Photos 1.0 not showing all images from Photos Library.photoslibrary folder/file after update install

I installed the update that changed my iPhoto to Photos 1.0, and the new Photos program is not showing all images from Photos Library.photoslibrary file/folder (not sure to call it file or folder since it is actually a folder with all my pics but it acts more like a file) after update install.  The Photos Library.photoslibrary file/folder shows to be 55 gb in size, and it shows to be loaded into the photos program, but there are maybe a few weeks of pictures showing instead of a few years.  Lots of pictures in the 55 gb are not showing for some reason. 

No - iPhotos has not replaced anything - it is new and an addition - iPhoto is still on your system in the applications folder and still works just fine
Outlook is not supported by Photos - not sure if the support must come form Apple or MS as Photos uses a different interface to external packages than iphoto did

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  • New photo app does not import all of my photos from iphoto library

    I have just installed  10.10.3 on my Macbook and the new photo app does not import all of my photos from iphoto library. I have about 3200 photos in the library and only 2300 are presented for import. I only have 1 library so I didn't choose the wrong one. Any suggestions?

    Upon closer inspection it appears that the missing photos are in a folder called IPhoto Library.  This folder is greyed out when I choose the import folder.
    When I use 'show package contents' it reveals the missing photos (below).  Why is my iphoto library so scrambled!  Thanks for any insight.

  • Crystal HTML viewer will not show embedded image from Infoview image store

    I am having an issue with the html and dhtml viewers not showing an image I have embedded inside a crystal report.  The image has been stored in infoview and embedded into the report from that source.  Using the Crystal ActiveX viewer works fine in this case and shows the image.  The html viewers however show the blank box with the red X in the top left corner when Internet explorer can't find an image.
    Now, if I right click on the image and get it's properties I get this URL:
    If I take that url and try to load it directly through Internet explorer I get the following error:
    Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
    The file is small and only about 20k in size.  If someone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

    Unfortunately I have been unable to remove the plug-in. The files is not locked, or shared, but my operating systems thinks it is.
    What happens, when you try?
    When I try to delete the plug-in from
         /Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/Google/Analog Efex Pro/
    with ⌘⌫, I simply get the pop-up panel to enter my administrator password, and the plug-in will be moved to the Trash:
    Don't forget to quit Aperture, before trying to remove the plug-in and to log off and on.

  • IWeb not showing all my published Photo Galleries for Widget insertion

    I have published a page created in iWeb to my mobileme account
    Today I went to edit it and add a Widget - Mobile Me Gallery
    It only shows 3 of the 4 galleries and of course the one I want to insert is the one not showing
    All galleries are published with ability to see, load, download etc..
    I have rebooted etc and its still the same.

    Chris Field wrote:
    Is this helpful? Is this even English?
    Chris ~ Be thankful it doesn't say: "_For all intensive purposes..._". This Apple doc may be clearer:
    _iWeb 2.0: Adding live web content or HTML to your site_
    Chris Field wrote:
    From the site
    When you post a link, switch from Compose to Preview mode and click on the link to make sure it works — the colon in your link causes it to misdirect.
    There's no guarantee that MobileMe chat will get results...
    +"Advice is given freely because so much of it is worthless."+ ~ James Geary
    +"Advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive."+ ~ Carolyn Wells
    ...With that in mind, another approach is to join the +Apple Developer Connection+ — the +ADC Online+ category is free, here:
    ...then you can use this to create a trackable problem report:
    And no, you don't need to be a "developer" to join — just an Apple user who wants to make sure Apple knows there's a bug and have the ability to track its resolution.

  • IPad not showing all images on websites

    I've been having problems with the iPad not showing all the images on websites. It tends to do it on forums with threads that are picture heavy. It will show the first few, then the rest will Be replaced with a blue icon with a question mark in it. Is there any way to fix this?

    Yes it is. y-3%3B-main-street-disneyland-hong-kong%3B-classic-revolution.html
    Safari is unable to load any more images, works fine on the desktop, but not on the iPad.

  • SelectOneChoice not showing all values from database

    I have to put a list of values in my select one choice. When I do the query in database, all the values are selected. But, with the same query on JPQL, the select on choice do not show all values in database. Anyone can help me, please?
    P.S.: I am using SelectOneChoice with SelectItems, in JDeveloper 11g
    <af:selectOneChoice id="selAction" value="#{row.idCmd}"
    <af:forEach var="alertTypeNode"
    <af:selectItem value="#{alertTypeNode.dataProvider.idCmd}"

    In your page binding check the rangesize setting for the executable you use - set it to -1.

