 5.3, Omniweb -- each crashes the minute they launch. I've run Disk Permissions, updated Java, and am absolutely confused.
    Even though the other browsers crash repeatedly, Safari 3-something keeps chugging along with no problem. What would cause this issue and can I fix it somehow?

    If you have not done so already, except for the keyboard & mouse, disconnect all devices from your computer when troubleshooting.
    Update to OS 10.4.11 either from Software Update and/or from Apple's Download site. Also, from SU, download all the other software listed that pertains to the various OS updates.
    Repair permissions & restart your computer.
    Make sure Firefox, IE, & Omniweb are updated to their latest versions. At the moment FF seems to be updating every week or so. Afterwards again repair permissions & restart your computer prior to using the browsers.
    How much HD space do you have left? How much RAM is installed?

Maybe you are looking for

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