Partnet Profiles : Outbound Parameters

Hello -
When i try to create outbound parameters in Partner Profile in R/3, sometimes i don't get the packet size, i just see only the Receiver Port.
Any ideas why i could not see this option?

Hi Tirumal,
when u enter once the field gets activated. when u click on enter again you will get a message saying
Please enter a value for packet size.
If your radio button for 'Output mode' is Transfer Idoc immediately then u need not fill this value.
If the radio button is on collect IDoc you have to fill in this field.

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  • Partners profile - outbound parameters - package size ?

    My scenario: IDOC(R/3)-XI-File.
    R/3 settings: WE20 - While filling out outbound parameters in partners set up i am getting error "<b>please enter a value for package size</b>" highlighting <b>Receiver port</b> in red. My receiver port is tRFC type whose RFC destination would be XI server.
    I have created logical systems(SALE) for sender(R/3) and receiver(XI) as well assigned them to clients.
    Please help.

    Hi Bhavesh,
    This is what exactly I did and I ended up getting this error message. I did some research on how to generate partner profiles on sdn.
    "transaction SALE), choose Modeling and Implementing Business Processes ®Maintain Distribution Model and Distribution Views (transaction BD64)."
    So,I have created a model view called "EC4_TO_PI1".
    Then I chose Environment----> Generate Partner profiles. Now, I have to select two model views. (From & To).  From Model View I have selected the above model view " EC4_TO_PI1". I am not sure about TO field.
    Can you please guide me to helpful documentation ? I am not even sure what is distribution model is. Thank you for your help.
    By the by, I have already created logical systems for sender(R/3) and receiver(XI). fyi.

  • Partner Profiles: Outbound parameters

    I want to send a IDOC ORDERS05 to SAP ECC6.0.
    I have a partner type LS.
    In outbound parameters I can not define message type ORDERS ???
    The error message ==> "Logical message ORDERS does not exist"
    Anyone can give some tips?
    Thanks a lot!

    when you send IDOCs from XI to ERP you don't use WE20
    it's a competely different procedure
    also XI does not have ERP idoc types (that's why
    you cannot choose it in WE20)
    check out my book to find out step by step how to do it:
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2006/10/11/xi-new-book-mastering-idoc-business-scenarios-with-sap-xi"><b>Mastering IDoc Business Scenarios with SAP XI</b></a>
    <a href="/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/06/28/xipi-faq-frequently-asked-questions"><b>XI / PI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions</b></a>

  • BD64 - generate partner profile - outbound parameter; wrong receiver port

    Hi all,
    I'm using a distribution model (transaction BD64) for creating partner profiles in my system.
    This works fine, exept for one thing.
    The receiver port used in the outbound parameter is wrong.
    It's using the tRFC port of the destination system instead of the tRFC port of the SAP XI/PI system.
    If I send an Idoc it's now going directly to the destination system instead of going to XI/PI first.
    I could modify this manually (which is a lot of work), but I would like to know how SAP determines which tRFC port is used when generating the partner profile and creating the outbound parameters.
    Can anybody help me with this?

    According to my knowledge, if you have a receiving logical system name is same as the RFC destination name, then the SAP will take the RFC destination properly and will generate the port automatically (for Ex: if you have a port A00..12 then it will create a port A..13). the generated port will be used in partner profile.
    Give a try by assign the RFC destination (The receiving logical system name and RFC destination name should be same) for a port and use it while generating the partner profile by using BD64 or SALE.
    Venu V

  • Distibution Model- Outbound parameters for message type could not be found

    Hi SRM Gurus,
                          Have you ever encountered this error while buidling Distribution model in BD64 -
    When I try to generate partner profile, I am getting this error-
    Outbound parameters for message type BBPCO BBPCO01 could not be created
    Partner not found in partner table
    This error is occuring for all message types.
    Please let me know the solution if anyone has encountered this error before.
    Thanks & Regards

    Are you geting this error while generate partner profile?
    hope your sender and receiver logical system are correct.double check.
    OUTPUT MODE - tRANSFER idoc immediately option
    connectivity between both sytems are ok.
    did you save modelview ?
    now ports automatically created . check we21 ,we20..
    check your sm59 rfc destination? what type connection you made ? hope you maynot do mistake. howevercheck itup.
    ask basis consultant assistance why ports anot genrated for backend system after you executed
    tbd05 - do yo have entry ?

  • How to understand "outbound parameters" and "inbound parameters" in WE20?

    How to understand "outbound parameters" and "inbound parameters" in transaction code:WE20? Which side is based to set the outbound/inbound parameters?
    As I can only set "outbound parameters" for the both partner type:customer and vendor.
    so, When do we need to set the parameter "inbound parameter"?

