MOSXSWebPassword install help needed

I installed an older version of this software on my Panther server several years ago and got it to work, but I can't remember exactly how I did it.
I'm currently trying to get the latest version (1.5L) working on my 10.5.5 OD Master. I know it's running and working since if I call it directly the page shows up but I think there is some problem with it somewhere. <-- This works but isn't secure since it's not running through SSL.
<a class="jive-link-external-small" href="https://"> <-- This is what I want, as is my SSL enabled site and it's the URL that I've specified in the Monitor webpage. When I attempt to go to this URL I just get an error that the server dropped the connection.
Any help on where to look to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

I found the same problem recently. The cause was that someone was trying to exploit a security vulnerability in Kerberos. If your /var/db/krb5kdc directory has extraneous files that begin with the name "kerberos", it is likely your server has been compromised. It is also likely that restoring the lock file will only be a temporary fix, since the server will likely be unstable because of corruption or continue to be compromised like mine was.
I am still trying to recover my server into a stable state.

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  • WRT54G install HELP needed

    I bought the WRT54G so I could go wireless in the house. I run the CD and it goes "do you want to replace your existing router or keep it?" Near as I know I DON'T HAVE ONE but that isn't an option, so which do I pick? There should be a "do you simply have a modem plugged into your PC and bought this go to wireless?" type option (something I'm betting is extremely common). Also, once you select one, you cannot go back and change your have to exit the program and start over. Which of these cryptic options do I choose??  
    (Mod note: Edited post for guideline compliance. Thanks!)
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    Disregard - got help from an online tech spt.
    FWIW that install CD needs work, as it was detecting a router that doesn't exist and the tech spt explained that sometimes it is known not to work properly.
    PS:  in the interests of hopefully saving someone else the time and hassle I went thru, here are the steps I was given which worked fine:
    1. Connect the PC to the port one of the router then restart it. (This PC should be the one that can get online if directly connected to the modem).
    2. Go to your desktop and double click on Internet Explorer or any browser(Located on the Start Menu in Windows XP).
    3. When the browser opens, type on the Address bar and click on Go or press the Enter key. The log-in window will appear.
    4. Skip User Name and type admin on the Password field, and click OK.
    5. Configure the wireless settings. Click on the Wireless tab and have these:
    Wireless Configuration: Manual
    Wireless Network Mode: Mixed
    Wireless Network Name (SSID): Bill/Anything that you would want to name your network.
    Wireless Channel: 1
    Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enable
    Save the settings.
    6. To secure your wireless network, Please click on the Wireless security sub-tab that is still under the Wireless tab and change the Security mode to WEP and have these:
    Default Transmit Key: 1
    WEP Encryption: 64 bits 10 hex digits
    Skip the Passphrase field. Do not click on the "Generate" button.
    Enter any 10-digit value in the Key 1 box. (You may use all numbers but you can only use letters A to F. No dashes or slashes and special characters). This will be your WEP key (MINE: ssn123123)
    Leave Key boxes 2-4 blank or empty.
    Save the settings.
    7. Click on the Setup tab, then click on the MAC Address Clone sub tab, enable it and click on "Clone your PC's MAC" then save the settings.
    8. On the Setup Tab --> Basic Setup sub-tab, look for the LAN IP which is
    9. Change the IP address to then save the settings.
    10. Connect the modem to the router's Internet port and wired PCs to the router's numbered ports.
    11. Power cycle. To do a power cycle, please power off the computer, the router and then the modem. After 2 minutes, power on the modem, the router and then, lastly, the computers. Wait for the lights to stabilize before plugging the next device.
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  • Need to reinstall Acrobat XI - cloud says it's installed - help needed urgently!

    i am using osx / adobe creative cloud.
    needed to deinstall acrobat XI. did it with app cleaner by mistake.
    now acc tells me it is installed and i can not reinstall it again.
    help urgently needed!
    go to applications/utilities/adobe installers/acrobat XI deinstall (in my case)

    Hi rbt_11,
    Please go to
    Applications --> Utilities --> Adobe Installers and check if you have any uninstaller for Acrobat XI.
    Incase if you find the uninstaller then run that and uninstall the remnants of this software.

