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When I try to use the Place command it doesn't place the jpg at the center of the document. This is a problem because I'm using Place in many actions that I've created and if the jpg doesn't start at center of the document, then the translation is off.
Details: The document template I am using is 1960x3010. previously in CS3 when I placed a jpg or w/e it always put it at the center of the document (980,1505). Now in CS4 I goto use my actions and the Place command and it's always slightly off. The Place command is putting things at 983,1505.5 and such, which screws up the final placement of the images. SO what can I do?? Oh and I have tried this on OSX and Windows machines, bother with same wrong result. I have roughly 100 actions that use Place and would rather not have to go through and try and fix every single one manually when they worked perfect in CS3.

Seriously Nothing??? I also noticed that my actions are off when it comes to transforming. Transforming in the sense of position x,y. They are all either half a pixel too high or too low. It's as if CS4 randomly rounds up or down.

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  • Unable to use place command in photoshop

    I am unable to use the place command in photoshop cs5.5 since upgrading to mavericks. The window pops open briefly then shuts immediately. Photoshop hangs as it is still awaiting the action to complets. The same behavior exists when attempting to add attachments to emails. Any idea what may be causing this? This only began to occur after the upgrade to mavericks.

    If should work.  If I read  this correctly your last driver is a year old.  Visit ATI site and download latest.

  • Where is the simple "place" command in Photoshop cc?

    I am using photoshop cc and  cannot find the "place" command.  All I have under file is "place embedded and place linked.  Will you be able to help me?

    There are two place options now,  Instead of just adding Place Link and leaving the old place option Adobe renamed Place to Place embedded and may have change its operation a bit. Old code that use place still works.  And both Place Embedded and Place Linked add smart object layer that have copies of the original file in the layers embedded object.  So they are independent from the original. However the Place Linked object is also linked to the original file.  If the document is open when the original file is updated and committed the smart object layer will be automatically updated. If its not open and later opened in the future you will be informed that the original file has been updated or that the link was broken because the file was either moved or delete.  In Layer menu smart objects several new options have been added one can be used to resolve broken links. I would think if one was to open a linked smart object layer the the original file or the resolved file would be open. If the link was not resolved the object would the be changed to a Place Embedded layer and the file copy would be used. I have not tested this so what is written is just a guess on my part for I do not have a need for Place Linked....

  • Where is the Mac Place command using icloud version of CS6 Photoshop?

    I am a beginner and I am following the online tutorials.
    The problem is that when I go to 'File - Place', there is no Place command, only 'Place Embedded' and 'Place Linked' commands.
    Are these the same as the Place button? Confused...

    This video explains the difference well.
    Place embedded and place linked in Photoshop CC on Vimeo

  • File Name in Place command changes

    I have Photoshop CS5 on a MAC and have developed actions that use the Place command. 
    The initial recorded action places a file called FILENAME.PSD into the currently open file. 
    If I use the Finder to rename this external file (outside of Photoshop) to FILENAMEBAK.PSD, Photoshop will keep track of that change and change the file referenced in the Place command to FILENAMEBAK.PSD.   My intention was to back up the original file and replace it with another new revised file.  If I then put another file with the name FILENAME.PSD into the same folder, Photoshop will still keep track of the original file regardless of the name change.   
    I have also tried doing this with Photoshop completely closed and yet it still keeps track of the original file.  Surprisingly, I've even moved the original file to the trash and the Place command in the action will still find the file in the trash. 
    Can someone help me understand exactly how Photoshop is keeping track of the file?  I always assumed actions were very unintelligent and simply followed the instructions as they were written but in this case, the action is somehow linked to the file and it's not just the file name. 
    Any help/insight is appreciated.

    so I don't know when this changed
    To be honest, It may never have changed. Whenever I have tried to have files linked with Actions I have pysically replaced the file. Its very easy to duplicate files by option (alt) dragging them, thats how you create a copy in OSX. You then can then over-save the original with an amended version.
    Another probably better solution open to you in Photoshop, that you may not be aware of, is to use Smart Objects and the "Replace Contents" feature? This can also be automated.  
    The problem is that what the Action step says about the files location and name is in fact technically inaccurate if you move or rename the file.
    What I'm trying to figure out now is how I can manage symbolic links manually.  Or, is there something in Photoshop where I can force the action to look only at the specified name and path.   
    I don't have time now to experiment with this now, but you could try rebuilding the "Launch Services" or "Display of Folders content" databases. I don't know if this will work. But one word of warning - Its not a quick process!

