MDM Taxonomy attribute values disappearing

Hello -
a problem has been encountered where some of the attributes of the taxonoy table disappear when  two taxonomy fields in MDM main table lookup the same taxonomy table.
However, these attribue values still appear in the main table records, they just disappeared from
the "search parameter" area.
Has such a problem ever been encountered? If so -  how has it been resolved?
Please let me know
Thank you in advance

I don't know about any SAP note related to this problem, but you can just refer to Console reference guide and files, there you will find that we cant create a main table field of type taxonomy which refer to same taxonomy table. Its written "A product can belong to at most one leaf-node category." so that can be the reason we can use only one taxonomy table per main table field.
See this: Console Reference Guide--> Repository Maintenance -->Designing an MDM Repository -->Taxonomy Lookup Tables
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  • MDM Security for taxonomy attributes

    I have created a taxonomy and linked attributes to it in MDM 5.5 SP6. I do not want users to populate or change the attribute values in Data Manager after they have assigned a part to a taxonomy node. That will be done with xml via Import Server.
    I see that I can set Change Tracking on Taxonomy[Attributes], but I don't see any way in the Roles - Functions/Tables and Fields or in the Configuration options in Data Manager to allow users to see the attributes and their values but not change the values.
    Morgan Hinkle

    Hi Morgan,
    Is there any way to allow them to set the taxonomy node per part, but not modify the associated attributes?
    Yes, this is possible for a user in taxonomy mode of Data Manager.
    Go to Console, Open Repository> Admin>Roles>Functions>Taxonomies-->Modify linked Attributes.
    So you need to navigate up-to Modify Linked Attributes and Set Access as None. Set this role only to that particular user which is not allowed to Changed linked(associated) attributes with category in taxonomy mode. You can also set Add Attributes and Modify Attributes access to None for that user as per your requirement.
    Note: This function is applicable, when that user select Category table as current table in Taxonomy mode of Data Manager. This is working fine at my end. But if you are talking about this taxonomy associated Attributes get not changed by User from Main table record for that specific user (I mean a record in main table is associated with a category where this category is linked with some attributes and you want no user can change these attribute values in main table), then as per my understanding this is not possible because as designed, every action done within a Taxonomy node (add, update, remove) is considered to be an update to the main record, thus it has only one entry in the Roles >>tables and Fields tab (which is the Taxonomy look-up field of the main table). I firmly believe that MDM does not support this functionality as of now.
    Check for similar reply from SAP for Qualified table in below thread.
    Data Manager Security on qualified table
    Mandeep Saini

  • MDM Custom attributes

    Hi gurus,
    I'm working with SRM-MDM Catalog 1.0
    I'm facing this problem.
    I have imported some item with custom attributes (MDM Import Manager), i have mapped fields and values.
    In MDM Data Manager items are present but the custom atributes are not present.
    Can you help me please?
    I'll reward points for useful answers.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Gg,
    I guess you haven't imported attributes thats why you are seeing only item hierarchy in data manager and not the attributes.
    Follow these steps:
    1] To import item hierarchy:
         Source Table : Your file with Hierarchy (Partition Field).
         Destination Table : Repository Taxonomy Table.
    2] To Import Attributes:
          Source Table : File with list of custom attributes
           Destination Table : Repository Taxonomy [Attributes]. Thisis a seperate table which we can access through import manager.
    3] To Import Attribute vaues:
          Source Table : File with list of custom attributes and values.
           Destination Table : Repository Taxonomy [Text Values]. Again a seperate table which we can access through import manager.
    4] To link Attibutes with Items:
         Source Table : File with list of custom attributes and items.
           Destination Table : Repository Taxonomy [Link Attribute]. Seperate table which we can access through import manager.
    Once you done with all these steps you should be able to see Item Hierarchy , Linked custom attributes and attribute Values.
    Please let me know if this helps.

  • Concatenation of attribute values

    Hi Friends,
    We are on MDM 5.5 SP06 PL04.
    We have a requirement where in we have to update a field in the main table based on the attribute values entered by the user in the lookup field [taxonomy] in the same table through the Data Manager..
    Say, there are 5 attributes : A1, A2, A3, A4, A5. The value to be updated in the field would be the concatenation of the values entered in the attributes, separated by a space.
    None of the attributes are mandatory, though at least one has to be populated.
    Is it possible to carry out this requirement through assignments? If not, could you please suggest some alternatives to acheive the same?
    Anil Madhavan

