Problem connecting ipod with dvd

Hi. I have an ipod nano. Before installing software version 1.2 I could connect it with my dvd via usb and manage it as a external disk, but after installing ipod software version 1.2 my dvd does not recognize ipod when I connect it via usb. I also have an ipod video with the same software and have the same problem. Anyone could help me?.

If you have a new enough iPod, they are now requiring an apple adapter that has the apple computer chip in it to work. I did a general search on the web and came up with better info than here.

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    The AirPort Express Base Station (AX) can support up to ten (10) simultaneously connected Wi-Fi clients.

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    Hi Federico,
    Please go to Edit > Preferences in Muse and make sure the "Publish with Account" has the creative cloud subscription Adobe ID.

  • When i am connecting ipod with laptop, an error is coming that "this ipod cannot be used because the apple mobile device services is not started.

    when i am connecting ipod with laptop, an error is coming that "this ipod cannot be used because the apple mobile device services is not started???
    please revert.

    Did you try to restart the service, as described in this article?

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    I have just purchased an iPod Touch 32GB and am having problems connecting to a server. I am using a Netgear DG834 router to connect to Orange. Netgear is now showing as checked on the Wi-Fi Networks page on the iPod with strong signal strength but I keep cannoy getting the message "could not connect to server" whenever I try any of the applications. Needless to say, the internet connections on my laptop and desktop are working perfectly. Thanks. Grant

    Have you tried resetting your router? sometimes this is all you need to do to get the IPT to work properly. If you are using any type of security such as WEP or WPA2 then you are going to need to enter your password. Try a reset and then go to your wifi settings in the IPT and select your router and then click on the little blue arrow and check under DHCP and make sure you have an IP along with a router Ip and DNS entries. If you don't have a router IP or DNS entries try and renew the lease.
    If you can't get it to work then reset the router again but this time try it without any security and do the same procedure as above. If that still doesn't work then the only other thing I can suggest is to look on Netgears website and see if there is a firmware upgrade for your router and to give that a try.

  • Problems connecting iPod touch to windows vista ad-hoc connection

    This problem has been troubling me since i got my iPod Touch(2nd Gen)
    I do not have a wi-fi router,rather i make a ad-hoc connection on my laptop(vista) and share the internet with this wireless ad-hoc connection. I then turn on the wifi on my ipod, which obidiently detects the ad-hoc connection, and after entering the password(WEP) connects to the network(i even get that signal bar indicator on the ipod). But when i try to open a website,it says "Safari cannot open the webpage as it is not connected to the internet". This is really frustrating. I've searched like a zillion places but not able to find the solution to the problem.
    All the setting are automatic(DHCP) which includes my wired internet, my wireless network and my ipod settings.
    Plz help guyz.

    I had the same problem, my Ipod Tough 2generation, the newest version.
    When I ried to use ad-hoc connection, Ipod tough reciever Ip-adress and the "aliverkon peite"(in finnish, dont know the english one) is but not dsn and default gateway.
    sorry my bad english

  • Can I connect iPod (with dock connector) with just a USB connector?

    My mother-in-law gave my daughter her old iPod (with dock connector). It was supposed to come with an adapter that converts the 6-pin firewire cable to a USB cable (you are supposed to plug the 6-pin into the dock connector to charge it, then use the adapter to connect to your computer). We never got The adapter, so I just used USB connector from my own iPod nano to connect the old iPod into the computer. All kinds of error messages. I've now restored the iPod and it seems to be working, but I'm afraid to plug it back in using just the USB cable. Is it possible to connect the USB cable directly from the iPod to the computer without the adapter? Or could the problem be that I have also use my iPod nano on this computer? Thanks for any help you can provide.

    A 15GB iPod would have to be a 3rd gen iPod.  It has a touch (not click) wheel with four touch buttons in a row that glow orange during use, correct?  That model needs to be connected using FireWire, because it cannot charge over USB. 
    If your new Mac has a Thunderbolt port, you can get an adapter for FireWire r
    plus an adapter for FireWire 800 to FireWire 400
    Another way, if you have the square white FireWire power adapter that came with your iPod, is to get a special docking cable that Apple used to sell a long time ago.  It has both USB and FireWire connectors.  Here's a listing for a third-party version on eBay 71074766489?pt=US_MP3_Player_Chargers_Cradles&hash=item3f1d50ae99
    (Search on "FireWire USB iPod docking cable" to see other listings.)
    What you do with this thing is plug the USB connector to your Mac's USB port, the FireWire connector to the FireWire power adapter, and the dock connector to the iPod.  iPod can then sync over USB while getting power over FireWire.
    I would go with that special cable, to avoid using a series of adapters (which adds complexity and unreliability) and tying up the valuable Thunderbolt port for just your iPod.