    If you deals with inbound IDoc processing then you need only to maintain partner profile for inbound parameter.
    However, if you deal with outbound IDoc processing then you need to setup partner profile for outbound parameter.
    In special case, you may need to setup both inbound and outbound parameters for example the sender needs to have confirmation or acknowledgement for completion of inbound IDoc processing.
    Please check this links and should help you to learn/start with ALE.
    Also you can check this online document for ALE and IDoc.
    Hope this will help.
    Ferry Lianto
    Please reward points if helpful.

  • Output control and outbound parameters

    Can you please help me locate the output control and outbound parameters...
    thank you in advance...

    Hi Pabito,
                  I am assuming that you need to send an outgoing EDI - Mail or fax to a specific partner. This process is possbile if you could set up the output control for sales  documents.
    spro->sales & distribution -> BF -> Output control-> output determination -> maintain output determination for sales documents -> Assign output types to partner function.
    Make sure that an output determination procedure is assigned to the sales dco type.
    Also Maintain condition records for the output type and the transmission medium(EDI) using the trx NACE.
    I hope this is what you are looking for, i also have a faint notion that you might be lookin how to setup an edi connection with the partner.!!!
    If my notion is right do ping back to know more abt that,If you find this piece of information do take some time to award points to mee
    - Girish

  • WE20 use&E0336 EDI: Partner profile outbound logical message not available

    When I am creating the vendor master, after selecting payment advise by EDI tick under APP Transactions i am issued a warning message as Account XXX has not yet been agreed as being EDI partner  and its directing me to T.Code WE20.  What is the use of this.
    I have maintained WE20 for the vendor and after running payment run (F110) with payment method as E (Electronic payments-BACS) payment medium file is getting created.  But when i go and see the SP01 in the error log the message is shown as E0336    EDI: Partner profile outbound logical message not available. 
    Can anybody explain what is the use of WE20 t.code and why i am getting the error message.

    Hi Deepak,
    I am facing the same problem with a different message type.
    But same effect. I can copy the IDoc with WE19 and it will process nicely, completely unchanged.
    Have you found the reason for this?

  • Outbound parameters HRMD_A is deleted automatically

    In we20 transaction, the outbound parameters HRMD_A is deleted automatically.  How to check if any background job or process is deleting this?  I am assuming zero user activity around this.
    Message was edited by:
            Alvaro Tejada Galindo

    Ok, I did find the problem.
    It was because I had set this mailbox as ical mailbox.
    I had the same problem and i think u've done the same mistake like me by enabling the 'invite by mail' option in iCal services from the App Server.
    By unchecking this; dovecot will not be spammed again via iCal service and you will see your new incoming emails not deleted after that.
    Bon courage

  • Edi partner profile inbound parameters urgent plz

    iam trying to make settings for inbound parameters of edi for bank, iam wondering what is partner number if partner type is "b"(bank). my partner number will be bank key or house bank or what , bcoz it is not accepting bank key or house bank id

    In Transaction code FI12 - Change House Bank - Details, there is an push button to create EDI Partner Profiles. Click on that and enter the EDI Partner number. This is not House Bank number / Bank Key. After entering the EDI Partner number, you can click on Partner Profiles and complete the setting up of Partner Profile.

  • WE20 - partner profiles: inbound parameters - how to determine process code

    Running standalone scenario on SRM 5.0.
    First of all, it is not possible to "generate partner profiles" automatically in BD64 (distrubution model) in the backend system for message types:
    The following error is displayed:
    Inbound parameters for message type BBPCO could not be created
    Enter a valid process code
    When trying to create partner profiles manually in WE20, how do I determine the process codes for the different message types?

    Note 330401 - Process code does not exist f. BBPCO01, BBPIV01
    Check and if necessary, correct the following entries:
    1. Assign function module to message type
    Transaction WE57
    The following entries are required:
    Type F F
    Basic type BBPIV01 BBPCO01
    Msg type BBPIV BBPCO
    Direction 2 2
    Object type BBPBUS2081 (not for Release 3.1)
    Note that object type BBPBUS2081 is not defined in Release 3.1*. In
    this case, the 'Object type' entry remains empty.
    2. Characteristics of inbound function modules
    Transaction BD51
    The following entries are required:
    Input type 1 1
    03.09.2008 Page 2 of 3
    Note 330401 - Process code does not exist f. BBPCO01, BBPIV01
    Dialog allowed No No
    3. Create the missing process code with Transaction WE42 (change inbound
    process code). You can name the process code whatever you want. 'IV01'
    or 'CO01' are examples.
    The entry should look like this:
    Process code IV01 (CO01)
    Description BBPIV (BBPCO) inbound invoice
    Option ALE Processing with ALE service
    Processing Type Processing by function module
    Save the entry. You are then on the detail screen. Enter:
    Module (inbound)
    Function module
    Application object
    Object type
    BBPBUS2081 (- no entry -)
    4. Maintain the process code that has just been created in the partner
    profile for the logical system.
    Transaction WE20
    Partner type 'LS'