    This requirement can be achieved using Assignment.
    Say In record mode, You have a Record in your Main table of MDM data Manager which has a category associated with it.
    This category is linked with 5 Attributes say A1, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5.
    say A1 has value XYZ
    A2 has value ABC
    A3 has Value 123
    A4 has Value 456
    A5 has Value 789
    so you want concatenation of all these three Attribute value as: XYZ ABC 123 456 789
    Create an Assignment: give the Assignment field where do you want to have this concatenation value populated.
    Now right click on this assignment-->Add Branch.
    Select the Branch Value of that category: Write Assignment Expression here in this Add Branch Assignment as:
    write Assignment Expression as below:
    A1&" "&A2&" "&A3&" "&A4&" "&A5
    Note: Select the Attributes names from Drop down Attributes tab.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Mandeep Saini

  • Importing and adding to Taxonomy Text Values

    Hi MDM experts,
    I have loaded a taxonomy, attributes, attribute texts and linked the attributes to nodes in the taxonomy.  I also have products associated to the taxonomy nodes.
    I am now importing data to populate products with the values of the taxonomy attributes. Occasionally, there are new values for the taxonomy text of an attribute in the input file.
    When I import the taxonomy text for an existing attribute which already has several text values, the new value wipes out all the current values, replacing them with the new value for the import.
    For example, the attribute Primary Color has values red, green, yellow. I get a product which has a primary color of blue. When I map using the Taxonomy [Text Values], the only Text value I have left after importing is blue.
    I am using the Update all mapped fields option. I tried the Replace option and got the same results.
    Is there a way to import additional text values and have them add to the existing list of text values for an attribute? I am on MDM version

    Hi Sudhanshu,
    You are correct. There is no way to populate an attribute that doesn't exist.
    Here are my observations on importing product attribute data to MDM:
    Import Manager
    1. An input file that has an existing attribute that is not linked to the taxonomy node of the part will map but will not import. The error on import is 'One or more attribute values are invalid'.
    2. A non-existing attribute will not map so you can't import data as long as the new attribute is in your input file.
    Import Server
    1. If there is an exiting attribute in the input file that is not linked to the part's taxonomy node, the import will fail with the error 'One or more attribute values are invalid'.
    2. If there is a new attribute in the input file, the file will import. This tells me the import server just ignores the new attribute.
    Since MDM does not have the concept of a free-form text attribute, the data for that attribute always needs to be added to the list of values for the attribute. This is what I was having a problem with. I found that if you set the Multi-Valued Update option in the Destination pane to Append, the value in the input file will be appended to the existing list of values for the attribute and then it can be used to populate the attribute on the part. (This requires 2 separate imports to populate the part attribute -- unfortunately).
    Hope this helps,

  • Taxonomy Attribute Link

    Hi people!
    I'm having a big problem with taxonomy attribute link, I will give you an example what is happening:
    I have a taxonomy field in my Materials Main Table called PDM, the problem is when I update the field PDM changing the actual category to another, when I have attributes filled with values and i change to a new category, the attributes that have value filled is replicated/linked to the new category I chose.
    For example my record was set to a Shirt category, that have the following attributes:
    - Color
    - Shirt Type
    - Size
    In this scenario just the attribute Shirt Type is filled with some value, the others is blank
    When i change the category for example from Shirt to Pants that have the following attributes:
    - Color
    - Pants Type
    - Size
    When I change the category of this record to Pants MDM show me the following message:
    "The following attributes SHIRT TYPE will be linked to the new value you are assigning to 'PDM' because they are linked to the old value od 'PDM' and contain data values"
    MDM only allow me to save if i clink in OK if i don't click it doesnt save the record. If i click in OK button it save the record but it link the attribute to the new category a chose.
    Someone knows how to change this?
    If i change the category it just change to the new one without carry the attributes?
    Please someone help me!
    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks Minaz for answering!
    I noticed that the attributes wich are copied is just the attributes with there is some value selected. The solution when change the category is to clean the attributes values first, save the record and then change the category!
    Thanks so much for answering!
    Best Regards

  • Taxonomy Attributes - Can they accept free Text

    HI Friends,
    Our MDM Version: MDM 5.5, SP06, Patch 04.
    We currently have Taxonomy Attributes sent from MDM to ECC Classification & Material Characteristics  using CLFMAS02. Until now these characteristics had fixed values and this was fine as both MDM and ECC were accepting only fixed values.
    Now the business wants to make the Classification Characteristics in ECC as free Text(No Drop Down). And this is do able in ECC. But MDM cannot allow Taxonomy Attrbutes to be Free Text . It has to have fixed set of values in MDM.
    Please help me with input in the following areas:
    1. Can we make the Taxonomy Attributes in MDM as FREE Texts.
    2. If we cannnot make them as FREE Texts , what is the reason for it to have been designed so.
    3. What should be the alternative approach i could use to have this scenario implemented in MDM.
    Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi Alexander,
    I have an excel interface used for Mass Creation of Materials. This will in addition have fields for the Taxonomy Characteristics which would accept free text and get mapped to the characteritics.
    Unless the characteristic is a free text it will not work.
    As I mentioned on the ECC side the free text for characteristics can be enabled. the challenge is MDM does not allow it so i dont think i can use the CLFMAS as is.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Assignment on Attribute Values

