Motu firewire daisy chain with logic?

Actually 2 questions:
1. I have a motu 896 HD and a 828. I try to connect these with the firewire ports with no success. aggregate devices? Does not work for me...suggestions?
2. My 896 has main out 1-2 and analog 1-8. In logic the main out occupies 1-2 and analog 1-2 goes to 3-4 and som on... I have a mixing console and it would be much less confusing if the outs from the motu is the same in logic...suggestions?

I have used the same 2 devices as well as an 896HD with an Ultralite, as an aggregate device with no problems. Do this:
Plug the 896HD into your mac with firewire. Plug into the 828 from the 896.
Go to the MOTU device setup, and set the Clock of the 896 to Internal, and the 828 to sync to the 896.
Go to Audio Midi Setup, make new aggregate device, select both units, 896 first then 828 second.
Open logic and select the Aggregate device in the Core Audio Driver preference.
Then you SHOULD with any luck have both units working in logic, it should give you LOADS of inputs in the inputs section of the mixer. You can rename the inputs by either. Going to the Mixer>Options>IO Labels, and selecting "User Name" and inputting what you want it to be called. Or go to the MOTU device setup app, and change the input names there, then in Logic Select "Driver Name" instead.
Hope this helps, it is possible so don't panic.

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    I am purchasing the new 17"MBP and it is my first Mac in about 4 years(so glad to get back to Mac because of my work)
    Anyway, I want to daisy chain two of my HDDs but I have one 9pin cable for my desktop HDD and one 6pin for my portable HDD. Will this still work fine, or should I just buy another 9pin?
    They are both Lacie HDDs and both have 9pin and 6pin.
    Also, I have been out of the loop for a while, how many HDDs can you hook up together through firewire without problems. Could you technically hook more up through Firewire 800(saying that all drives are hooked up through 800)
    Thanks for the help!

    Please see this posting... it was targeted for another topic, but I am sure this response also applies here!

  • Firewire daisy-chain trouble with Leopard. Will a hub help?

    I cannot get reliable daisy-chaining of my external Firewire drives under Leopard. A Firewire drive directly attached to computer will work, but subsequent daisy-chains to this drive will not mount more than half the time. I ended up getting corruption of 2 drives: there appears to sometimes be Spotlight crashes/Finder crashes, and Disk Utility repair failure after a mount fails.
    I have nine FW drives, and I like to keep bootable clones of all 3 of my Macs with the current system and a couple of generations back. Being able to attach only one drive to my 12" G4 Powerbook 1.5GHz makes cloning difficult (I can only clone the internal drive using my Powerbook). If I get a Firewire hub, will my FW connection then be reliable? There seems to be a problem in Leopard as I don't get daisy-chain problems using the same drives under Tiger. The drive activity lights don't even flash when the daisy-chained drive mounts fail under Leopard, so it appears that Leopard is making no attempt to mount the drives. Why would this be? Yet sometimes daisy-chain drives have mounted just fine.
    Makes/models I have tried: Smartdisk Firelite (were sold by Apple), Maxtor OneTouch III, Seagate FreeAgent Pro, and Iomega Black series. I tried various cables.
    Does anyone know what the difference is, from a hardware standpoint, between daisy-chain vs. using a Firewire hub. Would there be an inherent difference using a hub?
    Are the "hubs" with Mac Mini footprints actually true hubs or are they daisy-chains? How about FW drives with built-in FW "hubs": are THEY actually a true hub or a daisy-chain in disguise? (Sorry if these questions seem stupid.) Recommendations for a hub?

    Sorry just noticed I've probably posted this under the wrong forum header

  • Firewire daisy chain

    G4 in OS 9.2 with FW400.
    External HDs with FW400/800.
    Obviously I must connect to the G4 with FW400, but can I daisy chain the second HD using FW800 (only one FW400 port on them)?
    I suspect not but thought I would check.
    G4 733 512 MB   Mac OS 9.2.x  

    Hi, Michael -
    You may be able to do that, if you can locate appropriate adapter cables. However, it may work better to use a firewire hub in order to get additional ports, so that you don't have to experiment with using a FW800 port to connect to a FW400 port.
    On the other hand, since your G4 has two FW400 ports (some models have 3 - the third is inside the box), if you have only two firewire devices you can connect each to its own port on the Mac, using only the FW400 ports on the drives.
    One of the restrictions on FW400 (and maybe with FW800) is that only the first two devices on each bus can draw power from the firewire bus. I've found that it's in my best interest to invest in external power supplies for each device, as well as an additional power/surge strip to plug them into. Doing so reduces the burden on the Mac's power supply. It may be that some firewire hubs offer supplemental extenal power for the devices connected to them.

