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What I can't seem to find in any of these replies--I probably just haven't found the right one yet!--is whether the new OS X Tiger can use older mac fonts or any of the free mac fonts available on the internet...and that goes for all free mac downloads. I can't seem to get ANYTHING in a format that actually works with this OS!
I have hundreds of great fonts on my older macs, but I'm guessing if they are not TTF (which most, of course, will not be) they won't transfer. Also, it seems that the vast majority of downloads come through as .sit files--not sure what that is, but they are not registering as fonts. Now what?

Hi rosy,
Welcome to the discussions and the AppleWorks forum.
This is more an OS X question than an Appleworks one, and you may get a more definitive reply by pisting in the Tiger forum.
".sit" is a suffix that identifies a file compressed using Stuffit, the 'standard' compression application for Mac under OS 9 and earlier. To open these you need the free download of Stuffit Expander.
If your older fonts are TrueType (which most of the scaleable ones will be) they should be useable in Tiger. Bit Map fonts (any that showed some sizes in black and others in outline in the Font menu on your older Mac) may not be useable in OS X.

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  • 10.6.5 font question

    I have resolved a bunch of font problems I was having since upgrading to 10.6.5 by archiving and installing 10.6 and re-upgrading.
    I now have alot more fonts in the computer section and some duplikcates which font book isn't resolving.
    Here is a simple question:
    for a font like Courier where I have a font suitcase in user>Library>Fonts
    and a .dfont in System>Library>Fonts
    1) which should I keep - dfont or suitcase?
    2) Should I a) remove from inside FontBook or b) delete from folder in Finder and then rebuild FontBook cache.
    Tommy Banana

    My apologies -- I just noticed that I do have some font suitcase files in /Library/Fonts & probably elsewhere & they are supported in OS X. When I check them with Font Book, the "Show Font Info" function says they contain Truetype fonts. I'm pretty sure they are leftovers from the Classic OS days; I've probably discarded the ones not compatible with OS X.
    All I can really tell you is the fonts in /System/Library/Fonts generally are best left alone but you will get better advice about this from other users that know more than I do about that subject.
    But regarding installing Snow Leopard, it does not do an archive and install -- there is no archive containing deactivated previous versions of OS files & other items like there was with that option in earlier OS versions. A better name for the Snow Leopard version might be "Replace & Install," although that applies only to the new files that come with the OS. Everything else is left in place, except possibly for certain incompatible items that are moved to an "Incompatible Software" folder at the root of the drive.
    That might explain where some of your duplicate fonts came from.

  • I have a full Team subscription to Creative Cloud, but type kit does not allow me to use some fonts. Do I have to pay extra to have more fonts available to me?

    I have a full Team subscription to Creative Cloud, but type kit does not allow me to use some fonts. Do I have to pay extra to have more fonts available to me?

    Hi drewacg,
    I'm sorry that you ran into trouble with this.  Are you the administrative contact on your Creative Cloud team subscription?  The admin user doesn't receive the same set of services as a full seat, so you will have a Typekit Trial plan instead of the Portfolio plan.
    You have the option of upgrading to the Portfolio level, though. If you would like to do that:
    1) sign in at with your Adobe ID and password
    2) visit, and select the "upgrade" option underneath Portfolio
    Your Typekit plan upgrade will be billed separately from your Creative Cloud payments. The Portfolio plan is $49.99/year.
    I hope that this helps!  If you have any questions, please feel free to send your Adobe ID information to [email protected] and we can look into it further for you. Best,
    -- liz

  • Fonts question

    I'm running 10.7.5 on a Mac Pro with 12 gigs of ram. I have the app font book which hosts all my fonts. As of today I have 635 fonts on my system, this is because I do web design and development so from doing epubs , photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and other apps I have accumulated all these fonts. So my question is will all the fonts slow my Mac Pro down? Is there a way to clean up anything font wise?

    The more fonts you have active, the more RAM they take up. True of any OS. The other of course is your font lists will take longer to appear in apps when you're selecting a font.
    As far as cleaning up, separate your fonts into their uses. Web, epubs, etc., and only open (activate) the sets you need for the work you're doing. Close (deactivate) that set when you're done.

