Opening PSD Layer Folders in PSE 8

I have a Photoshop (PSD) file that contains layer folders. How can I access the items within those folders in Photoshop Elements 8? Is there a plugin I need to add? I would like to be able to access the items inside the layer folders within PSE8 if at all possible. Thanks!

I think I may have found something.
I'll give it a try later on.
Thanks for all your help!

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  • Action script for batch-opening psd layer files flat? (alt+shift?)

    i am daily batch processing with an action script to make flat tiffs from psd layer files, like 10-100 files every couple of days in my workflow.
    until now i could not fine a solution to begin the batch processing-action with opening layer files FLAT.
    the reason is: i am working with huge files, 5-20GB .psb files, (16bit, ECI-RGB, 50x100cm, 300dpi) and it takes a couple of seconds to open with my pcie-SSD.
    that multiplies the time it takes to open 50 of such files. i would gain a lot of time, if photoshop cs6 would not open it with layers, but flat.
    there is a workaround i am using daily: (osx) hold alt+shift, then click on the layer file in the finder and cs6 opens it flat.
    but that did not work in the action script. it doesnt store the keyboard command alt+shift.
    any idea how i could save time and use the alt+shift command in the action script or any other solution please?

    I just tried to record this using ScriptListener, and it didn't record it either.  No indo in the ExtendScript SDK on this either.  I don't think that this is possible at this time.  Maybe someone who know more than I do can find a way.

  • I can no longer open PSD Photoshop files on Preview

    I can no longer open PSD Photoshop files on Preview since I installed Snow Leopard on my White MacBook. Whenever I double click a PSD file, it opens in Photoshop.
    I used to force PSD files to be opened with Preview by "Get Info" (command + I ) and then Changing the option "open with" to Preview.
    I also tried draggin the PSD file onto Preview, nothing happened.
    Did Snow Leopard stop PSD support, or I'm missing something??

    No, I can still open psd files in Preview, no problem, from both Preview's "Open" dialog and by drag 'n drop onto its icon. It opens simple psd files without error, files with an alpha channel may or may not open correctly, layers will display the topmost layer, if that layer has a mask it displays incorrectly. In short, nothing seems to have changed.

  • Is there a way to read/write original .xmp settings of a CR2 loaded as smart object onto a .psd layer?

    Hello all. This has been asked in varying degrees before, but many of the discussions I found relative to my question are from the period 2010 to 2013. Thought I would throw this out there again medio 2014 to see if anything new has developed that I'm somehow missing.
    Here's the situation:
    1. In the filesystem, a CR2 file and a sidecar .xmp file with ACR settings applied via Bridge (CS6).
    2. CR2 file is opened in Photoshop (CS6) as a smart object (.xmp sidecar settings are applied in the process).
    3. CR2 file and .xmp now exist on a .psd layer as a smart some unknown form.
    4. File is saved as .psd
    My question is this:
    Is there ANY way at all via Bridge and/or Photoshop scripting to read/write/access/touch/poke/prod the original ACR "development" settings, originally stored in the .xmp sidecar file, that apparently now exist in some form on the smart object layer in the .psd? Via scripting in Bridge, one can alter the metadata on this saved .psd file, no problem, but this is not the same .xmp data that is being referenced by the image loaded as a smart object onto the .psd layer in that file. Where is this second set of data? Can it be accessed?
    Any info, enlightenment would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    No, not too late.
    InDesign is for layout for press in this case.
    Photoshop is for design, which is using the .jpg's.
    I'm half way there, but stuck at:
    Getting a file location reference when the .jpg is first brought into PS as a layer.
    Getting a script to write the location of the file into the medata for the PSD in some field
    Reading back the metadata file location for the .jpg and bringing it back into the PSD again.
    Any help would really be appreciated.
    I can make the completed script(s) available when its complete, as this has possibilities for other uses, batch process, and more.

  • How to open psd files without the cloud?

    I just downloaded Adobe Touch for digital scrapbooking purposes. How can I open a psd file that I've downloaded and unzipped if I don't want to use the Adobe Common Cloud? Ideally I'd like my ipad to have an "open in Adobe Touch" option after I've unzipped the file.