  • Planning - Workspace install help needed

    I am newbie in Planning. I had a problem accessing Workspace..
    I had installed and configured the Products in the following order
    1) Shared Services
    2) Essbase Client
    3) Essbase Server
    4) AAS
    5) Planning
    6) Reporting and Analysis. i think i installed client services
    Both are working fine
    When i am not able to load either
    I have been working with planning using EPMA.
    I know for that i need to install WorkSpace..But i did not find workspace @ Edelivery..I am jst able to see Some Flat files with name WorkForce..
    I downloaded Hyperion Planning - System 9 Release 9.3.1 Microsoft Windows x86 Installer English and installed it for planning..
    So can some one please help me how to install workspace..Or do i need to configure to get it running on my machine.
    Or which file do i need to download to get workspace.
    Thanks in advance..

    hi dude ... i think even i have gone throuugh the same ..... c while installing the UI serviese make sure tht u deply apachi tomcat http server to all .. ie planning workspace etc which u can while confugrating the UI servies ..... better take care of confurating .....
    For this first of all down wht MR hyperion guru Snadeep reddy said thoses 2 files and while confuration on UI servies pls do take care .

  • Driver uninstall/install help neede

    Hi. I need some help with drivers. I have a SB Audigy 2 ZS, and I'm updating my drivers to the latest version, .85.55(thats what it says on the desktop icon) and EAX 4.0 Advanced HD. I have driver cleaner to clean up any remaning parts of the old drivers, and I know I need to install the EAX driver first.
    But i don't know if I need to uninstall the EAX console I see in the modify menu for creative in Add/remove programs. It says I need to uninstall EAX 4.0 if I want to install new drivers, so do I need to uninstall this version of EAX? or do I just uninstall the windows drivers(the drivers for the sound card, I assume) that are listed in the menu and then install EAX 4.0 and then the new drivers?
    Please be as detailed as you can be. Thanks very much.Message Edited by Hillbilly_37 on 07-3-2005 0:7 PM

    Is the card a retail version, if it is not you cannot update from this site. If its a Dell PC its not a retail version.

  • Oc4j standalone and service registry with ssl install help needed

    I'm trying to install service registry with oc4j standalone for testing and demoing but am having some difficulty with the ssl side of things.
    I have setup a oc4j standalone and configured the following ports:
    default http port: 9991
    ormi port: 9992
    ormi ssl port: 9993
    https port: 9994
    I have configured oc4j standalone for SSl as per instructions by copying default-web-site.xml to secure-web-site.xml and added secure="true" to <web-site> tag and added <ssl-config keystore..../> as well. I've also modified server .xml and added <web-site path="./secure-web-site.xml" /> into the file.
    I have then installed service registry as a publication (discovery) with http port pointing to 9991 and ssl enabled pointing to 9994 with oracle database.
    I can load http://localhost:9991/ and also https://localhost:9994 and both secure and non-secure page loads fine for the oc4j webpage. I can load http://localhost:9991/registry/uddi/web/ page but when I click on any of the link on it tries to load https://localhost:9994/registry/uddi/web i get a http 404 not found error.
    Tried googling and searching the forum for info, but I'm in need of a little help on where I went wrong.

    Hy frank, thanks for your reply:
    We use a jdk shipped with jdeveloper for running OC4J;
    "<JDev install dir>\jdk\bin\java.exe"
    java -version says:
    java version "1.5.0_06"
    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_06-b05)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_06-b05, mixed mode)

  • Install SOA suite on top on an existing working MDM install - Help needed

    I have a working install with all components on a Windows 2008 server.
    Jdeveloper 11gR1
    Oracle DB 11gR2
    MDM 2.01
    OUAF 4.1
    Weblogic 10.3
    And now I need to install SOA suite 11g. When I did, Jdeveloper stopped working. I was able to revert back to a saved image.
    So now that I will start over I was wondering if you know of any special setup conditions I need to pay attention to when I install SOA suite 11g on top of my existing install.
    I hate to mess with that working MDM image now since it took me a while to get there.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry for the late reply and thank you for yours.
    Here are the versions I use:
    Oracle SOA Server version
    Build: 0
    Build time: Tue Nov 03 13:48:58 PST 2009
    Build type: release
    Source tag: PCBPEL_11.
    Oracle BAM Source Tag:ORABAM_11.
    C:\oracle\Oracle_SOA1\OPatch>opatch lsinventory
    Invoking OPatch
    Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
    Copyright (c) 2009, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Oracle Home : C:\oracle\ora112
    Central Inventory : C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory
    from : n/a
    OPatch version :
    OUI version :
    OUI location : C:\oracle\ora112\oui
    Log file location : C:\oracle\ora112\cfgtoollogs\opatch\opatch2011-06-25_14-37-03PM.log
    Patch history file: C:\oracle\ora112\cfgtoollogs\opatch\opatch_history.txt
    Lsinventory Output file location : C:\oracle\ora112\cfgtoollogs\opatch\lsinv\lsinventory2011-06-25_14-37-03PM.txt
    Installed Top-level Products (1):
    Oracle Database 11g
    There are 1 products installed in this Oracle Home.
    There are no Interim patches installed in this Oracle Home.