  • Upgraded to 5.0 and now more fonts aren't showing up correctly

    I had a previous problem with a colon not appearing correctly on websites and instead, I got FF 1A. Initially it looked like FF IR but FF 1A is the unicode or UTF font for that being it is a wider colon than normal.
    I downloaded every font set I could find, even things that are odd shaped things I couldn't possibly ever use and the colon problem was taken care of, but then certain things in email started showing up with an FF 1A, or something else for that unicode and now that I've upgraded to 5.0, a lot more websites are showing these instead of the actual letters, numbers, or punctuation marks.
    I even have Fontfinder installed but it isn't much help. I never had this problem until version 4.0.1 I don't know what else to do. I have Unicode UTF-8 for the character encoding because that is what fixed the colon problem, but now I'm having trouble with more characters.
    I can't read the boxes, like I could for the colon FF 1A, but on this website
    Before each episode there are several boxes and each has a different set of numbers and letters and I zoomed in as much as I could and still can't make them out "魔女エスパー The Witch Esper" I can't tell if the first one is 98 54 or 9B 54. But there are several of these on this website, and I don't know what other fonts to try and install.
    They are messed up in Internet Explorer, but most of them are just boxes with nothing in them, but I know this is support for Mozilla Firefox only and I don't really use Internet Explorer.
    I can't seem to get online when someone in "Live Help" is available and there isn't a phone number to reach anyone in Support so I am very frustrated because these problems weren't happening before version 4 or 5 and I can't find any more fonts that would help. I believe "Wingdings" are automatically installed with Windows-XP, but these missing characters are supposed to be letters, numbers or punctuation marks, and they aren't showing up correctly, so windings wouldn't matter anyways and I am at my wits end.
    I have never had a problem with any computer until now and I even reformatted and did every single update available for Windows-XP and even the ones that are still coming out.
    For some reason below where it says
    We've made some educated guesses about your current browser and operating system. When I click on "Show Details" under "installed plug-ins", it shows these
    * Office Plugin for Netscape Navigator
    * Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.0
    * DRM Store Netscape Plugin
    * DRM Netscape Network Object
    But I don't know why and I doubt that is the problem. You can't even get Netscape anymore.
    It's so frustrating because it is messing up reading email and doing surveys that I didn't have this problem with before using versions 4 or 5.
    In my "Windows\Fonts" folder, I have 375 files over 41 MB so I don't know what to do. I'm about ready to throw the computer out the window being I can't respond properly to an email or do surveys, if I can't read the letters.
    4.0.1 was was a clean install after I had to reformat a couple weeks ago but 5.0 was an update that I just did tonight.
    I thank everyone in advance.

    Thanks one again. I know you helped me the last to. I do have the Deja Vu font set in my folder. I downloaded and the last time. So I don't know if there is supposed to be more or not, but those were installed with Windows-XP after my reformat.
    This is really driving me nuts. as I've done several re-formats on my computer and several friends computers and even upgraded hardware so I am not necessarily a software or programming expert, I am somewhat advanced when it comes to computers in general and can usually diagnose the problem but these font's are the problem and they never were before.
    I did see in another forum that if you had a Dell Computer and did the Microsoft update for the onboard video card driver that it could be the culprit, but I have that disabled being I have a much better graphics card so the updates from Microsoft for the onboard video weren't installed.
    It' a Dell Dimension 3000 with an Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller so I don't believe it is the culprit being it is disabled. The actual video card that I am using is a PCI Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT with 1 GB Memory. And I didn't have any problem before.
    I appreciate the help. But still can't get things to work. Live Help Chat doesn't open for another two hours so maybe they can do "Remote Access" or something and can check setting and help me. But if you come up with other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  • One or more Fonts are not available

    I have seen this problem on this and other forums in the past
    but I have never seen a response that made sense or lead to a fix:
    I created a flash file a few months ago. It uses a font called
    "microgramma". I now want to make some changes to it and I get this
    "One or more fonts used by this movie are not available."
    The font is a truType font, works fine in every other
    application on my machine, but now for some reason, Flash doesn't
    see it. This is not the first time this has happened to me. It
    would be great if Adobe would address this.
    Flash CS3 on a MAC ppc with OSX 10.4.11

    You should be able to get this to work. (btw - mac guy :) Is
    the Font listed in the Flash 'Library' panel, or are you refering
    to the main Font menu, and embedding? I'm uncertain, and perhaps
    I'm mistaken.
    You can create a Font 'file' the resides in the FLA Library.
    Have you tried using the small icon in the upper right corner of
    the 'Library' panel, and selecting 'new Font...'? this should
    create a complete Font package?