    PS Touch can't open PSDs locally. They have to be imported via Creative Cloud (and even then, they are flattened when imported).
    I imagine this was a "quality of life" decision since PS Touch can only support up to 16 layers in a particular project. That and maybe the fact that Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) can use layer masks, which PS Touch doesn't presently have.

  • CS5 ACR opening PSD Files?

    What file types won't ACR open?
       I understand that ACR will not open layered images, but what about flat PSD files? When I Right Click on a PSD in bridge or mini bridge, open in camera raw is not an option. Command R, or file-->open with camera raw doesn't work either. Is it possible to open a PSD file with camera raw? From my tests 16 vs 8 bit  didn't make a difference, but should it?  Some of my friends have had trouble opening up Tiff files also. I know their preferences were correct.
    Should Non layered tiff and PSD files open in ACR? What file types will ACR refuse to open?
    And for extra credit...If a layered file opens in ACR are you only editing the background layer?
    Thanks brilliant people of the internet!

    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    JimHess wrote:
    Other than raw images (including DNG images), ACR will only open JPEG and TIF files.
    Not true.
    You can open .PSD files with ACR.  From within Photoshop, choose File - Open As - Camera Raw, and note that .PSD files are being shown with the File Open dialog filter in force.
    You have to have saved the PSD with the Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility setting so that Camera Raw can read the flattened composite preview that's saved in that mode.  Otherwise it will complain that the file-format module could not parse the file.  Camera raw will only open the composite.
    PSD files saved with Maximize Compatibility are of course larger because of the flattened composite being included, but as the option says they're also more compatible.

  • Opening .psd files in Elements

    Can Photoshop Elements open .psd files created from older versions of "regular" Photoshop, including Photoshop 7.0? And can .psd files created in Elements be opened in Photoshop 7.0? Thanks.

    Yes, it is possible to open psds created from other versions in the current version and vice versa.
    however, if you have adjustment layers created from full versiion photoshop, thay can be opened but not edited in PSE. They come with a lock icon.
    If you are saving a PSD and you want it be compatible with other versions, it is advisable to have - maxmize file compatibilty option in preferences as "always".

  • Cannot Open PSD in FW9

    I've been able to open Photoshop files in FW9 before with all
    the layers intact. But, for some reason, I'm trying to open a PSD
    file in FW and it keeps opening as a flattened bitmap. The PSD file
    is 16-bit (not 32). Any ideas on how I can get this PSD to open
    with all its layers intact?

    RonSanSolo wrote:
    > Thanks, Jim.
    > I didn't realize that about adjustment layers. I'll need
    to review exactly which PS features are not supported by FW. That
    may be the problem.
    > Thanks again!
    > Ron
    No problem, Ron. In the Fireworks Beta, integration has been
    but Adjustment Layers and Smart Objects are still not
    supported. Smart
    Objects come in as flattened bitmaps, Adjustment layers are
    unless you bring in the file as a flat file. On the upside,
    the Beta now
    supports the opening of Layer comps (1 at a time) and text is
    better. PS vectors are also handled better too.
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  • Opening psd video files in premiere elements

    I have Photoshop CS6 and would like to purchase a video editing software.  My question is if I purchase Premiere Elements 12, will I be able to open PSD video files from photoshop in the Premiere Elements?

    Yes. PrE can Import a PSD, so long as it's RGB and 8-bit Color Mode.
    Now, if it is Layered, it will be Flattened upon Import. PrPro can Import a Layered PSD as a Sequence (something that PrE does not have), and maintain those separate Layers.
    The workaround, if you do wish to retain Layers (well, sort of), is to Save each Layer as a separate PSD from Ps, then Import those resultant PSD files, stacking them on successively higher Video Tracks, one above the other.
    Good luck, and hope that this helps.
    PS - I had Moved your post from the Ps General Discussions Forum, before seeing this one. I will Lock that other post, when it shows up, so that if you have any questions, we can continue in this thread - the Adobe Forums are acting up a bit today, and some posts have been very slow to migrate.