  • Firewire daisy chaining .

    Hi guys i just bought a focusrite sapphire and it rocks . I have a lacie firewire drive. can i daisy chain the drive with the additional port on the focusrite .


  • Pops when transferring thru daisy-chained MOTUs -- Logic?

    I have two BLA-modded 828mkIIs, daisy-chained together via Firewire, feeding into Logic via firewire as an "aggregate device."
    When playing back transfered tracks that were recorded into Logic, there'll be random, infrequent pops/clicks or soft thuds (like the sound of engaging a plug-in) across a few of the tracks. It's not some kind of peak; it'll happen in near silence, too, although when it happens on a track that had a hotter input, the noise is louder. I've swapped out Firewire cables, and it doesn't happen when I use the MOTUs individually.
    It's gotta be something in the firewire connections or the computer/Logic... It's not coming off the tape. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Ryan

    It could be your audio settings. Basically, larger I/O buffer size might help.
    You are doing the multitrack recording from tape to Logic, right? It may be your Mac is struggling to process it all at once using the current I/O buffer settings. Try increasing this parameter value and see what happens.

  • Will MOTU 24I/O work with Logic Pro 9?

    I am new to Logic Pro having converted from Sonar 7. I have a MOTU 24io and need to connect it to my iMac. I have been racking my brain trying to find help and all I can see is people say no. My former computer had the required PCI 424 card for firewire 400. I am not convinced. Is there a way to make it work?

    In principle the 24i/o works great with logic. Your problem is connecting it to the iMac, and that's just not possible. The wire between your PC and the interface is not just firewire. It physically looks like it, but the low level protocol is different. The PCI 424 interface also brings additional HW that you don't have, like a stable audio clock to synchronize the interfaces to. So there is absolutely no way to get it to work with an iMac. You need a mac pro or a PC running Mac OS X.

  • Camera not recognized unless daisy-chained with external HD

    I just bought a LaCie 250GB external FW drive to use as a scatch disk for FCE. Now my camera (Sony DCR-HC30) is not recognized unless I plug it into the LaCie. I borrowed a second camera (Panasonic), swapped the FW cable while the camera and HD were plugged into separate FW ports, and the Panasonic was immediately connected in both iMovie (v4) and FCE. I've tried the suggested fixes (unplug, Garageband, swap ports, new cable...) and the problem remains. I upgraded memory, QT and applied several patches prior to attaching the HD. Any suggestions? Can I live with the daisy chain arrangement or will that cause problems importing to the external HD? (I've not tried to import any video yet). Thanks

    Can I live with the daisy chain arrangement or will that cause problems importing to the external HD?
    Yes and No, respectively.
    (That's what I always did before getting an internal 200GB hard drive in my iMac.)

  • Will I lose the data of the old Promise Pegasus after a new one as daisy chain with the first? It says synchronizing.

    I have a Promise Pegasus R4 storage with a lot of data. I have bought another one and connected it to the first through thunderbolt ( obviously ) , the Promise Utility says on the new one "Synchronizing". On the desktop I see 2 Promise Pegasus icons 1 with the data which is the old Raid and the other empty which is the new one. What will be the result of that daisy chain Synchronization ? Will I lose the old data?
    Your fast response regarding that matter is highly appreciated as Im worried for my data they're extremely important.

    That would seem to be a question best asked of Promise themselves:
    This forum is for old, pre-G3 Apple hardware and almost certainly not a forum where you'll be likely to get useful responses.

