Microsoft Exchange - iOS 7.0.3

I work for the IT department of the city I live in. Back in 2009 I setup my echange email on my iPhone 3G. I used the wembail server name to get the email to work on my phone. It has worked great even when upgrading to the newer iPhones. However, my iPhone 5 with the new iOS 7.0.3 is having major issues.
I get a message when I try to check my mail that says "Unable to get Mail - Unable to connect to server. Contact administrator." Its not all the time either. Its random. I can send e-mail just fine. I can sometimes get e-mails and it syncs at random times like in the middle of the night.
When I get an e-mail and try to open it, it sometimes says “This message has not been downloaded from the server.”
We are seeing more and more employees with iPhones (4, 4s, 5, and 5s) and this problem is becoming a bigger issue. Is there a fix for this? I have removed the account and set it back up to no avail.
Please help.
iPhone 5
iOS 7.0.3
Old grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan

I am having the same problem.  Worked fine in iOS 7.0 - 7.0.2 but now "Waiting to Activate" with 7.0.3.  I'm hoping that it will resolve itself in next 24 hours.

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  • Microsoft exchange calendar sync issue in iOS 5.0.1

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 installed. My company uses Miycrosoft Exchange Server and I have synched my iPhone using the Microsoft Exchange server account option. I don't have any probelm with my emails or contacts.
    However, the calendar is not synching properly. After I setup the account for the first time, I see many of my calendar items has been synced. But some of them are missing. I can't find any reason why those items are missing. I added/deleted new items on my calendar on Outlook Web Access and it showed up on my iPhone. I also tried adding/deleting items on my iPhone and they synched appropriately. The only issue is some of the pre-existing items are not showin on my iPhone and I can't find any reason for it.
    I already tried to delete the account and add from scratch. I also removed the iCloud from my iPhone and tested without iCloud, no difference. I reinstalled the iCloud.
    Any help is much appreciated.

    We have struggled with this as well on Exchange 2010. We just trued this today with some of our users and seems to get everything back into sync:
    On the iOS device:
    • Navigate to Settings app > Mail, Contacts, Calendar.
    • Scroll down and locate the Calendar section
    • Tap Sync (under the Calendars section)
    • Set the interval to All Events
    • Close the Settings app (Tap Home button)
    I suggest rebooting the iOS device. Check the calendar and let it sync – look for those missing events.
    This has worked for everyone that had the missing events issue.

  • TS4532 My iPhone V will not connect to a Microsoft Exchange server. It says that the User Name or Password are incorrect even though they're not and I can log on directly to Exchange using the web browser. The connection worked until IOS 6.1.2 was Install

    My iPhone V will not connect to a Microsoft Exchange server. It says that the User Name or Password are incorrect even though they're not and I can log on directly to Exchange with the same parameters using the web browser.
    I bought the phone when it came out last October. The connection did not work at first, then started without warning in December. It worked perfectly for 2 months then stopped again when IOS 6.1.2 was Installed.
    Help please!

    I have forwarded these questions about the version of Exchange server that is being used and whether Microsoft host the mai themselves to the IT Dept but I will not get a reply from them until tomorrow.
    In the meantime I have also tried:
    Deleting and re-creating the account AGAIN!
    And re-setting the phone (recommended as a solution to a similar problem with an iPad in another forum.
    But please remember that:
    The phone would not connect for 2 months after I bought it
    Then started working unexpectedly in December
    Then stopped working again when IOS 6.1.2. was installed
    Also why am I the only person affected by this when colleagues with iPhone 3s and 4s who use the same mail system are not (I am still trying to find one with an iPhone V to see if their's works).
    Like I said I think that there must be a fault, either with my own phone or with iPhone Vs in general.

  • HT4972 has anyone had issues syncing with microsoft exchange server since upgrading to ios 5.1.1

    Has anyone had issues syncing with microsoft exchange since updating to ios 5.1.1

    No bug I'm using exchange at work I've updated a couple of people here and it's working. 
    Your IT guy can't fix this for you?   This problem usually is due to the exchange server not recogonizing your account.   You have the right server and domain entered?

  • "Unable to verify account information" - Microsoft Exchange for iPhone 4S running on iOS

    "Unable to verify account information" - Microsoft Exchange for iPhone 4S running on iOS 6.  Have we ever found a fix for this?  Trying to sync my company email to my phone.  Help!

    Talk to your IT department. Worked just fine for my on my 4S with 6.0.1 and works just fine on my 5 with 6.0.2.

  • Microsoft Exchange link won't sync, doesn't receive email since updating 5s to iOS 8.0. Is there a solution to this?

    iPhone 5s stopped receiving Exchange email a couple of days after updating to iOS 8.0. Initially there were no problems. Microsoft Exchange account now connects but won't sync.Other email accounts, Safari and Apps work with no problems. Have tried removing and re-entering the Exchange account, and done a Network Reset. Still get 'No Mail' on Exchange email screen. Is this a common occurrence and does anyone have a solution?

