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Hello - Does anyone have any experience working with multi-touch monitors yet?  I know Albatron has released one and there may be others.  Apparently multi-touch control has been added into Vista SP1 and is there on the Mac.  Anyone played around with that yet?  I don't think Director can handle multi-touch yet .... or can it?  I'd love to be able to build an app similar to Microsoft's Surface.
Mike M

Hey Mike,
     A lot of people are developing using AS3 with it's speed and ease of development. If you want some more info on it, you might wanna check out this open source community for developing multi-touch software, at some relevant links might be
     There is a lot of development for flash, and air, using the TUIO touch protocol. Our system uses an open touch server which sends multi-touch touch data to as3 at extremely low latency, unlike many touch systems (5ms latency). Demand Evolution is actually about to be announcing a developers challenge contest, which will among other things, provide a developers resources page with all of the known multi-touch libraries for all the languages. You might want to check back in a couple weeks for more info on different languages.
     If you didn't see this video, it shows our system using flash for photo arranging, max/msp for audio, and windows wpf for windows 7 (among others). Please feel free if you have any more questions.

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  • Multi-touch development contest to win 30" LCD Multi-touch screen

    Hello Adobe Users,
    In an effort to raise awareness of multi-touch interaction, and to encourage the development of new multi-touch software, 
    Demand Evolution, a new open-source driven multi-touch hardware company, is announcing its first multi-touch application 
    contest. Developers, teams, friends, and companies can enter the competition by submitting an original multi-touch 
    application. Contestants will have 3 months to submit their final application, and the applications will be judged by a 
    panel of Demand Evolution judges. Applications will be judged on their originality, usefulness, usability, and style.
    The winner will receive the grand prize of a Demand Evolution Gecko (, our top of the 
    line, high resolution 30” LCD multi-touch display.
    Important information
    * Last day to submit your multi-touch application: Nov 27, 2009 (11:59 pm PST)
    * Who can enter? Everyone!
    * What kind of app? Anything useful (or at least fun for more than 15 mins).
    All of the applications submitted will be made available for public download on the Demand Evolution site, and we will 
    try to help promote the top developers and their software as best we can.
    What you will need to submit
    * Application info (name, description, author(s))
    * The application binary to be judged and made available on the site.
    * A YouTube demo video we can embed on our site
    To learn more about developing multi-touch applications you can learn more about it and find links to multi-touch 
    programming libraries on our software page.
    Please check back at for updates as the competition progresses.
    Good Luck,
    Demand Evolution
    any questions or suggestions can be sent [email protected]

    Hi Patje.
    From the OS perspective, while we are not prioritizing multi-touch capability across multiple monitors, there are some scenarios that should work just fine right now:
    One multi-touch monitor and one regular monitorconfigured together.
    Two multi-touch monitors (but not with simultaneous input)
    Unfortunately, at this time you would need to use your mouse to drag from one monitor across to another. If you had two multi-touch monitors you could drag an object so that it straddles both monitors and then pick it up again on the other monitor. Unfortunately, there's just no way to bridge that physical space between the monitors in a fluid fashion at this time.
    Thanks so much for the question. It's interesting to think about this.
    Eliot - MSFT

  • When do we get 32 Bit Multi touch Drivers? (Windows 7)

    Computer: HP TX2z
    Operating system: Windows 7 Home
    I am a little frustrated that over six weeks after the release of the 64 Bit drivers for our multi touch screens there is still nothing available for us 32 bit users. All I see is comments that they will be released "soon". 
    I was using the RC of Windows 7 and the Beta N-trig drivers and they worked perfectly together.  It was a really fantastic machine to use - with smooth scrolling within web pages and zooming.  On the weekend I bought and upgraded to Windows 7 Home and I have been left with a very bitter taste in my mouth.  There are no longer any N-trig drivers to support windows 7 - not even beta. 
    I am currently running the Vista drivers in compatability mode.  These drivers do not work with most programs - meaning that while I can pinch to zoom in photos, I can scroll in IE8. 
    When should we expect drivers?

    I used a moblitymodder to fix this problem and installed the 10.6 ATI catalist. That fix it. plus I got alot better graphics and performance for my games.

