No support for Muvo NX 128 mb mp3 player data recove

I'm from Singapore, one of the reason I'm posting this on the forum is to seek help and broadcasting of my helpless situation I'm in, for awareness.
I have a Creative Muvo NX 28 mb mp3 player, own for more then three years, without giving me problems and works almost prefectly fine. Its a good piece of device I would recommend to friends who love music and work a the same time. The piece of device can store 28 mb of files. Of course you have 52mb anf g of muvo which are better compared to mine.
Until recently, the device failed on me and the windows OS was not responding to open my dri'ves whenever I insert the muvo device. After series of diagnosis, it was certify by me that its a hardward mare-function. But Amazingly it was still able to play music when in a mp3 player mode, but unable to read the flash dri've on a window base OS which I usually can.
For studing the problems, I have to go through salvation to open the player phyiscally.
Knowing that my warranty has long gone, I decided to recovery by myself and realise something the device is made up of two circuit boards. Its over technical to explain what I saw and to cut short, my data in the memory is not dmg and is believe it can be recoverable possibly!
I hope creative support would help me as the data are important, not music but work related files.
Unfortunately I approach the Asia Service Support, supposely to be the best but ended up wasn't successful to RESOLVE MY PROBLEM.
To make matter worst, the muvo NX 28mb player is not avaliable in the market easy and I have troubles getting the parts to fix the broken device
For the benefit of those who are using memory flash-base mp3 players, CREATIVE does not offer a DATA recovery service, even if it happens that you need to retrieve important data stored in those players which in case happens to fail on you!
In the end, this happens to me all the time in Singapore..i couldn't get a satisfying support from Creative... I have learned that Creative are not competent in supporting repairs or data recovery for older creative users like me..
I have sort out everything I could, and hope someone can help me out in getting those files back...
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I can't reapply the firmware as it is not seen by my computer.
It only turns on sometimes when it is inserted in its cover but it turns off right away.
When it turns on it plays ok and but as soon as I move it is off again.
In case it had an internal connection problem , would it be possible to open it without damaging it's
Thanks for yuor reply!

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    I hope this helps!
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    There is an export to Tables in Microsoft Excel option. Did you try that?

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    Here's what I'm doing:
    Here is the code and it is really simple:
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      <source src="../path/filename.mp3" type="audio/mpeg" />
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    AddType video/ogg .ogv
    AddType application/ogg .ogg
    AddHandler application-ogg .ogg .ogv .oga
    That will enable both ogg video and audio. Without these lines, Firefox may not play your file.
    To make your audio files, please see this link.

  • A video codec or support for a compressed format (ZEN

    i was wondering if creative could include support for some form of compressed video format in the next firmware release for the Creative Zen V Plus. i ask this as the supplied video converter uses incredibly large amounts of space even for a small video file since the avi is uncompressed (afaik)
    could support possibly be added for wmv or something as that is relati'vely small and it would be great if the player could support it.
    please reply as this is a very common 'issue' for most owners of this mp3 player.

    PSE 4 does do 16 bit - although there are a limited number of things you can do at that depth.
    It has essentially no support for actions.

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    SDK-16291 Implement data tip for slider
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    Doc Notes: Added new properties and functions
    Bugs: SDK-16291, SDK-16823
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    Ticket Links:
    Modified Paths:

    Try rolling your fingertip on the mouse pad. This works very well and you have much more control.
    You've mentioned that you get fed up and then insert numbers or even click the up/down arrows.
    Alternatively and I only found this out the other day - thanks Victoria B.
    Use the comma , and period / stop . keys to navigate down / up through the settings below
    LR4 settings
    temp (white balance)
    white clipping
    black clipping
    LR3 settings
    temp (white balance)
    higlight recovery
    fill light
    black clipping
    and use the + and - keys  to move the sliders up and down in medium (±5)  steps and press control / cmd and + -  keys to use smaller (±1) steps. I think using the alt / option key with the + and - keys moves the sliders in larger (±10 oe 20) steps.
    You can use the aleft right rrow keys, but for some reason (bug), they dont follow the focus with the , and ., so you still need to click on the sliders to move the focus from one setting to another if you prefer to use the arrows.
    As I said above, the apple magic mouse is amazing for OSX snow leopard and Lion and is so intuitive for LR, but its an expensive mouse but IMHO well worth it
    Hope these help, the , and . is a great alternative to rolling your finger on the touchpad.
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    Is it flash memory.
    This is going to be used at the gym.
    BTW - I meant FM tuner.
    I was eyeing they
    Creative MuVo TX FM GB MP3 Player
    I use to have a Micro N200 - Hated the hissing noise and wish it would plug in directly like the TX FM does. Is the sound quality better on the N200. Can I listen to folders on the TX?
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    appreciated. Thanks.

    if you need total times played for all users you'll need
    server-side code. if your server supports php, that would probably
    be the route to go.