    We had about 10 iPhones (4S, 5, 5S) which did not receive any mail or other things over Exchange. After some research, we did an iisreset on our Exchange OWA. This was our solution. Everything is working fine now.

  • TS4438 iOS 6 and Microsoft Exchange: Meeting events unexpectedly canceled

    We had a meeting cancelled by an invited member and not the meeting organiser. It was a recurring meeting and the entire series was cancelled and a notification sent to all invited members. The user who 'cancelled' the meeting and the meeting organiser do not have any share permissions to each others calendar.
    We are also having recurring meetings disappear from our iPhones/iPads, but can be viewed on Outlook.
    Is there a workaround for this issue, especially for the users who travel most of the time and do not have access to Outlook at all times?
    We are using Microsoft Exchange 2003, all services packs and patches have been installed, and IOS 6.1.4.

    We also just saw this today, and we are running Exchange 2010 SP2 RU6 And Outlook 2010 (64bit) and it happened on an iPhone running iOS 6.0.1.  We've had a number of issues with iOS devices corrupting the MAPI info for the organizer and corrupting our meetings, initially it was though that was fixed with iOS 6.1.3 but no go, it's still an issue (that started with iOS 6.0.1.)
    However this behavior with the invited member (who declined from his iPhone) being able to blow the whole meeting for all invited members is a new one...  We're working on a plan to update to Exchange 2010 SP3 to address the issue linked above, will re-post back here if that also resolves this new issue.

  • Microsoft exchange in iOS 7. Categories colors

    Why can you only place flags but not categories colors on Microsoft exchange,it is very helpful when you are working with a team with the same exchange email
    makes job easier and tu assign colors to each user

    I've posted about this issue also, no response from support.  Up until IOS7 the most annoying thing about Exchange email searches was how it frequently would decide to mark some random message as unread, showing that in the new mail bold count... Sometime I could find it and mark read, other times I had to delete the mailbox and re-add it... A nuisance for sure but it didn't impact my business.  NOW the ability to properly search an Exchange folder is broke... I can literally search on a known word in a subject, in the body... and it will not find the email.  I can do the same search in a browser using OWA (Office 365 user) and it finds each email it should... This creates a huge issue as I try to find and respond to emails.  Please fix it.. it's bad enough I'm considering moving off my beloved apple tablet and going Android.  Why Apple seems to feel its necessary to break things that work is beyond me.  

  • Ipad mini 3 can't sync with microsoft exchange email (iphone 6 can)

    I have an iPhone 6 and iPad mini 3 (verizon). Both are set up the exact same. At work, I am able access Microsoft Exchange email using the iPhone mail app with wifi. (I work underground and have no access to cell service) However, the iPad Mini will not allow me to access my email over wifi using the mail app.
    Here is the tricky part. 1)wifi works perfectly on the iPad Mini for all other functions (safari, other apps, etc.). 2)when I get home (or anywhere else) the iPad mini is able to access my work email without a problem. I am not using my cellular connectivity at home, so it has nothing to do with that.
    Nobody at work seems to be able to figure it out. Is it a MAC address issue, IP address or a blocked port? Help me please!
    All passwords and other settings are the same on the iPhone and iPad. Also, this is not a gmail exchange account. I already know that gmail does not support new exchange accounts. This is a work hosted email.

    Here is what I gather from my reading:
    -- delete you exchange account then re-configure.  Shakes things up.
    -- reboot device.
    -- re-install from backup.
    -- use microsoft outlook for ipad.  ( some business do not allow.  check.  Why? caches info on amazon cloud. ) You should try as a trial at least.
    2)when I get home (or anywhere else) the iPad mini is able to access my work email without a problem.
    VPN vs no VPN?  Would seem there is a diff here.
    Re-boot ipad.
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until a red slider appears, then drag the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.  page 128 iPad user manual.
    force power down if the above give you trouble.
    Hold down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button. Ten seconds or more.  Hold until the Apple logo appears.
    more details on re-booting:
    Restore to factory settings by loading the latest version of ios that your machine will support:
       Do a full backup of your device.  Twice is best -- cloud and computer.
       "You can use iTunes to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to factory settings and the latest version of iOS."
       "You can put your iOS device into recovery mode, then restore it using iTunes.:
    At last resort you could consider DFU (Device Firmware Update).  This could void your warranty.

  • Microsoft exchange no longer works with ipad and iphone

    Have the new ipad and  iphone 4. Software 6.1.3.  Since two days email and calender are no longer synchronised and it is impossible to send email. We use microsoft exchange server and Outlook. Up till 2 days ago all worked perfectly and settings have not been changed.
    Ipad and iphone have connection with the internet (wlan). On desktop PC and laptop email sending and receiving is no problem.
    I did reset both without result.

