Missing tools in Illustrator cs4

This problem is driving me crazy. I have Adobe Illustrator cs4 installed (win.Vista), it runs o.k but I'm missing a lot of tools- I get all the main tool groups but the groups wont open` so I have the line tool but not arc or spiral, I have warp tool but not twirl or bloat, text area but not text path and so on.
I have tried redirecting to plugins>tools via the edit>preferences>plug-ins and scratch disks dialog, but then when I load the software I get an error notice saying that some of the plug-ins conflict with... and it doesn't work. I've also tried deleting the AIpref. file from appdata but that didn't help.
What am I missing? this situation consumes too much of my time and sanity!

Let me ask a question, are you launching AI from an alias located on your desktop? Another Question did you move the Illustrator folder out of the Illustrator application folder and perhaps to a place where you could more easily launch it?
An alias is a copy of the icon of a folder or directory of fie that links it to the original and looks like the actual originl.
The aliases you know are My  Computer, Internet Explorer, Documents etc that you find commonly on a PCs desktop.
This is the scenario that often takes place on a mac and probably would cause the same problem on a PC.
Instead of creating the alias to use as a link to launch the application you either copied the application it self or you moved it to the desktop.
What that means is that some essential links between the application are now broken such as some of the tools and menu items that reside in the Applications folders such as filters and effects, file formats and extensions.So they are not showing.
The way to fix this is either move the application back to to the Illustrator folder and read about how to make an alias or just launch it from the Start menu or delete the copy if you have a copy of the application on the desktop and again either make a proper alias or launch from the Start menu.
I do not know how this might effect the preferences on a PC but on the Mac it sometimes corrupts the preferences and they have to be trashed as well as correcting the problem.
Having written all of this there was another way this can manifest itself on both a Mac and PC and you might do a google search if what I describe above does not apply to you.
It was actually posted here about four or five months ago and it involved deleting a file.

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    Did you do a search this was recently posted and there was an answer to this as well.
    did you try Trash the settings folder the Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings folder  in your User's Preferencessning the Ad

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    If you had a default installation for the CS4 suite meaning in the root
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    I reinstalled cs4 using the download files on adobe website thinking it would eliminate the possible cause of a bad disc in my hardcopy set.  Unfortunately, my Illustrator is still the same with minimal tools plus during installation there was error re Flash not downloading properly.  After all said and done I’ve opened all my cs4 programs, even Flash, and they open fine and look ready to go as they are.  All I can think is cs4 doesn’t like Win7 or my Dell computer.  I’m done with this and can’t think to do any more.  Thanks for being there.  Good luck with the new year.  Regards, Teresa

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    The fonts I'm currently concerned with are all in the default LaTeX family (i.e. cmr10, cmmi10, cmbx10, etc...) I have all of them installed on my computer and they work fine in every other application. 
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    Thanks for the link.  I'm actually using Windows 7 and in the mean time my illustrator "found" the fonts again (still can't figure out why).  I don't know how well the solutions for the Mac OS will work but I'll take a look.  If anyone else comes up with an answer I'd love to hear it!

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you... That worked.  I thought I was going 
    crazy there for a while.

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    can't find an airbrush tool there, so I export to Photoshop to use that airbrush and the
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    See this PDF for one approach. The subject was really more about exploring ways to exploit Isolation Mode, but it does so in the context of a poor-man's "airbrush" effect.
    I want the clean, vector lines of Illustrator with the yummy fuzzy airbrush tool.
    In reality, then, you're not wanting vector artwork to look like vector artwork. Here's the thing:
    Vector artwork, is by its fundamental nature "hard edged." That's one of its advantages and one of its disadvantages. Soft-edged fuzzy effect (and its sister, texture) is one of the mainstays of raster imaging. It's one of the main reasons why there are two primary kinds of computer graphics.
    Historically, soft edges and graduations are primarily done with Blends and Graduated Fills. A Blend is really just a semi-automated stack of multiple paths with incrementally changing color. Grad fills are mathematically-defined variations of a path's fill color across the path. Generally speaking, grad fills are limited to a small set of geometric shapes. For most of Illustrator's history that was a very limited set: linear or radial. So when you needed to render tonal graduations in more elaborate shapes, you employed Blends.
    More recently, programs have acquired a newer construct, which is an elaboration of grad fills: Mesh Grads. Mesh Grads are also mathematically-derived and remain as such up to print time--that is, they are vector. They offer more control over the shape of the color transitions. But that control is quite tedious, and is not at all like painting with an airbrush.
    That's about the extent of it when it comes to maintaining "clean, vector edges". With skill and discernment, the results can look just as realistic as airbrush work, and it can be entirely vector. But the interface for doing it is not an emulation of painitng with an airbrush.
    Far more common than a purely vector tool in a vector drawing program that tries to act like an airbrush is the workaround of applying filters or effects to vector paths. Doing that is not purely vector: It's actually rasterization that is re-applied whenever you edit the paths. If you set such an effect as the current default, then you can draw paths with the Brush tool, the Pencil Tool, or really, any of the vector path tools, and that's about as close to emulating an airbrush in a vector program as you'll get. The PDF mentioned above employs that kind of approach. But you should understand, you're really creating raster images when you do that. It's just that, rather than the raster images being "nailed down", they are effectively deleted and re-created on-the-fly if you edit the paths to which the effect is applied.
    Illustrator isn't great at this. Other programs--Xara Xtreme in particular--do it much faster and responsively. But again, even though it retains the lossless editability advantage of vector art, the soft-edged effects are not really vector art. The are on-the-fly rasterizations of vector art.
    Look up Blends, Grads, and Mesh Grad in Illustrator's Help files.

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    When i use the mesh tool in a filled object, i can only create a gradient mesh on the anchor points or along the path, not anywhere inside the object. Is there any solution to fix it? Thx

    When You place Your cursor inside said filled object it does not display the little »+«?

  • Where Is The Scissor tool In Illustrator CS4

    I've selected a line and want to cut a piece out of the middle.
    I've tried the knife tool but I don't understand what it is doing.
    From what I read in the help I should use the Scissor tool.
    I can't find it.

    It's located with the eraser tool.

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    When I drag the ellipse/rectangle tool in Illustrator CS4 on Windows XP, instead of just resizing the object when I drag, it creates multiple ellipses/rectangles until I have reached the size I want. How do I get this to stop so that there is only 1 object?

    Is your Tilde key stuck?

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    There is a functional reason for this depending on how you work if you read yup about it in the help files i think they explain it well as i recalled it was exxplained well in the manual when they had one.
    It is not a change it has been this way for a long time and the options serve different users in a helpful way. hough it wwould be helpful to have a toggle of some kind.

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    I also had this problem in CS.

    Illustrator CS4 (mine is for Windows) is faulty in the 3D effect tools because of the invisible open paths it creates upon saving as EPS (or expanding the appearance). This is very dissapointing.  My only hope of correcting this that is a free plugin and script that may or not be created by Graffix. Adobe probably can do this. : (
    I also had this problem in CS.

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    When I sample a colour from a masked object in Illustrator CS4 it doesn't sample the colour correctly. It looks like it's doing it optically rather than using the exact colour breakdown I have assigned the colour. It doesn't even look like the same colour when I colour another object. It will often be slightly darker. Does anyone know if this is a bug or if there is some other reason it is happening. Never happened in any of the other versions.

    Yupp, as Scott said. Ugly annoyance.

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