    I have a requirement where I have  Material Description field of type text where i have to autopopulate values which is combination of all the attribute values assigned to classification of that material.
    For Eg.
    Material No: 111
    Material Description:Bricks,20cm,4cm
    Classifiication: Refactory Material
    Short Name : Bricks
    Length: 20 cm
    Thickness: 4 cm
    In the above example Short Name,Length,Thickness are the attributes linked to classification Refactory Material.
    And Material Description is concatenation of Attribute Values whcih need to be autopopulated.
    In MDM If we need to use attribuite values we have to create branch assignment which makes it static that is we have to write one branch assignment for each class.We have 100 classification as such so not finding it practical to write 100 branch assignment for each class.
    Is there any other workaround solution to autopopulate decsription field with combination of ATTRIBUTE VALUES.
    Thanks in Advance
    Neethu Joy

    Hi Neethu Joy,
    You can use the Function RSDMD_WRITE_ATTRIBUTES_TEXTS, which allows you to load Attribute or text in the load of a Master Data Atributtes or in a transactional load.
    Some links.
    The PDF describes how to use it with Master Data Attribute
    i_iobjnm = '0D_SOLD_TO'
    i_tabclass = 'M'
    i_t_table = custattr
    In your case you should use i_tabclass = 'T'  (for texts) and the table i_t_table should be the IDs of Material, and the concatenation of the atributes as text (be sure, Mediu, large or short text).
    Thats one solution, other solucion could be, create a custom extractor in RSO2 using the table of the Master Data Atribute, and in the Trasnfromation or Transfer Rule (depending the version that you use) you should concatenate the values with a routine mapping.
    Regards, Federico

  • JCombo values disappear on single click

    I have a JCombo box for some tree nodes with some values which are attribute values in my xml.
    The combo box value disappears on a single click when the attribute is not present for a particular node in xml.
    The problem is the absence of the attribute......
    Is there any way I can work around this?

    The problem is the absence of the attribute......
    I beg to differ - the problem is not in the xml but in your code. However, since you have not posted any code, it is a little difficult to help you.

  • Attribute value is not valid

    After executing an RFC, I want to get a table of elements that is passed as the Output.
    As soon as I try to get the first element of the Output table, via xxxNode.getElementAt(index), I receive this error:
    Attribute value is not valid for attribute 'Flag_Stam_Orig' of model class 'it.prova.mctciat_rfc.checkprintstatus_sr00.Zmctbpm_Rfc_Output_Print_A'
    Before calling .getElementAt(index) I use xxxNode.size() to get the number of returned elements and then I execute a for loop in which I visit all the elements of node XXX.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you,
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    I've solved the problem.
    At first the attribute generating the error was defined ABAP-side as a custom domain based on CHAR (1) type that allowed only two possible values: "O" or "X". But the ABAP function returned only " " (empty space) or "X".
    So we tried to add "O" to the set of the legitimate values, but that did not solve the problem.
    Next we got rid of the custom type and custom domain and we defined the parameter as a simple CHAR (1).
    That made the problem disappear and, best of all, I can't still figure why. Anyway, the problem is solved and that is all that matters now.
    *I'm sorry to say this in a SAP forum, but SAP's approach to type checking sucks really hard.*
    It is not possible that the ABAP side does not check types and the Java side raises these kind of errors (and, please note that it is not allowed to change a model type in Java).
    Anyway, thank you Nizamudeen for helping me.
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  • Taxonomy attributes in assignments

    I want write an assignment to fill in the long text with differnet fileds including the taxonomy sturctures and their attributes.
    ex. my taxonomy structure
                 field 1
                   ........ field2
                         ..............field 3 -
                 field 4
                   ........ field5
                         ..............field 6 -
    Could anyone pls tell me on how to create this assignment,
    Is it possible to inclue the taxonomy attributes and taxonomy hiercarcy subnodes ...... if yes how?
    I tried using concatnate, but not able to see the where I can bring in the attribute values.
    pls let me know ......... thanks.