  • Connecting iPod with AV Cables

    I have the 5G iPod and use the AV cables to ocassionally watch some TV programing from iTunes. I find it all right for the shows and music videos.
    Has anyone watched a movie yet from their iPod on a TV using the AV cables?
    If so, how would you characterize the quality? Is it worth doing?
    It seems that this may be a good way to watch the movies until iTV comes out (and even then, if to avoid spending $300)
    Thanks in advance.

    While I can't speak for the quality of the movie files available for sale through iTunes, I can say that I have updated to firmware version 1.2 and my original 5G 60Gig iPod now has increased video capabilities. I use the Universal Dock to connect to my monitor and amplifier using an s-video cable to BNC connector for video and a seperate 3.5mm to RCA plug cable for audio. I can play the full 640 x480 native rez claimed for the 5.1G iPod on my 5.0G iPod. How's it look? My files compare very favorably to the original DVD when played back from the iPod to a TV. This is a godsend when travelling. The specs of my files: I encode from DVD using NERO 7 - Re-Code, Profile: Nero Digital - Standard, Rez: (We'll use "Bewitched" as an example) 720x384, Bit Rate: Video-1.5Mbps Average Bitrate 2-pass VBR. Audio - 160Kbps Average Bitrate 2-pass VBR. MPEG-4 level 3 (not H.264). My total file size is actually a little smaller (1.08Gigs) using Nero-Recode vs. using Quicktime and the default iPod H.264 export profile (1.16Gigs) even though my native resolution and audio bit rate are higher. When played back from my PC to my TV my Nero MPEG-4 files also have chapter stops and subtitles. In case your wondering, the additional data for subtitles and chapter stops are invisible to iTunes and iPod and have no detrimental effect on their playablity. I don't know if other people are willing to go to the degree that I do to milk out the playback quality that I desire but having done the work I can justifiably say that Yes the iPod with firmware version 1.2 is very up to the task of outputting full DVD quality (scaled for proper display of aspect ratio) to a TV. The one caveat that I have seen is that the iPod has an interlaced video output where as many set top DVD players use progressive out put. This can show up as aliasing most notably during title crawls and scenes with strong single colors, red for example will alias noticably. I know I have been long-winded in my response but I tried to bring some usable information to the discussion. I'd like to hear from others about their video experiences.
    60Gig Black 5th Gen iPod   Windows 2000   P4 2.8G 1024RAM 1Tb HDD in a spanned array

  • Connecting iPod with Treadmill (Nike Program)

    According to the Nike+ iPod site, Star Trac treadmills are now being equipped with iPod connectors for direct download of running/workout information, which than be loaded into the same Nike+ online program to track runs. Has anyone used this? It bypasses the need for the special shoes and transmitting chip, but I wonder if special software is required for the iPod to recognize this connection and download this info from the treadmill?

    Thanks for your reply, I think that's what caused the problems. I tried to transfer music to the iPod with iTunes today and the OTG playlist remained the same.
    There's just one thing that bugs me. Why can't the iPod or iTunes leave my OTG playlist the way it is when I connect? Instead it creates an OTG playlist 1 which can't be altered by adding or removing songs. I mean, is there really no way to keep a live playlist with all songs I prefer to hear? I Don't want to create a new playlist every time I want to add or remove a few songs from my prefered songs selection. It's weird that nobody has thought about that yet.
    Well, I guess I gotta talk to Red Chair Software then, hope they'll fix the bug.

  • Problem connecting wirelessly with home hub 3.

    Kodak gave me advice onthis problem. Entered security key in upper case instead of lower and it solved the problem . No help from BT on this.

    paulweekspat wrote:
    trying to connect kodak printer. i have resolved the issue with help from kodak. bt was no help at all. thanks anyway.
    What john46 says is quite correct, also Kodak would give you NO support for setting up the Home Hub..
    Thats not to say you would not have been given help on these forums if you had a problem connecting your printer and if we could not help,at least we might have been able to point you in the right direction.

  • Just started having problem connecting ipod to windows xp

    I have a ipod video 5th gen. Bought it about a month ago and has worked fine. I was able to charge and sync with itunes with no prob. Just recently when i connect the ipod with my usb cable, it comes up with an error saying "the usb device attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows dosent reconingze it". Now I cant can't sync with itunes, charge, nor does it show up in my computer. No changes have been made to my PC except for regular windows updates. Anyone have an answer or work around?

    You may find a solution here.
    USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date.
    iTunes 7 doesn't recognize the iPod.
    Your Windows PC doesn't recognize iPod</font color</a>.
    iPod appears in Windows Explorer but does not appear in iTunes.
    iPod does not appear in iTunes.
    Fast user switching in Windows XP is not supported.
    Windows confuses iPod with network drive

  • Connecting iPod with 5000 songs to Mac

    I have a 4th generation iPod with about 2000 songs on my iMac G4 computer running Mac OS X (10.4.7) and iTunes 7.01. I have recently been given an iPod 5th generation with color screen with about 5000 songs. I also have the installation disc. This latter iPod was configured for a PC but I understand this makes no difference. I would like to install the newer iPod with all of its songs on my computer. I am not concerned with losing all of the songs from my earlier iPod since I have them all downloaded. My question is this. How do I go about installing the newer iPod without losing the songs already on it and do I need to clear all of the songs already in my iTunes folder? Is it possible to have both iTunes selections running at the same time?
    that page will help.