  • Finder does not show all colors from selected color Labels

    Since a view days finder does not show all Color Label colors. When I select either yellow or green it is selected, but it does not show in the file list with details, I can see it in icon and 3 pane view, but not in the detail list view.
    does anybody know why or how? Or what plist files I might need to delete to get this reset?

    Create a new account, name it "test" and see how your labels work in that User acct in list view? (That will tell if your problem is systemwide or limited to your User acct.) This account is just for test, do nothing further with it.
    Open System Preferences >> Accounts >> "+" make it an admin account.
    Let us know and we'll troubleshoot this further.
    [email protected]

  • 2 issues in LI2,  slowing and freezing during developing, slideshow not showing all images.

    1. Lightroom Is slowing down during normal development.
    I only have 3500 photos in this catalog and am working on 50 to 200 photo in Raw format at a time,
    When Opening and beginning  a project the program worked fine but after a few hours of adjustments the program slows and then  freezes for minutes at a time forcing me to shut down the computer and restart.  I have a 1.5 TB hard drive and have moved the bulk of my files to a backup drive freeing up the MAJORITY of the hard drive for processing.  I have been threw the 8 ways to speed up Lightroom and an finding the problem persisting. IDEA'S?
    2. LI's Slideshow is not consistent in showing all the images.
    after going through the slideshow's setting and playing the slideshow, LI will show some photos and not others and start over at random order.  Idea's?

    Images that are edited in Photoshop will be displayed automatically in Lr only when the image-file saved in Photoshop is the same as the one opened from Lr.
    You say you open a JPG from Lr, then edit it in PS by - among other things - adding some layers. Layers are not supported in the JPG-format so you have to either save it as a psd or as a jpg-copy.
    In either case this is not the same image file as the one opened in Lr, so it will have to be imported into Lr to show up. If you would flatten your image after editing in PS and then do a <save> to your JPG - not a <save as> - it will show up in Lr.
    PS: the only exception is when you open a Raw image from Lr in PS and you save it in PS in the file format specified in Lr for external editing. The saved file will automatically show in LR.
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  • LR not showing all images on card during Import

    I have the latest version of LR.  iMac and Canon 7D.  With my camera tethered directly to my computer, I start the Import Photos process.  When the thumbnails begin to load, it seems like if I have a large amount of photos to import (from 8GB card), it always leaves off the last hundred or two (approximately).  They just don't show up.  I'll import what is visible, then go back and do another import immediately.  All the ones that have been imported show up as greyed out thumbnails, then the remaining images on card will be avavilable for Import.
    Why is Lightroom not seeing all the images the first time??

    Yes it is. y-3%3B-main-street-disneyland-hong-kong%3B-classic-revolution.html
    Safari is unable to load any more images, works fine on the desktop, but not on the iPad.

  • Safari Not Showing All Images

    This is a strange one!
    I was on home page yesterday and noticed a lot of ads. I then went to Safari Preferences/Extensions and discovered that AdBlock had been turned off.
    I then clicked on the Enable box to turn it on and all the ads went away, but in addition, a lot of images that are part of the website went away too.
    I then disabled AdBlock and the images and ads did not come back!
    Now with Adblock turned off, Safari shows no ads and select images from the website also are not visible.
    Please...How do I fix this?
    The problem is only with my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.10.1 using Safari 8.0, and appears to be limited to just the FoxNews website.
    If I use Firefox 34.0 there is no problem.
    If I use my other computer (iMac running the same operating system, set up the same way) there is no such problem.
    I have contacted FoxNews technical help and AdBlock tech help. No response yet.
    Any ideas?