  • How can I get more fonts for Collage

    I was just wondering if there was a way of getting more fonts into Collage? I find the lack of some basic font packages very limiting. Adobe have included the more "fancy" typefaces, and forgotten to include any "classics"!?
    how can I change this?

    Its not possible to add a new font to show up in the app
    However Opening the collage file in Photoshop preserves all the layer information, for further editing and tweaking of fonts and other properties of individual layers

  • Beginner font questions

    These are some beginner font questions if someone has the time/patience.
    I've never paid much attention to fonts over the years, never installed
    any other than those that might have come with applications. Early on,
    15 years ago or so, I settled on Palatino and I've stayed with it for
    most docs (Word 5.1a and now Word vX) and often for other apps (Safari,
    I just upgraded to Tiger (10.4.4) and I use Word vX.
    1. I gather from looking at Font Book that when I'm using Palatino in
    Tiger that OS X is getting it from my OS 9 System folder for Classic.
    It does not look like Palatino is in any other locations including MS
    Office vX. Does that make sense?
    2. I always thought that Palatino was a very basic, always available
    font. Not so?
    3. If I decide to stop using Classic, and I'm close to that time, can I
    transfer those fonts to OS X? If so, to which location is best.
    4. And are the same fonts used for printing and screen? In other words
    back in pre OS X days I thought some fonts came in screen versions and
    print versions but my memory is hazy on that. Not only that.
    Thank you for any education or links for info.
    Powerbook G4 Ti   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    1. I gather from looking at Font Book that when I'm
    using Palatino in
    Tiger that OS X is getting it from my OS 9 System
    folder for Classic.
    It does not look like Palatino is in any other
    locations including MS
    Office vX. Does that make sense?
    That's correct.
    2. I always thought that Palatino was a very basic,
    always available
    font. Not so?
    It seems to be out of favor.
    3. If I decide to stop using Classic, and I'm close
    to that time, can I
    transfer those fonts to OS X? If so, to which
    location is best.
    Yes, you can just put it in Users/username/Library/Fonts (or Library/Fonts for all users).

  • Jdeveloper more font family CSS

    Hi I need to use more fonts than the css has by default (jdev
    look image

    just type it in. The CSS file is an ASCII file and you can type in any font you want. Note that CSS2 as used in JDeveloper 11g R1 and R2 does not support embedded fonts. However, if the font is understood on teh client you should be able to use it in yur skins

  • Is there any way I can get more fonts for the online photoshop?

    I know that this might sound a bit silly since I'm getting the services for free, but I was just curious if there was a way I could get more fonts for the online version. Maybe I'd be better off with the full program. Just curious! (:

    When you say online version, do you mean you are using the Creative Cloud trial?
    Photoshop accesses fonts on your computer, so all you have to do is purchase or download free ones from a fonts website.
    Here is a website with reasonably high quality free fonts:
    Good luck!

  • I need some more interview question with answer on modeling,reporting.

    i need some more interview question with answer on modeling,reporting.

    You may find tons of topic about interview question. Please try to search forums before opening a post next time.Take a look at the link below.

  • Every time I try to get on the ipod, it says I have to add more security questions, but none are listed, just two buttons that say submit.

    Every time I try to get on the Ipod games, it says I have to add more security questions, but no questions are listed, just two buttons that say "Submit" and places to put the answers to the unstated questions.  It also asks for a second email address.  It then proceeds to lock up.  Is this a scam of some sort.  There is nothing on the apple website about having additional security questions other than the one, or having a second email to operate the ipod.

    You need to contact Apple to get the questions reset. Click here, phone them, and ask for the Account Security team, or fill out and submit this form.
    Whichever method you use, you probably won't get a response until the 26th. If you absolutely must make a purchase before then, create a new Apple ID; you won't be able to transfer previous purchases or iTunes Store credit to it.

  • How can I add more font choices to the drop down bar in e-mail

    add more font choices to e-mail drop-down

    Firefox doesn't do email, it's strictly a web browser.
    If you are using Firefox to access your mail, you are using "web-mail". You need to seek support from your service provider or a forum for that service.
    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, see this forum for support.
    [] <br />
    or this one <br />

