My application manager will not open

I can log into my creative cloud account, but cannot download After effects. Also my application manager will not open on my desktop.

Ricardo Oyarzabal do you receive any specific error messages when you try to open the Creative Cloud Desktop application?  In addition if you are unable to open the Creative Cloud Desktop application how are you initiating the download and installation process for After Effects?  Please see Install and update apps - for information on how to install the Adobe Creative applications included with your membership.

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  • Application Manager will not open

    Hi - I'm just getting going on the CC, but the Application Manager starts to open and then immediately crashes in both Safari & Chrome... Any ideas on what's going wrong? I can't get my apps!

    Anniew87040710 do you receive any specific error messages?  What version of Mac OS are you using?

  • Extension Manager will not open and Adobe doesn't care

    Just search on “extension manager will not open” in the Adobe Forums or Google and pages of hits come up going back to CS4. This is a serious problem that Adobe is simply ignoring.
    I have Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with Design Premium CS5 installed. Nothing happens when I click on Manage Extensions from within any Adobe application, nothing happens when I click on Adobe Extension Manager CS5 on the start menu, and nothing happens when I double click on a .mxp file. No error messages – nothing.
    So I had a free couple of hours and decided to call Adobe. Six hours later, after talking with Raj, Peenal, Tushar, Madhur, and Sandeep (get the picture?), after noting that none of them had ever even heard of the problem, after my call was dropped during one 30 minute wait, and after a complete uninstall and reinstall of the complete CS5, I have exactly the same problem I started with.
    For my purposes, Design Premium CS5 is literally useless without extensions and Adobe has left me holding a $1500 boat anchor. Do you think anybody at Adobe cares?  I don’t.
    Bottom line - DO NOT BUY Design Premium CS5 if you need extensions. They very possibly will not install and Adobe won't/can't help you.

    Thanks to Carl Sun and Zhiqianq Liu, my problem with Extension Manager is resolved (the problem with Adobe support is not).
    I followed Carl's Sun's instructions to the letter. I created a ExManLog.YES file and then manually ran Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe via "Run as administrator" as Carl suggested and the Extension Manager ran for the first time.
    In other words, either creating the ExManLog.YES file (unlikely) or manually running the .exe file as administrator (most certainly the solution) solved the problem.
    Running, rerunning, rebooting and rerunning all work now – all without right clicking on Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe before running Extension Manager. That is, it was apparently sufficient to right click on Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe and then run the Extension Manager as administrator one time.
    Now what's diabolical about this is that my user has full administrator privileges. Still, Extension Manager wasn’t actually running as administrator until I physically located the .exe file and manually ran it as administrator one time.
    And what’s doubly diabolical is that all those guys at Adobe didn’t have a clue and Carl and Zhiqianq solved it right away.
    Thank you, thank you.
    Now – Adobe – if you are reading this, five of you guys caused me six hours of untold grief (case # 182188172) when the solution was actually very simple. I won’t be forgetting that anytime soon and I hope others who read this will get the message that Adobe support is seriously dysfunctional.

  • I have a macbook pro 10.8.5 and the Application Safari will not open no matter what i do, I try to open the menu of Safari but it won't let me either, the mouse will just be loading. Each time i open it, it says "Application Not Responding"

    I have a macbook pro 10.8.5 and the Application Safari will not open no matter what i do, I try to open the menu of Safari but it won't let me either, the mouse will just be loading. Each time i open it, it says "Application Not Responding" and I try opening it in my Finder and it'll say "The Application 'Safari' cannot be opened." and below that it'll say "-1712" Please help? I would really like to open it again.

    The application Safari can't be opened -1712
    What to do about "The application 'Safari' can't be opened" -1712 ?

  • Adobe cloud manager will not open

    I have adobe updates waiting but the creative cloud manager will not open from desktop icon. The tile is missing from the start menu. I have recently upgraded to win 8.1. Can this be the problem?  If so how do I fix it?

    I am a Mac User, with everything updated and ready to go!
    That's merely a bold, but unsubstantial statement without any realworld value. You have not provided any useful technical info like what Mac actually and what version of OSX. If it doesn't even make a blip in safe mode, something is terribly wrong...

  • I installed Elements 12 because my version of Photoshop (CS5.1) is not compatible with Yosemite. Now the Adobe Application Manager will not search for updates for any of the programs in CS5.5 that I have. How do I fix this?

    I installed Elements 12 because my version of Photoshop (CS5.1) is not compatible with Yosemite. Now the Adobe Application Manager will not search for updates for any of the programs in CS5.5 that I have. How do I fix this?

    '''Except 8.0.x version also supported version is 3.6.24 '''you can find it here:
    check the system requirements:
    see also:
    [ Installing a previous version of Firefox]
    thank you
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  • ITunes U Course Manager will not open on my PC. When I open the web address the page loads blank.

    iTunes U Course Manager will not open on my PC. When I open the web address the page loads blank. Would like to design a new course.

    Try to using the latest version of Safari Browser or Mozilla Firefox.

  • Hotsync manager will not open!

    I have uninstalled desktop and the manager twice and re-installed it also with the same results.  I had been able to sync prior to this but the manager kept losing my connection selection. The manager will not open at all on any of my attempts. It will show up on the tool bar but it will flash red and lock up with out opening.  I have a palm TX device and operating system of windows 7 home premium 64 bit.  I have been syncing via my wireless internet connection.  HELP PLEASE!  I have been searching for three days for anything relevant to my problem.
    Post relates to: Palm TX

        There are several ways to sync available. Do a clean uninstall and attempt again. There are 64bit drivers that will work so you can cable sync. There is allot of info on all of this in the first few posts in this section of the forum. Don't give up! Post back about any problems.