  • Bridge place command no longer works for indesign 2014

    Bridge place command no longer works for indesign 2014. It only gives Photoshop as an option. How can I get all other Adobe programs listed under Place ?

    Your post sounds like an InDesign question. 
    Due to the current unavailability of clairvoyants and mind-readers in the forum, we respectfully request you supply sensible, complete details.
    A lot more information about your hardware and software is needed.
    If you give complete and detailed information about your setup and the issue at hand,
    such as your platform (Mac or Win),
    exact versions of your OS, of Photoshop (not just "CC", but something like CC2014.v.2.2) and of Bridge,
    your settings in Photoshop > Preference > Performance
    the type of file you were working on,
    machine specs, such as total installed RAM, scratch file HDs, total available HD space, video card specs, including total VRAM installed,
    what troubleshooting steps you have taken so far,
    what error message(s) you receive,
    if having issues opening raw files also the exact camera make and model that generated them,
    if you're having printing issues, indicate the exact make and model of your printer, paper size, image dimensions in pixels (so many pixels wide by so many pixels high). if going through a RIP, specify that too.
    a screen shot of your settings or of the image could be very helpful too,
    someone may be able to help you (not necessarily this poster, who is not a Windows user).
    Please read this FAQ for advice on how to ask your questions correctly for quicker and better answers:

  • Place command in Bridge no longer works

    I have been using the Place > command in Bridge to place an additional Smart Object into an existing PS doc. It worked fine (except for registration problems if the existing PS image is 100%).
    Recently (maybe after upgrading to Leopard) the Place > command does not recognize the existing PS doc. I get the command and arrow, but nothing else after the arrow.

    When I also learned that I had lost Tools>Photoshop..., I then went into Prefs. Duh!! Turned on Startup Scripts so that Bridge can communicate with PS. Works fine.

  • Illustrator CC 2014 open and place commands not working after installing Yosemite

    How can I get Illustrator Open and Place commands to work after installing Yosemite?

    I also have the same problem, after 5 minutes I can't open or place anything in illustrator. I have this problem also in photoshop cc 2014. This started after installing Yosemite.
    Tried to reinstall but nothing helps.
    Today after updating creative cloud application it is even worse: illustrator is not opening anything: not even a new file. So I reinstalled... and I can open again for 5 minutes. But then it crashed while saving. Now I can't open illustrator at nothing left to do then reinstalling again I suppose?

  • Place command and profile mismatches

    I'm curious why the Place command in Photoshop doesn't warn me about profile mismatches.
    For instance, if I have an sRGB document and Place a CMYK file, there is no warning - regardless of my settings in Edit > Color Settings.
    Does anyone know how this is handled?

    Hi csuebele,
    The only requirement is that the final result is 1500 x 1000 px.  The black is used to fill in the sides/tops as necessary.  Since this is to be automated, I need each new file to have a unique name of course (otherwise succeeding files will overwrite their predecessor).
    For example, say I have a file called image001.tif that is cropped to 2400w x 3000h px. I need this to fit a container that's 1500 x 1000 px, with black filling this out.
    Manually I would
    1. Open a black TIFF that's already 1500x1000.
    2. Place the 2400x3000 px image in the black tiff.
    3.  PS then resizes and centers the image to fit, while preserving the aspect ratio. 
    4. Thus the image is now sized to be 800w x 1000h px , with black filling the sides equally; i.e. 750 px of black on either side.
    5. I then save that "new" version of the black file for the web, and then close w/o saving.
    6. End result is a 1500x1000 file called image001.JPG.
    Please see attached for 2 examples:
    Example of a portrait image:
    Example of a landscape image:

  • How about a 'place' command?

    When I'm building layouts in Photoshop, I love to use the 'Place' command that is available under the 'File' menu in Bridge. I just select the image I want to add, select 'Place', and it is dropped right into my layout AS A SMART OBJECT, and ready for scaling. Currently Lightroom allows opening multiple files as layers, but this doesn't allow you to open them as layers in an already-open document. It's great that Bridge has this feature, but that's the only reason I use Bridge at all, and it would be great to not have the extra program running just for one little task. 