  • Flash Player install help needed; no sound.

    I have installed Flash Player 3 times -- followed instructions - checked volume controls - but still no sound; only have video.  It is the latest version. Help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for the guidance for what added info is needed to help solve these kinds of problems.  I'm a first-time user of tech forums.  I do believe I solved my problem by unistalling a previous version of Flash Player.  I finally did get sound.  Much appreciate. Bill

  • Really basic Install help needed, please.

    Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Yes, I've searched this whole forum and probably don't know enough to ask the right "search" questions because I haven't found the answers.
    Over the past few months, I've been learning Linux as I now plan to switch from Windows to a Linux distro rather than go with a new computer and Windows 7 and the associated problems.  I have tried several Linux distros individaully side by side with  Windows XP on a partitioned drive.. Most recently I've been using Linux Mint 8 'Helena' and done lots with and to it.  Linux Mint 9 'Isadora' was just released, and since upgrading for a non-rolling distro is a nuisance, I thought I'd try a rolling one. After review and recommendations, I thought I'd give Arch Linux a try. Since most of my computer use is music via a Jukebox (14+k files), browsing, email and info seeking, I don't need all the bells and whistles whith which many distros come. I'm not a gamer.
    Basic Infor:
    PC with 1.4GHz Athlon,  512 Ram, 320 G Hard Drive partitioned equally between Windows XP and Linux (hopefully Arch). High Speed DSL.
    What I need are some really really basic instructions on a side by side install of Arch.
    SOofar, I've got the clock set, and have partitioned my hard drive into
    SDA 1 (my Windows Partition)(160 Gigs
    SDA5                                               1200mb for my swap
    SDA6                                                20 Gigs for the root
    SDA7                                               130 (the rest) Gigs for home
    What I need to know is darned near everything else.
    Bootability for SDA5-7
    How to label (the method for) SDA 5-7
    and thereafter a step by step really simple set of install instructions for a side by side installation.
    I've searched on this forum as well as via Google, but simple  instructions are nowhere to be found. I really have had no trouble installing Mepis, Madriva, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint side by side with my Windows Xp partition and done so for at least 2 of them with manual partitioning rather than the automatic side by side install offered.
    With this introduction, can someone point me to a Arch Linux side by side install for Dummies or help me with a walk through??
    Or am I in completely over my head and need to just go back to Linux Mint and plan to upgrade every 6-18 months? Or try a different rolling Distro???
    Thanks in advance to any and all who can help..

    Were I certain I would be happy with Arch, there would be no problem doing as you suggest. However, looking backover at least 2 decades, our first computer was an IBM with an 8086 chip and 20 whole MB of hard drive. The choice of operating systems was DOS. As we moved onwards and upwards, Windows 95, 98, and XP were Hobson's choice for PC users (our office computer used Unix). Now with more experience and research, a new world of operating systems is available, especially for those of us with older computers which would require major (and expensive) upgrades when possible to move to Windows 7. And as with Windows ME, 2000, and Vista, there is probably potential for significant problems with 7. Utilizing my current ability to have 2 (or more) OS's on my computer affords the opportunity to learn more about them and develop my 'geekiness" as well as to evaluate and selectively choose one which will best meet my needs.
    As of now, I have at least 3 problems with abandoing Windows XP completely:
    1) I haven't found a Jukebox program for Linux equivalent to J Rivers' Media Jukebox which has seamless track switching, an equalizer, and DSP studio effects,etc. I've used WINE doors and made it run on Linux Mint, but the program will not recognize my CD-ROM drives. I have some 14+k music files and my computer jukebox runs through my home sound system.
    2) I've some 600+ movies indexed on Movie Organizer ( which flat out won't run on the Linux distro's I've tried. Re-entering those 600+ indexed movies to another program will be a bear. So far, no one of my local sources or on the other various Linux forums has a solution. WINE doors won't do it as it needs MDAC. 
    3) For all its frailties and faults, I'm reasonably literate with Windows XP. Linux OS's are still, quite obviously, relatively unfamiliar to me (3 mos experience).. So until I'm much more conversant with Linux, better the devil I know.
    I have installed and used both the Linux Mint 8 Fluxbox and KDE editions on more than one computer so it's not a question of my being shy. BTW, I'm a retired internist, and our speciality is known for being really nitpicky, detail oriented, and investigational, and I'm sure it shows.
    Again, thanks to all for the suggestions and comments. I'll keep in touch.