  • Save layer style in PSE 9

    I have just learned how to make a layer style in PSE 9 but I do not
    know how to save it as a layer style.  Could someone please help me
    or direct me to someplace that can help me.
    Thank you so much

    I’m not really sure; it could be a Mac problem.
    This is the Adobe statement on Lion:
    Mac OS 10.7 has some exciting new features such as Autosave, Restore, Versioning, Full Screen Mode, and more multi-touch gestures. For Adobe applications to fully support these features, additional product development is required. Adobe is working to address this issue.
    There is one other thing you could try. Open a photo in the Editor and then hold down the Cmd+Opt+Shift Keys and press the letter S
    It’s also possible to delete the save for web preferences and then re-start the program to re-build them. This involves holding down Cmd+Opt keys and clicking Save for Web under the File menu. However this may not be possible if save for web is grayed out.
    Please let us know if you get it fixed.

  • My external hard drive is 'seen' by my iMac and I can go into the Finder and open files and folders. I am using the hard drive for Time Machine back up. However Time Machine says it can't find the drive. Same thing has happened with Final Cut Express.

    My new LaCie external hard drive is 'seen' by my iMac and I can go into the Finder and open files and folders. I am using the hard drive for Time Machine back up. However Time Machine says it can't find the drive.
    The same thing happened recently between Final Cut Express and my other LaCie external hard drive used as the Scratch disk. It fixed itself.
    I've run out of ideas. Help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    have you done some searches on FCPx and time machine? Is there a known issue with using a TM drive with FCPx? dunno but ...wait...I'll take 60 sec for you cause I'm just that kind of guy....   google...." fcpx time machine problem"  Frist page link drives-and-final-cut-pro-x/
           You cannot have time machine backups on your hard drive if you intend to use it in FCPX.

  • Can't open psd doc in photoshop cc

    I just downloaded the photoshop cc trail, and I am having issues opening psd documents.  I am using windows 8.  The document is a .7z file.  I was able to open the file just fine on a mac, but can't do it here on my pc.  When I try and open it, I get an error message reading, "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document."
    Any suggestions?

    .7z is to the best of my knowledge a compressed file format. You can't open it in PS, you need to uncompress it first by using for instance 7Zip :
    Then hopefully you can find your image file inside of it...

  • Opening and closing folders very difficult while organizing projects

    after importing my iPhoto Library to Aperture, I'm working through the mass list of iPhoto Events, now projects.
    Each time I move a project from the iPhoto Library folder, to a folder that I've created, the very quick spring loaded action takes over, and opens the folder I'm planning on dropping the project in, which, while useful in dealing with nested folders, this is not a preferred behavior for me right now.
    Is there any way to adjust the spring loaded folder behavior in Aperture 3
    Is there any way of opening/closing those folders quickly via the keyboart/any way other than clicking triangles.
    Any workarounds to avoid having folders open when moving projects around?
    I'm moving several projects at once, and will continue to do that to minimize my pain.
    it wont be a huge problem once I get everything mostly organized, but I've still got a ways to go, so it's worth asking about.

    Use the Apple Key, to select two or more Projects, to be merged in to one. Then go to File>Merge Projects. Allan

  • Can I open psd file made in photoshop cs3 with photoshop ps2?

    Can I open psd file made in photoshop cs3 with photoshop ps2? Thanks in advance!

    Actually you can open a CS3 file with smart filters in CS2
    the only problem is CS2 will not understand the Smart filter and flatten it.
    If you leave the smart filtered object alone in CS2 save the file and it should still be a smart filtered object in CS3

  • Installing new layer styles in PSE 7

    What is the correct way to install new layer styles into pse 7? ( I use Vista)
    Do I move my extracted style file into the layer styles folder by following this pathway: program data>adobe>photoshop elements>7.0>photo creations>layer styles.
    Do I need to create a metafile too?
    Thank you for helping me, I have about a dozen styles I need to add, but I am unsure how to get it done properly.

    You need to create a metadata.xml file too to view it in a specific category of your choioce.
    You need to paste the two things :
    1) .asl file.
    2) metadata.xml,
    to the following location:
    C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\8.0\Photo Creations\layer styles.
    Here you need to add the two files and relaunch PSE. This will show you the presets in the layer styles category with.
    While creating the metadat.xml file you need to take care of two things:
    1) Add a new category name so that you can easily find them.
    2) You need to verify that Type value is set "Style  as mentioned :  <type value="style" />
    Hope this helps you.

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