    Sounds like a good idea. You can submit it as a feature request here:
    That will help ensure the folks in charge of adding new features into LR see it.

  • Place command grayed-out

    Updated ID, AI, PS CC 2014. Uninstalled ID, AI, PS CC. Updated Bridge CC. Version x64, Win 7. "Place" command is grayed-out. Rebuilt prefs using Ctrl key on Bridge startup. Still grayed-out. Any ideas?

    I knew I should have waited before I installed CC(2014)... I had down time so I uninstalled all my CC's that were to be replaced by CC(2014),but Bridge did not have a new CC(2014) so I never uninstalled, because I figured it would be updated to allow SENT TO, and PLACE function; WAS I WRONG!
    Now I have to completely UNINSTALL Everything and then wipe Adobe CC with a cleaning tool? If our developers missed a large feature like this, we would be out of business. This happens more often then not with you Adobe, straighten this up so others do not have to UNINSTALL every program and wipe it clean then re-install, some people cannot do this due to data caps and time restrictions. You're wasting time and in the States time is everything. Wake up!
    Not to mention my Bridge randomly crashes when I choose to open a PSD file in Photoshop which I had to tell it to start using the new CC(2014), I resolved the issue only to find this.

  • Lightroom does not open photoshop using  "Edit in adobe photoshop CC-" command.

    I updated lightroom and photoshop using the CC desktop. (LR V5.3 x64, PS V14.6.2 x64) This broke the “Edit in adobe photoshop CC…” command. 
    Based on advice from this forum, I unistalled both programs completely and reinstalled them.  The
    “Edit in adobe photoshop CC…” command is still broken.
    Is there a way to fix this?  I use this feature frequently. 

    In reply to DdeGannes:
    What’s broken?  --  The “Edit in adobe photoshop CC…” command does not open photoshop and the file as it did before the upgrade.
    Is the "edit in function" not available? -- It is visible in the edit it menu.
    Was it working before?  Yes.
    What happens if you click? -  Nothing.
    Do you get an error message?  - No.

  • Place command not appearing in file menu

    I click file and do not see the Place Command so I can insert picture. Where else could it be?

    Hold on a sec. Are you saying it appears in the File menu, but not in the context menu?
    That's normal -- I've been asking for years for Place to appear in context menus...
    Here's a script written a few years ago by Gerald Singelmann that will add the command to the context menu:
    //Add "Place" to the context menu by  Gerald Singelmann
    //Place this script into the "Startup Scripts" Folder inside the scripts folder in the app folder.
    #targetengine "session"
    function ContextPlace(){
    var myResult = true;
    if(myResult == true){
    var myLayoutContextMenu = app.menus.item("$ID/RtMouseLayout");
    var myBeforeDisplayListener = myLayoutContextMenu.addEventListener("beforeDisplay", myBeforeDisplayHandler, false);
    function myBeforeDisplayHandler(myEvent){
    if(app.documents.length != 0){
    if(app.selection.length == 1){
    case "Rectangle":
    case "Oval":
    case "Polygon":
    case "GraphicLine":
    case "TextFrame":
    //Add the menu item if it does not already exist.
    if(myCheckForMenuItem(myLayoutContextMenu, "Place...") == false){
    if(myCheckForMenuItem(myLayoutContextMenu, "Place...") == true){
    function myCheckForMenuItem(myMenu, myString){
    var myResult = false;
    var myMenuItem = myMenu.menuItems.item(myString);;
    myResult = true
    //alert("Menu item found? " + myResult);
    return myResult;
    function myCheckForScriptMenuItem(myString){
    var myResult = false;
    var myScriptMenuAction = app.scriptMenuActions.item(myString);;
    myResult = true
    //alert("Script menu action found? " + myResult);
    return myResult;
    function myMakeMenuItem(){
    if(myCheckForScriptMenuItem("Place...") == false){
    //alert("Making a new script menu action!");
    var myMenuAction = app.scriptMenuActions.add("Place...");
    var myEventListener = myMenuAction.eventListeners.add("onInvoke", myEventHandler, false);
    var myPlaceMenuItem = app.menus.item("$ID/RtMouseLayout").menuItems.add(app.scriptMenuActions.item("Place..."));
    function myEventHandler(myEvent){
    //alert("Got to myEventHandler!");
    if(app.selection.length == 1){
    case "TextFrame":
    case "GraphicLine":
    case "Rectangle":
    case "Oval":
    case "Polygon":
    var myFile = File.openDialog ("Place file...", undefined, false);
    } else {
    alert("Please select only one frame.");
    Copy the code above and paste into a plain text editor like Notepad. Save as type "all files" and add the .jsx extension. It should be placed into the application \Scripts\Startup Sripts subfolder and it will run when ID starts up. The folder should exist in CS5, but if not you can add it.
    Here's one by Dirk (I think Becker) that does the same thing to add No Break:
    #target "InDesign"
    /* This script will copy the existing menu action into a new menu item.
    The "$ID/" strings ensure it will even work with localized versions of InDesign.
    For permanent execution, save the script as startup script e.g. in a folder "path to InDesign/Scripts/new folder/startup scripts".
    ( function () {
    var anb = app.menus.itemByName("$ID/CharPanelPopup").menuItems.itemByName("$ID/Apply no break");
    var atc = app.menus.itemByName("$ID/RtMouseText");
    try {
    } catch( ex ) {};
    atc.menuItems.add(anb.associatedMenuAction,LocationOptions.BEFORE,atc.menuItems .itemByName("$ID/ClearAllOverrides"));
    Do the same for it.