    I think part of this is on Apple's End. I found this article I hope you find it helpful to you and I will look more into it. -ios-6-1exchange-problem-block-iphone-users/

  • Error While setting up Gmail Via Microsoft Exchange

    Hi everybody, I'm Using an Iphone 3gs in iOS 6.
    I Wanted to setup Gmail with Push, so i set up the account via Microsoft exchange. But after the setup is complete,
    I cant access the mails. Whenever i open the Mail app, its showing "Cannot get Mail: Connection to the server failed"
    Need Help with this as Gmail Push would be of great use to me.
    Anyhelp would be appreciated, Thank you.

    Google are stopping (maybe have stopped already) Exchange support for their email accounts. If you want "push" use the free Gmail app.
    See: support-for-gmail-calendar-and

  • IPad unread email count doesn't tally with Microsoft Exchange 2007 email count from OWA.

    I discovered that when we first setup the iPad to sync email from Microsoft Exchange 2007 server via ActiveSync, the total number of unread email count tally with the count from OWA. After a few days, the unread email count will be out of sync. The settings for iPad "Mail days to syn": No limit. Mail to show: 1000. iPad iOS: 5.1.1
    We performed the following:
    1.     Compare email by email to verify which are the read email from OWA doesn't sync to iPad. We discovered that some emails read from OWA doesn't sync with iPad even performed forced update. However, if we delete that read email from OWA, it will delete (unread) from iPad immediately after sync.
    2.     Email recall message for successful recalled displayed in OWA but not on iPad.
    3.     Calendar invite message forward as email displayed in OWA but not in iPad.
    Is there a bug for Microsoft Exchange 2007 or there is limitation for iPad?
    Any kind expert can advice?

    Can you do setup an unread mail folder that shows all unread mail regardless of what folder it really is in on the iPhone mail program somehow?
    If not, can this be submitted as an enhancement as it makes email use very cumbersome.
    Yes. You can submit feedback to Apple:

  • Problems with Yosemite and Microsoft Exchange?

    Hi, everyone, I upgraded all of my computers I work on to Yosemite (home and work); my iPhone and iPad both run IOS 8.1.  I have 2 Gmail accounts that I use regularly; my job (university) is using Microsoft Exchange for the mail server.  I use MacMail; don't really like Outlook for mail things.
    I have periodically had some problems with pulling my job e-mail up on MacMail; since I converted to Yosemite, it has gone on steroids.  I can see all of my Gmail just fine (contrary to some others who have reported problems); anything that is Exchange-based mail on my job's e-mail account will show the sender and the subject—the message itself is blank, sometimes for minutes sometimes forever.  I have quit and restarted Mail, quit and restarted the computer to varying success, but it is still highly unpredictable other than not showing the message for a very long time.
    When I use the web-based version of Outlook, it instantly shows everything.  An A-B comparison of Outlook and Mail sometimes even has some messages not having even been downloaded into Mail, even though I have clicked on Get Mail.
    And—in the iPhone and iPad, everything is fine 100% of the time.  Works wonderfully.
    Any ideas?

    Try rebuilding the mailbox. This can take awhile if you have a lot of mail.
    Rebuild mailbox

  • Google iPad Sync Microsoft Exchange - Sync only works in One Direction

    I have setup my iPad to sync with Google calendar using Microsoft Exchange, which supposes to work bidirectionally.
    I found that it only works in one direction such that anything in my Google calendar (includes all the subscribed calendars in Google) got sync to my iPad. After I add a new event in my Google calendar, it is pushed to my iPad.
    On the other hand, any new event I add to my iPad calendar is not updated and shown in my Google calendar. This means the sync works only in one direction:
    Google Calendar Event --- sync ---> iPad (works perfectly and the event is pushed almost pushed instantly)
    iPad Calendar Event. --- sync ---> Google Calendar << FAILED >> (Event entered to my iPad never shows in the Google Calendar)
    Sync works unidirectionally but not bidirectionally
    Anyone has encounter this problem and is there any solution?
    iPad   iOS 3.1   PC Windows 7 / using Google & iPad Calendar  

    I am having the same problem. Would be good to have a solution.

  • Microsoft exchange push without permission

    is there a way to get your microsoft exchange emailed pushed to my iphone4 without permission from my companies it department?
    please help!

    First, know that they can see that your device is using Exchange if you decide to setup ActiveSync on it without permission.
    If they simply use user/pass authentication you can set the phone up to sync. Typically your server will be the same URL used for your webmail; iOS is pretty smart about figuring ou the rest (SSL etc.)
    Ryan Black

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