  • Motu Ultralite MK3 Hybrid with Logic X problem

    Has anyone had this problem:?
    I'm using the Ultralite hybrid with logic X on an iMac i5,
    Tried to change the sample rate in Recording settings from 44 to 96 and it totally freezes Logic up until I turn off the Motu.
    normally this should switch the motu over to 96 aswell (well it did on Logic 8 no problem)
    so now I'm stuck with only 44 to work with.
    Kinda ***** as a lot of my projects are recorded at 96..
    I also tried changing the sample rate with the mac core audio (no motu)
    and it works fine. So I know this is probably a Motu problem but just wondered if anyone here is having the same problem.
    I have updated all drivers and firmware and no change.
    Hope someone can help.

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm back, unfortunately with the same problem.
    After all the formatting, installing etc.. Everything was going ok, i even composed a whole piece at 96000
    and upon starting a new project I went to change the sample rate again and I had the same problem.
    Massive crashes, it's like the north pole here. I tried restarting , factory defaults on the motu, etc etc
    Logic X runs great without the motu coneccted. what ever sample rate.
    It's the strangest thing ever because I downloaded Reaper and it runs great, no problem changing sample rates and solid as a rock.
    My old macbook 2009 (running mavericks and logic x) runs perfect, with the motu. I can change sample rates no problem.
    Thing is ,the Imac is my main computer beacause it has the most RAM and can run heavy plugins like addictive keys etc.
    I thought i might be a problem with the USB ports but Reaper proved me wrong.
    I'm a at a total loss.
    I can't run a hardware test on mavericks, I can't figure out how.

  • M-Audio Firewire Interface Compatibility with Logic 8

    Hi, i´m getting started in the Audio business and therefor i´m trying to build a small production studio.I´m doing it around Logic Studio. I would like to know if the M-Audio Firewire audio interfaces work well with this DAW???
    Any info is welcome. Thanx

    RealDave is right.
    I own an M-Audio Firewire 410, and it's OK, but has some annoying quirks. I think there are better pieces out there. LP8 is supposed to integrate well with Apogee interfaces, and although I haven't tested them out there is a lot of buzz about them on the forums. I have a MOTU Ultralite and think it is a fantastic piece. If you're looking for something small and portable with lots of routing options check it out. It's won some awards and has a lot of good press, check out their website. I've heard a lot of good things about other MOTU pieces too. My recommendation is to figure out how many ins and outs you want, how much money you want to spend, and then check out Apogee and MOTU.

  • Firewire Daisy Chaining Problem

    I plug in a FW external harddrive into my MBP and it shows up fine. Then i add a device (i have tried this with another HD and a soundcard) onto the HD, and the MBP unmounts the 1st device with the unplugged error. If i have both devices plugged into each other before pluggin into the MBP, nothing shows up. I have tried this with 2 different external drives (1 self powered and the other buss powered) and get the same results on both. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO GET RID OF THE EXTRA FIREWIRE PORT

    There would appear to be a bug with Firewire devices that has been persistent throughout 10.5 with multiple Firewire devices attached if they are of a specific firmware. I've even tried to use a Firewire hub with no conclusion in sight. And the company that I bought the devices from claims there is no firmware update, and usually is a company that is quite reliable in terms of Firewire. Plugging them in the two Firewire ports of my iMac Intel Core2Duo White model hasn't made a difference.
    Using all uppercase won't get anyone's attention any quicker. If anything, it makes it appear as though you are shouting and attempting to be rude.
    Apple has feedback pages here:
    This is a user to user forum, and while Apple does read the forum, AppleCare and the feedback forums appear to get more attention for actual feedback. Resetting the Firewire port, resetting the power manager, or resetting the PRAM can sometimes improve matters as my FAQ* indicates:
    - * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

  • Using MOTU MachFive 2.02 with Logic Pro (from ver 8)