  • Password manager will not open

    password manager will not open in Firefox 4.0.1

    Benn, your password is not what you think it is.
    This is common for users who might have some numbers or UPPER case characters in their password, you might think your pressing the ALT key for a second number, but your're not.
    For example, if you think your password is '1234', you press ALT + 1234, and the password could really be '1ers'. Look at your device keyboard and see what I mean.
    If you can figure that out, you'll be good to go.
    If you can't, go reset your password on the device to something very simple all lower case letters for now, like tgfr' and then connect to the DM ok.
    But your mistake is a common one for people who never plug their device into the Desktop, and all of sudden the password doesn't work.
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  • Application Manager Will Not Install

    I recently purchased - about a month ago - the creative cloud and the application manager initially downloaded and installed with no issues. While some of the programs like Illustrator, In-Design, Lightroom and Premier Pro would not download or install onto my computer, I didn't mind at the moment because Photoshop and Dreamweaver worked fined and those were the two applications I used to the most.
    However, after once again trying to install the other applications, which failed, I unistalled the application manager with the hopes that a reinstallation would solve the problem.
    It made the problem worse.
    Now the application manager won't even download and install as it nearly finishes downloading when an error message problem pops up with only a link to the customer support area.
    Needless to say this is extremely frustrating as I was very excited to finally be able to afford the adobe programs as new student to interactive media design, but it is now just runing my creative flow!
    I hope there is a way to fix this because I really want to start using the applications as soon as possible.
    Thanks for any help

    Lets try two steps to fix the problem.
    First run the Adobe Cleaner Tool.
    You can download it from here
    In the drop-down in the top right select Creative Cloud and then highlight Creative Cloud Installer.
    Now click on the Cleanup selected button.
    Next install the Adobe Application Manager (AAM) for Windows.
    You can get it from here (For a Mac OS X customer reading this post use
    Launch AAM and sign in with your Adobe ID.
    You should now be able to install the programs you want. If this does not work I will ask for some log files which can be sent to the AAM team for investigation.

  • My Macbook with 10.6.8 is having trouble with certain applications- Word will not open, and text edit or pdf will not print.

    My Macbook (13 inch 2008) running OS 10.6.8 is having trouble with some applications.  Word will not even open.  I cannot print from text edit or Preview or Adobe.  Excel sometimes opens but very slow.  What could be wrong?  I have repaired permissions, used an antivirus program, deleted some old MS fonts, and still no change.  I have 1 G RAM and there seems to be plenty available and I have 50 G of hard drive space empty.

    Well, first 1gb of Ram is not plenty. It's the absolute bare minimum just to run OS X 10.6.8. The MS Office applications are ram hogs also. I would recommend three things.
    1. Get more ram.
    2. Reinstall and update your MS Office applications.
    3. Reinstall Snow Leopard.
    If you're not familiar with Activity Monitor you might have a look at this link and you'll be able to judge your ram situation a little better.

  • Application manager will not initialize

    need the application manager on PC 8.1 for Premier to operated, manager download will not initialize. Comments?

    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • Creative Cloud Application Manager will not load or update.

    Do I need to uninstall in Windows and then reinstall to get it to work again?

    I'm running Windows 7.0 Home Premium 64 bit with an core i7 processor and 9 gig of ram. The application manager tries to load and stops about a third of the way through with an error message that says I have an Adobe Genuine Software Vaidation Failure. The prouct you are trying to install is not an Adobe genuine software and appears to be counterfiet. My only option then is to quit the application. This happens whenever I start the Application Manager and it tries to update itself..

  • Application Manager will not update to Lightroom 5

    I updated all of the apps via Application manager. It updated Lightroom but only to version 4.3. Why is it not updating it to the latest version?

    Janja77 is the Adobe Application Manager listing Lightroom as up to date?  Also which operating system are you using?

  • Application Manager will not load

    I am having troubles with Acrobat XI running and so I went to re-load it. I had to go to the applicationmanager.exe file and run it and everytime it has an issue. Adobe Application Manager failed to install.
    I can't find a solution.

    See a similar thread on this issue:

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    This is a reply to: Re: Date formatting Oracle9iAS Enterprise Edition I am repeating it here, because the original post was posted so long ago, and I was afraid noone would ever see the reply that I just created. I appologize for the redundant questi

  • Hard Drive SMART Issue

    The SMART status in Disk Utility on my black Macbook reports that my hard drive is failing. It started doing this as soon as I upgraded to 10.4.8. However, the Apple Hardware Test software doesn't report any problems. Is one set of software more 'rel

  • ITunes Media Dir started on External - deciding to switch to local - how?

    When I first set up my macbook pro, I set up iTunes to use an external WD 2 TB to store my media library.  Everything worked fine, but now I'd like to sync my devices without having to connect the external drive.   I thought I could do this with a li

  • How to delete / cancel a SC in transfer process ?

    Hello all We're on SRM 4.0 with SRM Server 5.0 SP08. We found one older SC from august this year still being in transfer process. Of course today this one is no more required (because the user  "solved" the problem by creating a new SC which could su

  • Problema Lightroom cc

    sulla versione di prova di lightroom cc, sul modulo sviluppo invece della foto mi compare un rettangolo blu contornato con una righetta bianca intorno e una croce al centro