    In this new assignment created an expression "concat(category.dipsplayfiled, attribute1, attribute2). Still I am not able to
    get any result in my LNG_TXT field. even the expression editor is not throwing any error.
    You have to create one branch expression to each category value.
    so when you are creating the branch expression you have to assign one category  to branch value .
    after that when you run assignment ,if category is assigned to that record and also there is branch assignment  for that category then that  value should be assigned to long text field.
    so kindly check whether there is any value assigned to category field and there is branch assignemnt for that category value or not.
    Also when you say one assignment for each category value.................... I want to generate my LNG_TXT(300) for all my
    records based on the taxonomy attributes + some other fields.
    Note : some attributes will be present for some category values, and may have different for others.
    so how will I be able to achieve this......pls explain
    when you create  branch assignment and set category  value then when you go to assignment expression pop up then you can only see the attributes that assigned to that category  value .

  • Mandatory taxonomy attributes

    Hi ,
    How to make the taxonomy attributes mandatory apart from writing validations ? I have a requirement wherein not all the attributes for a class are mandatory .

    Hello Yogesh
    If we told about Data Manager(DM).
    Unfortunately, you can't make attributes mandatory by another way.
    In DM you see all attributes linked to selected taxonomy item.
    You can't hide part of them, according you multistage business process.
    But you can create validation for part of them as you need.
    That will be combination from workflow, validation and assignment.
    Use additional field where you will save current stage before
    Validation will work depend of combination mandatory attributes  and that field value.
    Validation should have type "Error"
    Assignment will launch(from WF) by the end of current stage and change old stage value to new.
    Kanstantsin Chernichenka

  • Is it possible to regroup data based on attribute value of a tag?

    is it possible to regroup data based on attribute value of a tag?

    Hi Rajeev,
    You can filter records during import if one of the Matching field is of type Lookup.
    In your case if you create City as flat lookup table in MDM & maintain lookup values in DM(Just as an example), then you can import only records where city is HYD.
    Map Name & City, Then in Match Records tab select both the fields (Combination)
    then right click on it & select Filter.. option.
    Now new pop up will open where you be able to see ur Lookup table values, from there select HYD and Add
    Now in default Import Action, set Create Action for None/None (All other will be skip)
    This way you will import only HYD records.
    But this is possible only on Lookup fields & not foe Text fields
    Hope this will help you
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Not able to get the taxonomy field value of meta data field type

    Hi Everyone,
    Not able to get the taxonomy filed value from the metadata filed type.
    Any one can help me on this.
    Label, TermGuid, ValidatedString are showing empty when i debug the code.
    Below is the code which i used to get the taxonomy filed value

    Can you please try getting this way?
    var taxonomyField = listItem.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(fieldName) as TaxonomyField;
    if (taxonomyField.AllowMultipleValues)
    var fieldValuesCollection = listItem[taxonomyField.Title] as TaxonomyFieldValueCollection;
    return fieldValuesCollection.Select(x => new Guid(x.TermGuid)).ToList();
    var fieldValue = listItem[taxonomyField.Title] as TaxonomyFieldValue;
    return new List<Guid>() { new Guid(fieldValue.TermGuid) };
    Hope it helps!
    Avni Bhatt
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  • Not getting attribute values in IPC routines Scenerio R/3 B2B using AP 7.0

    Our Scenerio is using ISA R/3 B2B using AP 7.0. I have developed IPC routines but when i debug my routines in SM53 I notice that I'm not getting any attribute value except for VKORG.
    I'm pasting the code below. Please help me if I have to implement some BADI or do something more to get the attribute values.
    I have defined the attributes properly in Routine assignment in tcode /n/sapcnd/ueass
    userexitlogger.writeLogDebug("*requirment 901*" + "Plant = "plant"||ANZ_MONATE ="+ item.getAttributeValue(ANZ_MONATE_STR).toString()"||ANZ_JAHRE="item.getAttributeValue(ANZ_JAHRE_STR).toString()"||MATKL="item.getAttributeValue(MATKL_STR).toString()"||PSTYV="item.getAttributeValue(PSTYV_STR).toString()"||VKORG="item.getAttributeValue(VKORG_STR)"||PRSFD="item.getAttributeValue(PRSFD_STR)"||MVGR2="item.getAttributeValue(MVGR2_STR).toString()"||PRSDT="item.getAttributeValue(PRSDT_STR).toString()"||AUDAT="item.getAttributeValue(AUDAT_STR).toString());
    I would reward points for help
    Many Thanks n regards,

    I would like to go through each Value of the xml file and give each Value a name
    e.g. from the xml file <VentCount Value=1> Retreive the value above and giving it the name VentCount. Then I would beable to use the name vent count as follows:
    setVentCount() //My own method can use as follows: setVentCount(VentCount); I would like to do his for ever value, each value with a specific name

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