  • A Simpler, More Direct Question About Merge Joins

    This thread is related to Merge Joins Should Be Faster and Merge Join but asks a simpler, more direct question:
    Why does merge sort join choose to sort data that is already sorted? Here are some Explain query plans to illustrate my point.
      2  SELECT * FROM spoTriples ORDER BY s;
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT |              |   998K|    35M|  5311   (1)| 00:01:04|
    |   1 |  INDEX FULL SCAN | PKSPOTRIPLES |   998K|    35M|  5311   (1)| 00:01:04|
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notice that the plan does not involve a SORT operation. This is because spoTriples is an Index-Organized Table on the primary key index of (s,p,o), which contains all of the columns in the table. This means the table is already sorted on s, which is the column in the ORDER BY clause. The optimizer is taking advantage of the fact that the table is already sorted, which it should.
    Now look at this plan:
      2  SELECT /*+ USE_MERGE(t1 t2) */ t1.s, t2.s
      3  FROM spoTriples t1, spoTriples t2
      4  WHERE t1.s = t2.s;
    |   0 | SELECT STATEMENT       |              |    11M|   297M|       | 13019 (6)| 00:02:37 |
    |   1 |  MERGE JOIN            |              |    11M|   297M|       | 13019 (6)| 00:02:37 |
    |   2 |   SORT JOIN            |              |   998K|    12M|    38M|  6389 (4)| 00:01:17 |
    |   3 |    INDEX FAST FULL SCAN| PKSPOTRIPLES |   998K|    12M|       |  1460 (3)| 00:00:18 |
    |*  4 |   SORT JOIN            |              |   998K|    12M|    38M|  6389 (4)| 00:01:17 |
    |   5 |    INDEX FAST FULL SCAN| PKSPOTRIPLES |   998K|    12M|       |  1460 (3)| 00:00:18 |
    Predicate Information (identified by operation id):
       4 - access("T1"."S"="T2"."S")
           filter("T1"."S"="T2"."S")I'm doing a self join on the column by which the table is sorted. I'm using a hint to force a merge join, but despite the data already being sorted, the optimizer insists on sorting each instance of spoTriples before doing the merge join. The sort should be unnecessary for the same reason that it is unnecessary in the case with the ORDER BY above.
    Is there anyway to make Oracle be aware of and take advantage of the fact that it doesn't have to sort this data before merge joining it?

    Licensing questions are best addressed by visiting the Oracle store, or contacting a salesrep in your area
    But I doubt you can redistribute the product if you aren't licensed yourself.
    Question 3 and 4 have obvious answers
    3: Even if you could this is illegal
    4: if tnsping is not included in the client, tnsping is not included in the client, and there will be no replacement.
    Tnsping only establishes whether a listener is running and shouldn't be called from an application
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Typekit -Edge Web Fonts questions

    will need to embed text in some Edge documents, I saw a tutorial video on Typekit and followed the proceedure but I cannot get the font to display locally.
    I'm using the free trial version, is this why?
    Second I also tried Edge web fonts,
    this works fine so I need to know the following:
    typekit has so many more fonts, can I find out what could be the reason I do not see the fonts on stage?
    Which should I be using?

    Hi there,
    Here are a few threads with possible solutions:
    This one says: In your Kit Editor, select "Kit Settings," and the first tab has a field called "Domains."  In this field, type  This should allow you to use this font locally.
    This one says you need to add the IP of your machine.

Maybe you are looking for

  • OIM 11g R2 - How to get requester key in validator

    Hi All, I am writing a small validator code which throws an exception,if the request is trying to submitted by xelsysadm.May I know how I can get the requester details (like key) in the validator code. The validator API takes RequestData as a paramet

  • Error message when using counter indicating need to use faster timebase

    I'm attempting to use the two onboard counter timers on my DaqPad 6015 with a SC2345 carrier. The program initially runs as expected, but once in a while I get an error message that reads as follows: "2 consecutive active edges of the input signal oc

  • TP T500 - S drive used for recovery partition

    I need to change the recovery partition to another drive letter but it is not giving me the option.  The S: drive has been dedicated as the drive letter for our corporate SAN unit and all scripts are configured to point to that drive.  Is there a way

  • ITune fails to "download" iOS 5....

    Hi, I've been trying to upgrade my iPhone 4 with iOS 5. I use iTunes on Windows Seven, French version, in Paris. I tried about 6 times and it fails the same way whatever happen (I disabled the firewall, then the anti-virus, I also tried to

  • Set personal thumbnails in the 3x3 grid/ new tab view?

    Hi there, is it possible to set personal thumbnails in the 3x3 grid/ new tab view? E.g. I doN't want the current facebook page to be shown as a thumbnail but a big blue facebook-logo. Does anyone know about an Add on that's able to do that? Thanks in