  • Problem connecting AppleTV with ethernet

    I have an AppleTV2 that works perfectly connected to Wifi,  but if I connect via Ethernet, it cant find my ITunes Library on my computer. The AppleTv still is able to stream from the internet and is connected to the Internet but does not find any computers on the network. Also my iphone cannot find my AppleTV.  If I unplug the ethernet cord and go on the wifi, it has no problem connecting. How can I connect via ethernet and see my ITunes library?
    Here is the setup of my network: I have an iMac, connected via ethernet to Airport Extreme. The Airport Extreme is connected via Ethernet to a Motorola router that I am using as a switch that is in my basement. The Motorola router is then connected via ethernet to a switch that is connected to my AppleTv as well as a few other devices. All the devices connected have no problem finding the Internet connection.

    Try connecting the Apple TV 2 to the airport extreme. My setup is an iMac , iPad and two iPhones connected wirelessly via airport extreme. My apple tv 2 is connected via Ethernet to the airport extreme. It all works fine and have had no issues.

  • FYI - all of us with problems connecting ipod to windows

    A bit of information for all of us that their ipods have stopped being recognised by windows!
    I have done the 5 r's 4 times, reinstalled all drivers on windows etc etc ... still not being recognised!!
    I have just called Apple Tech support and when I told them the date it stopped working and all the steps Ihave carried out, guess what .. they said send it back as there may be a technical problem with the hard drive on the ipod!!
    Thought i'd let you all know!!

    Hey everyone
    I have been fighting with this problem all night and have eventually solved the problem. The 5 R's sort of works but here is the solution. The problem rests with the latest version of the iPod updater software AND Microsoft's new Windows Defender as well which seem to have had an adverse effect on the software and iPod and how it behaves.
    If you are having problems getting the iPod to be recognised on Windows follow the following guidance to uninstall iTunes completely
    You need to start with a blank sheet and get rid of iTunes and clean up all previous installs of it. Make sure you also remove the iPod for Windows software too. Download the LATEST version of iTunes from the Apple web site (I think its 6.0.3) and install it on your machine.
    Then, with the CD that came with your 5th Gen iPod install the iPod for Windows software that came on it. Don't worry about what version of iPod software you have on the iPod - it is fine - you can have up to 26-01-06 version which is what I have.
    Connect up your iPod - Windows probably still wont recognise it. Don't worry here is the added solution and what the problem is.
    The iPod has somehow become disabled in the Hardware profiles on Windows by the recent updates. Let the iPod be connected to your PC for at least 15 secs.
    1. Go to My Computer icon on the desktop and right mouse click - go to Properties.
    2. On the System Properties window that comes up click on the Hardward Tab.
    3. Go to the Device Manager button and click it.
    4. Under the listing that comes up do to Disk Drives. Click on the + icon to expand the list. You will now see Apple iPod listed (NB If you have any other external hard drives normally connected to your PC disconnect them beforehand so the drive letter that will be assigned to the iPod is E: - after this problem is fixed you can reattach any external drives fine)
    5. You should find that the Apple iPod drive is disabled (has a red cross over it)
    6. To enable it, right mouse click on its icon and select, enable.
    7. This will cause the iPod to be recognised by Windows and then iTunes should start up as normal.
    1. Go to Add New Hardware and the plug and play properties should find the iPod and add it with the relevant hard drive drivers.
    Hope this helps everyone!
    PC   Windows XP   iPod user

  • Problem using ipod with itunes 5.0.1

    Could anyone help me?? I'm having serious problems using my ipod mini with my "just downloaded" itunes 5.0.1.
    it says that my comunication software with ipod is not correctly installed and that i have to reinstall itunes again. i did it the problem is always there. what can i do?? can someone help me??

    Man, it seems that iTunes 5.whatever has gotten us all a little hot under the collar. I'm back up and running...this is what I did...I hope it helps some of you out.
    1) created a new folder in MyMusic and copied everything from my iTunes library to the new folder. I then tested a few songs to make sure they still played (you never know)
    2) I deleted iTunes using the control panel selection Add/Delete programs. I emptied the recycle gin and then did a search to see that iTunes was no longer there.
    3) I went to to download iTunes 4.8 (my original disks are packed (Thank you to poster Allison for the suggestion).
    4) I copied all my songs back into iTunes from where I had stored them in the new folder I created in MyMusic)
    5) I connected the iPod Mini and opened iTunes and darn if it STILL didn't recognize the iPod
    6) I did a restore on the iPod
    7) I reconnected the iPod and had to reregister it and Voila! it worked again!!!!
    Whatever the new features were in ver. 5.01, they were NOT worth the hassle I've experienced over the past two weeks. I'll stick with version 4.8 for awhile.

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