  • Why does recievig partnerrequire outbound parameter setting for the message

        I was configuring the partner profiles for outbound billing and sales order cycles.Interestingly for outbound scenario, we had to maintain the settings for outbound parameters in receiving partner.
    For example, if i sending ORDERS  message type from sender to receiver, then after maintaining the details in partner profile(outbound parameters for sender in we20) for sender, then not only i need to put the orders details in inbound parameters for reciever, but also the outbound parameters for receiver(both inbound and out bound parameters to be filled for the message type for reciver partner).
    I checked other systems and founf this is how it is being maintained in outbound cycle.But could anyone provide any insight of why this is required.I did not find anything from bd64 or others about this.
    why would the outbound parameters needs to be filled for particular message type in reciver sytem, when it is only required to fill the inbound parameters only for receiver system?

    I got help for this issue over at CreativeCow's FCP pages -- it turns out, all I had to do was open a new project using an easy setting and project setting for vanilla PAL 25 fps SD stuff. All of the audio was correctly brought in -- then I disconnected all of the clips, made them dual mono, reconnected them, and copied them over to my old gristly project folder.
    Now I can marry these dual mono 25fps files to the video files without having FCP incorrectly compensate for "30fps" by speeding these clips up slightly, so things stay in sync.


    Outbound parameters for message type MATMAS MATMAS05 could not be created 
    Please enter a valid value for the output mode                            
    Outbound parameters for message type SYNCH SYNCHRON could not be created  
    Please enter a valid value for the output mode

    Hi Willard,
    Checl the output mode and outbound parameters for those both of message types.
    Hope this helps you..

  • How can you create a SAles order and send to customer by using IDOC

    how to acknowledge the customer after a sales order is created?

    Just to add to Pauls reply, along with output determination settings, When you would create the partner profile outbound parameters, use the Message type ORDRSP for order acknowledgement.

  • Process flow with configuration for online payment of vendors

    Dear friends,
    I need the process flow with configuration for online payment to vendors through rtgs or neft.
    Please help me in this regard. One of my client wants to implement online payment process instead of cheque payment.
    thanks and regards

    1) Payments are initiated at the corporate SAP System using APP and converted into IDOC
    Could you please tell me the steps in converting the app into idoc.
    There are standard Idoc used for the same , for APP it would be PAYEXT, You need to use this Idoc type.
    You define the EDI payment method and assign the program in FBZP (RFFOEDI1)which would created payment medium.
    i believe in the app we will create the proposal and run the payment run, after payment proposal created what are the config steps involved in createing the payment run. for example for checque payment we will maintian variant for cheque printing.
    The payment run config is done in FBZP, which would include definf check PM and assigning house bank sub gl etc.
    2) PI at Client End receives the input through IDOC for the payments
    Pl means? and how the client will recieve this idoc what is the set up has to be made?
    PI(Process Integration) middleware which will send bank files from sap to bank and vice versa.
    3) Bank PI receives the payment and converts the same RTGS/NEFT format
    4) Payment Data is received at the Bank RTGS/ NEFT server for further processing
    how the payment data will be recieved by bank what is the process?
    This is again via PI or any thoird party tool which will send bank files to sap as Idoc, The idoc message type is FINSTA.
    or this in SAP you will have to configure the following:
    *House bank with partner profile
    *Outbound parameters                      what is meant by outbound paramenters and how to create and where to maintian
    *Inbound parameters                          what is meant by inbound paramenters and how to create and where to maintian
    The outbound and Inbounmd idoc's are the one which we send(PAYEXT) and rec from bank(FINSTA).  you create partner profile in WE20 and create partner profile once you create you assign outbound and inbound message types in there.
    *EDI Compatible payment methods        how to know about the compaitable payment methods
    Please goto house bank FI12 and you will see this in there, assign the PM used.
    *APP config                                        i know the app config for cheque payment, for this scenairo any additional settings?
    It would be pretty much same, you will have to define the PM used and Payment medium and remaining configuration in FBZP.
    *Bank details in Vendor :
    You will have to maintain the bank details of the vendor in vendor master.

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