  • Support for Multiple Multi-Touch Screens

    I have written some code that implements the multi-touch and it has been working fine with just one multi-touch screen.  However, someone using my program with 2 multi-touch screens hooked up is getting no input from the second device.  I did not
    see anything documentation referring to more than one multi-touch device, although the existence of hSource in the TOUCHINPUT structure would imply multiple devices are supported.  After searching the forums, I found this post
    in which someone stated that 2 multi-touch monitors should work fine, but not with simultaneous input.  Since the post is almost 2 years old, I am wondering if anything has changed, and whether this might be the problem my user is having.  Or is
    there some way to tell if it is a driver issue?  I am not using the gesture library, just retrieving data with GetTouchInputInfo.  I'll appreciate if anybody can point me to documentation or mention their experiences with multiple devices.
    thank you.

    thank you for your quick reply.  I have gotten a few more details and the problem is not the scenario you suspected.  They are using 1 window spanning 2 multi-touch monitors.  The problem does seem to be related to simultaneous input.  If
    they have a finger down on the first monitor, my program does not receive any events from the second monitor.  If they are not pressing down on the first monitor, the input from the second monitor comes through.
    Does Windows 7 support simultaneous input from 2 or more multi-touch monitors?  Is there something I have to do so that my program will work correctly?  Or are there driver specific issues, and if so, where can I get help for that?
    thank you.

  • Using multi-touch in firefox?

    Is there a way to use the same 3 finger forward/back swipe in Firefox?

    its not that muli touch doesn't work in firefox its just some of the commands such as the command for back and forward aren't registered by it yet. there are several other programs that dont work with the multi touch at all i have heard. soon enough developers will make a firefox update that will include support for it, but for now you can use this i found a nifty program that you have to install in system preferences. it worked really well yesterday but then today i woke up and its not working at all idk lmk if you have any problems with it. its a beta so i guess you cant really expect too much. you have to first click the plus sign at the bottom left to add firefox in the applications, then you have to enter the command for swipe left which is hold command[ and then you have to click the plus sign at the bottom right to add another command it should choose swipe left, just click on the arrows and change it to swipe right and then type the command for forward which is you guessed it command]. then restart firefox and it should work. its buggy for me i dont know bout the rest of the world but let me know
    idk why it gave a link to all of those words but you can still read it so w/e
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  • Multi-Touch & Aperture 2

    I just purchased a new Multi Touch 17" Macbook Pro today. I was able to do the different multi touch gestures with success in Iphoto, but had negative results inside of Aperture 2. (Meaning that I was unable to zoom and rotate photos inside the program.)
    I'm wondering if anyone else has figured out how to enable that option. I checked my settings under preferences and they are all enabled.

    I have run into the same thing. I also tried to use multi-touch gestures in Firefox (three finger swipe to advance pages) with no luck. It seems that multi-touch relies on recognition of those gestures in the software package, not just at the OS level. My guess is Aperture will probably support gestures in the next update. Unfortunately, if this really requires support within each individual software program, we probably won't see consistent support in other aps (Firefox, Photoshop, etc.) for quite some time. I hope someone else has more hopeful insights.

  • Tx2 1025 - Multi touch compatible​??

    Hi... and sorry by my english
    I need to know that my tx2 1025 with windows 7 is compatible with multi touch or only with the entries with two fingers...
    Someone have the answer?
    And one observation:
    The MVP and the Web cam softwares (version 3.0) doesn't work at the first instalation... The instalation finished succefuly but the programs doesn't open. trying to repair, I created shortcuts, and on the destiny, I wrot : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Media\Webcam\HPMediaSmartWeb​cam.exe" /MS
     So, it`s works for me... the programs can be loaded perfectly... But I don't know why it happens... xD

    Yea, I am having the same problem. I have the N-Trig 2.184 drivers, and I am trying to get it to use more than two fingers, but it does not let me. I contacted an HP representative and they just said, this driver does not support more than two fingers, while N-Trig's release notes for this driver says that in Win 7 build 7600, which I have, I am not limited to the number of touches. Any idea why? I don't have the same computer as the other person but I have the tx2-1300 but I doubt the screens are any different. I just bought this a few days back. 

  • Multi touch pad not working Dell XPS

    The multi touch features on my touchpad are not working on Firefox 9.0.1. Dell XPS L702X with Synaptics PS/2 TouchPad. Multi touch works on all other programs, including IE. While attempting to use multitouch, for example scrolling, the icon changes to show that it is working - but it is not.