    Well, I spent over 2 hours on the phone over 2 days with Apple tech support on this issue with no solution found.
    I also spoke with tech support from my service provider, again no solution.
    I am thinking of using OS X Recovery to  restore from a Time Machine backup, or do a clean re-install of OS X.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  • Incomplete Data on report (report does not show all records from the table)

    I have problem with CR XI, I'm running the same report on the same data with simple select all records from the table (no sorting, no grouping, no filters)
    Sometimes report shows me all records sometimes not. Mostly not all records on the report. When report incomplete sometimes it shows different number of records.
    I'm using CR XI runtime on Windows Server 2003
    Any help appreciated

    Sorry Alexander. I missed the last line where you clearly say it is runtime.
    A few more questions:
    - Which CR SDK are you using? The Report Designer Component or the CR assemblies for .NET?
    - What is the exact version of CR you are using (from help | about)
    - What CR Service Pack are you on?
    And a troubleshooting suggestion:
    Since this works on some machines, it will be a good idea to compare all the runtime (both CR and non CR) being loaded on a working and non working machines.
    Download the modules utility from here:
    and follow the steps as described in this thread:
    The download also includes instructions on how to use modules.

  • Iphoto shared album in iCloud not showing all images to my IOS devices bar Mac

    I created an album today with 118 pictures in it.  I shared with a  number of people using iCloud.  When I visited the album to show someone through my iPhone it only contains 20 images.  The same happens on my iPad.  In iPhoto when I select the album I see 118 images.
    Incidentally, when I create a new album in iPhoto it copies some images from the first album I created into it and I then have to delete.

    Have you tried this:
    Originally posted by adamnash on Oct 19, 2014 6:52 PM
    - I quit iPhoto
    - I launched System Preferences, went to iCloud, turned off Photo
    - I launched iPhoto
    - I verified that iCloud was off
    - I quit iPhoto
    - I went back to System Preferences,, went to iCloud, turned on Photo
    - I launched iPhoto

  • Extended Podcasts not showing all images

    I just noticed that the extended podcasts that I have, which include a number of images, only show the first image during the playing of the podcast. On the iPhone or iPod Touch, the same podcasts will sequence through the added images as necessary.
    Has anyone else seen this? Is there a preference that needs to be changed? Some other fix?

    I'm seeing the same thing with enhanced podcasts on my iPad. Initially I thought it might just be the enhanced podcasts I created some time ago, but I've since downloaded an enhanced podcast from early last week. Seeing the same problem in a more recent enhanced podcast.
    Chapters are working fine, but the images are not changing. Both enhanced podcasts work fine on the most recent iTunes.
    On perhaps a related note I am seeing other image issues in the iPod app on iPad (album art not showing up correctly, random album images showing up).

  • Bridge cs3 and content panel not showing all images

    I am using Bridge CS3
    If I scale my panel images down very small all are visible. If I enlarge the images beyond the visible area, a scroll bar appears. However if I move the scroll bar to the end, it does not show the last two images. I cant get to them
    Any suggestions on what is happening

    Did you ever find a solution to this problem. I am faced with same problem as detailed by you and here:
    I do not see a great solution in the posts at attached link, other than perhaps resetting workspace.
    Thank you,

  • Safari is not showing some images from web properly

    Hi. Since last week some pictures from web are not showing properly on safari & mail apps.
    Whenever I go to websites with relatively many images, some of the images are only showing top halves and the bottom halves are solid black.
    This has never happened before.
    As it was so annoying, I've tried deleting safari history, cookies, and web data, and I also tried network reset.
    None of them worked.
    What's weird is that this issue doesn't happen when I'm using wifi, but happens when I use LTE.
    My signal dots are full 5, and LTE is still faster than my wifi.
    what can I try next?

    You can fix the issue temporarily by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.  Note that this will log out of any website you were logged in to, and will clear your browsing history (if you use suggested websites from your history when going to new pages), but it will reset the cache containing the incorrect images.
    Another way to fix this issue temporarily is to use Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and swipe to delete only those domains that have incorrect images.  This does the equivalent of clearing website data, but only for the specific site removed.  Note that images are frequently served from different domains than the host site, so you must clear the domains where the images are stored.  Also, this page doesn't have a way to filter the list, so you must look through it manually, which is why I don't suggest it as the first option.
    BTW, the majority of posts reporting this issue appear to be AT&T customers.

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    Need help...i just upgraded to IOS7.  In teh past i used to be able to double click by ipad home button then keep my finger on the app and it would move/shake to allow me to X out of the program and clear the game(but not delete).  Any idea how to do

  • Embedded vector files aren't anti-aliased. How do I fix this?

    When I attempt to embed vector files in Photoshop sometimes they appear without anti-aliasing. I've tried rasterizing them after they are embedded, but this doesn't fix the issue. Here is a video I captured of the issue in action: 2014 10 10 12 39 54

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