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    not enough space on my mp3 player but it is empty hi
    I have Muvo 2.0. usb mp3 player. It has 265 mb.the problem is that there is not enough space on my mp3 player but THERE IS 265 MB FREE SPACE.
    I have tried use recovery tool but is still not working.can you help me ,please?

    Are you attempting to copy a lot of .mp3 files into the Root Folder?
    There is a limit's to the number of files in one folder the MuVo can 'see'.
    Just create a few new folders by Album, Artist, Genre or whatever you like and copy the appropriate songs to each folder.

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    Lets say the Xtra and the micro cost the same price. You don't have an Mp3 player yet. You still have the knowledge that you have now for both products.
    Which mp3 player would you pick and why?

    right now i own the micro. If i had the chance to pick again with the knowledge i have now, I would go with the Xtra.
    Because before i didn't know anything about bit rate...... I thought the micro could hold up to 2500songs.
    I learned that it will only hold about ,030 songs wma 60kb

  • Need battery cover for muvo tx fm mp3 play

    Absentmindidly while changing the aaa battery, I thought that I could use the tab on the battery cover to dig out the battery. Of course it broke!?How would I get a new battery cover? I'm hoping to get the metallic blue cover, but anything would do.
    Nothing on ebay and customer support isn't working.
    Any ideas?

    To transfer files from a CD... I place the cd in tray, close it, open Creative MediaSource Organizer and rip the what are my settings? I have it set on WMA Stereo, DRM enabled, 28 Kb
    Rip the tracks I want to my PC Music Library. Insert my mp3 player (hard calling it that as it yet has to play a track of anything), and set the Muvo TX FM as the destination source and transfer files. After transfer, close all windows, open My Computer, open Dri've F and there are my tracks...yeah, but wait. I safely remove hardware, and insert it into player and attempt to turn it on...3 seconds later...denied. SIGH. Okay, reinsert player, open Di've F...ohh surprise..not formatted. Click on my exe. with latest driver (see original post), reinstall original driver again. Reformat again using FAT not FAT32 per tech support. Safely remove hardware. Insert into player, turn on...yeah turns on, no music, but can access FM..okay so not a TOTAL waste of $$$. Reinsert into computer, open my computer, dri've F, empty file. It's recognized and formatted. OPen Creative MediaSource Organizer...transfer error messages..repeat....repeat...repeat. Same result. Should I try FAT32? Should I try to rip a cd w/o using DRM enabled? Does the LCD screen need to come on when in usb port? I have not tried to rip CD's using WMP0 yet as CMsO came with the player. Is it better?Message Edited by drewj28 on 09--2006 09:38 PM

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    Dear gurus of the forum,
    I am a computer science student planning to create a website and considering the use of applets on it. On my previous website I used [Sound Manager 2|] to play MP3 sounds. SM2 is a tiny flash program and has been a breeze to use. However, if I am to build decent applets, I'd prefer to somehow use MP3 support in Java, so users won't be required to have both Java and Flash installed.
    I am a very basic Java programmer, but I know enough to get me started. However, thus far I have only been able to discover that Java supports .au sounds and more recently .wav and .aiff (which doesn't ring a bell). I have also found some MP3 player applets. However, the various old and new resources confuse me greatly on this subject.
    My question is rather simple:
    Is there any lightweight option to add basic support to play MP3 files in an applet? I do not need a player with buttons and whatnot, just classes with methods to use in my applet.
    I can only hope someone here may be able to help me out here or send me in the right direction.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Andrew,
    no wonder you have 5,7?? posts.... you're just posting all day ha.... I wonder how many of those posts were actually useful,
    anyways, I think that your place is somewhere in English Grammar forums or so 'cause that's all you know about...
    There is no mention of that on the linked page. Can you produce a link that supports that statement?instead of wandering around, just do something really simple like googling android java platform, and RTFM from there on...
    No. You think that.yes, I think, and as you can see in this reply I have some more thoughts about you !
    .. then WHY DOESN'T ORACLE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ????? 1) There is no need to SHOUT at us.
    2) One '?' denotes a question, whereas 2 or more typically denotes a bozo.
    yes well, I've already said that you're great at gammar issues, way to go.
    So maybe it is because Sun ignores shouting bozos. More likely it is because Sun staff do not trawl the forums looking for problems. That is what the [Bug Database|] is for.
    that's the first (and last) valuable information I got from you, you could have just replied with these two lines, or even make it shorter and just redirect me to the link, save electronic space, you're wasting it as if it was yours.
    AFAIU neither Flash nor Java will be supported on iPad, so there is a new source of worry for you.who talks about iPad, dude, start getting into shape with your reading comprehension, though your grammar level is great ! Oh, and You need to start worrying my friend, you might know Java but start working on your English skills quickly...
    I'm talking about Google's Android, Apple's Iphone, Windows Mobile and Nokia's Symbian.
    oh, and don't bother increasing you post number by replying to this one with some more useless info.
    thanks a lot

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