    Silly question....
    Has the trackpad been turned off by any chance? A lot of laptops come with a button you press or hold to turn the trackpad itself off (or may be a function button using the F keys)

  • Multi-Touch Trackpad in Windows 7 Pro x64

    Macbook Pro Unibody
    OSX 10.5.8 (Leopard)
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    Bootcamp 2.1
    Trackpad Update 1.1
    Just upgraded my Boot Camp partition from Win XP x32 to Win 7 x64. Or rather, I did a clean install, not an upgrade. I'm running all of the above listed stuff. Muti-Touch isn't working on the tack pad, so I don't have RMB functionality and I'm really missing two finger scrolling.
    Also, looking in the Boot Camp Control Panel, I don't appear to have any trackpad options, even after installing the trackpad update. I just tried installing it again, and I get a message saying that it won't update my drivers for the tackpad because what I'm trying to install isn't better than what I already have. That's all well and good, but the pad still isn't working with multi-touch.
    Any helpful suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    I didn't do anything proactive to get it to work, just the things I mentioned above. Installed Boot Camp 2.1, installed the Trackpad 1.1 update, uninstalled Boot Camp 2.1, Installed Boot Camp 3.0. Side scrolling just started working.
    The only thing that's a tad finicky is multi-touch RMB. It works, more or less, but, for example, if I RMB on a bookmark in Firefox to access it's properties (let's say I want to rename it), I have to hold my two fingers down in the click position as as I move the cursor into the conext menu. Otherwise it will launch the bookmarked page. So you can't just two-finger-click on something to evoke a context menu, let go, then use one finger to navigate to the option you want, which is how I would expect it to work.
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  • Multi-touch display is not functioning as normal

    multi-touch display is not functioning as normal on the right half of the screen....

    Hi James,
    Thx for the quick reply...
    I have already tried most of these troubleshooting steps but no go....
    Also, when you tap or use only the right half of the screen, the touch display is inconsistent and makes a wierd sound [ like a hollow tub or something ] and it's not a cosmetic issue...
    ----Apple store / Authorized Service Center is still working on this ongoing issue with no results and still not confirming for the iphone replacement...Thnx..

  • Multi touch screen fix

    Multi touch screen needs calibrated on iPhone 4S.  Anyone know how this is done. 

    No such thing as calibrating your display.  If restoring your phone as a NEW device (not using backup at all) doesn't resolve your issue, you'll need to take your phone in to Apple for evaluation.

  • Keyboard and Multi-Touch trackpad may become unresponsive on MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)

    I have exacly same sympton described here on my 5 day old 15 inc macbook pro.
    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013): Keyboard and Multi-Touch trackpad may become unresponsive
    Has anone tried to apply this patch on 15 inc ?
    Kind Regards,

    The patch is only for MBP late 2013 13 inch. 15 inch is not able to install this patch
    I'm facing this problem intermittently.
    When my keyboard & trackpad went unresponsive, I plug in my USB keyboard and the keyboard & trackpad went back normal.
    I search the web and somebody highlight it may due to connector to keyboard/trackpad appear to be curled.
    Not sure is hardware problem or software bug...

  • Running a Java Multi Thread Program in database

    I have created a multi threaded program in Java and it runs successfully from the command prompt. I want to create a DBMS Job which will wake up at regular intervals and runs the java program(Java stored procedure). Is this possible in 9.2/10G ?? If Yes, will there be any impact on the DB performance/increase memory etc.,
    The database (9.2...) resides on a RH 2.3 AS box.
    Any ideas...

    Java stored procedures cannot be multi-threaded. Well, they can, but the threads will not run in parallel. You may be able to find some more information in the Oracle documentation, which is available from:
    Good Luck,