  • Edit in Photoshop CC command in Lightroom 5 opens older version of PS CC

    On OS X mavericks 10.9.2 in Lightroom 5.3 everytime I use any of the edit in Photoshop CC commands it always launches an older version 14.00 vs the newer 14.2

    In your first screen shot you are showing "Photoshop CC" highlited towards the bottom of the list amoung the other programs which are secondary "edit in options". The two at the top "Edit in Photoshop CC" a re where the primary edit in program which is chosen by Lightroom and should be the most "advanced" Photoshop application. What happens if you choose the one at the top of the list? See my screen capture.
    From your description it appears you have more than one version of Photoshop CC installed on your computer. I have PS CS6 on my computer and there are two versions the 64 bit version and the 32 bit version.
    Maybe you have Photoshop CC (the earlier version) as a "secondary edit in program" in Lightroom.
    I am not a primary Mac user but I do have a Mac Book Pro and my thoughts would be to go to my Applications Folder on my HDD and see if there are more than one install of Photoshop CC. If so I would drag the older application into the trash. More experienced Mac users may wish to comment.

  • Scripting to load all pdfs in a month into the place command?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a script that allows for you to place all pdfs within a set date range from a folder into an InDesign document? I am looking to do my monthly report and each month I have to go out and get each one, would be nice to load the place tool with all the pdfs I have done with a set date range and then just place them accordingly. Is there something out there like this and/or am I missing something obvious?

    IM Sorry tomaxxi, am I suppose to be inputting something somewhere here in
    regard to the dates? I would need an example like for lets say the month of
    Nov. I try to paste this and save it in the script editor but it keep
    saying that the file cannot be saved. Any ideas? Please bear in mind your
    speaking to a guy who has like zero knowledge when it comes to scripts.
    Best regards,
                                                                                    From:       tomaxxi <[email protected]>                                                                               
    To:         Robert Borchardt <[email protected]>                                                                               
    Date:       11/08/2010 03:29 PM                                                                               
    Subject:    Scripting to load all pdfs in a month into the place command?                                                                               
    Sorry for delay...
    I just tested script and it's working fine for me here.
    I created 4 sample PDF-s with just one page, then started script,
    selected exported PDF-s, script sorts them by creation date and loads
    So, all you need to do, is to start script and select documents you want to
    I changed script little, so make sure you use this one:
    if(app.documents.length != 0){
        var myFiles = File.openDialog("Select Files:", "*.pdf", true);
        if(myFiles != null){
            myFiles.sort(function ( a, b )
                    if ( a.created < b.created )
                        return -1;
                    if ( a.created > b.created )
                        return 1;
                    return 0;
            alert("No files selected!");
        alert("No documents opened!");

Maybe you are looking for