  • Os install help needed

    Howdy all, so my buddy just gave me his old power mac g4 that comes with 256MB of ram and running mac os 8.6. I have the mac os9 disc as well as the mac osx Tiger disc but the computer doesn't seem to want to boot either one when i hold down 'c' at startup. When I try installing os9 through the desktop, I get an error message during the os9 install that says "The installer needs to create a folder named 'Desktop Pictures' on the disk but a file with this name already exists. Please rename this file or move it to another folder." I moved the file, and it didn't work still. Can this computer handle mac osx? What's the best way to go about upgrading the os? Thanks a lot guys.
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    If the OS 9 installer CD & OS X Tiger DVD (gray) are from another model Mac, they won't work on the PM G4. You need retail installers.
    256MB RAM is the bare minimum for Tiger. It will run very slow.
    You need to check if your Mac requires a firmware (Boot ROM version in System Profiler) update. Mac OS X: Available firmware updates If an update is required, the update must be installed (using OS 9) BEFORE you install OS X.
     Cheers, Tom

  • JRE install help needed with linux newbie

    I recently tried installing the latest JRE for Linux AMD64, following all the guidelines listed in the install instructions. However, as I am completely new to the world of Linux, I don't know if anything needs to be done beyond the install guide in order to have the JRE up and running. I have tried setting up Open Office 2 to recognise the new JRE, but have had no luck. I don't know if this is a case of me not knowing the correct directory to give in Open Office, or whether I have missed something in the Install/Configuration.
    In case you need to know, the installation unpacked to "/usr/java/jre1.5.0_06"
    Thank you,
    Scott Christopher

    You will find the solution in your Linux forum. Depending on what distribution you have, e.g. here for Debian based Ubuntu:

  • Ubuntu install help needed!!!!

    i have ubuntu 6.06 dapper for my clamshell ibook. it is a live/install cd and i want to boot it and try it but it doesnt work. i have been waitng so long! i have os 9.2.2 installed. is ther any possibility of firmware being outdated? i don't know wich one i have. ubuntu livecd loads until its time to show the gui and it stays black on the makes two sounds and stops. if i press option command delte, then it takes me to the previous step( a list of things that loaded and the current step) then it goes on again doing nothing. if i cant try it out, how would it work installing 2 gigs worth with no gaurantee i like it? please help!!!! i want new software!

    A swap partition is where Linux keeps its virtual memory. During the install process you should be asked to create a swap partition. You should make your swap partition 256MB. If you do not have enough memory to boot a GUI to install, you can boot the installer in text mode. When you are at the black yaboot screen type "help" and it will tell you what to type to boot the installer in text mode.
    If you are planning on having dual boot with mac, you should boot the mac install cd first, partition the hard drive, and install mac. Leave one partition as free space for linux. I left half my drive for mac, and the other half for linux.
    When you get to the partitioner, make all of your linux partitions from the free space. My advice is to create the yaboot partition first, that is a 800KB partition that allows linux to boot. Then create a swap partition, which should be 256MB or more. Finally make the rest of the free space a linux partition. It is important to remember what partition yaboot, swap, and linux are on because you will be prompted for them later. To refer to a partition, say the 5th partition it is /dev/hda5. That means the 5th partition on the first HD.
    Hope this helps, and sorry for writing an essay :~)
    iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz 60GB 768MB 10.4.7 - Blueberry Clamshell 300MHz 20GB 320MB     Preforma 630CD, LCIII, Compaq laptop 266MHz 5GB 192MB (GNU/Linux, NOT windoze)

  • Airport Express Install help needed as Airport utility for PC seems to sort of work?