  • W510 Multi Touch Display Driver NOT installing properly on a fresh Windows 7 Professional Image.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I will make it as short as possible. First, thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and helping me out in any way possible.
    I have a fairly new W510 machine with a crucial 256GB SSD in it. My SSD crapped out (luckily I had a back up) crucial sent me a new one and I just imaged the new drive a couple of days ago with my backup (The backup is made from the original Lenovo install). However during the imaging some Windows components were damaged for some reason (perhaps due to the previous drive crapping out). The only fix was to go ahead and use the retail windows 7 Pro DVD to "repair" the windows installation by clicking the "upgrade" button after inserting the disk. --As Microsoft suggested this to fix an existing win 7 installation. After I did that EVERYTHING worked flawlessly! I was really happy with the machine, it booted in 30 seconds and what not. However, the multi touch driver for my W510 screen will not stick ... no matter how many times I install it, as soon as I "log out" of the machine, the driver rolls back to a normal pointing device and multi touch is disabled and my on-screen keyboard vanishes. It is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Here is exactly what I'm doing.
    1 - Log into my Admin user account
    2 - Install this:
    3 - Multi Touch works great!
    4 - Logoff or Lock machine or put it to sleep.
    5 - Log back in my admin user account
    6 - Touch screen works but all multi touch features are now disabled (As in no pan/scroll no pinch to zoom no nothing) the touch screen simply works as a simple mouse (point and click).
    7 - Install the driver again (mentioned in step 2) --Again everything works great.
    8 - Repeated 3 to 7 ... Forever …
    I tried completely removing the driver and re-installing it from scratch, I tried getting the raw ISD-V4 (W510's screen driver) directly from Wacom (works too) but again the minute I Logoff or lock that machine, the driver just rolls back or goes back to a normal pointing device. It is really weird that this is happening. The touch screen always worked well and I never had any problems with it. Also in device manager nothing has changed, it seems that everything is in good shape there.
    My W510 specs:
    - Intel Core i7 Extreme X920
    - 16.0 GB DDR3 RAM (G-Skill)
    - 256 GB Crucial M4 SSD
    - No GOBI 2000 Card.
    - Intel WiMax Installed and Enabled.
    - CD-ROM Drive in UltraBay
    - Cam / Fingerprint Reader / Color Sensor / Smartcard Reader / Expansion all installed
    - Windows 7 Professional SP1
    It seems that Windows is somehow defaulting to a different "driver" that is over-riding the multi-touch driver I download and install when I log off. Do I need to install the driver outside my user account? Or is there a method to erase the default drivers or something? I am trying to avoid re-imaging this machine from scratch using the provided Lenovo Windows Partition. I just have too much development software on it, some of which will take me forever to re-install and re-configure.
    Any help is appreciated.
    Go to Solution.

    Please update  the monitor driver
    Hope This Helps

  • How many Multi-Touch points can an iPhone/iPod touch have at the same time?

    How many Multi-Touch points can an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad have at the same time?
    I am curious as IIRC (but forgot where the article is on the Internet),
    if a touch surface is wanted to be able to detect more than 1 touch point at the same time,
    then that touch surface needs adding 1 more conductive(?) layer.
    (e.g. 2 points -> 2 layers, and so on)
    So I wonder how many these layers are on the iPhone / iPod touch / iPad or even the trackpad on every MacBook (Pro).
    (correct me if I'm wrong)
    Just curious, thanks in advance!

    I believe it can only support 2. This article explains how the touch screen works but doesn't explicitly say how many points is supports.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Powerbook won't print to LaserWriter 16/600 via Airport w/linksys

    Powerbook is running Tiger, AppleTalk is turned on and cannot print over Airport network using regular base station. LaserWriter is plugged into Linksys router that also has Base Station connected to it. When I log into the Admin utility is shows the

  • I thought I would try to help with the iTouch is

    I bought, installed and got the XFI Platinum working on my system yesterday. It wasnt smooth sailing but here is what I know. With Logitech their drivers notoriously conflict with various other software. For me my most recent was when I bought the ne

  • Error in jdevelper 11g when opening a project exported from bpm studio 10.3

    Hello I hope someone can help me with this error, thanks in advance. I installed soa suite 11G (including ps2) but when i open a project exported from bpm studio 10.3 i have the following error. "An unexpected severe error has ocurred in jdeveloper"

  • Can't share internet connection with iPad since installing Time Capsule

    Until today, I've used Earthlink's DSL service with a Netopia DSL modem with an ethernet connection to my iMac through a Linksys WRT54G router. My iPads (1 & 2) have been able to simultaneously share the internet connection over wifi. Today, I instal

  • Message not being delivered.

    i'm working in my test lab system. I have 2008 DC with Exchange 2007, 2010 and now 2013. before installing the 2013 message delivery between 2007 and 2010 worked without issues. however after installing 2013 message delivery between 2010 to 2007 stop