    I'm posting this since a google search brought up nothing about this satisfactorily.
    I can't remember where I read it now but if you don't want to create repeated instances of MachFive but still create multiple instruments in one MachFive instance then do the following in the Arrange window:
    a) create a New instrument track and assign it to be MIDI Channel 1
    b) in the I/O choose the MachFive (I use Stereo)
    c) highlighting the instrument track in the Arrange window go to Track - New with next MIDI Channel - and Logic will create another track with the same MachFive instance but with the next MIDI channel (make sure the first is set to MIDI Channel 1!). In the MachFive window - assign instruments as normal...erm that's it.
    d) If you want to manipulate volume/pan etc for each particular instrument in the MachFive do NOT use the audio volume/pan tools in the Automation since this will only affect the audio output
    e) Instead - go to the Hyper Editor and draw in your MIDI volume and Pan and other effects there...
    f) if you need to manipulate the audio of sounds you should bounce each MachFive sound to a separate audio file (being careful to mute any unwanted tracks) and then edit as an audio file by creating some audio tracks.
    Hopefully this might answer a few unanswered queries

    No. In short.
    Mac Pro 1,1 will not support the latest version of OSX, which is needed to run Logic Pro X.
    You would not want to anyway. 2GB is far too little to run Mountain Lion on, let alone Logic on top of that.

  • Any using the new Mackie 1200F Firewire IO yet with Logic Pro or Logic Expr

    I am trying to check it out before I buy as they say. I want about sound quality and driver stability. Also how you use and external Tube Preamp with it. I would appreciate any comments.

    You need to connect only the Audio and not the MIDI between your 01x and Mac. You can achieve this in mLan Graphic Patchbay-connect the cables between the Nodes in Audio part of a Graphic Patchbay, connect the Wordclock but do not make any MIDI connections. this way it should work as you want. the other way is to Make your regular connection from mLan Autoconnector and disable the MIDI ports that are dedicated to control the DAW by 01x by some freeware utility (01x uses port 1 for that...)
    As this is quite 01x specific, please visit where you will find more help, or send me PM.
    As Apogee enssemble is expected to have great features, I would rather recommend the i88x instead of Enssemble (i88x has two Mic preamps-the best Yamaha produces (derived from Dm2000)VERY good converters (mLan is known for low jitter and it was tested with Rosseta by a mate from 01x forum who said (he tested it in store with other people) that i88x sounded better-may believe it or not...).The mLan Graphis Patchbay application allows you to patch connections between mLan devices and computer -very flexible. 01x already does almost the same as Mackie control and it is for almost the same price.... But maybe you are pi_ssed of waiting for new mLan drivers? I am just speculating....

  • Has anyone been able to use an Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire to daisy chain a dozen or more FireWire drives?

    Ever since I realized that I was not able to connect my FireWire daisy chain to my brand new Retina MBP there has been problems. Four months down the road, I am still unable to use my FireWire drives and have experienced terrible problems whenever I connect my FireWire daisy chain to this new Mac.
    I have bought two of these adaptors from Apple now and both do the same thing. The daisy chain has been working perfectly for years with my older MBP and still does! There are no problems until I connect to the new Mac.
    I have 15 various hard drives in NewerTech and DatOptics enclosures for over 22 TB. When connected to the new Mac, I would have multiple apps just hang, sometimes just Apple apps, sometimes 3rd party. I will not be able to force quit them and they will keep relauching as you can watch them in the Force Quit window. The Finder will hang and there is no relaunching it. I am having to do a force shutdown twice an hour which leaves no time for work!
    After four months of this, now I am being told that Apple will buy back my Mac at full price. But I have basically lost the good part of four month’s worth of work because of constantly fighting the new Mac. This is cost me all my savings and I am about to lose a client. It certainly seems that releasing Thunderbolt1 was a huge, huge mistake.
    Does anyone know of any large Fire Wire daisy chain working with Thunderbolt?

    Yes, my first post is all about how darn iffy the adaptors are and I have two of them to return now.
    I question your answer because I am betting that four drives that are in one enclosure NOT all RAIDed together as one drive, but as four separate drives that those four drive will count as four devices. The daisy chain that I had going had eight drives in TWO quad boxes, four drives in TWO dual drives and another drive in a single enclosure. A total of five “devices” if you will, but also a total of 13 drives that were usually in this daisy chain.
    Both of the Apple branded Thunderbolt to FireWire adaptors chocked BIG TIME on this and it works no problem on my older MBP. You basically can not use a new Mac when you are connected to a daisy chain like this!
    Just checked the Apple website and indeed, I can get a new MBP with FireWire 800, just not with the Retina display! I wish that I would have known this five months ago before this all started!

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