    Hope someone can help.
    Just bought the Airport Extreme 802.11n Wi-Fi
    It is connected to my cable modem, and i have my ps3 hard wired to it.
    It is on and sending a signal because this computer is using the internet connect on it right now.
    Problem is it is still unsecured as the Airport Utility can find it but then when I click continue to set-it up it gives me the following message.
    An error occured while trying to access the apple wireless device. Make sure your network connection is valid and try again.
    Error 10057.
    Any help would be great. I'm on a PC running Windows 7.

    Thanks for the reply.
    All we have is the cable internet provides our phone and internet signals....tons of lights on it the front that are solid green or flashing green when in use.
    I have connected a cable from the modem to the airport express (WAN spot). Plugged in the device (power) and then downloaded Airport Utility for windows from apples website (no disk came in the box).
    I have have two wired connections running to the extreme as well, one is to my PS3 downstairs and the other I use when I'm at my desk with my office laptop. These shouldn't be affecting anything and I can get internet on my PS3 wired connecton so I know the router is functioning.
    I installed Airport Utility and have rebooted my PC running windows 7, I click and opne the Utility. It finds the base station but when I click on the options to continue or manual I get the error message noted in my first post. I have alos noted that the router goes green light to yellow to flashing yellow. It does nothing but flash amber right now.
    Hope this helps for solutions?

  • Itunes will not Install - Help needed!

    I recently uninstalled and deleted my old version of itunes as it was acting up.However when i went to download the new version it always stops at the stopping services part it says i do not have sufficient privaleges.Please help.

    +it always stops at the stopping services part it says i do not have sufficient privaleges+
    Is that while it is trying to stop the iPod Service? or is a different service being mentioned?

  • Fresh Install Help Needed

    I have worked with SunONE Directory Servers all the way back to verson 3. However, I am having a very hard time getting this new version to work.
    I am attempting to install it in a Solaris 10 Full Local Zone, but I am having no success.
    After running the native Solaris 10 install using the command: ./
    Everything seemed to install correctly.
    I then ran the dsccsetup initialize command as noted in the documentation. It noted that the agents were already registered and asked me to enter the manager password, which I did.
    I then ran the dsccsetup status command as recommended. It noted that the agents were already registered and allowed me to enter a password.
    # ./dsccsetup status
    DSCC Application is registered in Sun Java (TM) Web Console
    DSCC Agent is registered in Cacao
    Cacao is down. Start it using:
    /usr/sbin/cacaoadm start
    DSCC Registry has been created
    Path of DSCC registry is /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dscc6/dcc/ads
    Port of DSCC registry is 3998
    Here is where the problems started occuring...
    When I tried to start the CACAO, I get the following message:
    # /usr/sbin/cacaoadm start
    Error when trying to start SMF service: [svc:/application/management/common-agent-container-1:default].
    When I tried to start the webserver service, I get the following message:
    # /usr/sbin/smcwebserver start
    Starting Sun Java(TM) Web Console Version 3.0.2 ...
    svcprop: Couldn't find property `restarter/logfile' for instance `svc:/system/webconsole:console'.
    Cannot determine if console service is running.
    Check log file:
    Run "svcs system/webconsole:console" to determine its status.
    Any assistance that can be provided to point me in the correct direction is appreciated.

    You seem to have a pb with SMF.
    I would check the SMF logs for more details on the real issue.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Error code -36 when copying to Mac formatted external drive

    I'm trying to move my iPhoto library to an external drive to save space on my iMac's hard drive. It starts to copy it fine but after a few minutes stops with the error "The Finder can't complete the operation because some data in "iPhoto Library" can

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  • CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR when executing MDX in BW from WebI

    Hi, we have a CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR with error code "CPIC-CALL: 'ThCMSEND' : cmRc=18 thRc=0#Statistics not active " in programm SAPLRSOB and FM BAPI_MDDATASET_GET_AXIS_DATA. Can this be a timeout in the connection from BOBJ to BW? Or is it another

  • Two dates with an interval

    Hi. I have a document with two dates in it. I would like that when I change the first date, the second one changes to a particular calculated date (for example: the first date + 30 days). Anyone knows how to achieve this? Thanks a lot. Bye